Where are These 10 One Hit(ish) Wonders?

February 3, 2011  |  

Sunshine Anderson

Known for: Heard It All Before”

The pretty North Carolina born and bred songstress with the booming voice and a good amount of resentment towards an ex, started her career near the end of the popular Neo-Soul movement.  Anderson made some big waves with her hit about the ever-popular cheating tool and his bevvy of excuses with “Heard it All Before.” So much so that the song hit number three on the R&B charts. Managed by Macy Gray of all people, Anderson put out 2001’s Your Woman, which would later be certified gold. While she has come out with two albums since then, including 2010’s The Sun Shines Again and numerous singles, nothing has topped the funky bassline and sass of her biggest hit.

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  • Blu&Green

    Big Will,

    I don't think they was trying to dig up fossils…

  • Big Will

    How about Anita Ward/Ring My Bell
    Eddie Holman/Hey There Lonely Girl

  • Orleanas

    I guess "one hit" has a broad definition in this article. It not only refers to a one hit song but also a one hit album.

  • Kazia

    I agree. This article is misleading because Jon B was on the Mo'Nique show a couple of weeks ago. That could have been included in this article as well. Like someone else mentioned, I thought One Hit Wonders were those who only had ONE HIT. The artists included in this article had far more than one successful hit. I agree with having Sunshine Anderson & Lady of Rage included but Total?! Jon B?! Carl Thomas?! Come on.

  • Sarcas

    Snow "Informer"
    K7 "Come baby, come baby, baby come come"

    D.R.S. "Gangsta lean"
    H-town "Knockin da boots"

    Positive K "I got a Man"
    Tigre and Bunny "Cars that go BOOM"

    Tone Loc "Funky Cold Medina", "Wild Thing"
    Sir Mix-a-lot "Baby got Back"

    Raven Simone "That's what Little Girls are Made of"

  • NYCeOne

    Don't forget Groove Theory! "Tell me"

    KP& Envy "Swing My Way" (truly a one hit wonder!)

    Public Announcement "Body Bumpin' (Yippie-Yi-Yo)"

  • Sassybroad

    Definitely ADINA HOWARD – "Freak" – only hit song for her.

  • keely

    carl thomas just hit me up, he's living in houston now…

  • JDub

    I think this article is misleading. Bad journalism as the most updated information about many of them is from 2007. What are they doing now? Families? Working at Starbucks? Singing? Can't tell from this article. I stopped flipping through at Carl Thomas – besides being featured on a few songs, what is he up to?!?

    • keely

      he hit me up a week ago, he's living in houston now…

  • lovely

    What about the group mokenstef. Who didn’t have he’s mine on there answering machine.

  • Johnna

    What about Troop, The System(Don't Disturb This Groove was the jam!!), Jade.

  • Courtney

    Shanice, Tony Rich Project, Co-ed, Chante Moore, Kenny Lattimore

  • Melissa

    Johnny Kemp- Just got paid

    • Tamara

      It's almost OBSCENE not to play that song on Friday somewhere in America…LOL

  • Mirjam

    I dont think Total and Jon B are one-hit wonders. Even over here in Europe they were very popular for numerous years!!!

  • moonbeam

    another bad creation,gregory abbott, jj fad, oaktown 357, robin s,jomanda, oran (juice jones) pure soul,sweet obsession, EX-Girlfriend, kwame, sweet t, antionette, adina howard,

  • Msvlicious

    I Thought One Hit Wonders Were Artist That Only Had 1 Hit Song Not Song’s And They Never Be Heard From Again…….

    • juju

      it says one hitish..not exactly one but kinda of

  • Mabel

    I always wondered what happened to Glenn Lewis, he was popular for a while there and pouf disappeared.

  • Crystal 00

    Another Bad Creation
    The Boyz

  • Old Head

    Shai – 'If I Ever Fall In Love" & "Comforter"

    ABC – "Iesha" & "Playground"

    Special Ed – "I'm the Magnificent" & "I Got it Made"

    Chuckii Booker – "Games"

    UNV – "Something's Goin' On"

    Intro – "Come Inside"

    En Vogue – "Hold On"

    Rude Boys – "Written All Over Your Face"

    II D Extreme – "Cry No More"

    Aaron Hall – "I Miss You"

    Brownstone – "If You Love Me"

    Blackstreet – "Don't Leave Me"

    Mya – "It's All About Me"

    Jesse Powell – "You"



    • kennedy

      i remember the girlz. didnt they turn into terri and monica

  • Salisha

    Whatever happened to:

    Mona Lisa- had a song on Dont be a menace.. soundtrack
    Monie Love….??????

    • Anti-believer

      Monifah ("You" & "Touch It"), 702 ("Steelo, Get It Together, Where My Girls At") and Monie Love (Part-time Lover) are not one hit wonders.

      Mona Lisa on the other hand… I don't know if you can call her single a hit.

    • DT

      Ohhh yeeessss! I LOVED me some 702! Back in the 6th grade, I thought they'd be around forever!

      • nikki

        702 was my group!!! All of them can sing. You know the lead singer married to Musiq.

  • j

    Yall forgot monifah, and adina howard

    • Rachael

      I heard Adina Howard is a Sheriffs officer in Dade County Florida.

  • No-INtro

    I don’t agree with this post and obviously the person who wrote this only listens to the radio. An “Album” is much more than a single. Zhane had a couple of good albums, Jon B as well. I could break down each artist to the finest detail. But, why waste vital information to a site and to people that listen to Wacko Flocko and Roscoe Mess…their names are not important as equally their music.


      I am in total agreement with you. Zhane, Jon B and especially Carl Thomas are exceptional artist. I love their music it's timeless. They don't know real music!!!!!!!!!

    • Kristin

      You clearly don't understand the post. The purpose of this post was to show artist that were big at one point but their follow up projects did not reach the same success. They are not saying that these artist put out poor quality music, they are just saying that people did not respond to their follow up projects which caused the artist level of success and star status to drop. If you don't understand that then something is clearly wrong with you. Me personally I am a Carl Thomas fan and like all his albums, but THE FACT is his follow up projects weren't as successful as Emotional. You all need to see THE BUSINESS side, because that's what this post is about. Again I state it has nothing to do with the QUALITY of the music. Just the numbers that the music drew in. And if you READ the posts, they but songs the artist are more popular for, along with the ALBUM the songs came from, and the SALES the album produced. You should make sure you understand something completely before you try to CLOWN somebody.

      • lilkunta

        Kristin : WRONG. Victoria didn put subsequent successful singles or album or album sales.

        If she had she woulda included Carl Thomas' hit " Summer Rain" but she didnt.
        If she had she woulda included Job B's numerous successful albums in Europe.

    • Mia

      I have to agree, this list is BS, one hit wonders please ..Zhane-one hit wonder get the heck out of hear, I was a little kid when Kris Kross came out & they were no one hit wonder, Carl Thomas is clearly not a one hit wonder. Get it together.