That Ain’t How You Say That! 15 Words People Stay Mispronouncing

February 24, 2014  |  
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Tell the truth and shame the devil, are you guilty of mispronouncing these common words?

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You know, skrawberries. Like you have at the skrip club where the skrippers be.

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“Axe” vs. “Ask” has been on the Grammar Nazi Hit List for a while.

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You can converse or have a conversation, but “conversate” isn’t really how you say it.

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It makes you feel like you’re riding the express, but it’s pronounced espresso.

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You can feel flustered and frustrated, but you can’t really put the two together.

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Nope, just “regardless.”

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Close, but it’s supposedly.

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Nope, laptop. It goes on your lap. Get it?

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You can be confused because of a misunderstanding, but you just can’t be “misconfused.”

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Misunderestimate feels like it should be a word. But according to Merriam Webster, it’s “underestimate,” every time.

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Vice-A Versa

That’s one too many “a’s”. Vice versa will get it done.


Nope. The Pacific is an ocean. Specific is for getting particular.

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Balentine’s Day

A lot of us spent the whole day saying this wrong. For the record, it’s not Valentime’s either.

Warshing Machine

Anyone else know southern folk who love to put “r’s” where they just don’t belong?

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Whole Nother

A lot of people refuse to say this right, but that’s a whole nother other topic.

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