Leela James Co-Signs Patti LaBelle: Don’t Call Yourself A Diva If Can’t Hold One Note

February 18, 2014  |  

Leela James is one of the latest soul singers to join the “R&B Divas LA” franchise, which automatically makes the 30-year-old LA native a diva, and she’s fine with that. When we asked Miss James how she feels about joining the TV One reality show and how she fits into the cast exactly, she said:

“I’m born and raised in LA so it makes sense for me to be apart of it. I sing R&B. I sing real rhythm and blues. I represent what a real ‘r&b diva’ is, and not in a negative way because I don’t think you have to be mean to people and disrespectful to be a diva.”

Although Leela doesn’t mind taking on the title of diva herself, she’s not too fond of some of the other female singers who’ve latched onto the title. When we asked her how she feels about Patti Labelle’s remarks about how “all the little heiffers who can’t sing” shouldn’t call themselves divas Leela said this:

“I would tend to agree to a certain extent because you do have a lot of people walking around using the term and it seems to have a negative connotation behind it…and it’s just too much and some people don’t need to refer to themselves as a diva — especially when you can’t hold one note, let alone sing it.

“The term is definitely overused and misplaced. To me, a diva is definitely not some of the folks who are calling themselves divas.”

And there you have it. Check out what else Leela had to say about “R&B Divas,” why there’s too much sex in music these days, and her own new music in the video up top. Do you agree with her and Patti?

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  • Antoinette

    You don’t always have to be a powerhouse voice to be considered a great singer. Uniqueness and sound can outweigh high note. Screaming in songs can be distracting.

    • Guest

      Tamia. So slept On but definitely an awesome singer

  • Tameka (BloggerPoet)

    I love Leela James’s voice. She has a unique sound all her own. Definitely stylized. Works for me!

  • Live_in_LDN

    I always connated the word ‘Diva’ to be a over demanding and bratty female musician.

  • smh

    Leela James is a horrible singer. She is one to talk.

    • LaCeda Johnson-Williamson

      I disagree. She can sing. She proved that with “Say That” ft. A.Hamilton. But, I do think that where she goes wrong is with her choice of material. If she chose better songs, I think she could be a powerhouse in the biz.

    • ErnestSewell

      You ain’t listening then. By the way, where’s your album? Still lookin’ for it.

    • Ladielabelle

      You don’t know Soul Saangin to make that statement..She is beast in that!!

  • Lioness Domain

    I agree with Patti because she can sang! I don’t feel that Leela James is a great singer. Being on the show doesn’t classify you as an amazing singer because Nikki wasn’t an amazing singer. I think DIVA should be given to those who earned it and have proven that their voices are instruments. Their is a difference between a singer and a vocalist!

    • Guest

      Nikki from Brownstone? Listen again. Crappy attitude but a force to be reckoned with on the mic

    • Ladielabelle

      Respectfully totally dis-agree with you in reference to Leela James.She is a true raw soul saaanger.She also has earned the title.She’s been filling up stadiums for years.You just don’t get to hear real music on the radio.She is an artist that refuses to change for the powers to be and I adore her for it.If you’re not in to pure soul saangin,you can’t & won’t appreciate her sound.

  • Jay Lane

    It’s def. an overused term. In my mind, a Diva is someone who possesses incredible talent AND that “IT” factor. Most claiming it don’t fit the bill, IMO.

    • lislecvd109

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