How to Grow Long African American Hair

January 13, 2011  |  

Wear Protective Styles

Who can deny the fierceness of a full, round fro or the drape and sway of a freshly relaxed mane? Not many. Yet these free-flowing styles can be keeping you from the length you desire. Wearing your hair in a bun or in twists or braids will keep the ends of your hair from dragging against coats and car seats or getting tangled in the wind. The ends of your hair are the oldest and driest and need to perserved. Protecting your hair at night with a silk or satin scarf  and pillowcase is equally important.

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  • Rebecca Striplet

    you forgot to mention drinking lots of water. Moisturing starts from the inside 🙂

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  • Daisy

    I’m an african american, 13 year old girl, my hair is just touching my shoulders which is short and i have never had a hair cut! the front of my hair line just above my forehead is breaking off a little bit because i wear it in a bun everyday. The reason for that is because i cant wear it out because its very dry and my mom dosent want to straighten my hair because of the heat damage! My mom has tried a lot of things to get my hair moisturized but they havent helped. My hair is thick. My mom and I want my hair to be moisturized and grow faster! PLEASE HELP!

    From: Desperate!

  • Luci

    This is very true! I read an ebook called 7 myths about black hair and I started following its directions. Many hair stylists do not know the science of black hair care. My hair is finally past my shoulders because I started going to someone who understands black hair. And I am 100% African…and I relax my hair.

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  • Steph

    I need HELP! My mother is Half Puerto Rican but her hair is rather kinky but very dad is mostly black but his hair is really curly soft.. I have curly hair too but it’s not kinky curly. I Use africa’s best maximum strength and I also have some blue magic coconut oil with has petroleum. I have my hair in Bantu knots right now and I keep them in for a week then wash my hair with suave low sufate and mane and tail..Idk what else to do there is so many forums what I should be doing.. I don’t have money to buy avacado oil and natural oils.. what should I do

  • ariela

    i use this cream from anaqah on ebay (type lavish beauty ) the seller is anaqah beauty products naturally beautiful
    its for hair growth and stimulates the growth of hair so it makes it grow really fast my mum and i both used it and my mums hair grew faster then mine , it grew over 1 inch in a month
    it contains shea butter and other oils that soften the hair my friend is somalian and she cant use hardly any commercial products it just dries her hair and scalp and she loved this i must admit it made her hair very soft and pretty

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  • SJ

    Thanks for the information:)

  • Babydoll21188

    i have been trying to grow my hair out to be longer and healthier but nothing so far i have tried many prouducts thats has lead to me losing hair even more i am not happy how my hair is and will like to know what is the best way to grow healthy hair 

  • everyone’s hair is different of course so the regime in this video doesn’t work for me. I have long hair and it’s still growing. I shampoo 2-3x a week. I don’t use heat, and I wear protective styles alot. Rarely do I use the curling iron. I haven’t used any oil on my scalp in 10+ years and my scalp has never been dry….everyone has to be in touch with their own hair and work a regime that you know works for you….. Click my profile if you want to learn my regime.

  • Jasmine

    Thank you very much this really helped my African hair to grow long and now I am careful about what I use:-)

  • Timiya1

    hello iam timiya and i need help on growing my relaxed hir and its very hard how may i do that

  • guest

    Good article but appalling title. Can you not describe our hair in the right context of ‘tightly curled hair’? Judging by some of the posts with lots of them grappling to describe their hair it would be extremely helpful. And another thing – african american’s aren’t the only individuals with curly hair – there are people in africa and the caribbean, and people of other ethnic groups who have curly hair such as arabs, jewish, europeans, etc. Sorry MN but I find this soooo annoying. I hate that idea that anyone with straight or wavy hair can state it as it is but anyone with curly hair (or tight curly hair like mine which I don’t mind and actually like calling afro) has to struggle for a name. End of rant! lol

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  • Makenzie

    I wash my hair with Pantene and then while it is wet I put it up in a scrunchie.i sleep and when i wake up it’s a crazy mess. It’s always breaking! Any tips???!?!

  • Only thing I wish that this article showed actually “natural” hair. The one on here are flowy and mixed looking. The people who continuously straighten their hair are the ones that need to learn how to take care of themselves the most. By not showing their pictures they will not be encouraged to start to take care of their hair because they are hoping that it looks like the women in these pictures.

  • CosmoProf

    I’m annoyed with the black people who look down on other women for relaxing their hair. People need to do what works for them & if you are relaxing your hair PROPERLY, basing & not directly applying it to your scalp & waiting some MonthS in between your hair will not fall out. Remember to follow proper processing times.. The point of Relaxer is not to straighten but RELAX curl.

    Natural hair is also beautiful but is also prone to horrible breakage if not properly cared for.

    Damn let people live & keep your ignorant a** opinions to yourselves.

  • D Rich26o7

    & Also I’m thinking of starting to co-wash, but that would mean more blowdrying for me unless anyone can recommend a way that I can style it while damp, let it dry in the style & then releasing it so my hair still looks nice & not like a bush !

  • D Rich26o7

    So I’m multi racial with thick curly, not so course ethnic hair. I am also a young licensed stylist. Knowing this I know your hair should be trimmed regularly ( quarter of an inch every 4-6 weeks if your maintaining length & every 6-8 if your trying to grow it) give or take the condition of your hair. Moisture is a must for those with dry hair or curly hair. Relaxing shouldn’t be done as frequently as most people do.. ( I wait 4-6 months).

    I cut my hair short after highschool to see what it would be like, then cut it off to go natural. However, naturally, my hair is too thick and hard for me to maintain.. so I began relaxing again.

    When it comes to ethnic hair, or any hair as far as products.. I can gaurentee that any shampoo or conditioner that you can get in a drug store or Walmart, is packed full of alcohol or some equivalent preservative. Because those products have to sit out for so long they get packed with this crap to preserve their shelf life. In my opinion, professional & beauty store products as well as natural oils & products are some of the best ways to go & I personally love the pink oil moisturizer 😉

    MY QUESTION however is, when it comes to heat.. I’m at a battle, while I know too much of it is bad, I can’t see how air drying my hair (which will turn into a puff) will keep it pretty.. well pretty in appearance.

    I normally towel dry, put a moisturizer in & oil, then wrap it up in a towel for half an hour, then I come back and put a heat protectant on before blowdrying & straightening. This is the most heat I put on my hair between washes (one wash, about every week or week & a half), and I wrap it in between. My hair is still growing faithfully, just past my shoulders now.

  • ikissedjake

    first lemme say my mother is cuban n west african , my father is mexican an african american … my hair gets very curly , during the summer time my hair grows tremendously ( think i spelled it wrong ) … every 1-3 days i wud wash / co-wash my hair with a non scent moisturizing frizz conditioner , for shine i use a natural oil , it air drys during the day then i’d put a satin wrap on it at night . my hair is maybe 3-4 inches pass the shoulders [ every 3-4 months i get a relaxer ] … now that i’ve said that i wanted to ask yu wat do yu do to yur hair in the winter time ? because well for me i kno i cant do the same summer routine for winter . its too cold , ( some “black folks” say that if yu go outside during the winter time wit yur hair wet yu’ll get sick n i believe that lol ) , it breaks off harshly during the winter time because 1) i use too much heat 2) n maybe not enough moisture … if yur hair is as long as it is & its easy to keep growing wat is yur advice on the “winter season hair care / growing” ? wat do yu do ? Please answer , or anyone else

  • Mrsthli216

    I’ve grown my hair out twice in the last five years. My Big chop in the end of 06 went from very short we talking about mini afro ( not perfect ) afro as portrayed in hair pics to Twisties of about an inch which i kept in for more than a month, Of course my sister who has a gift for natural hair would take them down and retwist them. The i tried micros. They were beautiful but tedious to take down and mine were pencit width. But  my hair had grown ( they were in 3 months) then I went to brox braids for changing my style every three month or so. I washed my hair but probably not as often as most people here and no my hair did not smell. During that time we use a haircreme we made made of coco butter, shea butter, and pure essential oils. this cream kept the hair moisturized  from root to end so i  had very little split ends. By the time 09 rolled around  ( 3 1/2 years ) my hair was down to my shoulders. No lie you can see how long my hair was on facbook. Then i decided to perm my hair then dye it. Well needless to say. ALL of my beautiful hair broke off and i had to start all over again. I started by putting in braids an now i have transitioned to my own hair my bangs are passed my eyes and my back is to my mid neck. My hair is a 4c type. I have Zig Zags instead of curls which means certain hair styles don’t work for me natural or other wise. Now i braid my own hair with out additions and make sure i use product that is for dry damaged hair. My hair sis no longer damaged but it is dry and sucks up moisture crazily. So i keep it hyrdrated with deep conditioning twice per month. Washing every other week. Black women don’t realize that they strip their hair when they wash too often. White women wash more frequently because they have a tendancy to have oily hair. Our hair is not oily so we need less cleaning. as far as the scalp, i oil it with african pride and work that to the ends. I wash my hair with luke warm water ( we have hard water here in ohio ) so i have to make sure that I use a filter other wise hair gets stripped and damaged. I then take my conditioner and allow it to sit on my hair for at least 10-15 minutes while i shower. Once it has been on their long enough I rinse in cool ( not cold ) water. It does wonders for the softness of my hair. After i blot the excess water. I apply african Pride oil to my hair. the one for hair skin and nails. It selas that remaining moisture in and my hair is soft and manageable. To fight reversion i braid my own hair in single braids and leave them in for a couple of days then take them down and redo them. During that time i apply the oil to my scalp and the tips only. it actually keeps my hair shiny an hydrated. less splits. As far as a shampoo and conditioner right now i am using Alberto VO5, for most black women this may not work depending on their hair texture. This is just what works for me. I only use the one for damaged dry hair. both conditioner and shampoo. I cover my hair as much as i can. I wrap it with a black silk hair tie and then wear a hat when i go out. The key for me is my hair does best when i leave it alone and try not to manipulate it too much but give it what it needs which is moisturizer and deep conditioning so that it can retain its own oil and be soft not hard ,dry and brittle. Your hair is not a text book so learn it by doing and see what works for you.

  • Johari

    Thanks I starting going only once a month and trying to do it myself once a month.I got less splits but my hair is heat damaged and I wanted to have long natural hair that’s healthy and goes back to curly when I wash it.My hair is about collar bone length thanks to not wearing ponytails but more buns.

  • Jay Jay

    I cut my hair about a year ago to my shoulders. But I used to have long hair down almost to my waist. I’m mixed with black white. But my hair is more black. I miss my long and I don’t know how to grow it back? Its grown a little since then but I want it long.


  • preea

    Ok I am 15 I am black and white my mom use to do my hair and it was almost to my butt, now that I have been doing it the length is at my shoulders in less than a year. I realize NO HEAT anymore, but what else? I have a very good diet no sweet fruits and veggies and drink a lot of water, but what else? Can someone please help me!? Very sad about the tramendious hair loss and really want it back!

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    • Dawn

      really? spam. major spam alert here!!!

  • Alicia

    I didn't see anything about protein but there was a lot of really good info here! Thanks!



  • Guest

    Hi, I take Bioten 5,000 mcg three times a day with a meal and I've seen wonderful results with my hair and nails. I haven't permed in almost two years and my hair is past my shoulders and I'm in my early 50's.

  • besthairvitamins

    Great reading!

  • nikkislim

    What has worked for me is the following:
    I co-wash once a week, using coconut oil, saturating root to ends. I then put a good conditioner in my hair and massage thru out to loosen the debris from my scalp. I then wear a plastic cap for about an hour so the mixture can moisterize the hair and scalp.
    When I rinse, its with cool water. I then put hair into for large braids and let it air dry. When its dry, I use Motions hair cream and work it through my hair before I flat iron it.
    Then I use a mixture of coconut oil, and whatever essential oil I feel like using and oil my scalp, then wrap my hair using a wide tooth comb. Always wrap/tie hair down with a satin scarf.
    My hair looks and feels great. Its healthy and happy. At the nail shop today, another lady asked if I get my hair done at the shop and if so which one. When I told her I do my own hair, she was truly surprised!
    Stop wasting money on hair products sold in stores. They are a waste of your money. Check out Amazon’s essential oils. They are inexpensive and they will make your hair and scalp very healthy. Also remember to drink lots of water, and keep those ends moisterized. Moisterized ends mean no split ends

  • habeeba

    it took me years to find what would work for me. I had dreads for over 10 years and took them out. i lost a lot of hair from taking them out but maintained alot. after research and an awful summer of trying different products, i was instroduced to my stylist and mazanis product line. my hair is beautiful. its healthy, shoulder length, and i get a perm every 12 weeks.

    you have to do your research. all products are not the same. the basic formula for me is sulfate free conditioner, co washes, no grease, no heat, no bobby pins (use plastic clips to wrap hair), plenty of water and vitamins, roller sets, and dailys use of cocunut souffle by mizani on ends and roots. oh, and sating head wraps and pillow covers. nothing hard but just being aware of what my hair needs to keep growing. feel free to email me at or habeeba pasha on facebook.

    • Dawn

      outta curiosity, what made you decide to not go with dreads anymore?

  • EVE


  • chevey

    Why in the world women spend so much money and time on their hair is beyond me. If one could total up the money a woman spend on her hair in a life time i am sure you could buy a home with cash money.

    • Dawn

      i actually couldn't agree more. many women spend thousands of dollars on their hair a year. poor women too, by the way. this is why i don't use product other than shampoo and conditioner, no grease or oil except what my husband bought for himself…i don't have money but i think my hair is better off without all that extra anyway. that's the problem is women do too much to their hair instead of letting it be.

  • Veronica

    I am in the process of growing my hair out without relaxers and after reading this article, i was concerned. I live in an area where the Black race is minimal, as is the black haircare stores. I do not know the whole curl number of my hair texture thingy I've been reading. I've been relaxes since six. Should I cut off the relaxer and leave the new growth or should i keep braiding and doing sew-ins until it grows out?

    • Veronica

      I meant to say i've been getting relaxers since i was six.

      • Dawn

        i know this is late. several months late in fact. but when i was 12 or so i grew out a perm that i'd kept in my hair for all of about 6 months. maybe less. before i'd gotten the perm i had hair down to what would have been my bra strap if i'd been wearing bras at the time lol. after the perm my hair was so badly damaged and short (a little past my shoulders) that i hacked it off myself, little by little, until eventually my new growth reached my ears and i cut the rest of the perm off. in the meantime i'd gone back to wearing my hair in little girl styles, plaits, pig tails, twists, etc. so my experience has been that it's totally up to you. it depends on how manageable you find your hair with the two textures. a lot of people do the BC because it's hard for them to deal with their hair and its dualism. but if you are able to wear it just fine then by all means, keep the relaxed bits of your hair. i'd recommend doing braids (i have no experience with sew-in weave or weave of any kind except where braiding and senegalese twists are concerned), remembering to space them out a 3-4wks at a time b/t braids, and making sure the braids aren't done too tightly and that they last for no longer than 2 months. the weight on your hair as your new growth grows out can be stifling to your scalp, and your hair needs some breathing room after a while. it all has to do with your comfort level of wearing your hair short with just the new growth. keep in mind that the relaxed portion will be considerably more prone to breakage where it meets with the new growth, and that you must handle it with added care. good luck!

  • loraine

    im black my hair is very curly i tryed perms but dont work for my hair still curly
    my name is loraine

  • sherimonet

    i dot understand what u mean by black pattern. i wash my hair, let it air dry then i straighten it with curling irons, flat irons dont work well for me and pressing it leaves it too greasy and it takes longer. my hair is all the way down my back, so the heat doesnt bother my hair. every hair type is different, just find your type and you shouldnt have a problem.

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  • ILoveNaturalHair

    On page 4, it's not "it's retention," it's "its retention."

    Also, it's not "you're scalp," it's "your scalp."

  • Well i have to be honest and not sure i agree with everything but definately some good information in your blog.

  • I expect I’ll be dropping by again soon.

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  • hehe

    understanding your hair type goes beyond the 1a-4c scaling. that scaling does absolutely nothing for me. what works for a woman with the same curl pattern as me sometimes doesn't work for me.

  • Dana

    Umm Michelle, thanks for the tips but most "black" folks don't or can't wash their hair everyday which I assume is what you mean when you sayyou use conditioner every day. Even to co wash you will have to wash the hair. Not good for "black" hair. We need to retain the natural oils in our hair. Maybe the "white" products you refer to work better on your hair but would not on all black women.

    • Njett83

      Dana, I am “full black” and I co wash my hair every day. I use Tresseme Detangling Conditioner and Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner and my hair has NEVER been healthier.

      • Girlwonder614

        I’ve always read that Garnier Fructis products work well on “black” hair… Think I’m gonna try it.. (I’m a product junkie)

      • Jackie Aka06

        What do you mean by co wash? Are you only conditioning your hair every day without the shampoo?

    • SJ

      I am black and I can co-wash my natural hair everyday. Thats the beauty of natural hair. When you keep it conditioned, and the only way to properly condition natural black hair is with water and seal it with a conditioner or oil, it grows. The main problem with black hair is it dries out. Michelle is doing a great job keeping her moisturized, hence her length, and I too am full black and chocolate complexion too:)

  • Rubi

    i have the same hair type, 3b/4a curl. what hair products do you use that work and smell nice? my hair is so thirsty, it's ridiculous. i realize the products i use has water as the main ingredient and i'm sure that's attributing to the problem. however, i don't want anything too heavy that leaves my hair feeling greasy. any advice would be great!

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  • I’m still learning from you, but I’m trying to achieve my goals. I certainly enjoy reading all that is written on your blog.Keep the posts coming. I enjoyed it

  • tkny45

    A lot of us was raised to wash our hair every 2 weeks…But that is a Big mistake our hair should be washed and conditioned Weekly. In order for our hair to grow build up have to be removed, the scalp must be clean and the hair should be moisturized, Also, use Castor oil religiously on you scalp, kitchen and edges and to stretch your relaxers it is a Miracle oil. Incorporate shea butters, coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil into your regimen and consider using Dr. Bronners to make your own shampoo by using Distilled water and adding some oils mentioned above (for ex). Most of the products sold in stores geared for our hair is POISON stop using those products and make your own I guarantee you will see a 360 degree change and improvement in your hair. The only store brought product I would recommend is Nu-Gro it is all Natural and I incorporate some of there products with my homemade products

  • Tkny45

    A lot of us was raised to wash our hair every 2 weeks…But that is a Big mistake our hair should be washed and conditioned Weekly. In order for our hair to grow build up have to be removed, the scalp must be clean and the hair should be moisturized, Also, use Castor oil religiously on you scalp, kitchen and edges and to stretch your relaxers it is a Miracle oil. Incorporate shea butters, coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil into your regimen and consider using Dr. Bronners to make your own shampoo by using Distilled water and adding some oils mentioned above (for ex). Most of the products sold in stores geared for our hair is POISON stop using those products and make your own I guarantee you will see a 360 degree change and improvement in your hair. The only store brought product I would recommend is Nu-Gro it is all Natural and I incorporate some of there products with my homemade products

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  • mimi

    please tell me you're joking with that comment

  • Elove

    I HATE IT when these articles tell you to MOISTURIZE WITH OIL. No, no, no!!! Oil is NOT a moisturizer, WATER is a moisturizer. Oil and water do not mix, you cannot add moisture to the hair with oil – there is no water in oil. Moisturize your hair with a water-based hair moisturizing cream, lotion, or mist, NOT OIL. What oil does is add a little shine, seal in moisture, and add "slip" to the hair to make it pliable and easy to comb. Oil does not moisturize, nor does is have any moisture adding properties. AAAAHHHHHHRRRGGG!!!

    • tkny45

      Coconut oil does penetrate the Hair Shaf and its excellent…. follow up with castor oil to seal it ( bc this oil doesn't penetrate but it is medicinal and an excellent sealant)

    • tkny45

      Coconut Oil does penetrate the Hair Shaft and its an Excellent moisturizer used in moderation then follow up with Castor Oil which is medicinal and a great sealant. ( now castor oil will not penetrate but its a great sealant).

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  • soreeta

    Child please! Whatever hair you want, you can buy!!!


    • tkny45

      Yea if your RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So many people spend so much money buying hair and barely have a pot to piss in ….now that is pathetic.

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  • Bisrat

    Actually pantene leaves a coating on the hair and isn't really good so I wouldn't use that either. White products don't give more moisture btw I'm a hair stylist. Every person's hair is different and what works for one person doesn't work for the next.

  • Kenya

    I'm half Kenyan from a place called Mombasa(Kenyan coast). Th woman there are known for having long hair despite having kinky hair texture. They don't use weave often but we use coconut oil and avocado oil. ome Relax the hair but always make sure that it is moisturized and wear protective styles.

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  • sal

    Want thicker longer hair from the root, check out…the oils results speak for themselves!

  • Genece

    Wow-so much to learn. The key to having long black hair is having healthy black hair. Relaxers over time will damage your hair and scalp. Yes, yes I know relaxed hair can look healthy if just regular maintenance is done. However, just with any harsh chemical it will slowly be damaging to your scalp- which leads to bad or no hair. The key is knowing how to work with your hair. There's natural products out there that will not only be healthier for your head but also wld help you have and maintain long hair.

    I haven't had a relaxer in just over 6 yrs and I can't ever see myself going back to the "creamy crack" . I cannot tell you how many compliments I have gotten over the yrs with my napptural hair and the different styles I like to wear. Way more than when it was relaxed-and yes I took care of my hair back then.

  • lilkunta

    What is " black hair patterm " ? Anglo people who are Jewish have very curly hair too.
    That you are able to use Pantene means that your hair IS NOT like that of most AfrAm.
    Pantene DONT WORK for AfrAm hair!

    • Samia

      Not true. My hair actually works the same way as Michelle. I also use a heavy moisturizing conditioner (usually dove or pantene) and let it air dry everyday. Doing this, my hair has grown long n healthy and I'm full black, both african parents.

    • Ereiol N

      I disagree…Pantene Relaxed and Natural is a great product for home maintainence outside of the salon…as a licensed stylists, ive experimented with several product companies and there are no products that are just made for a particular race…hair is a texture not a race…Some textures need more moisture and some need less

      • Scb_22

        As a licensed cosmetologist I say pantene is one of the worst products! Pantene does not penetrate the hair strands, it coats it. Leaving your hair feeling smooth on the outside, but still damaged on the inside. I would recommend using Paul Mitchell or any other professional product. And buy it from a professional store. For if you buy any professional products from stores like target, walmart, or any other place that does not have a licensed cosnetologist selling them you can not be guaranteed the products contents. If you dint have the money to send on professional products I know for a fact that suave is not only cheap hut penetrates your hair stands and cuticle.

    • Babygirlmccaskill

      yeah jewish people have very kinky hair as well and all african american hair isnt all the same i have kinky thick hair while my mother has thin curly and we are both from african decent

    • pinky_283

      Well Im African American and it works wonderful for my hair

  • Darkesthourglass

    To the sistas with the hair down to their backs and beyond. Don’t go to any hair salons especially those hood ones. They’ll get jealous and try to cut it off or throw a super relaxer in there to break it off. God bless you.

    • Lillian

      You are soooooo right, that actually happened to me. I will NEVER let another one touch my hair. I only go to Ethiopians now.

      • tkny45

        Ethiopians are in the hood too!! Anyway I wouldn't trust anyone in my hair regardless of the neighborhood other than love ones. You are your best bet … the Dominican Salons use cheap products, barely wash out the relaxer and will kill your hair with a blow dryer!! Check out the Hairlicious website..

  • Darkesthourglass

    Damn, I thought most Black women washed their hair once a week anyways. Is that suppose to be too frequently or not enough?
    Anyway this was a decent article. Thinking about converting to pure shea butter. Most of the products I use are natural. Since I’ve gone natural, the same stuff I’ve used on my relaxed hair (over 3 years ago) doesn’t work so well for the thick, natural I now have. It just coats the hair but doesn’t sink in like that Dr. Miracles crap. I like using Carol’s Daughters hair oils and hair balm, works for me. I have no desire to ever go back to perms.

  • longNhealthy

    I've always had relatively "good hair" because it was past my shoulders, but now I've really started to care for it and it's growing longer than it's been since I was elementary school. Black girls can grow their hair once they start putting the care in their hands and and seek knowledge about what your hair needs. My favorite hair site is
    (keep it simple sistah).

    • lilkunta

      wtf if "good hair"? good hair is healthy hair!
      do you mean you have a certain type hair? 1a, 2b, 3c?

      goodhair ishealthy hair!

      • tkny45

        I agree I have had long hair all my life but no one has ever heard me say I have Good Hair….I simply have healthy hair. My mother took good care of my hair as a kid… no relaxers, colors, weaves, and all the other foolishness that shouldn't take place in kids hair.

  • Lipscomba

    Don't put a relaxer in your hair. Long term use of relaxers destroy hair follicles.


    Some of the photos displayed aren't even african american or mixed hair …

  • Brittany

    And LOL at "Your edges might be smoother than you imagined if your hair falls out."

  • Brittany

    Another good article Veronica!

  • jan

    First and foremost we have to get over this mind set of what is beautiful in this present day society and love who we are. Maybe with this type of education we can stop damaging our hair from early ages, giving 3 yr old's relaxers and such non-sense. Stop believing the hype.

  • Telle

    Vettie1/14/11, 10:23:am

    Weekly washes? What black girl washes her hair once a week???

    I wash and flat iron my hair once a week. And I have thick course hair. I think keeping it washed and conditioned helps me go about 3 months between relaxers.

  • Black Man

    While this is an excellent article, I do object to your "long african american" term. Black is black. Sure you are American but I do not see that stopping you American blacks from having the same hair problems as the next blacks in Dominica. As one of the commentators pointed out, she uses products from Dominica on hair and it helps a lot. Obviously Domincan products will work on her hair because last time I checked they were black and the black Americans in America are black.

    It might look like a simple case but the term African American can be very divisive in its own right. A black american is simply an American. A white American is simply an American. A black or white person regarding the name of their country at the end of the day is still a black or white person. Your article will apply to all black women around the world whether African, European, American or Asian. Black is black.

    Just a simple suggestion.


    • Black Woman

      you are absolutely right im glad to see an eductaed black man

      • Black Woman


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  • Steen

    Great article! I see a lot of good tips on products. Anyone have any thoughts on the hair products from Carol's Daughter?

    • Bluberry01

      I have natural hair (4B) and I've tried Carol's Daughter for the last three months and I believe it's a good natural hair care line — for people with relaxed hair. I switched to CD from using Doo Gro and Fantasia and now I'm switching back to what I knew (and helped).

    • Kamkam

      I absolutely agree!! C.D. is great but overrated for naturals.

      • relaxed and long

        I used C.D. on my hair. It felt dry and the texture felt brittle almost immediately. I do not think it is a good product. Extra virgin olive oil works wonders on my hair. No alcohol or fragrance. My hair grows beautifully with it.

    • Jvbennett2

      I use them religiously and they have worked wonders for my hair. I use tui shampoo and smoothie, lisas hair elixer, hair balm, and the macadamia serum. Yes they are expensive but are so worth it!

  • Vettie

    Weekly washes? What black girl washes her hair once a week???

    • Black Chica

      I do. I wash my hair every single week. If I don't my hair falls out cause the scalp is dirty.

    • levette

      A lot of girls wash their hair once a week. In fact, in summer I wash my hair 1x a weeky with shampoo and co-wash the other days. joing if you think I am joking

    • noneofyourbusiness

      I do, like why not. who wants to walk around with dirty, stinky hair. Besides, how do you expect your hair to grow if your scalp is dirty. Get out of the 70's.

    • ADiane

      I do. My hair grows best when my hair is regularly washed and conditioned. Also, Dominican hair products will grow your hair the best!

      • SJ

        Really? I am going to try some. What kind of products do you use?

    • hehe

      in the winter I wash it once a week and in the summer 2 times a week

    • Vee

      I wash and condition my hair weekly as well. I hate dirty, heavy feeling greasy hair. yuck

    • habeeba

      i actaually wash my hair 2 to 3 times per week. once with a sulfate free shampoo and the other with a cleansing conditioner. they are the true texture line from mizani.

    • thedoggonetruth

      You keep your scalp healthy in order for your hair to grow.  A dirty scalp doesn’t allow for the hair to grow out of your scalp. A healthy scalp equals growing hair.

    • Elsabe’

      I do.. It’s just more hygenic and removes dirt from the scalp and thus avoids product build-up which in turn doesn’t clog the pores of your hair follicles=better conditions for hair growth.

    • * tiff *

      Um, I wash mine twice a week… lol you say once a week like thats bad or something

    • SJ

      Me too…or at least every other day…i do not use a shampoo but every other week as I have thick natural hair. The shampoo strips the hair of natural oils so I wet it with water or wash with a conditioner and then seal with a leave-in or oils. My hair since my big chop almost a year ago has grown almost to my shoulders. I love going natural. My hair grows faster and is wayyyy thicker. lt is just a matter of knowing how to care for you hair and what works best for it. It took some time but I think I got it.


    I dont usually comment but wanted to give my fellow sisters good advice. I have waist length black hair. A few years ago my hair started coming out due to different styles braids and weaves. I started using dominican products, alot of them have kinky hair and the trick is good conditioning. They have conditioners like cinnamon for hair loss, avocado, coconut etc without all the harsh chemicals. I do get a perm using children's mild perm every 3 months to keep my hair manageable. I thought I would lose all my hair and now my hair is a few inches above my but. I toild all my friends and the ones who tried it now stopped using weaves. The rest sadly are battling hairloss from too many years of damage. TRY the site, dominican products they have a huge variety. Also google capilo, kuz, and silicon bambu. I love them. I hope this helps guys, and good luck. Be black and proud. Unfortunately everyone thinks I wear a weave, lol, but I know the truth. God is good.

    • Elove

      I use Capilo olive oil conditioner to pre-poo my hair, It works great, and it's my secret ingredient! Dominican products do work very very good.

    • Dry brittle hair

      Hello Candymann,
      Thanks for the tip, I just went to the site, Which products are you using. They have a lot to choose from.

  • natalie

    I have gone 3 years without a relaxer. My hair is naturally curly but thin curly and was more thinner when it was permed. The perm broke alot of my hair off and changed the texture completely. Since I grew the perk out my natural hair is back. I grew my hair out by wearing half head wigs. I would wash and condition my hair using Phyto products (sold in Sephora) or on the products work wonders for my hair I went from chin length to shoulder length hair in no time. It made my hair much stronger and easier to manage. I currently wash and set my hair and get it blown out but I try not to be consistent with the blow dryer because it does cause damage. The trick is to eat healthy and use good products on your hair to build up strength if not your hair will break. Broken damaged hair cannot grow long. Try massaging the scalp as well with a massager or hands that promotes blood circulation and increase growth. Use light oil like a serum to add sheen and moisture. Leave on conditioners are very important if u have to use heat. Try to use leave in conditioners before using blow dryer and flat iron this will lessen damage that heat causes. When I want to leave my hair curly honestly I use cheap "La Looks" hair gel and throw it in a pony tail. For some reason these types of "white" hair gels keeps my curls and waves looking the best however I try not to leave my hair with gel for too long maybe a week tops because gel can cause dryness and breakage sometimes I use a lil light oil with it but not to much. Hope this works for u guys.

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  • Tiff

    A very good line of products to use is by Mizani. It can be found at most beauty stores that cater to african americans. Their deep conditioner is good but a bit pricey. A cheaper (and just as good) deep conditioner to use is by Neutrogena. That can be found in most drug stores. Another good tip on helping your hair grow is wrapping it while it is still damp from washing it. Flat iron it after it dries and then wrap it back up. Only take it down if you are going somewhere (work, doct's appt, etc..).

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  • Beautiful African Am


    Thanks! 2 years ago I grew my perm out and been looking for good treatment. Do you have any suggestions about products I can use to color my hair? I have awesome african american thick growing hair. Never had any luck with "hair dressers"! So do my own. They were always cutting or over processing! My hair is shoulder length pressed. Or huge afro.

  • Zahra

    First of all,

    All races come from the black man, so the all have a little black in them. Second people who think a Black wwomen has to be biracial to have long hair, is a RACIST.. They don't know anything other that what the racist society tells you, DUMMIES!

    BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kymalee

      not racist just plain old stupid

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  • in the game

    Not angry…just a little unclear as to the reason for photos of caucasian or other hair types in the conditioning tag about how to grow long African American hair….Seems like a subliminal unrealistic message. Whether it was intended or not it still denigrates realistic goals and opportunities to grow long strong black hair, which has some wave,curl or kink pattern. This phone clearly does not reflect black hair.

  • J

    Any tips on diet?

  • gigglegal215

    For long luxurious hair go to Dean's Salon located on Barton Chapel Rd. in Augusta Ga 30906

    Ask for LaVaughn the woman with the miracle hands.

  • kallaye

    I would love for you guys to write an article that lists specific brands and products to buy…It's tough navigating the beauty aisles! :). Great article!

    • Tomika

      Carols daughter is a miracle black owned product. Expensive but worth it!

    • C. Love

      It is simple leave the beauty aisle and head to your natural food and product store. try castor oil. shea butter, tea tree oil and jojoba oil even good ole olive oil helps. If you do not like the scent ask for lavender oil or rose oil to give a little fragrance…Taliah wajjid black earth products are great if you want something already made..especially the conditioners both the leave in and the rinse out. Enjoy your hair sister

    • geemoenettie

      Carol's Daughter!

    • OLIVIA

      Hi Kallaye. Leisure Curl is the only product that grows African American Hair. Enter Leisure Curl on the internet
      and order " Fast Super Gro" Only use " Fast Super Gro" it is in a red and white bottle.

    • HairLover7

      Proper nourishment is really the best way to ensure healthy, faster hair growth. Check out this black hair vitamin:

  • TERI

    they are so many organic natural produces for natural afro hair.

    website with information is HAIRLISTA..