Michael Ealy Announces He And His Wife Have A Son Named Elijah

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Michael Ealy son

Michael Ealy just might be the male version of Kerry Washington, because he has proven as of late that he likes to keep his life on the absolute low low.

I was literally just tuning in to The Steve Harvey Show, watching a crazy segment about a married woman obsessed with Ealy. I actually planned to change the channel right after, but then Regina Hall and Ealy sat down for their own segment to chat about their new movie, About Last Night (out today!). In the midst of talking about love, Ealy’s personal life came up, with Harvey asking him, “Mike, you’ve been married for about a year now, right?” Ealy, always uncomfortable bringing up his personal business, reluctantly said yes and very briefly discussed how much he learned so far from being married. The surprise in all this conversation came when Harvey asked Ealy “You see kids in the future?” to which he responded with:

“We have a son.”

Though Harvey and Ealy are, as Harvey said earlier in the episode, “good friends,” this is something that surprised him and everyone else in the audience. However, Hall knew and said that the child is a “beautiful little boy.” It’s unclear if the boy, named Elijah, is brand-spanking new, or if he was born before the wedding, since the two were together for four years before tying the knot. But what is clear is that Ealy wants folks to know that it’s not their business: “I never understand why people announce the birth of their children.”  For him, it seems that while he can talk to no end about his films and TV work, Ealy thinks his private life needs to remain private. I wish I could have taken down more of the interview, but my jaw was on the floor for at least 45 seconds, and the convo about his family came and went pretty quickly.

Well, now that the cat is out of the bag…congratulations to Ealy and his wife Khatira Rafiqzad on their son, Elijah! As soon as some video of this afternoon’s episode surfaces, I will be sure to post it below. Until then, share your thoughts.

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  • guest

    90% sure we saw him buying diapers in January in Glendale lol – looked him up and said hmm he doesn’t have a baby – must not have been him. Now we know it was probably him! haha

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  • http://www.friv2friv3friv4.com/ friv 2 friv 3 friv 4

    I think people are jumping to way too many conclusions. Perhaps its his
    wife that chooses not to attend events with him because she’s also very
    private. We’ll never know.

  • cb

    See understands the business

  • Lacey Dadrey

    He married a white woman. This is why he wants to evade any questions re: his marriage. Why do Black productions always hire black actors that do not deal with Black women in their personal lives? There are many actors that can be cast in these roles other than the blue-eyed black guy.

  • Nina

    He never shows up with, rarely talks about, or even express his greatfulness because his wife is not black or bears any black heritage and he needs to keep it real. I’m currently in a interracial relationship and let me tell u if he was famous and decided to hide most of my existence I would be done with him. If his wife was any shade of black he would be happily toting her around even if he is considered a s3x symbol to black women its not like he is LL Cool J or someone even close to that. I’m sorry but hiding your spouse can’t be healthy in the long run take note from everyone else’s failed hidden IR marriages Taye, Terrence and Wesley.

    • Lala

      Actions speak louder than words. Hiding something is an act of shame.

    • blogdiz

      I said this earlier and was moderated Privacy I get but shame secrecy and deception I dont respect .BM in Hollywood have a new closet its called “I date non Black woman but need to pretend that I Like BW for my career ‘ a lot of these dudes who show up at events alone with their momma or say their single fall in this category

      You’ve been with ur wife for 4 Years !!!Get some cajones dude and stop trying to patronize people

      • Rochelle

        This is very true. I don’t care who this man dates. I am not a fan of anyone including him. I think he is cute though. But it is a slap in the face to his “fans.” I mean really, stop taking yourself so seriously. NOT THAT SERIOUS. No one is checking for him like that to hide a marriage, kid and the like. Mike, it is not that serious! You are doing more harm than good to your fan base. You must think little of them to not support your movies because of who you are with. It is apparent. I will be seeing Think Like a Man 2.

      • Lanae

        I was thinking the same thing about Jamie Foxx

    • i_stan_4_noone

      I think people are jumping to way too many conclusions. Perhaps its his wife that chooses not to attend events with him because she’s also very private. We’ll never know. I’ve also heard people accuse Omari Hardwick of keeping his wife a secret because she’s white and according to some people’s standards too basic looking.

    • Smh

      Well, that may not be true. I am not in an IR relationship because I love black men, but if my husband was famous, I would stay out of the limelight. I would prefer to be a secret so that I can live my life without having to worry about needing body guards. All he would need to tell people is that he is married. Who I am would not be important.

  • Courtney Banks

    Well his wife as far as I know isn’t famous, so it’s not like everyone was keeping tabs on her. Michael has a good point though. Even though you’re happy for all these celebs, it gets annoying after awhile when every week you hear someone is pregnant. People get pregnant all the time, only in hollywood do they make a big fuss.

  • Zoe2133

    Just because he married a women who is not black doesn’t mean he doesn’t like black women.His wife is just the woman he happen to fall in love with.

    • cb


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  • Fleurette McFleury

    Michael Ealy got married late 2012 I remember hearing that his wife was expecting but no1 made a big deal of it… I like the fact that he keeps his life private.

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  • Mimsy

    I believe he kept his “fiancee/wife” and baby quiet after he became more popular and got some more prominent roles. It’s the Taye Diggs/Terrance Howard/Wesley Snipes/ Harold Perrineau syndrome… star in black movies about black love, but in real life date/marry non black women.

    • kelly

      The black female fantasy black love pack. The “BFFBL” genre. Instead of the Rat Pack.

      • Akilah

        Honestly, I don’t check for any of those dudes anyway.

    • xxdiscoxxheaven

      Yaass. I was thinking the same thing. I hate when people sell you a facade.

      • cb


    • guest

      Actor Hill Harper has an asian girlfriend after he wrote an advice book about black relationships and no one said anything. She is all over his twitter page. it is quiet hypocritical and offensive. I am sure his next project he will begging black women to support him.

      • Rochelle

        Hey and his girlfriend is really hit in the face. LOL. She lookie like a man. LOL. Hill probably never wanted a wife, family or black woman. No biggie.

    • Breezus (I am Hip Hop)

      Don’t nobody owe you anything.

    • cb

      I think the black man from ‘Star Wars’ started that…Slizt Malt Liquor’

  • Akilah

    I’m sure his real friends and family knew.

    • cb


  • MsLove

    I never understand what the big deal is…a birth of a child is a blessing, my goodness be thankful!

  • Lissa 329

    NO!!!! *slides down shower wall like Toni Braxton*

    • Akilah

      LOL I can totally that scene. Was that Unbreak My Heart video?

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  • ashley79

    Have you ever thought that they might of adopted or fostering a child? If they want us to be in their business they would let us.

  • BabyBlue

    I have no thoughts lol. A friend that I have known for a while announced that she gave birth. Yes, I do feel salty. I’ve expressed my hard times and struggles with her and she didn’t tell me she was pregnant. Should she tell me? No. It’s not her duty to announce it. But, I do have to re evaluate our “friendship” I haven’t spoken to her. I don’t have nothing to say but, congratulations. So, when Steve mentioned that he and Ealy are “good friends” my question is how can you be so sure?

    • Moe E

      maybe you were to busy to ask about her life while you were expressing your “hard times and struggles”.. while evaluating your “friendship” be sure to look in the mirror.. Peace..

      • BabyBlue

        The thoughts and feelings were reciprocated. I’ve asked about her well being as much as she asked about mine. I don’t believe in not having “enough time” for someone. You make time. Which I thought I did. My mirror seems clear. Not sure about hers.

      • BabyBlue

        I was never “busy” I don’t believe people can be that busy and not take time to say hello. My concerns and thoughts were reciprocated. Since Im so private I never spewed my “hard times”. My mirror seems clear I’m not sure about hers. I know when to leave when I’m not wanted. But, it did sting.

        • Moe E

          so happy you didn’t take offense with my comment not trying to be confrontational, but may I ask why you didn’t see your friend for at least 9mon? Peace…

          • BabyBlue

            Can’t be offended if I disagree. She moved across the country. With my financial troubles I couldn’t travel the way I wanted. What’s your point? We laughed, we talked, we comforted one another, prayed for one another but I still didn’t know. I’m actually done with this conversation. I’d just thought I’d express some vulnerability.