Sam Jackson Is Right, “We Don’t All Look Alike”: Black Celebrities Mistaken For Each Other

February 11, 2014 ‐ By

Most people were laughing at the video of Samuel Jackson on the CW-affiliate news show KTLA being interviewed about his new film RoboCop. Of course, the film isn’t funny, but rather, the fact that anchor Sam Rubin confused him for Laurence Fishburne–who he looks nothing like. Jackson playfully taunted Rubin and reminded him, “We don’t all look alike!” But this is something that happens all the time in entertainment and media. Black folks who you wouldn’t even think were second cousins or sometimes aren’t even the same gender (remember Idris and Alfre?) get confused for one another both on TV, in the news, and in public. Here are 10 cases that were just a little too foolish for us.

black celebrities look alike


Rihanna and Ashanti

This wasn’t about a similarity in looks as much as it was about Rihanna and Beyoncé being the only singers people talk about in media. Because of this, even when they’re finally talking about someone else, like Ashanti for instance, these ladies are still on their brain. In a story by the New York Post (caught by Gawker, who we will link to a few times in this slideshow) on a stalker Ashanti was dealing with, she was referred to as “Ri Ri” in the title.

Rihanna and Ashanti

MadameNoire Video

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  • fantasia

    Morgan Freeman and Bill Russell–im black, and they DO look alike!

  • get real

    Don’t worry Don Lemon to the rescue white folks. Madame Noire should have the article up shortly.

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    I’ll admit that I’m guilty of confusing Thandie and Zoe with each other a few years ago

  • Debra Williams

    He did not do his Research..Who is the highest Paid..Samuel or Lawrence..

  • Chanda

    The chubby Black female actresses are going to always get mixed up. The Moniques, the Sherry Shepards, the Octavia Spencers and Yvette Nicole Browns. I know that when Kym Whitley first came on the scene she reminded me of Jackee’ a lot but I knew who was who.


    #2 look alike…could pass as brothers. the others are reaching.

  • PHure1958

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  • Dee

    sorry, the author of this piece is obviously smoking crack or something. NONE of these people look alike.

    • Gigi

      The author isn’t claiming that these people look alike. She is stating that the they have been mistaken for each other.

  • Arii

    They can’t help it. I KNOW I can’t tell the white actors and actresses apart.

  • Tisha Campbell/Lionel Richie.

  • 1000 blondes in Hollywood and they know them by name and movie.5 black men in Hollywood and they can’t seem to distinguish between them.

    • chanela


      • mackenzie wunderlich

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