“I’m DONE Doing Interviews”: Drake Pissed About Losing Rolling Stone Cover To Phillip S. Hoffman

February 13, 2014  |  

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Drake has not been holding back when it comes to the stuff he doesn’t like these days. The usually cheerful rapper of course called out Macklemore for sending an apology text to Kendrick Lamar after the Grammys that the “Thrift Shop” rapper shared with the world.  In a new Rolling Stone interview he said the apology didn’t feel genuine, but at the same time, knowing his disdain for Kendrick Lamar these days, Drake told Macklemore that he shouldn’t have felt bad for winning over the West Coast MC: “You think those guys would pay homage to you if they won?”

But this morning he let the world know that he’s done doing interviews for Rolling Stone and other magazines in general. He claims that he was misquoted (not about the Macklemore statements, he stands by those, but about Kanye West’s last album) and was upset that at the last minute, they took him off of the magazine cover. However, Drake lost his cover to actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman, who we all know just passed away from a heroin overdose. Anywho, here’s what he said on Twitter, be sure to read from the bottom up.

UPDATE: Rolling Stone has responded to Drake’s statements. According to TMZ, sources close to the rapper say he only wanted to do the RS interview if he was going to front the new issue, but the magazine says that they informed him that he would be swapped out last week, so why he’s saying everything was “last minute” is unclear to them. Drake was interviewed on January 28 and the photo shoot was finished before Hoffman died on February 2, so they knew soon after Hoffman’s death that they would put the actor on the cover. Drake has actually deleted his comments about the magazine on Twitter in the last hour.

While it’s wack that he possibly spoke on Yeezus off-the-record only to have it put in the interview, as for the cover, it’s only right to show love to Hoffman. Drake will have plenty of other opportunities to grace Rolling Stone–that is, if he decides to do interviews for magazines again (and after his fussing, if Rolling Stone want him back…).

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  • lockstress

    Canada’s calling you brat! Go home…and STAY THERE. Take your brother Justin with you.

    • Machone

      Chid please. We can’t give away these annoying thugs. Canada doesn’t want them back.

  • me

    It’s called breaking news dummy … This dude is always whining about something. SMH.

  • hollyw

    What a disgrace. I THOUGHT he had at least an inkling of more sense and modesty than his crush Nicki Minaj, but after their apparently trying to one-up each other today, it’s clear that they deserve each other.

  • kiki j

    “The usually cheerful rapper” Seriously? Seems like all he’s ever doing is crying and whining shut up!!!!

  • Keland

    They took his cover away to honor a man who died because he was a drug addict. How many of you think a magazine would have been taken away from a White artist to honor a dead, Black drug addict?

    • hollyw

      Lol you acting like Rolling Stone is a historically Black-music celebrating magazine.

      • Keland

        I wasn’t ‘acting’ like that at all. I didn’t even mention Rolling Stone in my comment.

        • Bklyn Diamond

          If it was someone of note or worth (MJ, Prince, Hendrix type) then I think they would do it without thought.

          Hoffman was a critically acclaimed well known actor. Drake, pretty good rapper.

          No contest over who gets the cover.

      • TT

        Historically The Term Rolling Stone in a pop culture reference actually comes from the Black Rock n Roll Hall of famer and blues singer Muddy Waters song…the band Rolling Stones even named their band Rolling Stones after Muddy Waters Song…Rolling Stones was actually black slang back in the day hence the Temptation song

  • channey

    And with these comments he probably screwed himself right out of what could have been his cover, say next month???

  • MyBiz

    White people will bump you from a magazine cover for the trending white person. People put Mandela in a corner on the cover when he died but PSH got the whole page from a overdose. That’s just the world we live in.

    • TT

      Exactly not to mention he was doing the drugs while he was suppose to be with his kids….he had his kids waiting for him, so much so someone went to his apartment to get him and that’s when he was discovered

      • Kristen

        I also heard police found his diary and evidently he was involved in a secret love triangle.

    • ash

      If he were an average Joe who died of an overdose, no one would care. Happens everyday.

  • Shawndrea Rachelle

    Haven’t been a fan of Rolling Stone since they put the Boston bomber on their cover, but Drake is so immature for throwing a temper tantrum. Lol get over yourself

  • Guest

    Drake, calm down, just shut it and calm down and stop drinking the same water Kanye West drinks, that water that has you thinking that now you’re successful that you deserve everything you want.

  • enlightenment

    The man died for godsakes! There’s more important things in life than your stupid face on a magazine cover…imagine that! Geez. I like him but he needs to stop being salty & get a f**king grip!

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  • Lilly

    It’s absurdly immature for him to be upset with the magazine’s decision to honor a deceased critically acclaimed actor. I’m sure he was looking forward to being on the cover, but he’ll probably have another opportunity…unlike Hoffman…because he passed away. His comments were in bad taste.

    • TT

      The actor also died of drug overdose minutes before he was suppose to see his young children…not an honorable cause to celebrate

      • hollyw

        I hardly think Drake, or any other artist that RS showcases, has a habit of behaving “honorably”. Please.

        • TT

          It’s not about behavior, I said the way he died…bottom line if a white person was scheduled to be on the cover they would not of bumped him for a dead drug addict point blank and the period…Nelson Mandela who was an inspirational man was given a small side picture when he died..everyone knew who Mandela was…half the stuff this guy was in no one really knows when he won the academy award for capote it was a shocker cause it wasn’t a box office hit.

  • NaturalMoxie

    He needs to get over himself and have a seat. The man is dead for goodness sake…