“She Will Use Anything Against You”: Mica Hughes Talks Hampton Fight And Why Demetria Is A Mean Girl

February 13, 2014  |  



From HelloBeautiful

Bravo’s latest reality TV show “Blood, Sweat & Heels” was an instant hit because it’s based on “real” women–Demetria Lucas, Geneva Thomas, Brie Bythewood, Daisy Lewellyn, Mica Hughes and Melyssa Ford– who had the perfect chemistry and combination of drama, attitude and career woes that made them easy to relate to and equally as entertaining. However, this past Monday we painfully watched Demetria, Geneva and Brie go from those likeable characters to “mean girls” all in the seconds it takes to swallow a shot of lunch break liquor.

What started out as a girl’s trip to Brie’s family home in the Hamptons, turned into an ambush and everyone seemed to forget that fellow cast mate Mica was going through one of the most vulnerable times in her life. Though the group didn’t initially know that Mica’s estranged father had passed away hours before she stomped over Brie’s family’s lawn in blue pumps, greeting them in only a way Mica can say ‘hello,’ they were still insensitive to what they were aware of: that her father was terminally ill and Mica had just visited him.

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  • Almond. E. Brown

    Gee whiz. It’s some mean girls in this comment section. Gahtdamb! 0_0

    • JaneDoe

      “Gee Whiz” you are so jamaican.. I love it!! haven’t heard that in a while

  • Reality Bites

    I think people are missing the obvious… these ladies are not real friends. Some of them may know each other, or know of each other, but they don’t really care one way or another about the other person’s feelings. That’s just the bottom line. I started watching this show because I thought it was about progressive, bad-ass NY women hustlin’ their way through the city. As a Black, female NY-er and entrpreneur, I thought I could relate. However, this show is a complete dissappointment. I won’t be watching the foolery again. And for the record. I don’t know and don’t care if Demetria is mean or not, but I know for damn sure that is NOT her real hair and all my natural sistas that keep asking her for hair tips are crazy. The tip is to go and get that kinky curly hair from your local hair shop. Duh! Look at pics of her a year ago.. she was bald. On to the next reality debacle………….

  • lockstress

    She’s annoying as hell.
    He boyfriend enables her ignorant azz behavior. Lot’s of women drink and get toasted but you are no lady when you’re loud, showing your azz, slurring and falling all over the damn place.
    Wesley and the LInebacker were wrong as well.

  • Miserable Mica

    Chicks like mica are a Mess. Constantly keeping up mess never taking responsibility turn friends against each other gossips lies and is very jealous. She run behind your men and talk ish and lie why? cause she mad. Ain’t nobody mean to mica folks would only try to help she just got problems with herself and always trying to hanging around to destroy others. Its a wonder how anyone can stands being around her.

  • cantget2deep

    How can someone be sensitive to a situation that Mica didn’t want to talk about? I believe that ladies reacted accordingly, with the drama award going to Demetrius for the quick walk of fairing for her life in a scene. When you were holding your grounds at the dinner at Mica’s. Ijs

    • cantget2deep


  • Renee86

    I think Mica is the type of person that you really like or you really dislike. There’s no in between. When I saw the first episode, I thought she was doing too much…like she was trying too hard to fit in with the black girls (didn’t realize that she was black at the time). Does anyone remember when Lynn’s sister came to visit on Girlfriends and she offended everyone? That’s who Mica reminds me of. I said that to say that while she was definitely out of pocket at Brie’s home, the other ladies did not have to be as cruel as they were. Why argue and try to reason with a drunk person? For Demetria to be a relationship coach, she sure does lack compassion. Brie also really bothered me by playing both sides. She would put Mica down one minute and then hug her and claim to be her friend the very next. I expected more from this show but I guess this is just what reality TV is.

    • guest

      Am I the only one who could clearly see that Mica was black even before she showed a pic of her parents? I don’t know why everyone thought she was white. You can look at her and see she definitely has some black in her…..geesh!

      • MatureBlackWoman

        I could tell from her edges.

      • ariesdollface

        omg, no. I knew she was black immediately & i was so surprised when her race became an issue. but then, i’ve known at least 4 black folks in my life who were as light as Mica so no judgment. I was just surprised

      • marissa

        Some people have never seen black people that look like Mica. In some places in the U.S people think all black people should have certain features and get mad when you say you are just black….

      • Renee86

        Not to take anything away from her identity or her heritage but she looks white to me. Her father was a white man, so I was half right, lol. Since she said that most people assume that she’s white upon meeting her, you may actually be one of a few people who could see that she was bi/multi racial.

        • whylie2010

          She said her father was Black. And I have known Black people who look just like him (who are also assumed to be White by other Black people). She’s Black

          • Renee86

            I’m more than positive that she’s multiracial just as her father may have been. She is definitely Black but that’s not all she is. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging the fact that she has more than one ethnicity in her background. That “one drop” rule is vacuous.

  • Stefanie

    It’s clear that Demetria wears the pants in her relationship. She is not nice and Wesley..oops Geneva is just following her lead.

    • Ruby

      I can’t believe they have 5 beautiful women , then they put in a WHALE WITH FUCKED UP HAIR AND A ATTITUDE !!!

  • kb

    All you guys , who put down Mica’s behavior, I wonder if you’ve ever lost a parent? And no it doesn’t matter if you were close or not. There is wave of emotion that passes through you that you can’t control. People deal w/that differently. I think it is the one time they could have shown a little but of grace, and just forgave her instead of laughing at her.

    • JaneDoe

      I agree with you.. I am not close with my dad but if he were to ever die especially bc we have unresolved issues I would loose it. Ppl coup differently. Some are strong enough to deal, pray, etc. and other do what they know how to do. Unfortunately for mica it’s drinking. They could have shown some compassion. But it goes to show you who your real friends are. Those women are cold hearted. And in my opinion they have issues especially Demetria.

      • Yeme

        Demetria definitely does I had to block her from my twitter account because I commented in a dignified way that she was a bit controlling. She came at me so defensively. I know she has a problem.

    • Leigh

      Absolutely! I absolutely agree with you. I would like to ask these ladies what is the correct way to behave after you have lost a parent? What is the protocol? I’ve lost both my parents and the pain is tangible. There isn’t a certain was to act. The only thing that is on your mind is “my mom/dad is dead. Demetria is condescending and judgmental. She acts as though she is better than everyone else. If you don’t have her “high’ standards, then you are lacking. Geneva is just plain vile and cruel. Brie will side with whomever she is with at the time. The “good girl”. I feel for Mica. I’ve been there and it’s not a good place to be.

    • MatureBlackWoman

      Since they didn’t know, and since this has been her typical behavior on every episode, I think they had had it. Even though, in my opinion, they were clowning, they never received any apologies from her previous drunken, embarrassing acts. To have her not listen to them just frustrated them. Maybe they are too inexperienced with alcoholism to know that it was not the time to try to reason with her. I’m sure they are sick of her showing up and acting out on every occasion. Unfortunately, this particular time coincided with her father’s death. Since, for whatever reason, she decided not to tell them about her father, and came in yelling and screaming, and would not listen to reason, they didn’t want to deal with it. Did they act stupid with her? I would say yes. But, they are truly sick of her. Yes, I have lost both of my parents. However, I am not an alcoholic. I have respect for other people and their property. When I lost my parents, my friends comforted me at once, and it was calm, loving and orderly. They are not her friends, and she should have gone home to grieve with her boyfriend.

      • kb

        They did eventually find out he passed away, and they were still MEAN. Fortunately , you have more strength and didn’t grieve the way Mica did but I am sure you would have had more compassion for her then Geneva and Demetria

        • MatureBlackWoman

          I’d like to think that I would. I have alcoholics in my family, and they are TRULY hard to deal with, however, I don’t find that I am mean to them. I was trying to explain that I grieved with my family and friends, not with strangers who would not be of comfort when I needed it. That said, it is very hard when people are not that warm already to develop it when they should when they are dealing with a out-of-control drunk. The ones I have been around have not been as bad as she is, and I can usually get away from them. Should Geneva have said “rehab”? NO. Should Demetria have made her boyfriend stop consolling her? NO. But, these women don’t care about her or for her. They are forced together on a show for ratings, and their true colors are all coming out. It is truly sad that her father died during this. This may affect her for a long time.

      • Seriously People

        Yes, she has been behaving this way on every episode, but her father has been ill the entire time. I agree with others who have stated drinking is not the way to deal with it and she should not have done the show at all during this difficult time. That being said, those three women are disgusting representations of humans. They showed no true compassion, and it doesn’t matter if they aren’t real friends. I’ve consoled people I met ten minutes prior, it’s called having a freaking heart. It scares me to see how many of you agree with the behavior exhibited by Brie, Demetria, and Geneva. I pray you all are never in a vulnerable situation and receive similar treatment.

  • Dominique Thompson

    Mica was tacky at Brie’s family home and Demetria is absolutely a mean girl and those are facts.

    • Thomas

      She fat, agressive and masculine. What do you expect.

  • Christina

    I understand she was upset about her father but that is not an excuse to show her behind at peoples home. Mica needs to put down the bottle and get help.stop blaming others and take responsibility. Mica is a alcoholic point blank

  • fujoshifanatic

    I call BS to that mess of an article–Mica was drunk as a skunk in the messiest of fashions, and she was using her father’s death as an excuse to keep drinking! Did the person who wrote this mess actually see the show? Mica must have paid Hello Beautiful to run this, because this is faaar from the truth!