Tyrese Gets Into It With Ex-Wife After She Denies Him Visitation With Daughter; Cops Called

February 12, 2014  |  


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According to TMZ, actor/singer Tyrese had a heated confrontation with his ex-wife, Norma Gibson, over their child, Shayla. If you weren’t aware, the two were married from 2007 to 2009. Tyrese went to Norma’s home in North Hollywood last night to pick up the 6-year-old, however, Norma didn’t want to hand Shayla over to him because she claimed that the child was under the weather. It’s not 100 percent clear if she let him know this before he came to get the little one and he just decided he wanted to pick her up sick or not, but according to TMZ, Norma called police to help her keep the child at home while he was on the way:

Norma called police because she felt the custody order did not require her to turn the kid over and she needed cops to look at the document.  LAPD officers arrived and Tyrese showed up as well.

There was obviously a major disagreement between Tyrese and Norma when he arrived, but cops talked to him, explained why he couldn’t take Shayla that evening, and he left without the 6-year-old, without making a huge scene. Though the former couple argued, no police report was filed, and there was no violation of noise ordinances, like a disturbance of the peace. However, sources claim that Tyrese wants to take Norma to court and have her held in contempt for what he feels was a violation of their custody agreement. He doesn’t think that Shayla was sick, but that Norma was being spiteful.

The two have been at odds for quite some time, with Norma claiming at the beginning of this month that he would rather party than be with his daughter. She made this accusation after he went to Dubai with Will Smith and Maxwell after shooting for the Fast and Furious was postponed following Paul Walker’s death. She thought that time could have been spent with Shayla, saying in court documents that he was “gallivanting throughout Dubai … staying in expensive hotels … partying on yachts, sky-diving with other movie stars, driving expensive cars, and making special appearances in night clubs” instead of taking care of his responsibilities. He denied this and said he was looking for hosting and work opportunities while in Dubai.

Tyrese, who is quite outspoken as we all know, hasn’t taken to his social media to respond or talk about last night’s situation, but hopefully he’ll be reunited with Shayla (without there being drama between him and Norma) very soon.


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  • Sidne X

    i just cant stand this crap, nothing happened so why the article. secondly, When Tyrese went off to Dubai, that trip was his own TIME. If Paul W. had not of died, he would of been filming and would not have picked up his daughter so Why she tripping. I’ve seen this crap with my friends. the guy get an unexpected day off and its, ‘hell he got today off, i’m going to call him and he need to pick up his child.”. what? its the attitude that kills me. So what he went somewhere and had fun, she’s not barking until he off somewhere having a ball then its ‘he ain’t this, he ain’t that, he need to’. Norma, grow you azz up and just be a mother to your child and let God take care of any wrong you feel Tyrese is doing cause as long as you do wrong he will excel.

  • T.K.

    Does anyone not see the blatant contradiction here? Last week she’s complaining about him not spending time with his daughter, this week she wants to keep him from his daughter. This woman is all over the damn place and is clearly playing games with this man to try and control his coming and goings…

    What business is it of hers if he is in Dubai enjoying himself? It was the man’s birthday for goodness sakes AND he was previously scheduled to be there for the movie and decided to go anyway.

    His vacation activities have nothing to do with the rearing of that child. You can tell by the statement she filed in the court documents that she is just jealous and mad that he is out enjoying himself.

    What celebrities he is with, and the cost of his hotel,etc. has absolutely nothing to do with him spending time with his daughter…

    I absolutely hate bitter bitchy women who use their children as pawns, week after week, to control men….

    That man loves the hell out that little girl and takes every opportunity to be with her….you mean to tell me he cant go on vacation with you getting pissy tailed about it? Or i she really just mad that he didn’t take her and her daughter with him?

  • Adrienne Ferron


  • chilid856

    Not on anyone’s side. But I have dated a guy whose ex would feed their child strawberries(allergic) so he couldn’t pick the child up. Or would feed the child enough strawberries to send the child to the hospital so that we would have to stop what we were doing and he would have to rush to the hospital. She would say that the person she had babysitting(best friend), her mom or grandma gave the child the strawberries and that they didn’t know the child was allergic. What grandmother or best friend don’t know the child’s allergies especially if they are the regular caregivers of this child?

  • Tai Ichi

    Welp. We weren’t there when they were happy and making baby. He may want to go for full custody since they can’t co-parent harmoniously. These women and their mouth!

  • number1bigdaddy

    no no no ….she is mad at him that’s what women do….

  • msdrf

    A man, a father who wants to be with his child. WONDERFUL. And if she knew that the child was sick she could have text or called to make him aware so there would not have to be all this. Shameful only the child hurts in the end. I dont know either of them personally but any man who wants to be a Dad or Father should be welcomed. And as for his star status and being gone etc, Im sure she is pretty well taken care of with that star money. Let the man earn a living and network, not to mention he lost a very close friend. SO many sides and the media only captures what is interesting and juicy to get a headline. COMMUNICATION is the key at the end of all the petty things..

  • ericamissamerica

    I really hope they can get it together. I do not know the situation but isn’t it a good thing when a father wants to pick up his daughter? He does not have a regular 9 to 5 and I am sure that is one of the reasons he was so appealing to her in the beginning. She claims that he was gallivanting here and spending HIS money there, but when it comes time to spend time with his daughter, she calls the cops and gets the The Man all in their business. Calling the cops just seems unnecessary. Now they are both on TMZ due to foolishness. I am praying for their baby girl because I know she is soaking all of this up like a sponge.

  • TheBigCheeFa

    smh@black women and they wonder why black men dont be in their child lives

    • Keland

      A lot of Black men don’t want to be in the lives of their children because they don’t know what it means to be a parent or responsible and are very self-serving. And, because they don’t bother to form a real connection with the women they meet, they have trouble bonding with the children they have.

    • Kimmy

      Your comment is dumb on sooo many levels. SMH…

  • lockstress

    Ugh…I think Tyrese is a spiteful mo’fo that got the right one.
    And the next time you even think about pursing your lip to talk about “black women”…address your momma! That’s the first black woman that laid out the blue print and you “clearly” got issues bruh.

    • Akilah

      I think he has issues too. I’m sure he put his ex through a bunch of bs.

    • Angel. J

      in an interview Tyrese has actually statd that a persons relationship with their woman/man is direct result of their relationship with their parents. he even said he used to only want women that shout and cause drama as that what he was used to from his mom growing up in south central LA.

      Tyrese is dealing with his issues which is why he chose to end his relationship with a clearly mentally unhealthy woman. giving advise to women and men is part of that for him.

    • Mr. T

      Just like Tommy Sotomayor said the first thing females especially black ones want to holla is ‘yo momma black” There are 3 sides to a story and MANY times it’s a jealous woman playing her trump card (the child) out of vindictiveness. Ignorance works on both sides and my “black momma” don’t have anything to do with the ignorance of you …or the ignorance of ME for choosing you. I told my boys to keep their options open…if she like drama and watched RHOA….ABOUT face.

      • Mr. T

        I’m also encouraging my boys to go to another continent and don’t bring LaQueta or Shaniquwa home unless her parents are from outta the US or they’re traveled. (i.e military brats) I told them Sons, you have good jobs and Shaniquwa wants that check so she can take care of the other babies from them thugs with it and yell they’re “strong black women” and be applauded by other black, truth-denying, women….on instagram.

  • Pseudonym

    And this is an example of why Tyrese has no business giving any women relationship advice.

    • Guest

      Shhh, he’s only stating the truth. Only a misguided, gullible fool would look to an entertainer for anything other than entertainment. He’s speaking on his experience. Clowns hold it as scripture then get mad when they realize he’s human.

  • thatguy0101

    I dont knows the inside details or know them personally but I dont think Tyrese means wrong at all, I think he picked with the wrong female…it happens sometimes, you see a pretty face, nice body and she’s talking good agreeing with everything you say…but once the honey-moon phase ends…….. smh thats when ish goes down hill and there representative exits and the “real them” steps into the spotlight…..
    Look brothas, be very very careful who you procreate with take your time with these females…

    • Addicted2RealityRubbish

      That honeymoon phase you’re talking about works both ways my fellow blogger….. He gets more publicitiy b/c he’s a celebrity. Who knows… he could be a handsome mean, arrogant, evil & spiteful man….as is Terrance Howard. js

    • Dee

      You just took the words right out of my mouth and out of my head as well!

      • thatguy0101

        Yea man, I feel bad for tyrese..

    • Keland

      Anytime a boy refers to women as ‘females’ or ‘these females’, stay far, far away.

    • Kimmy

      thatguy0101…Really? Perhaps, she picked the wrong male. Sometimes, you see a nice man, who says all the right things and does all the right things for you. Says he’ll be there no matter what… but the honeymoon phase ends and reality sets in and he bounces for his career, another woman, etc. If she’s good enough to sleep with she should be good enough to be respected as well as the child. Look sistas, be very careful who you marry and have child/ren with as he just may leave you and the child for his selfish interests…