Tyrese Says Some Women Are Single Because They’re Too Smart, While “Hood Rats” Stay With A Man Because They’re Too Easy

February 10, 2014  |  
Source: WENN

When he’s not acting or singing, Tyrese is doling out relationship advice. He wrote a love and relationships book with Rev Run called Manology: Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed. And he’s said quite a few things about relationships, women and their bodies on social media and in interviews that have received a mix response from time to time, but his followers all seem to appreciate his wisdom, so he kept it going last night. Tyrese dropped this on everyone about the reason why so many smart and successful women are single:


That’s right. According to Tyrese, when you’re too smart to put up with bullcrap, and a man can sense that you won’t easily fall for the okie doke, they go for the women who will. Do you agree with him? Or is this advice you could have done without?

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  • Damon Craven

    First of all, if you can’t understand why you’re single then you ALREADY have a problem and secondly, if the only men that are approaching you are manipulative, bullshit con artists then obviously YOU must be on some wack-ass bullshit yourself and obviously, you must not be all that smart because if you are or were all that smart, you wouldn’t be attracting these type of dudes to begin with. These muthafuckas aren’t steppin’ to you for no reason. You wanna keep away the bullshit men and people altogether, STOP ATTRACTING THEM!!!!

  • Keland

    So, the opposite of a ‘smart woman’ is an ‘easy woman’?

    Why is it that from the beginning, men are looking to manipulate women and be con-artists? Is the default position of a man when dealing with a woman a position of disrespect?

  • me

    For once he makes sense … It’s too easy to be with a piece of man just to say you are taken. It’s not worth it.

  • Cornell Ginger

    Tyrese telling women what they want to hear to sell potential albums. This whole, “you’re single because you’re too high quality for men out there” is word candy.

  • I kind of agree. Kind of. If you are gorgeous men are stepping to you period. They don’t give a d*mn how many degrees you have or how high your IQ is. He’s going to toss his hat in the ring regardless.

    In other words there’s more to you being single besides how smart and accomplished you are. Because smart and accomplished women run in those circles where the men expect and desire that in a woman. Degrees won’t cure ugly and a large paycheck won’t excuse an out of shape body.

    But its a feel good message for all the “strong” “independent” single women. A large portion of his fan base.

  • Guest Anna

    Some of the comments Tyrese has said in the past have made the hair on my neck stand up. But, this time….he actually is making some sense. I fully agree with him this time.

  • Bklyn Diamond

    He is absolutely right. So instead of bemoaning that you are single, celebrate that you are not in a messed up situation.

  • Suchalady

    He’s 100% right. Know your worth.