“You Will Always Look Like Wesley Snipes.” “Blood, Sweat and Heels” Star Geneva Thomas Talks Colorism

February 9, 2014  |  


From Essence

On Blood, Sweat & Heels, the Bravo TV series I star in, I was confronted by colorism for the first time in my life. The comment in episode five (airing tonight), and featured on our trailer that hit the Web last year, was the joke heard around the world. “You will always look like Wesley Snipes.”

The comment meant to be comedic was a clear insult on my dark skin, and also perhaps, because in the summer months, it just so happens that I often adorn my dark skin with bright colors–and on that occasion while filming in the Hamptons on Memorial Day weekend, I was wearing a silk crimson red. And like many fashionable brown girls, you can often see me on the show proudly rocking a fierce matte red on my full lips.

Seemingly for my cast mate, Mica Hughes, who made the comment, and for the kind of antiquated skin tone prejudices that continue to exist, a dark skinned Black woman so bold must be so far out of her mind that she deserves to be called a man. That man being the notably dark skinned Wesley Snipes, who wore drag in the cult classic To Wong Foo.

To read more about how Thomas chose to handle her first experience with colorism, visit Essence.

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  • Ieashia Hopkins

    girl if you dont google Wesley in that film and feel like you are looking in the mirrorrrrrr! LOL Color aside, black is beautiful but not you boo.

  • ChefNibblet

    “Colorism”???? GTF outta here! She said it cause you look ridiculous, and she IS ridiculous.

  • Seleta Stanton

    The comment definitely had nothing to do with color. Geneva does look like Wesley Snipes. Her nose, her jawline, her eyes especially. Mica’s not easy on the eyes either so she shouldn’t be talking

  • LySa Robins

    What the hell, the tone or color of her skin has absolutely nothing to do with the fact she resembles quite closely to that of a man. A man known in movies. Its unfortunate that her twin had to be a handsome black man known as an action star. Dont be mad, embrace the exposure. You can be his stunt double. You’ll always be referred to as that chick on that Bravo reality show (Blood, Sweat, and Heels) that looks like Wesley Snipes. If you never screamed detox at Mica, she wouldn’t have said it.

  • lika

    Lollll u look like Wesley fa true u ugly badddd

  • brown chick

    you look like wesley snipes, not because of your skin color, but because of your features. plenty of beautiful chocolate colored women..kenya moore, lupita nyongo, even washed up old naomi campbell. get over yourself, you are ugly and its not about your skin color.

  • Elseed

    Bullshit….you know damn well all black people wanna be light skin….if someone would ever come up to you and say you were dark….you know thems fighting words….so cut the bullshit….same with the hair thing

    • Layli

      Please. That sounds like you projecting your own insecurities. Not all. Many black people love their skin. I love the orangey-golden hues my brown skin gives off. I love that I look 15 years younger than I am. I love the dark-cherry color my arms get in the summer. It’s intoxicating. I love it! And so do men!

      • thankthank

        How in the blue hell does your skin have orangey-golden hues ? or dark-cherry color? thats BS black people come up with 10 million diff shades of skin color…and you guys sit here and act like your so “proud” to be from “mother africa” BS

  • Billie_Holiday

    Omg I was think the same thing. Boo it’s not your skin color it’s your face and yes you look like Wesley.SMDH

  • Miss E

    It wasn’t about color…and that wasn’t the quote!

  • Mimi

    By the way, you do look like Wesley Snipes in To Wong Foo. Same wig and all. I laughed my behind off when I saw that photo.

  • Mimi

    This was not about light skin or dark skin. This is about a smear campaign instituted by you and your cronies. You called her a drunk, showed no compassion for her loss and pretended that she was physically threatening you. She called you a drag queen and sought to call you on your nonsense. Now you want to extend your grasping for fame to this piece of trash article? Go right ahead, but call it for what it is. Tit for tat against the mean girls.

  • Deevs

    I dont thinkt his had to do with the color of her skin she even said “with that bang and red lipstick” geneva just looks like wesley snipes lol

  • shea2shy

    Well i must be blind because i think Geneva is a pretty girl, but that drunken btch Mica is ugly af. We all know ugly ppl are quick to imply that others are ugly.not even lightskin made that pretty and behaviour doesn’t either….she needa have several seats in an AA meeting

  • FeFe

    SMH I can’t believe everyone thinks she said she looks like Wesley Snipes because of her skin color…She said it because she looks like him, meaning her features if you put a wig on Wesley he looks like Geneva..has nothing to do with skin color. Geneva is ugly because her insides are ugly and her behavior is ugly…

  • Breeze

    Both Geneva and the one with the afro act like they are jealous of Mica.

    • Jen

      No they don’t. Not at all. What would they have to be jealous of?

      • Breeze

        She looks better than both of them, the one with the afro acted scared when her boyfriend was around Mica, they both give off a jealousy vibe.

        • PJ

          Really? I didn’t get that. The one with the afro, Demetria, comes off a bit rude and controlling with her fiancé. I don’t think it’s jealousy. Jealousy is the way NeNe Leakes’ acts on RHOA. She’s insecure by anyone more beautiful that she can’t control or who has more money. Sad part is that NeNe was a cute girl before that surgery.

  • truthbtold

    No actually you resemble Wesley Snipes. Embrace it.

  • tellit

    No, joke she does look like Wesley Snipes no being mean at all but they favor. Girl Boo!! I favor Miss piggy who cares we all have our imperfections and look a likes. Get over your self.

  • honeypa72

    The comment was definitely meant to hurt, but I really don’t think it has anything to do with her skin tone. That’s something she must be grappling. Tacky and mean, yes, but colorism? no. Mica definitely has a drinking problem, and I agree she came in on 220 last night, but for Demetria and Geneva to throw their high and mighty attitudes in the face of a emotional, drunk person certainly didn’t help the situation. Please lets stop throwing color up every time someone insults us. racism is racism…..and insult is an insult, and lets not forget, even though she looks white, Mica is black.

  • Krazyykk

    Oh please GENEEVAA!!! I am dark skinned and never been compared to Wesley Snipes!! Geneva actually looks like him. Just because people don’t consider her as pretty she automatically thinks it’s her skin that’s hated on! How about your not cute physically and your attitude makes it worse. Look at Lupitia she’s black and beautiful not only because she’s a naturally pretty girl but her attitude is amazing! Geneva needs to get that chip off her shoulder. Being successful doesn’t make u cute, neither does having great clothes. (Everything isn’t for everybody, that blazer with no bra and saggy breast is a NOO GOO)

  • ericamissamerica

    I don’t think it was a dig to her dark skin. She does favor Wesley Snipes (sorry) I just think she is trying to gain sympathy. Yes, Mica showed up drunk and loud, however, her father died. Once they found out they could have been a little more sensitive to her situation and maybe given her a pass…if they were true friends. I have friends who have been through it and back and they have turned it up more than necessary to mask their pain. Is it right? No! But as a friend you have to be sensitive and use good timing to discuss these things. Hold her hair over the toilet and gauge when it’s the best time to talk about it. Period! Demetria was mad her fiancé was giving advice and Wesley was still sour about her party and wasn’t feeling her anyway. Miss Goodie Two Shoes is a turncoat…she was more worried about appearances than helping the woman she knew longer than the ones sitting there dogging her homey out. Again, yes, Mica was inappropriate, but it is understood. Your girl needed a friend and all ya’ll grimey tails could say was you’re late, detox, and she wasn’t that close to her father anyway. Too Wong Foo, Miss Goody Two Shoes, and Namaste (whatever she was trying holler LOL) you all get F’s!

  • kelly

    It was definitely a dig with them on her skin color.

  • Dominique Thompson

    She’s a mean girl and now she wants sympathy. Sorry not buying it honey. Her and Demetria are almost unbearable. They’re judgmental and condescending and when you act like that you don’t get to pull the poor me card.

  • lockstress

    A mess
    A mess
    A mess…in a dress you both are.
    You had no right hollering across the yard “detox”. It was not a nice thing to say and the issue was being handled and you added more fuel to the flame than necessary.
    Bre’s parents as well as Bre did not deserve the “disrespect’. You can try to “act” lady like but actions speak louder.

  • Joanne1979

    Ummmmm, I am a dark skinned woman and I think she looks like Wesley Snipes. Boooo! Don’t pull that card. You are insecure about your skin and that is why you assume it was a swipe at your skin tone and not you unattractive face. Go home.

  • marissa

    I’m so glad the 99% of people are seeing through this…..

    • bigdede

      me too

  • Sasha

    her eyes freak me out. theyre creepy. anyhoo is does look a bit like Wesley but she is kinda “facially challenged” but i dont think it was a dig at her color. p.s. im covered in chocolate and didnt take offense and noone ever uses Noxemas name unless you lookin like a day old queen with last years fashion and korean beauty supply wigs. . ijs.

  • Rain

    She insulted Mica too, taunting her with the comment “Detox, Detox” she was not saying it in a helpful way, they should have helped Mica

  • Kyra T..

    Mica was a pretty woman/girl as a child and up she isnt all pretty now she looks plain. The alcohol is taking a toll on her face. Geneva does look like Wesley Snipes and Mica wasnt talking about her skin because Mica is a black woman herself, she was talking about Geneva’s face. Geneva looks just like he did on To Wong Foo!

  • TT

    Honestly I don’t think Mica’s comment had nothing to do with Geneva’s complection, Geneva is not even dark Mica’s boyfriend is darker….Geneva dead looks like Wesley Snipes, let’s be for real it’s not always by color go look up Wesley in that movie, I’ve seen that Wong foo movie millions of times and I can tell you that child looks like him

  • Being Real!

    This has nothing to do with your skin color. It has to do with your behavior! You are UGLY on the inside. “Taking off your red bottoms”. rEALLY.

    • Dominique Thompson

      When she took off her shoes I was like wait, what?!

  • Rubie Brown

    It is not the first time they were out with Mica, they know how she acts. Yet she came outside and instagated the situation. It wasn’t about color.She read you. You did look like Wesley in Too Wong Fo. Not the fine chocolate Wesley. Girl she was drunk and she read your a–! So cut the crap. So be gone with that light skin dark skin stuff, own that read change that lipstick and move on.

  • MrsFrank1977

    Damn lola I was just about to say the same thing. The resemblance has nothing to do with your pretty brown skin, but has everything to do with your face. It is what it is.

  • taz

    Not because she is dark, Its because they don’t find her attractive

  • smile

    I remember one of my students had dark skin and others referred
    to her as “that black girl”. One day
    some of the boys were talking about her in her presence and one boy said,” She’s
    dark but she’s pretty.” I saw a little
    smile on her face. I hope she
    internalized the compliment and she remembers it thruout her life.

    • bigdede

      If she was one of your students, that means you were her teacher. Glad to see you allowed your student to be talked about this way and did nothing about it to help her. Shame on you!

      • Dominique Thompson

        and saying she’s dark but she’s pretty as if those two things normally don’t exist together???

      • gapch

        agreed. shameful

    • Krazyyk

      Your just as ignorant as the little boys! Why should she remember that she’s “pretty to be dark” she’s just pretty PERIOD! You need to not be a teacher at all! Stop working with kids ASAP!

  • ?

    You should be ashamed of yourself to try and divide our race like this, you’re just embarrassed because you do look like Wesley Snipes. Chicks like you who would stoop this low, to try this mess should never, ever, be trusted. What she said, yeah it may have stung a little bit, but not enough to write this garbage. You can dish it out, but just like bullies you can’t take it!

  • roo08

    i’ve never watched the show so i’m only going on pics. She does look really unattractive with BANGS but looks fine (actually cute) without them. I haven’t seen her in person so maybe she does favor him. Still wouldn’t call her unattractive.

  • ?

    It had nothing to do with your dark skin, it was about your features… you favor Wesley Snipes. Just like Eva Pigford looks like Terrence Howard & Lil Moma looks like Bow Wow.

    • illogical

      I don’t know why but your comment has me dyin laughin

  • africangirlwithasharptounge

    I mean…Geneva’s attitude is ugly, especially in this episode but these comments are very mean-spirited…it’s crazy. It’s so easy to bully from behind a keyboard…

    • MiaSara

      Oh yeah!? Well give me ur lunch money and stfu.

      • africangirlwithasharptounge

        sigh, jump off a cliff….please.

  • Velvet

    Geneva, Mica was not insulting your dark skin. You look like Wesley Snipes from to Wong foo. That’s it…no colorism involved. She was simply calling you an ugly girl. No one likes to be called ugly, but sometimes you gave to call a spade a spade.

    • roo08

      I think it was an insult to both her facial features and her skin shade.

  • Aka592

    I really don’t think this is colorism. She sai

  • genevathomas is ugly

    Geneva Thomas is fcking ugly. Full stop. Oh and yea she’s also an ugly dark skin girl. Obese, dark skin, ghetto and ugly? Wow. Accept my sympathy girl. Daisy Melissa and mica are the only reason to watch that show. Brie is fake. She needs to think straight.

  • NotNamingNames

    Mica’s comment was a dark skin insult – it wasn’t a joke because there was nothing funny about it. If she just thought Geneva was unattractive, she could have compared her to any guy – but she picked Wesley Snipes. Coincidence? No. Mica had proven herself to be the drunken slore of the show. By slore, I mean her lifting up her dress and spreading her legs when she was isht face drunk at the work event. Her and Miss I’m-no-longer-a-video-ho Melissa Ford. As far as Mica being a model, eh she is skinny- PERIOD. That is the only model trait she had going for her because without 80 lbs of make up she looks like an Afghan hound.

    • bigdede

      She picked Wesly Snipes because SHE LOOKS LIKE WESLEY SNIPES!!! You just like Geneva is trying to spin this into something it’s not. She’s actually lighter than Wesley but her face is exactly like Wesley’s. Geneva also has a nasty attitude which makes her uglier.

    • Dominique Thompson

      I find the term video Ho to be offensive. Who do you know for a fact that Melyssa hoed for? I’ll wait….. And clearly you’re against talking about someone’s looks but it’s ok to equate Mica to a dog. Most Afghan Hounds are tan so was that a dig at he complexion?

  • Guest

    I always thoughts dark skin women were jungle monkeys, so ugly and dark as raisins

    • roo08

      Ok and just make sure you stay far, far away from us if you don’t already.

  • kimmie

    It’s definitely not a becoming thing to say…to anyone, but I think its inappropriate for her to imply that she’s a victim of backwards racism or “colorism.” She was calling you ugly and man-faced. That doesn’t make her a racist.

  • eyeswideopen

    This is her truth. Why hate on her for how she feels. This does exists.

    • TENN10

      Because there is a difference between one’s truth (their perspective) and THE truth. The truth is whether or not Mica’s comments were an indication that she thinks dark skin is not beautiful. I don’t not get that. She thinks Geneva looks like Wesley Snipes and maybe because there are the same color. So what? That does not mean she thinks Wesley or Geneva are any less beautiful because of their dark skin. This is just an attempt to gain attention and an insult to people who are really a victim of colorism on a daily basis.

  • ChildPlease

    Geneva girl you know you look line Wesley from Too Wong Foo!! It’s not about your complexion!!

  • Michele

    I don’t think Mica’s comment was a dark skin joke. It was a dig on how unattractive Geneva is. She’s not a pretty girl. At. All.


    Geneva it amazes me to hear you lying on this site. Your colorism days have gone on much longer that this show for sure back to your MSU days. It’s amazing what 2 packs of remi hair, makeup and about 50lbs will do for you. I barely even recognized you until you opened your mouth. What happened to the nappy head, pop eyed Geneva who was about Black Rights and fighting the power! Sorry to see you sold out!!! No matter what, you are still ugly and yes u do look like Wesley Snipes. Now your just fake, like all of the other Detroit girls with low self- esteem.

  • demi

    Why are all these so called “black” people up here saying its not colorism. we need help.

    • TT

      Cause it’s not the child looks like Wesley look up Wesley in Mr. Wong Foo

    • gapch

      its not. we all know colorism is alive and well. we acknowledge it when it is valid. geneva looks like wesley snipes. she knows damn well someone has told her that before. only God knows why she is fronting.

    • Jayne

      So if Daisy made the comment, would it be about colorism? Black people and their sensitivities…

  • Me

    No it’s not about colorism…she needs to stop wearing makeup that does not fit her…clothes that do not flatter her and she needs to lose weight! O yea and that weave she wears is not cute..does not flatter her face and her attitude is bad!

  • SB

    Okay..is Sheryl Underwood better??? Regardless you have a ugly personality and that’s is what people see the most..Nothing to do with your complexion.

  • NegRican4

    As it has been said over and over girl it’s NOT about your face and dress NOT your complexion! First time facing colorism I find it hard to believe. (or did you mean that as in your first time as an adult) It was rude of Micah to say BUUUUUUUUUt that sh it was funny!! Also you make ALOT of insulting comment towards the other women so how upset can you really be, if you’re gonna dish learn to take………….

  • NegRican4

    As it has been said over and over girl it’s about your face and dress NOT your complexion! First time facing colorism I find that hard to believe. (or did you mean that in first time as an adult) It was rude if Mica to say BUUUUUUUUT the shit was funny!! Also you make ALOT of insulting comments toward the other women so how upset can you really be, if you’re gonna dish learn to take……..

  • MissFLondon

    Slap on wrist for trying to turn your verbal destruction into a political issue!! I would have thought that with your tough girl persona (at least with an outnumbered Demetria) that you would be able to also take your lumps. Personally, I think you look like Sheryl from the talk but that’s just me.

  • Italia Simone

    BYE, GENEVA…BYE, GURL!!! This is the weakest attempt of “SPIN” I have ever come across. Seriously, U mean to tell me U don’t see a resemblance between U and Wesley Snipes? Would this article even exist had Mica stated U looked like Sheryl Underwood or Gayle King (whispers…because U dooooo)?!! Not for nothing…Wesley was that DUDE in his PRIME! So I don’t see the issue with saying U look like him, because U do. HASN’T A THING 2 DO WITH SKIN TONE! This whole article is a REACH like none other. In a world where Wesley had been a sex symbol for years and Grace Jones an ICON and Alek Wek a SUPER MODEL…now Lupita Nyongo just STUNNING..Djimon Hounsou…SMOLDERING SENSUALITY….CHILE GET’CHO LIFE & HAVE AN OLYMPIC STADIUM FULL OF SEATS!!! U could’ve saved this long drawn out dissertation on something more prevalent and entertaining.

    • shoesandshrimp

      She as a dark skinned girl took offense because she feels some type of way about Wesley’s looks as a dark skinned brother. I did and still do think he is fine as wine. She does look like she would fit in perfectly at the Snipes Family Reunion. So what, that is not a bad thing. Stop it, Geneva. You seriously missed the point.

      • Italia Simone

        AMEN! She missed the point because she is too deep into her insecurities about her skintone. Clearly, she is not comfortable with it or else she wouldn’t have received it as such. She basically just told on herself and this is her cry for help. Her and Iyanla need a session ASAP!

  • Blaque.Ivy

    Nooooo not Wesley….*tries to keep from laughing*

  • Toni Osinubi

    Black people (African Americans) are so negative ewwwwww glad I’m African.

    • lovekrissy

      Lmfao congrats

      • Toni Osinubi

        Thank you dahlinggggg now please have your people get it together. Can’t blame everything on slavery. Some are just a mess.

        • geneva thomas is ugly

          It’s true. We Africans are educated. We’ll behaved. And better people. Black americans are just a hot mess.

          • eyeswideopen

            Educated like the men who raped babies there thinking it would cure AIDS.

            • bigdede

              Thank you!!!!

            • thankthank

              Yeah cause AA men dont have 75 kids by 75 diff women? cheat on all their girls? on the down low? they’re not all in jail? Hook up with anything that has a hole? 400 pound white women a man a women a dog a cat a lightpole a 1956 studebaker?

          • Guest

            The “Guest” comment is in response to you also.

          • Melisssa

            Your response and the name you have about Geneva disproves your better than opinion. What you say is silly and very divisive. I could easily go down the list and point out how much of a MESS Africa really is but i suspect you already know this. If Africa is such hotness, why not stay there? Why come to a land that Black Americans built up?

          • Mrs.Ghanamoma

            lol like the drunk Africans fight to the bloody pulp at a couple of event that hubby and I attended. Look dear I am from the A, over 47% of our African American population have college degrees (including myself w/ a masters). Now I know that they try to show you’ll BET over there to taint your images of us, but truth be told we have the same standards for seeking higher education. We also have strong family values and overall morale code and conduct. I don’t like to go there but many of your “we are so educated so better” people are scamming people all over the world for millions of dollars, some cheat on their wives with multiple woman, and nots let talk about the many baby moma and baby daddy Africans around here having multiple children out of wedlock. Honey tell that “we are better” b.s. to the ignorant, I’ve been in East, West, South and even Northern African circles for years now and there is no way I could let you slide with your ignorant comments.

            • Felisha Crooks-Sweet

              Well take your educated big foot a back to your country. You have absolutely no room to throw stones. Take some of that education and feed your own country; build your own schools and find cures for your diseases. How dare you talk trash about my sistahs in this country.

              • thankthank

                What you think you’re a proud american now? White people enslaved your people and now you think you’re one of them? haha you fool

        • Guest

          Both of your statements are negative and inflammatory. Now that the door is open, consider this: African Americans have their social issues play out on the television as ENTERTAINMENT. Africa’s social issues play out on television as NEWS… Some of us other blacks are disgusted by And before you become emotional, really ponder what I just said. In my mind, it’s the same. We categorically have issues as descendants of Africa, whether continental or in the diaspora.

          • Guest

            Meant to say “Disgusted by both”

        • Mrs.Ghanamoma

          Oh my here you’ll (Hater African girls) go…. “your people”??? Girl please, lets say our people, say it with me now OUUUR PEOPLE. We are long lost cousins my dear, you are no different from me except the language. Lol you must be one of the beautiful African women cutting her eyes at me when I arrive with my Sexy West African husband to African parties. The men are usually welcoming and some of the ladies, however,most of the time the woman are dismissive and act subtly jealous. You heffas hate us so but try to emulate us. Wow I look forward to the day we can all come together as family as we are all FAMILY. Remember if you think you are better than me because my ancestors were slaves then what does that say about you knowing that those very ancestors are your ancestors too, whom were sold to Europeans by your/our own tribes. Marinate on that cousin dearest. I look forward to the family reunion.

    • shoesandshrimp

      So what the hell is that supposed to mean? In America, we are all considered Black. African or African Americans….we are all brothers and sisters. You sound pretty negative to me.

      • demi

        I think they mean mentality. They don’t have that slave mentality like we do. seriously, we are messed up.

      • africantoo

        she sounded negative, but i understand what she means. even though in many african countries (not all of them) light skinned women are considered prettier, dark skinned women are not teased or called ugly.

        • Toni Osinubi

          Nope light skinned women aren’t considered prettier in any African countries. We do not have the burden of racism and colorism that you african Americans have. Do not project it onto us. African Americans always try to bond with African over shared perceived slights and issues to you that are non issues to us. Our men don’t disrespect us and are educated and no dark skinned women in Africa aren’t dogged and insulted. I heard of this for the first time when I was about 15 and moved to the United States. It’s simply relics of slave mentality and internalized stereotypes of inferiority.

          • ToniTonyTone

            It’s unfortunate that we share a name…

            now you know, that is a bold faced lie!

      • Toni Osinubi

        No we are not. On sight people can tell Africans differently from African Americans. In our mannerism, way we carry our selves, manner of speech and language. Everything is an issue to y’all except the shit you need to be focused on. Folks are out here making money and getting educated yet y’all stuck in the past and worry about inconsequential crap.

    • Geneva thoma is ugly

      Abi ooo sista mi! Awon akati yii (black americans) are such a mess. Proudly african

      • Toni Osinubi

        Hahahahaha awon oniranu. Abeg abeg no time. Proudly Naija all day!!!!!

    • africangirlwithasharptounge

      I love Africa just like you but as an african woman i consider myself a black woman as well…the separation is ridiculous because as another commenter said…black is black…We all have the same background which is Mother Africa. No white person will say to you, “Oh you’re african, not black.” They will cast you in the same category as they do black americans…so please stop being ignorant!

    • Melissa

      Chile, please. That’s why there are so many African women bleaching and peddling bleaching products or giving up their land in Africa to foreign nations. If that’s not negative …

    • Guest11

      I guess that’s why bleaching is so big in your country because African’s are so together mentally!!! Yeah right!!! Keep telling yourself that!!!

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  • Karen_Jones

    Not to sound trivial or trite, but I honestly think that this is the year of the dark-skinned girl. I don’t remember seeing so many chocolate girls like myself getting so much shine. I would say that we (in North America) are so conditioned that we do think it’s odd for a woman with dark skin to be confident, bold, and fabulous. It’s odd to us. But, as a fellow chocolate girl (now in her 30s) I can truly say that I feel pretty immune to the haters out there. Finally! Our time has come! We need to enjoy it, flaunt it, and work it 🙂

    • S Jo

      It has nothing to do with her skin color!
      She sounds stupid saying that, cus
      if u put a side by side picture of her &
      Wesley Snipes, she really does look like
      him! They could be brother & sister!

      • Girl bye!


    • It’s only February 9th…and what about this girl or her crybaby article leads you to declare 2014 the year of dark chocolate?

    • eyeswideopen

      Our time has never left. Just people have access to more forms of what others consider as beautiful these days. So many fall for the okie doke. You have to know your own .

  • marni

    Grown women should not disagree in such a immature way. If Mica made that statement, she needs to apologize and focus on what they are fighting about so that they can resolve it.

    Mica has major personal issues of her own with the loss of her dad and what appears to be a drinking problem. She should not be lashing out like this.

    • FeFe

      She doesn’t have a drinking problem…Gosh

  • Prissy

    I am a dark woman. This is NOT about colorism. The girl is just UGLY. Her personality is UGLY. Her half pack of a bundle of hair on her big head is UGLY. Chile

    • S Jo

      Exactly! They always try to use that as an
      excuse! She does look like Wesley Snipes
      or his sister!

      • gapch


    • eyeswideopen

      Then we wonder why young girls want to bleach. The comments are hurtful.

      • monitorette

        Exactly. Is that a fault to be ‘ugly’? Is that a sin? These are the physical features that have been given by Nature, just like the skin color and the hair texture. One may think that a person is ‘ugly’, but we keep it to oneselves.
        Do we say to someone that has been disfigured following an accident that they are ugly, or not attractive? NO. So why tell it to someone who goes through life with the physical attributes Nature has given them that they are ugly? R.E.S.P.E.C.T

        • Guest

          I think if Geneva were compassionate and graceful, Mica would have continued to keep her thoughts about Geneva’s looks to herself. Even though I don’t condone lashing out when hurt, both women are guilty of being mean and spiteful to each other. So in my mind, realizing the weakness in us human beings, I understand how Mica could retort in the fashion she did.

          • monitorette

            I haven’t watched this reality tv show but I see your point.

          • ToniTonyTone

            Precisely. The ugliest thing about Geneva is that terrible attitude.

      • Girl bye!

        Bleaching wouldn’t help. Just look at that Jamaican rapper. It’s the features, not the skin shade.

    • gapch

      her hair was too thin

  • Uuuh…

    But I don’t think it’s about her color at all. There are plenty of beautiful brown and dark brown women. I think the issue is that she sort of resembles Wesley. It is what it is.

  • Erica

    You look like Sheryl Underwood that’s a fact that had nothing to do with your skin tone but your physical features ..yes you look like Noxzema… # facts and you have a nasty attitude and you stay throwing shade… no this bright colors do nothing for your hue in the summer … I’m brown skin not as dark as you and I don’t even make that mistake. .. You should be more pleasant.. you can’t be funny looking and a itch #chooseyourstruggle.. and Mica is black so don’t go playing the race card

  • queenbee

    white people is evil….then and still today,,watch themmmm

    • Kadadah

      Mica is NOT white you fool. Do your research before you make unfounded comments smh!

      • MiaSara

        She did that already by saying “white people is”
        I guess she thinks she’s in the Help
        “You is kind, you is smart…”
        Lord hammercy, loool

        • Monica

          Nice try, but u failed once again!
          Goofy !

          • MiaSara

            I’m sorry have we met darling?

        • Bretruthful

          I NEVER comment……..but you killed me by quoting The Help………hahahahahA….jesus on a church fan…..im weak!

          • NegRican24

            She killed me too child I just guffawed, I love it when the baby says it back lmao

    • FeFe

      Umm who is white???

  • TheZuluKing

    That comment was about your looks and not your skin tone! I guess she has never been called ugly before.

  • Deeva

    Why are black women so quick to put down other black women? Even in the discussion board. It shows that we just haven’t evolved…

    • Pater Tempus

      It’s not so much a black thing as it is a woman thing. Women are naturally very nasty to each other. It’s just more noticeable among black women because it is expected that black people are(or should be)more unified.

    • monitorette

      I was astonished too by the negative comments….Typical bully’s comments.

      • guest

        It’s not a put down if you are stating the obvious. Should we avoid saying what everyone thinks because of the “perception by some that we put eachother down”?

        • monitorette

          In my opinion, yes, that’s better to keep it to ourselves…or to state it in softer ways, so that to avoid hurting feelings (which is the case here). If not done yet, I advise you to read Geneva’s entire text: well written, strong arguments. You are entitled to your opinion, but reading it may make you change your mind.

        • hollyw

          1. Yes you should; it’s called tact. 2. It is still a put-down. Please remember that reality tv started with white people, but one of the main reasons why it’s soared with Black shows is b/c we’re almost always willing to go the extra mile/hit below the belt with the fights and figurative face/body shots (with the exception of RHONJ). And even with RHONJ’s trickiness, they’ve never uttered something so juvenile as, “…but you ugly, though”.

          Most minorities are willing to do this, and it has A LOT to do with the beauty ideal.

      • Jennifer

        Stating one’s opinion, even if it is negative does not constitute bullying. For the sake of those that are currently being &/or previously have been truly bullied, please refrain from using that word out of context!

        Bully (v.) – to use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.

        • monitorette

          Thanks for the notice, I’m French and the English language is not my mother tongue. I thought that, like many words, the term bullying acquired additional senses.
          But to me, Micca put herself on a pedestal by saying to Geneva that she looked like Wesley Snipes.

      • Topaz Blair-Baker

        Just because Mica is bi-racial (BOTH of her parents are NOT BLACK) does NOT mean her comments were not COLORIST, and foul. People acussing others of “playing the race card because Mica is “black too” are misinformed. Look at the photos of her parents, and you’ll see that only her MOTHER is black, not her recently deceased father. Perhaps that’s why Mica’s father called Mica “an investment baby”. I am multi-racial myself. If I decided to talk like Mica does it would sound*almost* as ridiculous as Mica sounds every time Mica opens her mouth, ALMOST; but not AS ridiculous because I’m tan. And I could talk like Like Mica. I choose not to

      • Tonic

        bully? Geneva started the whole thing by calling her a drunk, calling her out, and specifically saying “detox”. Mica gave her a chance to live but she didn’t take it. Now she wants to scream colorism…get outta here.
        Anyway, nobody told Geneva to put her mug on t.v. to be judged. She decided to do that all on her own. When she wasn’t able to bully Mica into submission she went for trying to shame Mica by accusing her of colorism.
        This was a cast that had a vast array of skin tones. All of the ladies, with the exception of Geneva, were beautiful. Yes, I think Mica was beautiful as well.

    • hollyw

      Most minority women are, sadly. As trifling as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills can be, I have never heard them go to blows about each other’s bodies or faces. It’s so incredibly juvenile an ridiculous, especially among professional women. It’s like reducing an argument to just cussing and swinging, like, really?? Please grow the eff up.

  • I’m Not One To Gossip But….

    Uhm or maybe she happens to think you look like Wesley Snipes and it has nothing to do with colorism other than the fact that Geneva and Wesley share similar skin tones. I would also bet prior to writing this piece, and claiming her comment was based on colorism, she probably never went to Mica to ask what she meant by the reference. So Geneva is only adding to the problem and
    could have saved time and an article by picking up the phone.

    • KIR12

      Maybe it’s because walking around the size of a linebacker with a dam wig on your head. smh

      • PolkaDots

        LOL! – That was too funny!

      • FeFe


  • Gabie Aldrich

    Girl, she was talking about your face…Mica looks like a Monchici! I wouldn’t take what she was saying as a insult…Come on look at her (Mica) She’s missing some screws..take it like a grain of salt and remove it.

  • lola

    No love, it s not about colorism, but about uglyism. You and mica are both ugly. There are beautiful lightskin and darkskin girls and you have ugly lightskin and ugly girls..just like you and Mica.

    • MiaSara

      Ding ding ding!
      We have a winner! Come on down girl, lol!

    • enlightenment

      Thank you! Colorism isn’t the problem (in this case). Aesthetically, Mica thought she resembled Wesley Snipes in the face. Not the nicest thing to say…but it definitely had nothing to do with her skin color!

      • arieschic

        I agree it was not a comment because your dark skin. The comment was made because you resemble Wesley Snipes because you choose to wear hair colors &style, and clothes that make you look drag queen. Smh always want to play the darkskin card ,girl bye looking like Wesley Snipes from Too Wong Foo

        • MiaSara

          Aries in the house, Heyyy! 🙂

        • gapch

          lol- girl bye looking like Wesley Snipes from Too Wong Foo

        • gigi

          I totally agree. It has nothing to do with color.

      • LouisiAnn

        Exactly! She does look like him in To wong foo…Nothing to do with colorism

    • Rochelle

      I agree and disagree. Though I have seen this show maybe twice. I don’t see anything gly (physically) about this woman Geneva. The Mica girl. I can see why someone (myself) would think she is unattractive (physically). She just looks weird to me. Funny some people think a woman is “pretty” just because the woman may have lightskin. I never thought this way. Another example is Keke Wyatt. This woman is bug eyed and has a sharp heavy jaw. Not attractive. But I heard a few say she is pretty. The lady’s face is scary and a hodgepouge of weird features, just like Mica. But beauty is subjective, so whatever.

      • I think

        Keke Wyatt is pretty.

        • Rochelle

          No she is scary looking. Always has been.

        • LOL!

          Now if Keke Wyatt was dark, she would have said, “She’s GORGEOUS!!!”. A lot of dark skinned women praised online has the same face features Keke has.

          • Rochelle

            Name one. What features are you talking about. I hope not a heavy man jaw and bug eyes????!!!!!

            • arieschic

              Lmbo I can’t breath.

      • Jennifer

        LMAOOOO @ bug eyed & sharp, heavy jaw! Your description is hilarious but on point! LOL!

      • Girl bye!

        Geneva’s just using her skin as an excuse, like a lot of unattractive women do. Keke Wyatt is pretty. You’re just talking about her because you have low self esteem like Geneva. Put light skinned women down whenever you’re feeling down is the motto for losers like you. LOL

        • Rochelle

          Ok. I see reading comprehension is not your strong suite. I agree that some dark skin people blame there skin color when others don’t find them attractive. Sometimes the person is just not attractive. That applies to light, dark, white, indian, Asian people etc. It has nothing to do with skin color. I don’t see the case here, because I (read carefully) don’t see this Geneva woman as unattractive. She just looks like a average girl to me. TO ME, Mica and Keke are below average. Not “ugly” (I don’t call people ugly) but unattractive. Just like there are unattractive dark, light, indian, white, Asian people. BEAUTY IS SUBJECTIVE! Do you understand that? Probably not……… I will say that unlike you, I don’t separate black with light and dark skin. Black is black. In the grand scheme of things, being light does not help much in life besides getting the attention of color struck people to have some romantic interest in you. To me, that is nothing to be jealous or have “low self esteem” about. Meaning it is not important. Maybe to you, all you have to offer to world is your skin color, because you have no other redeemable qualities. I will pray for you. But note, that is not the case for myself and many other black women. So people like yourself should worry more about getting yourself and your children educated, eating healthy, starting a business, finding employment, connecting to GOD, etc……you know the important things in life. Then maybe you will have more to talk about and “admire” about a person besides their skin color. Get your values and morals up girl!…..

          • LOL!

            You mad?

            • Rochelle

              nah. you?

      • arieschic

        I agree Keke Wyatt is not that attractive.

    • An Observation

      I agree with you I don’t think it was about dark skin . Mica went on to say that the young lady looked like Wesley Snipes from the movie To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar and in all honesty she did. The hair, lipstick …..