Did Y’all See? The RHOA Smackdown And Bey Z’s “Sorry” Marriage

February 1, 2014  |  

“Did Y’all See?” is a new MadameNoire video series featuring commentary from MN’s editors on the biggest news of the week, including all the drama that goes down on the hottest shows on television. 

Yesterday, we let two writers go head-to-head on the topic of Jay Z, Beyonce, and what some are calling their poor excuse of examples as husband and wife — i.e. their Grammy performance — and now MN’s editors are weighing in on the controversy and bringing out the one element no one has addressed: Jamie Foxx’s remarks about Bey on stage, which depending on who you ask were appropriate given what he just witnessed, or downright disrespectful.

We’re also talking about the RHOA fight seen around the reality TV world between the menses of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and definitively calling out who’s to blame for the smackdown that occurred last Sunday night. Check out the video and join in on the conversation.

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  • Kim Thomas

    We can keep talking about J and Bey, until we are (blue) in the face. The fact remains that we like them. In the past when a performer reaches the heights that the two of them has. We can almost expect destruction to be trailing not Far behind. Personal my oppinion, is keeping us talking J and Bey, we love that ish, and we love you too! Just don’t let your little girls listen

  • Kim Thomas

    Ne Ne was obviously on something. I have not heard anyone mention the fact that her behavior was a lot off that night. Pacing back and forth, looking, and acting very suspect. She deffs started the fight!

  • FemmeTeacher

    I’m shocked that no one at the table problematized the feminine = catty statements.

    • Laine

      Right? I thought I was the only one who had a problem with the “the men behave so feminine” and “the men are catty” statements. As if “behaving feminine” is somehow a bad thing, and when men behave feminine they behave badly, catty, overly dramatic. We really need to stop and assess our words sometimes.

      • FemmeTeacher

        Right, and even if no one checked it at the table it still wasn’t edited out. I mistakenly thought this was a feminist blog.

        • ebby

          madamenoir is definitely NOT a feminist blog. check out jezebel if you want a blog that sometimes has a feminist point of view. and yes i too have a problem with feminine = catty, negative, anti-man. it just helps to feed into restrictive social/gender constructs. i’m very disappointed in madamenoire but then again its a gossip blog, so I shouldn’t expect too much.

  • J Mc

    It wasn’t that Kenya got up it’s that Kenya got up and started walking towards his wife and he was just trying to defend his wife as a husband should do. Kenya and her assistant/paid friend or who ever he is to her, overreacted and that’s how everything got out of had. He wasn’t grabbing her violently he was just trying to stop her from approaching his wife.

  • Chanda Lett-Hardy

    NeNe most definitely instigated that entire situation. First off, she was walking back and forth prancing around like she either was high, or had not taken some much needed medication. Then with those inflammatory questions she asked, she was trying to get something to jump off from the get go. When she saw the questions were not starting any drama, she went for the jugular, and brought up what Kenya said about Chris and his wife. WHICH by the way, Kenya’s claims of what Christopher was saying have been validated by video that has surfaced on the net. That whole party was a set up for drama.

  • Necy

    I watch all the Housewives series and NENE did not start that fight, no one made Kenya yet up but Kenya. Why yall so mad at Nene? Cause she got personality and money?

    • Chanda Lett-Hardy

      Why was it wrong for Kenya to get up? Christopher was already standing.

      • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas


      • Thaalia

        Im not defending what CW did but Kenya did not get up and walk up to him, she got up and walked over to his wife who, even though was running her mouth, was on the same playing field as she was in the regard to sitting down. Sure enough she should address the REAL source of the confrontation, his wife, but she chose how to deal with it poorly. Unfortunately her ‘im going for bad’ turned out ugly.

      • CC

        Kenya charged at Christopher’s wife and thus begins Brandon, Kenya’s yes man.

    • detdoll5

      Lol. Some muthaf’er always gotta throw the they got money comment out there . She might have money but she still the most tacky ghetto bytch on tv.

    • Marie Cardona

      And why was Kenya charging over to Natalie in the first place? Christopher wasn’t gonna hurt kenya in a room full of witnesses!!

  • Necy

    Apollo did not start that fight

  • ElleBee

    Why is this even a conversation? Like seriously poor examples for a husband and wife …Im sorry who makes these rules. I don’t know I just think its absolutely ridiculous when their relationship is criticized and we really know nothing about them. Who cares!!!! lol like it does not even have to be made into a conversation. SMH do better people.

  • Sexy247

    Luv the video conversation MN; kudos to u and i agree with Victoria when it came to Nene starting the fight; because she did start the fight. Nene has such a bad attitude & she’s so mean spirited that I’m starting to dislike her as much as i dislike Kenya. And those relationship question’s she asked where not random at all, someone in the group was able to relate or it had happen to one of them sometime during the show

  • Pam

    Of course these idiots delete my comment …..

    • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

      Yeah im just noticing they do that

  • Just saying!!

    They weren’t going head to head? That’s misleading lol. They were all patting each other on the back agreeing with each other on the Bey/Jay part . I didn’t watch after that because I don’t know reality tv.

    But I will say this, the young lady thinks people should not be offended by something they seek out. I will tell you firsthand that I do NOT visit Bey’s tumbler, twitter, or anything for that matter and yet her stories somehow ALWAYS manage to follow me. I am not seeking her out at all so I don’t think it’s fair to say “well it’s your fault for seeing it”. It’s hard to ignore something that’s constantly being thrown in your face. Heck I’m not trying to seek out Justin Bieber either but yet he’s all over the news. Guess I will have to stop watching the news now lol

    Secondly, I do think the whole argument about whether or not he is a good husband is foolish because that’s irrelevant to me and does not affect my life. However , her need to pass off the sexualized image she’s presenting as a form of political empowerment IS my business, and how dare you say otherwise? We live in a world where a parent is NOT their child’s only influence. Pop culture is everywhere so it’s naive to say “oh I shouldn’t have to stop dancing like this for YOUR kids”. I think in general, we as a society have developed this very individualistic mentality (due to increasing westernization), and so we somehow begin to believe it’s okay for me to do whatever I want as long as it makes me feel good, despite whoever else it may be affecting. News flash: a society without morals or boundaries will essentially lead to utter chaos (which we clearly already are). What Beyonce (or any other celebrities for that matter) does with her body is HER business, but when she decides to bring those decisions to a public platform for the masses (including myself) to consume, it automatically becomes my business.

    • hollyw

      You sure are right about one thing, for somebody to say if you don’t like Beyonce exposure, then “look away” is ridiculous and made me question if she even knew who Beyonce was lol… Like, hello, she opened the d@mn GRAMMY’S, to remove Beyonce from your life and culture you either have to 1. move out of the Western world entirely, or 2. blind ya eyes out AND wear earplugs for the rest of ya life o.O

    • Nia

      I agree. I don’t check for her and I hadn’t seen the performance until I saw that bit they played. I don’t really care about her one way or the other but please don’t try to be deep. Not when you running around with no pants on 99.99% of the time.
      And why are all of the writers, ummmm, interesting looking?

  • Catherine McGrue

    Actually Apollo started that fight!!!! He was out of line.

    • Jenie

      huh, how ? Serious question …. Nene started that, and Kenya

      • hollyw

        Right, I’m like, well he obviously didn’t end up stopping it, I mean that was a fail lol…but start it..?

        I think folks have gotten so used to NeNe and Kenya’s sh*t-starting that they no longer even see it as a catalyst for fights smh lol…

      • Kemi

        Oh, stop it with the Kenya-blame-game. It’s getting boring and played out. Kenya did NOT start that fight. She got up, and she had every right to, as Christopher, and several others stood up. We know you hate Kenya, but get your facts straight.

    • CC

      Catherine Apollo was trying to hold Brandon back along with Peter and was hit by Brandon.

    • Miss E

      Were you watching the same show?