“Get Over Your Blackness:” Rev. Jesse Peterson’s 5 Things Black People Can Do To Succeed (Despite Obama)

February 13, 2014  |  

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No you’re not experiencing déjà vu, the reality is yet another one of the (arguably) most hated black men in America has taken it upon himself to educate “his people” on what they need to do to better themselves. Like Don Lemon, the controversial Rev. Jesse Peterson has outlined a list of things the African American community should be doing, except the twist is he’s pegging this list as an answer to Obama’s shortcomings as President.

Citing Tavis Smiley’s assertion that “When the Obama administration is over, black people will have lost ground in every single leading economic indicator category,” Rev. Peterson allegedly seeks to encourage African Americans, writing on the site Human Events: “For blacks who are fed up with false hope, here are five things they can do to succeed (despite Obama).”

Those five things (some abbreviated) are as follows:

1. Seek God first (not necessarily in church). To put God first means you pray quietly every morning and read Scripture so you can develop a mind that will, “Seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”—Matthew 6:33

2. Get married and don’t have kids out of wedlock. The high illegitimacy rate among blacks is a relatively new trend. As late as 1950, black women were more likely to be married than white women, and only 9 percent of black families with children were headed by a single parent. Today the black out-of-wedlock birth rate is an alarming 72 percent!

Black men must stop making babies out of wedlock. Black women need to stop being promiscuous. As Heritage Foundation scholar Robert Rector has noted, “Illegitimacy is a major factor in America’s crime problem. Lack of married parents, rather than race or poverty, is the principle factor in the crime rate.”

3. Get over your blackness. After the assassination of Dr. King in 1968, the civil rights movement was co-opted by the Socialist wing of the Democratic Party. So-called ‘leaders’ like Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, and Al Sharpton, with the aid of the media, convinced blacks that color trumps character. While their ‘leaders’ have profited, the average black is wallowing in despair.

These black ‘leaders’ promote racism, welfare, and public education for the masses, while their kids attend the finest private schools and get great jobs. I often wonder why blacks don’t question how these people became so successful if there is so much “systemic racism”? The hatred that most blacks harbor toward whites is impeding their spiritual and economic growth.

4. Get an education. The Obama Administration is working to kill the implementation of Louisiana’s tuition voucher program as they did in Washington D.C. These programs provide low-income families with the financial resources to enroll their children in the school of their choice. More black parents should support school choice or home school!

5. Work hard and start a business. The Obama administration is blocking opportunities and jobs. One example is the administration’s delay in approving the Keystone XL oil pipeline. The $7 billion pipeline would carry oil from tar sands in western Canada to refineries along the Texas Gulf Coast, creating thousands of jobs. Blacks should be flocking to states like Texas and North Dakota to seek out these jobs.

In the 1930’s and 40’s blacks had thriving businesses. Blacks need to become entrepreneurs again.

So what do you say? Is the Rev. just hating on Obama or does he make some good points?

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  • Taryn Bryant


  • provokethought

    I will “get over MY blackness” when THEY get over their denial….smh

    • JustSayin

      Looks like you’ll have your blackness for the foreseeable future…..

  • Linda Whitlock

    Sounds like Mr. Peterson is reciting from the Teaparty play book. Mr. Peterson, I will get over “my blackness”, despite people like you, but thanks for your unsolicited “advice”.

  • FromUR2UB

    Must we be subjected to these Pete Sessions anti-Obama messages? I get that there may be a few repubs who visit the site. But they can get their fill of Obama hatred from other sources. Why does MN have to partipate in that?
    Anyway, who are Jesse Peterson’s people?

  • 9Boots

    Black women it’s time RISE. Do not follow in the foot steps of the previous generation of women. It’s time to live an abundant life. No more low standards for how you should be treated. EXPECT and DEMAND THE BEST! You should be treated like fine China.

  • Chey

    He’s right. Deal with it. It’s the only way we’ll get anywhere as a WHOLE.

  • KIR12

    I’m sorry but someone has to say it. The black ghetto can’t be saved. How can it when 70 to 80% of black women reject any discussion of black illegitimacy being the root of the problem? The point of it is if they reject two parent homes being essential and necessary for productive communities you’re going to be left with trying to have productive black baby mama communities. I can’t be a part of that nonsense. We know after 50 years that without men in the homes teenage/20ish boys and loud aggressive women will take over, both pretending to be men, and control these communities.

    There are some decent middle class black neighborhoods but the black ghetto needs to be destroyed. Also, a lot of blacks who live in black communities don’t work in the community, they don’t shop in the community, they don’t party in the community, go out to eat in the community…nothing. The only thing they do is sleep there, maybe go to church there and visit a couple relatives and friends there that’s it. The communities are too violent to go out walking and socializing.

    If our ancestors (6 million) can figure out a way to move from rural southern plantations to the north, mid-west and west in spite of racism and abject poverty and the Mexicans can figure out a way to cross a boarder, dessert and thousands of miles. Surely poor blacks can figure out a way to move 20 to 50 miles to a better community for their family. The only reason this POOR BLACK AMERICAN migration is not happening in large numbers right now is because of FEAR MONGERS like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. It’s the FEAR of the unknown. That’s all it is. It just baffles me that black women can’t figure out how to move 20, 50 miles when their are people coming to this country with more obstacles and less resources. Have we become child like subhumans? I don’t believe it. I reject this train of thought which is really a hopeless position to take. Ok, here’s how they do it. Two baby mamas on welfare get together find a two bedroom apartment in a community with low crime, excellent schools and jobs. They can find an apt that is about the same amount of rent that they’re paying separately. Secondly, put their kids in that school. Thirdly, start looking for a job in that community. Save their money eventually maybe find a better job and move to a better apartment or home. That’s it, brah. Not that difficult. It’s exactly what these poor Hispanics, Haitians, Caribbeans, Africans, Asians and Eastern Europeans are currently doing. I have seen them put a mattress in a closet on the floor. lol

    • 9Boots

      I can’t stand males that do not have the ability nor courage to lead MEN so they only squawk at women. Let us women handle the women. You go deal with men. Understand?

      • KIR12

        When truth becomes inconvenient and uncomfortable you need to reevaluate and ask yourself, why.

        • 9Boots

          You should ask yourself, “Why am I not addressing men?”.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    Black people need to stop making the past as an excuse for our failures today . . .

    • KIR12

      The black ghetto has become a modern day plantation and these horrible schools that have 40 to 50% dropout rates and the majority of kids graduating can barely read are the plantation fields yielding kids with sociopathic behaviors back into the ghetto to continue to insure the ghetto remains unchanged.

      • Ms_Sunshine9898

        Some black people like blame the past for the reason why they refuse to educate themselves and want and do better for themselves. Before the civil rights movement, the black community was strong, vibrant, and self supporting. Now we make excuses about the 72% rate of children born out of wedlock, sustain a get money culture, and actually laugh and laud videos of black folks literally showing their a$$es in public and discussing how to “work the system”. In some our worst neighborhoods, people are encouraged to work the block rather than improve their minds, educations, and situations. The black ghetto is the way it is because we allowed it to become that way and we do nothing to change it other than complain about how the white man is always trying to hold us back, how President Obama has done nothing for black folks, and glorify a subculture of gang violence and drugs as a way of life. Change in schools won’t happen until individuals and parents of the black ghettos instill change in themselves and their children to want better and do better and work to make our schools better for our children. Those folks drop out because they don’t have the pride or desire to better themselves. . .

  • fujoshifanatic

    Another fool cooning for the white folk…our people. 🙁

    • lyndaj

      Your inferiority complex is showing!

    • Curtis

      maybe we should be cooning for you playa lol. what an idiot you are 🙂

  • coolyfett

    The first 4 sentences of this article have a very negative “aint nobody got time for that” vibe. Its weird that all black people most co sign EVERYTHING Pres Obama says just because he is black & just because all black women monolithically love Michelle Obama (according to Madame Noire). Its ok to question the president. Yea he is black and I am black but if he says something I dont agree with, why cosign it just because we are both black. Thats crazy.

    • JustSayin

      Agree. Peterson is saying everything my parents instilled in me and my siblings. Why is this controversial? Is it because he’s a regular on Fox News? @Val, I’d check the date on that Census data b/c if over 70% of blacks were, in fact, middle class, Obama’s approval rating wouldn’t be nowhere near as low as they are now – and all of his poitical enemies would have retreated a long time ago. Having an ideology different from the POTUS doesn’t make Peterson a hater.

      • bigdede

        I agree. A lot of his statements are common sense because that’s how I was raised yet with this new generation everyone is so sensitive. You can’t tell Black people the truth without being called racist or self-hating. I don’t agree with #1 though.

        • JustSayin

          Actually #1 as it was the most prominent principle I was given from birth and, for me, the foundation from which everything else I have comes. I do, however, respect your position b/c much of what’s happened in the church makes it difficult for folks to really have a real and meaningful spiritual life.

    • KIR12

      The black ghetto has become a modern day plantation and these horrible schools that have 40 to 50% dropout rates and the majority of kids graduating can barely read are the plantation fields yielding kids with sociopathic behaviors back into the ghetto to continue to insure the ghetto remains unchanged.

    • guest

      Preachhhhhh!!!! I have been saying this from day one… As for Michelle, no one would be checking for her if she weren’t married to the president. Yet, MN et al would have us believe that she is the most accomplished black woman ever, along with Beyoncé, of course….absurd!

    • FromUR2UB

      If all black people co-sign EVERYTHING President Obama says, then you can’t possibly be black, according to you.

  • Val

    Yeah, yeah, this is all common sense stuff and stuff that Black folks are doing and have been doing. His problem, like Don Lemon’s problem, is they both think most Black folks are poor and uneducated. When the truth is most Black folks (over 70% of us are middle class). So, we don’t need his advice.

    But, this isn’t really about us anyway. This is about being Fox’s pet Black person and saying stuff they want to say but can’t.

    • Anthony Rock

      70% of black people are middle class? Where do you get your stats from? Less than 50% are middle class.

      If this is common sense stuff, why aren’t more black people doing this?

      • Val

        You need to check the census instead of just making things up. The vast majority of Black people in America are middle class.

        • KIR12

          A single woman making 25 to 30k with one or two kids IS NOT middle class! That is working class ie the working poor.

          • kj1986nyc

            yeah middle class is a household making over 80K per year. The household income for black people is 33K

          • PCM

            Most economists and sociologists agree that the middle-class includes the working class. Within the middle class, there is the working class, lower-middle class, and upper-middle class/professional class. It is a *very* broad range! thanks to the gross income disparities (wherein a small percentage of people hold a vast majority of the wealth. While there are disputes as to what constitutes the proper range for middle class, it is generally accepted that the range for middle class (per 2012 statistics) is approximately $25,500-$76,500. Of course, though, that differs based on location and cost of living. But basically, for an area, you take the median salary, and the middle class range is typically 50% above and below that.

            Sorry to get all nerdy. Ha ha.

      • coolyfett

        Amp, Im curious about those numbers too, but what is is the true definition of middle class? Because some middle class live check to check & if you living check to check you might as well be in the poor class.

    • KIR12

      That is a lie! lol Aprox 30% of blacks are on welfare, another 30% are working poor ie dead end menial jobs and 30% are middle class.

      • Val

        Prove it. Where did you get those stats? I already said I got mine from the U.S. Census. You can check it for yourself.

        I swear people seem to have some sort of personal investment in hoping Black people are doing much worse overall than we are. Smh.

        • KIR12

          Same place. You’re including a single woman making 25 to 30k as middle class. That is a working class person ie working poor person. Usually working a low to menial skills job. Any emergency (expl. car repair) and some of her creditors aren’t going to get paid that month. She’s one check from being just like welfare recipients (w/o g0vernment assistance). Out in the woods like Robin Hood.

      • Linda Whitlock

        Next you’ll give advice like Newt Gingrich and suggest that black children should become janitors to rise up out of poverty. Listen, black people have a considerable amount of buying power and we contribute to this economy greatly. We’re not doing that by having so-called “menial, dead end or low skilled jobs”. Stop subscribing to Fox News propaganda and find out the real statistics out there.

    • Curtis

      if 70% of us are middle class where are they hiding? i din’t see it and even if what you say is true then we have a bigger problem. look at any majority black city in the country, detroit, atlanta, gary ind, cincinnati ohio, oakland california and on and on and they all have serious problems. Why? yeah blame white racism, thats all we do! we need to look inward, the problem is not the white man its us!