“I’m Dying Inside”: Tina Struggles To Trust Cheating Hubby While Out On The Road In “Mary Mary” Preview

February 11, 2014  |  

The new season of Mary Mary premieres on February 27, but we’ve already been given a pretty deep glimpse into what to expect from season three. One big topic that will be extensively covered is how Tina deals with learning of her husband Teddy’s infidelity. According to the singer, he strayed while she was out on the road performing alongside her sister, so in the new season, as the sisters prepare to tour once again, she can’t help but feel worried.

“Whenever I’m on the road, I think about what my husband did to me. He was unfaithful to me while I was on the road. So I’ve got to wonder, since you got caught, are you faithful now? Do you really mean that you want to be a better man to me? Or are you still who you were?”

The scene is a very emotional one, as Tina breaks down about her feelings. “I gotta get on the stage and I gotta act like everything is all good, and it’s not all good! I’m dying inside!”

The group’s former manager, Mitch, freaks out at the same time because she has not shown up for a sound check for the group’s upcoming performance because she was in bed dealing with her feelings, and she has not shown up yet for their show. What will happen? Guess you’ll have to wait to find out, but check out the sneak peek below and let us know what you think.


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  • amanada23

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  • provokethought

    What I fail to understand is how these “thirsty” women (Beyoncé’s dad’s side piece and now his) get into relationships with married men. I am sure these women knew that these men were married (to famous people, I might add). I said it once and I will say it again. To all of the “thirsty” women out there. Do yourself and your sistah a favor the next time that married men knocks on your door…..send his sorry behind home! Respect yourself and her, even if HE does not. You will save yourself a whole lot of heartache. #you cannot claim what is not yours!

  • smh

    They are thoroughly unlikable … It is very hard for me to feel for her. They treat people horribly and if the way they act on TV is any indication of how they act in their private lives toward their husbands, then this is not surprising. If they want to fix things, leave the TV show alone and work on your marriage. People like them are the reason I avoid religious types.

  • Princess P.

    This is a good reason why women should seriously consider why they continue to stay in a marriage after a husband cheats. Hasn’t he already left the marriage to commit adultery? The wife is put in the unfair position to make a decision about her marriage that she thought was okay until her husband shattered her life. Her pain is real and it will take alot of time for her to heal. In the meantime, her husband may decide it’s not worth it an continue cheating. Remember – he had already left the marriage when he cheated.

  • ShebaBarb

    It’s a rough place to be in. To me she needs to decide to keep him and forgive and let go and trust God that he will not cheat again or forgive, forget him and move forward without him in her life. If singing and traveling is what she wants to do then she needs to be free to do it without any garbage on the side derailing her.

  • Gingerbread31

    You can’t just sing about God. You have to know him for real and he says until death do you apart. Death is not always physical. To love someone who doesn’t love you back the same is death. She needs to read the story about Lydia! Lydia was a baller. She was able to give Paul and his click room and board, feed them, and tell them that they could stay as long as they liked. A man wasn’t mentioned. Sometimes God wants us solo. The Bible has all kinds of situations and she needs to read them instead of focusing on ones that will keep her in bondage!

  • misslourde

    get the cameras outta yo life……..you will certainly end up in divorce court with the nation prying into your family affairs…….no more reality tv……shut it down. All couples on reality tv end in divorce court……no need for cameras …bye bye. You don’t need this show.

  • Amber Thomas

    If u r n a relationship and ur dying inside, that relationship needs to die. I know u r supposed to love people in marriage till death do u part but steppin out on ur partner in today’s time can get u death. vows are a two way street.

  • Dee

    I think it is a good thing that she is trying to make it work. I am NOT forgiving his actions but people are so quick to give up nowadays. A woman will stay with a cheating, lowdown BF for years but if a husband cheats, it’s straight to divorce court they go.

    I believe people should TRY to make it work first. If it just can’t then leave. but at least try.

  • Just saying!!

    Hmmm perhaps this is because I don’t have a religious background but I’m from the belief that if you had to stray outside of our marriage to find satisfaction you don’t deserve to get it here (ESPECIALLY if I done saved my virginity for you!!). In this particular case, her husband (to me) doesn’t even seem into the marriage or remorseful at all. I haven’t seen a lot of episodes but out of the ones i have seen it just seems like he’s not as invested in the marriage and doesn’t seem to care for her pain. I’m sorry, I think it’s complete BS to tell someone they’re SUPPOSED to put up with that because of religion. Religion is man made and deeply flawed. God wants the best for his children, and from what I see on the outside looking in, he ain’t it!

  • Dee

    Oh this is gonna be juicy…

  • Kay Buck

    Tina my fav of the Marys.. she always so real! and you can tell this heart her to the core.. I pray that she finds forgive or if she can’t she should leave him..

  • lockstress

    Maybe its time to let the tv show go and work on your marriage and building that back up. It can be but its not for the “world” to see.
    I feel for her. Sometimes men put women through some mess that they can’t handle but expect us to bend and take. Find the answer that is best for you honey.

  • ITrue

    The problem is this is this woman’s real life relationship. And no matter how many episodes you watch or albums of Mary Mary you own. You don’t know enough about this woman and her husband’s relationship to give valid advice as to what she should do. The issue with having the public in your personal affairs is no matter what she chooses to do somebody somewhere is going to have an issue with it. It’s a double blow, she’s betrayed and hurt and she has to deal with public shaming no matter what she does as if she’s the offender in this situation. If she leaves, fine. It she stays, fine. It’s really up to her, I just hope those tears dry and she finds happiness as this storm WILL PASS.

  • Guest

    Ugh…stop overacting. He must be a cheater and not just cheated…If he cheated one time and you forgave him you got to move on. If he is a cheater you need to leave because all this crying and broken heart business is getting on my nerves.

  • linda

    Once a cheater always a cheater

    • ITrue

      That’s not true. People change for better or worst if it’s in them to do so. That’s life and humans are complicated.

  • LaQuita Jackson

    my heart is so sadden for her that she had to go through this. infidelity will have you broken and questioning a lot of things even your faith in GOD because you don’t understand why it is happening… this is her husband, someone who professed to love and obey GOD just as she did, betrayed her and broke the foundation of what marriage to her stood for and she was hurting badly and it shows!! I have always been a fan of Erica and Tina and I support their gospel ministry and appreciate that they are showing the human side because the struggles they are going through still will help someone see that they are not alone in similar struggles and therefore can possibly get through them. My heart goes out to them and I pray that GOD’s glory continue to prevail through their ministry!!!

  • faNcee

    I know what she going thru I feel for her.

  • Markitha

    You know, I applaud her for being so transparent. So many times gospel artists (or CHRISTIANS for that matter) are put on this pedestal like we don’t ever have any problems, and we’re walking around every day singing, “Victory is Mine,” and it’s not like that. We learn how to put on a brave face because we’re trying to walk by faith, but that doesn’t mean we’re not fighting on the inside. Gospel artists, pastors, preachers, teachers–Christians–we’re all human and go through some real life HELL sometimes, but we overcome! We overcome by speaking the Word over those situations. It’s good for people to see the trials because there are others going through the same thing, and they’re just ready to give up hope! It’s good for them to see so they can also see how you triumph! We are more than conquerors in Christ, and we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony! God bless you, Tina!

  • mind_sayer

    I’m sorry her dude cheated on her but her attitude on this show was horrible. She’s the reason why I stopped (and won’t be) watching this show and not only that her attitude forced me to no longer support Mary, Mary. The only one Ilike is Erica. Even their costume desiging sister (the FAT one..yea I said it) got on my nerves with that dude she called herself dating. That fool made her look like a fool. The only one who is decent (and likeable) is Erica. I can get down with her. If it was only her on the show I would watch but that dam Tina I can’t do. See how she treated people, now the tables have turned? Karma is a beyy-yy-otch!

    • Markitha

      I respect your opinion because we all have one that we’re entitled to. However, I TOTALLY disagree. Tina’s attitude is nothing less than “real”. She speaks her mind, and in the industry that they’re in you have to be able to speak your mind and say what you mean because people are ready to eat you alive. I don’t think her attitude garnered the infidelity that she has had to deal with; that was an irresponsible and selfish decision on her husband’s part. They’re two adults and I’m sure he was well aware of the demands her career would have on her time with her family when they got married.

  • ericamissamerica

    It I not just that he cheated, but he could give her something too. She could have hoes in different area codes too, you know. But she chose to stay committed and get this paper. Now, she needs to decide what is more important. Touring or her marriage. Maybe she does need to sit down for a minute or two and work on her family and being in town for a hot minute. Easier said than done because you get used to the adoration, the thrill….He also needs to grow up. If he can’t handle it, then he needs to get gone!

    • Akilah

      That’s my thing about cheaters. You could infect me because you wanted to get your rocks off for 2 mins. At least think about the kids because if both of ya’ll get infected, who is going to raise them?

  • Denise Loundes- Russell

    Transparency at it’s finest. She is human 1st and I applaud her honesty!!!!!

  • Vick

    she has children with this man and yes he did complain to her that he needs her home more and she did that for her family and to think hes cheating while hes begging bothers me.i think he needs to prove it to her like shes prove to him

    • Titi

      I agree. Hopefully they went to counseling. They are still together so I think they worked it out. Marriage is about balance and compromising. Maybe this is why Erica is solo right now and Tina is taking a break.

      • Vick

        last season showed me how passionate tina is about her family and her husband i love her for that she wanted to be her husbands girlfriend again.now i want to see the passion in him getting his wife back

        • Titi

          I agree! They are okay and will get past this (as I saw at the Soul Train Awards). They have been seen together. It also shows that they are human and have problems just like we do.

  • hollyw

    I am a little surprised at the abundance of responses advocating for her to get a divorce lol…dag, they’re showing her right after she found out, at least give it time to see if they can work through it!

    • Gert

      I agree!


    I don’t think her Christianity is the issue. Christians are not exempt from pain, fear, confusion and anything else for that matter. The scripture says that Jesus experienced every emotion as well. If anything, we become targets for the enemy. It’s not a question of if we go through, but it’s how we go through. I commend her for her transparency. Someone that is broken in their very being will grow from this as Tina will grow from this. She will get through this and she’ll have tapped into some resources that she didn’t even know she had. I pray that God will strenghten her, and to cover her through the process…….It’s hard…..BUT GOD! Please, let’s not do this, to her or any other sister, but pray for them. Pray that God’s will be done.

    • Markitha

      ~SHOUT!~ Amen!

    • LaQuita Jackson

      yes that’s good speaking right thur!

  • hollyw

    That’s sad. On one hand, I suppose it’d be good to showcase the healing process after infidelity in a marriage…but on the other hand, it def feels more on the exploitive side as far as reality television goes…I hope they gain some clarity though it all.

  • Wanda Jewett


    • Gert

      I agree as long as she stays in prayer she will be fine.

    • Arii

      Now, you have a good point. Absolutely agree with what you are saying. But, God also says we can leave if he cheats. That option is on the table. And, I thought she should leave because #1) she can afford it, #2) he was caught — he didn’t just confess, #3) she’s got to be on the road; she can’t be home everyday like the typical wife. And best believe if she DID stop traveling he’d find another reason to cheat. He’s a cheater.

  • Auntieruckus

    This right there is why i would always leave a cheating man,i bet her husband is fine and sleeping at night,while she is up stressing and crying struggling with the images her mind is conjuring up,no man is worth that,no marriage/relationship is worth that,at all…

    • ITrue

      You “bet” but you don’t really know, do you? Just sayin, marriages have prospered through these type situations but that’s a taboo subject here. Let someone make constant fool of you? NO. Make moves on your own decisions and based on what you want? YES

      • Auntieruckus


    • guerline

      agreed a 1000 times

  • Ilka Missb

    I feel for her, I went through the same thing.. I forgave and tried my best to let go but in the end I wasn’t comfortable leaving the house not even to go to church for fear that he would do it to me again, so I HAD to move on without him. When a person destroys your confidence like that it’s really hard to continue trying to build a family with them. I pray that she will figure out. 🙁

    • hollyw

      Well, I hope that she’ll either figure out, OR learn to trust him again (with him not cheating anymore, obviously).

  • Arii

    I appreciate the honesty. She should lose a little weight–the main weight being that husband–and move on with her life.

    • Titi

      Yeah that is easy to say, but she has to take responsibility as well. Erica makes sure her family is with her when she travels. Tina should put her foot down and do the same. He has said on the show that he needed her at home more. He was throwing hints at that point. Cheating is not okay, but he vented to her.

      • Auntieruckus

        Wtf? See that is why men keep on keepin on,why should she have to baby sit him? Was she not in mary mary when he met,courted and married her? Ugh! Just ughhh i can’t with these soft girlish male,you cheated because your wife was on the road? Yeah awesome comittement skills awesome!

        • Machone

          Child please, some black men are allergic to commtiment (and latex condoms).

          • Auntieruckus

            Indeed,thats why women should refrain from laying with those type of men.

      • Gert

        He cheated because that is what he wanted to do, and it’s in his selfish nature. She is the main bread winner so for him to act as if she does not have to work is selfish as well. Yes Erica has the privledge of having her husband travel because he is their producer and writes and produced most of their music. It is his job to be with them.

      • TruUniqueLady

        Erica’s husband is also their produces so he travels with them most of the time and Tina did what she had to do, to help make sure her family can eat and have clothes on their backs and shoes on their feet and a roof over their head……Teddy know what he was getting into when he married her but I glad that they are still together and working it out!!!!

      • Arii

        She bears no responsibility for her Christian husband meeting, laying down, and having sex with other women. That is not her responsibility. Your suggestion is not in line with what they are supposed to be as a Christian family. She would put her foot down and demand. He should be just as busy and focused on having a career as she is. Erica’s husband is busy. He’s involved in multiple projects. I watched him on Bet Soul or whatever it’s called just this past Sunday. Erica’s husband talked about how he stays faithful to his beautiful wife. All he wants is her. Tina’s husband isn’t living right and probably hasn’t been. She should leave him.

      • guerline

        what a poor excuse. you cheat because you want to, she could have been home and if he felt like he wanted to do it, he would have. so don’t find excuses. there is no excuses. if he didn’t want to be with hetr anymore, he should have left, not act as a coward and cheat

      • deek77

        Ahh, I gotta disagree with that, and I say this as a Christian husband and father. Firstly, it’s a little different dynamic for Erica because her husband is in the music business too, so there’s room for a little more understanding there. Secondly, that’s beside the point: staying true to those vows isn’t easy for any married person, especially in a situation where your loved one is working a lot. But bottom line, he alone is responsible for all his choices – his choice to marry a singer, and his choice to cheat on her. A lot of dudes are suffering in rocky marriages and still find a way to resist the cheating bug, so no excuse for him.

    • hollyw

      LOL you ain’t no good! You got me, though…

  • Ms.D19

    A partner you can’t trust is dead weight. Free yourself for a faithful person.

  • Patricia

    Tina, you are supposed to be a Christian. How can you sing one thing and do another? I know you are human, and all celebrities are human, but, you need to sit down pray and make some decision.

    • Gert

      I am not understanding your point and this is not to be disrespectful (it’s a question) As Christians, we are still human beings with emotions that have seasons and a healing transition that everyone
      handles differently. Because God made us as individuals and not one person is
      the same. This is not a time to question Tina but to pray for her healing,
      marriage and family. Whether she decides to stay or to leave. It takes a strong
      woman with convictions to share her life unscripted with the world. Christian
      does not equal perfect and from what I can tell she is living in the word and
      is an example of the message that she sings. She is a woman first, who still
      has to deal with her flesh as well as her spirit…as we all do. She is not
      exempt because she is a gospel singer.

      • LaQuita Jackson

        TELL IT @ Gert!!! I don’t know why do people think believers of Christ have magic powers to rid themselves of trouble and pain?!?!?! Like everyday is a walk through the meadow! Just because they sing, preach, teach to uplift people about Christianity faith does not mean that everyday of their lives will be exempt from everyday struggles.

        • candy cane

          Co-sign with you and Gert.

      • therealnumber1


      • Shareka Shoron

        Well said

        • Gert

          Thank you, I just don,t understand how anyone would judge her with such a comment. He cheated not her, how is she too handle it? Patricia did not complete her thought, if that was not her intention it came off that way.

      • Patricia

        That is my point that I was trying to make. She is not exempt by being a Christian and a celebrity. She needs to sit down and make some decisions whether she wants to work out her issues with her husband. I know it is not a easy thing to do, but she has to make some choices.

        • Gert

          I get it, that’s why I asked instead of jumping to judge your comment. Thanks for the clarification!

    • hollyw

      I don’t get it. What has she done or said that is sinful or hypocritical..?

    • NotYourTypicalNegro

      Singing gospel music has absolutely nothing to do with whether one is a Christian or not. We’ve known that for decades now. Gospel music is a BUSINESS…

    • Akilah

      So Christians can’t have feelings?

    • jackiej

      We all struggle with one thing or another. Just because she is feeling the way that she is doesn’t suggest she isn’t a christian. Until you are in her shoes do not pass judgment.

    • therealnumber1


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  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    that’s a shame…if you can’t trust him then it’s time to go…life is too short to be miserable.

    • NotYourTypicalNegro

      She can’t leave cuz here bible says she gotta stay and take it.

      • Gert

        That is not what the bible says, the scripture says that if a spouse commits adultery than they are free to divorce, but if that spouse decides to stay then they must find forgiveness.

        • Akilah

          And you really do have to be able to forgive it because it will drive you crazy!

          • Gert

            Exactly, the scripture says that if you have an alt with someone go to that person, and then you must relieve yourself of that spirit and forgive. Forgiveness is not for that person but for you, your health and your salvation.

        • therealnumber1

          Im glad you answered that…cause I was about to!

        • guerline

          so you forgive everytime he does it because you choose to stay. hummm. wow. and people are surprise that churches are become emptier and emptier

          • Princess P.

            Churches are emptier because people are taking what they want out of the Bible that applies to their own personal thinking instead of God’s. God created us with free will. The bible says you have the choice of divorcing your mate after they cheat. But, if you choose to stay you have to forgive them or your marriage will never work. Forgiveness in the sense that you don’t “continually” bring up the past. If he cheats again..there should be dust where your feet use to be……☺

            • Gert

              Thank you, I didn’t feel like replying to her foolishness. SMH

            • Eri Cad

              People have been taking what they want out of the Bible that applies to their own thinking since the Bible came out. Its always been modified or used as a rationalization to suit peoples personal thinking. See King James, slavery, men beating their wives and justifying it with scripture, pastors saying women can’t be ministers or women can’t vote or women can’t do this or that.

        • NotYourTypicalNegro .

          Notice I said “her” Bible. In other words she is trapped in this marriage due to false religious thinking.

      • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

        Adultery: Jesus said, “And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery,” (Matt. 19:9).

      • shonuff

        Please stfu thanks

    • 1Val

      She has made a commitment to her misery instead of self love.