Beyoncé Rep Comments On Outrageous Rumor That She’s Sleeping With The POTUS

February 12, 2014  |  

Source: Instagram

There are times when you hear a rumor and instantly know that there’s some truth to it. There are other times when you hear a humor and wonder, “Where the heck did that come from?” The latest and most outrageous rumor to hit the Internet in a while is one that places Beyoncé and President Barack Obama in an adulterous affair.

The rumors supposedly began with French paparazzo, Pascal Rostain, who claimed that The Washington Post had big plans of publishing a full spread exposing the passionate affair sometime this week.

“You know, at this time, in the United States, there is something big that is happening,” Pascal revealed according to RumorFix. “It’ll go out tomorrow in The Washington Post — we can say that it is not the gutter press — an alleged affair between President Barack Obama and Beyoncé,”

“First, there are still or television images of the Obama couple becoming a little distant,” he reportedly explained. “It is legitimate to ask questions. We found the same thing, always through images, between [French President] Hollande and [his partner Valerie Trierweiler]. Afterwards, there was the rumor. Same for Obama and Beyonce, for example. Just because it’s a rumor doesn’t mean that one should not go in the field to check. We should not forget Marilyn [Monroe] or Monica Lewinsky.”

The alleged story, never ran. The allegations were so wild that we didn’t really expect anyone from Bey’s camp to even acknowledge them. But when RumorFix reached out to her reps, they surprisingly got a response—a slightly comical response, but a response nonetheless.

“Must be a very difficult thing to constantly ask absurd questions,” said the rep.

So yeah, Bey isn’t Olivia Pope-ing it up with President Obama.

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  • SIt Down

    BYE! I honestly think that her reps leak stuff then defend it, to have a constant frenzy over her, some of the stories that come out sound generated. Like this one. THE STORY NEVER POSTED. No one here hinted, thought, insinuated or anything at this LEVEL…… NO ONE ONE THE NEWS OR ANY SITE IN THE US reported this. NATIONAL INQUIRER DID NOT EVEN POST THIS S***. THIS WAS NOT BUZZING. This was a slimy reporter with no reputable sources or backing. Its tied to Obama Beyonce’s saw this as opportunity to feed ego. She decided to respond only to blow it up. The story did not even publish. Who responds to slimy reporters ideas of a story. BYE!!!!!!! Everyone on earth is not head over heels for her she praises herself enough. Next week when National Inquirer reports she is an alien from mars will she release a statement then? For her to be so talented and famous her team sometimes make her out to be so generated and thirsty for attention..

  • glamozene

    All the typos in this article. I just can’t take it seriously

  • Ajuanya Washington

    That’s just a hater who has not, and will never be invited to the White House, I am willing to bet, it was someone in the entertainment industry or in politics that started all this stupied mess.
    President and Mrs. Obama, and Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Carter please go ahead, and have the biggest laugh you have ever had, that’s what I’m doing.

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  • overhose

    That’s What they get for being uncle toms.. she is Jane Tousaint from schooldaze..

  • channey

    This rumor is so offensive to the Obama’s & Carter’s. Clearly such a blatant lie.

    • Get Ahead

      Yes because the CARTERS are such good role models that display such class and poise. They would never see responding to a story with no momentum and no site to post on an opportunity to push her name into the media, so that she can come out a victim of haters (as black people refer to anyone who disagrees with them). LOL they are always looking to discredit our president who has the highest ranking office with prestige and is the 1st black to hold it. Not a former drug dealer who refers to his own wife as a b*** and acts like her pimp. Sure the carters and obama are on the same level. LOL …. alot of people are rich the question is what did display or become to get there.

  • kiki j

    I’m not exactly sure what the Obama’s thought would happen when they chose to be celebrities instead of political figures. I’ve said since early on that the Obama’s and the Carters friendship as well as the Obama’s heavy relationship in the “celebrity and hip hop world” would do nothing but tarnish their reputations. I doubt an hope there is no truth to the rumors. Can’t believe everything you hear. Garbage.

    • lavendarbloom

      so you rather they chose to flow among the war mongers and weapon makers and corporate Ceo’s that rape the American people with their greed. You are denigrating entire groups of people, “Hip Hop and celebrities” only on what? your opinion of them? your knowledge of them? I’ll throw your sentence back at you “Can’t believe everything you hear” Peace and Love

      • Brian Marshall

        When did the president become hip hop? Oh I get it he’s black. Jay is not the first rapper to visit the White House.

        • lavendarbloom

          Brian, you are shooting at the wrong post, try again sweety

      • Just saying!!

        I think she’s referring to his insistence on associating himself with celebrities, which he has (at least more than any other president I’ve seen–although that could also be because of the influence of the internet and social media now). Not hanging with celebrities doesn’t mean to you have to hang with “war mongers”, as you call them. It could also mean hanging with activists or people who actually contribute something meaningful to the nation (no shade to Bey lol). I mean I don’t care regardless. But I do think that if you begin to align yourself with celebrities then you will probably become one and crazy rumors such as these might get started lol. (Yes I understand that it happens to famous people, but this def sounds like a celebrity rumor hahaha)

        • kiki j

          Thank you. Exactly what I was saying. Just like when Michelle O said if she could be someone else she’d be beyonce. I get what she was saying but it wasn’t politically correct. And then president Obama being in the blogs for his “beef” with kanye. I mean come on.

    • BreathofFreshAir

      All presidents have struck up strong friendships with artsy type celebrity people, whether they be actors/actresses, singers, writers….Don’t try to judge Obama for it because he’s black and struck up his friendship with a hip-hop couple. Don’t get offended by this, but we as black people judge each other so harshly because we feel we have to be above average in everything… we are normal and should be allowed to do normal things. In the modern era all American presidents are celebrities.

      Cheers hun

      • kiki j

        I TRULY don’t care who he hangs with. It’s just my personal opinion. As a black president he has always been under major scrutiny. Unfortunately the hip hop industry is full of scandal and gossip and involving the first family in it wasn’t wise. Yes other presidents have done it but not with hip hop. All I’m saying is I’m not surprised this rumor formed. I don’t believe it’s true BUT it only proved what I knew would come out of it. I’m not judging him. Just saying I seen it coming.

  • lakasha

    Haters want to discredit the President and Beyonce so bad that they are willing to put out a bogus story and hope it will get the attention that it did. This is so disrespectful not only to the White House(President) and it’s family but so disrespectful to Beyoncé and her family. This hate is so real it’s sad.

    • LOL

      Or it could be just PR team working overtime to keep an aritst on a pedalstool as desirable and sought after by men. Because this story never posted. Never even mentioned in any news sites. As big as she is if this were really a rumor it would be on a bigger platform especially since people look to discredit our president. But nope…. its a her PR team

  • FromUR2UB

    Hadn’t heard this. I think we can guess where it came from, RIIIIIGHT?

    • channey

      ?? Where?

      • FromUR2UB

        I spelled it out. Take your vitamins.

  • enlightenment

    Never even heard about this ridiculous rumor & why bother posting about it?

  • “We don’t all look alike”

    Of course the French press (if you can call them that) made this up by picking the first black people they could think of and putting them together.

  • Rashida

    The media just makes up nonsense that no one believes…



    • Guest

      then why click on a story about her ? keep it moving weirdo.

      • G

        Its funny when people say this. Like its directed at you. Its the comments section of a blog about celeb gossip. Sometimes when people agree, disagree or get sick of something having attention that does not deserve it. They come here to vent. Is stupid and should they move on … your opinion. Its just people venting, celebrating, going off, joking, gossiping on a site that posts gossip. That is all. ….. Same thing if they posts something about an artist that is annoying people take it as a moment to vent… its just the comments section. Now if she made a website dedicated to this, that is weird.

    • lavendarbloom

      for real, move on then

      • mackenzie wunderlich

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