Mica Hughes Of “Blood Sweat And Heels” On The Catty Cast And Drinking To Deal With Stress

February 11, 2014  |  

Alex Martinez/Bravo

In an interview with our sister site, StyleBlazer, Mica Hughes spoke about her days as a model and her time on the show, Blood Sweat and Heels. Since the show premiered in January, it hasn’t really painted her in the best light. She drinks a lot, she acts a fool out in public quite often, and she doesn’t have the best set of “friends” on her side (as we talked about yesterday). But the new reality star said that she did have a good time doing the show, she just never realized how ugly some of the girls talked about her behind her back. She went in depth about that, as well as drinking to deal with what was a stressful time for her as she dealt with her dad dying. Here are some tidbits that stood out from the interview:

Her Drinking And The Flack She Gets For It (Especially From Geneva)

“I’m not working on my drinking; I don’t have a problem with drinking. Geneva, you know, she chose to label and judge for whatever reason to be mean. I was going through a really vulnerable time in my life during filming and it was very stressful. It was over a very long period of filming, so of course the camera is going to catch something. Did I get tipsy here and there? Yeah I did but you know, I’m human, I’m not perfect. Am I a drunk and alcoholic if that’s the definition? Then, I guess. But I’m going to tell you I’m not. I think it was inflated and it’s reality TV so things get inflated easily and the world can believe what is repeated over and over on camera and with someone’s words.”

Her Favorite Wines…

“My favorite is really red wine but its hard to find a good red wine by the glass, but I love Montrachet. I love white wine, I love Chardonnays and I do like Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio. Some other reds I like are Caymus and Opus One.”

What Has Shocked Her When It Comes To Her Castmembers’ Behavior

“I’m learning a lot through watching the show, I’m seeing it with everybody else. It’s a little surprising sometimes how the girls go in on me. I didn’t know that was happening so much. So watching and hearing the comments and just the constant comments, it’s like their whole thing is just talking about Mica. It went a little overboard and its surprising of course because you don’t know what’s coming up. I’m always on the edge of my seat with my teeth clenched like ‘Oh My God, what’s next.’ It’s not easy to watch but it is entertaining, most of it.”

From the outside looking in, it does seem like she might have a problem. But as Mica said, she was dealing with a really tough time, and we all deal with grief differently. But what do you think?


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  • Luna

    I wouldn’t know if she had a drinking problem. But she does go overboard and picks the wrong moments to do so. As for the father/hampton situation, it was obvious that the the girls were already annoyed by her actions. Therefor they didn’t care about the dying father, they choose to pick on the drunk girl in grieve and when it got outta hand they pointed the finger at the grieving drunk girl. How can you possibly think that you can have a normal conversation with a drunk person? And get offended? And Brie needs to stop following those blog birds.

  • I definitely bookmark this
    page and share it with your friends, hopefully will be useful to them.

  • YoNess

    I guess we should forget she called the dark skinned woman Wesley Snipes??? Drunk or not that is unacceptable!

  • newgirl

    Ok Mica, I don’t drink but I had a friend just like you tiny lil thing but could drink several grown men under the table. She was never a mean drunk very happy wanting to give hugs to complete strangers among other things. As her bestie I would try to wrangle her away from dangerous situations whenever we went out but you know what it got old after awhile. My last attempt was getting her happily drunk buns off a pool table. Last I heard she was still drinking. Great girl but I wish she realized I wanted to have a good time out too and not just stand guard over her.

  • Motorcity Mami

    Ok so what was her excuse for getting so drunk where she was falling over on THE FIRST EPISODE at Daisy’s brunch? What was her excuse for acting a plum fool at Geneva’s work event? I call bullshit. I have a family full of alcoholics and the first thing they do when someone calls them out on their behavior is try and place blame on people judging them or their life problems. We all go through things in life, and it was her right to get drunk out of her mind if she wanted to, but when you act a fool in PUBLIC don’t get mad when the public JUDGES YOU. She didn’t even mention that her father had died until after the fact, and if it affected her that much she should have stayed with her cousin and had all the wine she wanted. If you’re drinking to the point where you can’t walk straight, on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS, you have a drinking problem.

  • kjl

    If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck..then its a damn duck…She has a drinking problem !!!

  • Akilah

    You guys are really trying to make these broads happen.

  • lockstress

    Acknowledgement is the first step to recovery.
    Even if you don’t “have a problem” you need to learn how to act when drinking.