He Say, She Say: Is Beyonce A Poor Excuse For A Wife?

January 31, 2014  |  

In our first He Say, She Say piece, a male and a female writer take on the NY Post’s assertion that Jay Z is a poor excuse for a husband for allowing his wife to perform provocatively. 

He Say

By Kevin L. Clark

Jay Z and his future billionaire wifey, Beyoncé, opened up the 2014 Grammy Awards with a performance that went down in music history as one to remember. The couple’s live rendition of “Drunk In Love,” found the former Destiny’s Child singer stripper-kicking and “surfboarding” alongside her husband as millions of men ogled around the world.

The backlash was immediate.

Parents deemed their salacious duet “too risqué” and “inappropriate for children” for the early 8:00pm time slot. The 17-time Grammy award winner was even called a “whore,” in addition to “trashy” and “tasteless,” by a UK newspaper. Not only did the critics-that-be try to shame King Bey for her Rihanna-esque attempt, but this week (Jan. 28) the New York Post deemed hometown hero, Jay Z, “a poor excuse for a husband.”

“What do you call a man who stands there smiling and singing as his scantily clad wife straddles a chair and shakes her rear end for other men’s titillation?” Naomi Schaefer Riley of the Post writes. “Rhymes with Goodyear…?” The author deems it wrong that Hov didn’t keep his wife in line for the Parents Television Council, which then raises the question: Should wives eventually change clothes for their husbands? As a recently engaged Black man, who also thanks God for conspiring and putting my soon-to-be wife in my life, I have to take umbrage with the outrage thrown towards the Carters.

Personally, I feel that, out of respect for me and our unified relationship, my woman shouldn’t be dressed like she’s auditioning for Love And Hip-Hop. These Brooklyn streets I tread are already vicious enough without having to fight every night to prove my worth. Unlike Bey Z, me and my significant other don’t have the luxury of big, burly bodyguards and a best friend who will hit you with pepper spray when confronted. We don’t command the attention of stans, paparazzi, or councils who feel the need to critique our every move. There’s no need to overexpose our sexual intimacy to the masses.

My soon-to-be wife doesn’t even dress provocatively for public consumption, and while Bey Z’s on-stage persona may allow for that type of behavior, I’m pretty sure Jay doesn’t pimp out his wife when they’re not performing. Much like what Necole Bitchie said in her write-up on the matter, there was a time when folks believed the couple was not affectionate enough towards each other. Now, they’ve invited the world into their marriage, to be a part of it all in real time, and it still creates a big uproar of disapproval.

While you can’t please everybody, popular culture already sheds little-to-no light on happy, successful Black marriages and paints the institution as something to avoid like the plague. Beyoncé and Jay Z made marriage look appealing and rewarding, both personally and professionally, which isn’t the focal point of celebration by the Post or other critics. That’s a much, much better argument to have than whether or not Jay should’ve been staring at Bey’s fatty before the kids go to bed.

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  • Ivy

    what people fail to understand is that being an artist is apart of both of their careers & performing is apart of the job. That is how Blue eats, that’s how they take care of her & each other. Ever since the beginning of time [her Destiny’s Child days] Bey has shown skin; idk one performer who hasn’t at least once. So considering she has to anyway, why not do it with her husband?

  • BillCosbySideEye

    People need to understand that their marriage is a business arrangement based on money, business opportunities, and fame – not love. Beyoncé was basically sold from one pimp, her father, to another, Jay Z. That’s why Jay Z has no problem with Beyoncé parading around like a stripper – it brings notoriety, which brings in cash. Blue Ivy, sad to say, is just an engineered publicity stunt. Americans are in love with the illusion of the power couple that has it all. Think about this – why didn’t Joe Camel acknowledge any of his other kids at the Grammy’s?

  • adez

    yehyeh, nice songs and rich money, but still it all comes down to one fact that this generation of people are trying to evade——this whole cherade is tasteless and stupid- once you get married, there should be some rules, i wouldn’t want to see my married parents dressing like sluts and having porn-dance to millions of faces. That blue-ivy is going to have a really wierd future awaiting her.

  • Syrena Simpson

    Entertainers are the same as actors….it is scripted…

  • Aaron J. Mitchell

    Let me get this straight, it’s ok to do what Beyonce does if you’re single and has to stop when you get married? Is that written somewhere? How they choose to portray their marriage is their own business. Like I keep saying, it’s not like they were having sex on stage. They didn’t even touch each other inappropriately. Also, can we stop with this female empowerment debate? Yes, she speaks about empowering women, making your own choices, “running the world”… Does that also mean she can’t choose to cater to her husband? How foolish is it to think that simply because a woman chooses to glorify her marriage by making her spouse happy, she’s being “submissive” and “weak minded”. Get real, people. Focus on your own lives. I really don’t give a HOT damn what she does with her personal life. I love her for her music and her performing, as should we all. What does any of her person business have to do with her music career? It’s crazy how the Black community will be the first to judge and degrade successful Black people… Tsk, tsk.

    • Syrena Simpson

      luv it!

  • Realtalk

    Listen the point is not about evidence or false or true, the problem is that we have a lot of young girls looking and thinking that this way of dressing and behavior is ok, I saw three young girls on the streets 2 wearing sweaters saying b*tch 1 and b*tch 2, the third young girl with a hat that said “I aintno wifey”. Bey is grown and married and grind with her husband. We have young girls grinding on other people’s husbands and destroying homes knowing already that most of our black men are weak and foolish that’s what we need to focus on. In all honesty be real if things don’t change even to blu will be called a b*tch, even our young daughters because this is becoming more normal in our society.

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  • tiredofyouall

    people allow their kids to watch violent movies, play HELLA violent
    video games, but them toy guns, swords – watch wrestling and boxing…..
    they see violence in b-ball (both), football , soccer, hockey – and have NO problem!
    however, SOME STILL maintain a puritanical view of sex and sexuality , as if its dirty
    and perverse ; its SUPPOSED to be natural !
    I don’t get it; I truly don’t………..

  • Grown

    They invited us into their bedroom for a drunken (lusty) glimpse. It is supposed to be risqué. I have been married for 20 years and have no issue with it except to say that it’s not POP music so parents….do your job and keep the kids away when grown folks are having adult conversation.

  • Jerrica Morello

    LOL…Kim K takes a selfie of her a$$ and no one cares, beyonce PERFORMS in a one piece and she is now a stripper…some of you have lost your mind!!!

  • Jerrica Morello

    OMG, get an education before you leave messages on a message board, seriously!

  • Tanycha

    Relax, people are just not use to seeing an African American, married couple displaying sexual energy. If Bey was up there alone with White or Latino male dancers, there would be no issue.

    • Jerrica Morello

      Exactly, Tanycha…people don’t understand how an African American couple can be so successful AND have a great marriage that it gets to the point that they feel the need to tear them down. Their performance was fine, you see more gyrating in any club you go to nowdays…It seems some live under a rock!

  • Jerrica Morello

    Oh Please…Some people are so jealous, they are the most powerful couple in the music industry and they can whatever they want. Miley goes onstage and simulates sex with a married father, but that’s acceptable??? PLEASE!!! And JZ has already put it out there that he refuses to ref to women as b***hes ever since he became a father, so you should get your facts straight before just putting out BS. They make a great couple and there was nothing trashy about their performance…You see more than this in any Vegas show. Blows me away when people feel the need to become judges for the rules of ANYONE elses marriage. Worry about your own relationship!!!!

  • DoinMe

    I’m no fan of Jay-Z, but why is he getting all the blame? Beyonce is a grown arse woman with more money than he has. If she wants to dress and act like a stripper, which she has been doing throughout her entire career, that’s her call. I don’t understand what the big fuss is about. This performance is no different from all of her other scantily-clad performances

  • provokethought

    I don’t think she is a bad wife. I did think that she would have saved some things for the bedroom with the understanding that her daughter will grow up one day. She is too accomplished for that…..

  • Taryn Bryant

    I can’t believe anyone still cares anymore.

  • Jay Lane

    Just because I feel a way about Beyonce’s performance doesn’t mean that I hate EVERYTHING she’s ever done or disparage ALL aspects of her marriage, so miss me with the “what about [insert unrelated Bey-Z factoid]…?” There are plenty of positives to speak on when it comes to this couple but that tacky booty toot ain’t one of them. Lo ciento:(

  • Soren

    Really people!? Who cares. It’s his wife not yours, and her husband not yours. Worry about your own marriages and let them worry about theirs.

  • JacPo

    I’ve never been into either of them. they’re a bit over exposed for my taste. But I do want to say that he’s not allowing her to do anything. Her style of entertainment flourished in this light when the did their first song together. this is how she makes her money and doesn’t need his money… this is why she can do what she does. the performance was inappropriate for the family hour. They can make their money the way the see fit but they won’t see a dime of my money to encourage them.

    • Jerrica Morello

      I highly doubt they will miss your dime…LOL

      • Jacjac

        Then I guess we have a win win situation.

  • Zia Paul

    I think most people have a problem with the pimp/ho dynamic and the image/performance that came with it. Beyonce presents herself as being much better than that, but now people see that she isn’t–rude wake up call for them.

  • MuscleMansWoman

    Why is this still being discussed? We get it. Beyonce is Mrs. Carter now. However, there was a time when admitting to the union was problematic for her. Now that this marriage has brought her and him unimaginable wealth we are subjected to every aspect of their lives together.

  • NubiaDiva

    The performance was tacky. My major gripe with it has less to do with their marriage and more to do with it confirming the pimp/ ho dynamic of Black relationships. Both Jay-Z and Beyonce have worked their tails off to become “Mr. & Mrs. Black America” Black Men quote Jay- Z lyrics like the bible and Black women regard everything Beyonce does like she invented water.

    Being Black we are still judged as a people not individually. The world has always seen Black people as overly sexualized beasts. Why add to the narrative?

    A Black celebrity’s public responsibility is greater than their White counterparts. We are still trying to be free and equal. We are still trying to be respected. There is a generation of young men and women who would be greatly served to see them and the rest of their counterparts acting like people deserving of respect and honor. Not the Pimp/Ho dynamic. Harry Belafonte called these folk out correctly.

  • africangirlwithasharptounge

    They’re looking too deep into this. Beyonce is a woman who could give AF about what people say about how a “woman” in this society should act when it comes to her money, her man, her family, and her body….What authorizes you to say what a woman should be accustomed to?…a man at that? Sit down. This article is doing the most..

    • Jerrica Morello

      Preach!!! I agree 100%

  • amir bey

    The ‘spread eagle’ look is so unbecoming. There’s no way around it, even in entertainment. Don’t understand why everything with her has to be so over-sexualized. No decent man would want their wife out there like that. They are bad examples for their daughter. Money isn’t everything. Life has a way of bringing you up, then bringing you down.

  • WhoSaidThat

    What Beyonce did was tacky..I will admit that being the huge fan that I am! But she is a performer she dances half naked all the time even at her concerts…the only difference is that Jay Z happened to be present at this one performance. Now Beyonce is a horrible wife and Jay Z is a horrible husband? We should not go as far as to judge their marriage. But I do see the issue with Jay Z letting his wife go out like that in front of millions. Im on the fence about the performance!

    • Bklyn Diamond

      Letting???? She is a grown woman with a mind and will of her own.

      I didn’t particularly care for the performance, but that is just as it seemed disconnected to me. I like some of her music (good to dance too) but am no fan.

      Either way, I don’t understand this idea of him letting her…..we are not in regency England.

      • goodgirl

        People are using the words “allowded or let his wife” loosely. No one is intending that Jay Z should have control over his wife. Come on.

  • Dre

    One time, at band camp…

  • just my opinion

    Unfortunately wearing clothing is optional whether it is Beyonce, Miley Cyrus etc. I personally did not allow my 10 year old daughter to watch Beyonce’s performance.I was very shocked that the performance was so risque at 10 am. We live in a very hypersexual society so this becoming the norm. As parents we much teach our children how to value and respect themselves. Beyonce is way too talented to parade around naked.

    • mymamabiscuits

      I absolutely agree. I do not want my children to follow this trend. I dont believe that strong women – as Beyonce promotes herself- have to dress like this. I dont see impowerment when I see her.
      However, is Beyonce a poor excuse for a wife. We cant answer that. This performamce was sanctioned by her husband. If he didnt agree then yes we can call her a poor wife. But clearly Jay Z didnt mind. Her husband loves her, I believe. Do I want to be a wife like her? No. Does my husband want a wife like her? Haha. Well you know men.
      I believe people are so accepting of this hypersexualized trend that they dont see the problems it causes and it will only get worse.

      • mymamabiscuits

        Empowerment. Yes, I failed many of my spelling tests back in the day.

  • guest

    Say Beyonce’s performance was too provocative and you didn’t like it and the beehive calls you a hater. Really? Then you get what about Madonna, Christina, and Britney sucking face? What about Miley Cyrus? My answer they were all classless performances. PATIENTLY waiting for the first idiot to stand on stage butt naked. We have become a society where everything goes, wrong has become right and if you speak out about it you’re jealous or a hater. Nope don’t hate Beyonce, strongly dislike her choices however. Oh and before you jump in on me, since she has the ‘right’ to do a striptease act in public I have the ‘same’ right to say I didn’t care for the performance… happy buzzing beehive

    • mymamabiscuits

      I especially agree with the part in your statement that wrong is now right.

    • Jerrica Morello

      My God, go to a beach…there was no striptease…you need to step away from the pipe…you are delusional!

  • Lilly

    When Jay Z met Beyonce, she was clapping her a s s on stage for the masses. When they decided to be in a committed relationship, she was clapping her a s s on stage. When he asked her to marry him, she was clapping that a s s on stage, When they took their vows she soon went back to clapping her a s s. Right before she announced being pregnant, she was clapping her a s s. Her husband knows her entertainment style and how she makes her money, why should he, or anyone for that matter, be upset now? We have been watching female and male artists sing/rap about their sexual trysts with partners who they aren’t married to for years without an issue. I’m sure Beyonce and Jay Z have talked about each other in songs before they were married as well. Why is it a problem now that two people who are married to each other express their love life in their songs? Why are our standards so twisted? Are our artists not allowed to grow, change and evolve?

    • Lilly

      Additionally, the stage is like their 2nd home and with all the bright lights obscuring everyone, I can see how it may have felt as though they were the only ones in the room.

    • Lilly

      Additionally, I’m sure the stage is like their 2nd home so that comfort and bright stage lights obscuring the audience, I’m sure it was easy to forget that there are people watching.

  • Willam

    First of all, no one should tell a married couple how they should run their own marriage, not all marriages should be like the The Cleavers from Leave It To Beaver. Also what’s wrong with a wife being s3xy for her husband, yeah other people can look but her husband is the only one that can touch her and see what’s underneath her panties and bra. People need to focus on their own personal lives and stop analyzing other people’s. Besides, Beyonce have been doing the same sh8t for years, even while she was still with Destiny’s Child and she ain’t gonna stop so get over it!

    • Zia Paul

      There aren’t any words…smh

  • Sian Rose

    What exactly are people pissed about?
    Beyonce has been running around on stage in her undies for years now and plenty women, men and children have spent their hard earned money to watch up close. I was well reported in the press that they’d be performing this song and considering the lyrics + video for the song … why is anyone surprised?

    Ps. I am sure Jay and Bey thanks us all, myself included, for keeping them relevant.

    • HUgrad13

      YES!!!! For years! Y’all know that girl aint never liked pants….ever. And she’s always danced extremely provocative! Now that she got married, people expected her to put some pants on and church dance or something?? I don’t comprehend.

  • Just saying!!

    To the author, I agree that we should not say what a wife should be, she’s a grown woman. But this tired excuse of “she’s dancing for her husband”, is foolish. You as an every day woman may dance for your husband at home and let him witness the goods, but millions of people (to my knowledge) are watching you. I think people fail to realize that the second you out something on stage it becomes a display. At this point, she is no longer dancing for her husband, she is dancing for millions of people. This public platform is what distinguishes between exploiting your sexuality freely and using your sexuality as advertising. I’m not saying she doesn’t have a right to do this, but the fact that people think it’s okay BECAUSE of her marital status disturbs me (because I guess single women aren’t supposed to do this??). When you put something out on display it automatically suggests you want us to consume what we are watching. We are not engaging in this behavior with you so it can become one big “own your sexuality” party lol, we are just watching what you feed to us. To say this is the same thing as the average woman getting freaky with her husband in her bedroom is incredibly misleading to say the least.

    • Just saying!!

      That should say millions of people are not watching you. I hate typing on my phone -_-

    • Just saying!!

      That should also say exploring your sexuality, not exploiting. I should’ve waited until I got to a damn computer smdh

      • beautymeup

        lol, just cant get right!! but i understand what youre saying completely. what baffles me is WHAT IS SHE RESERVING FOR HER HUSBAND??? we’ve already seen her do a lap dance, we’ve seen her twerk, we’ve seen her dance for hard and fast, like she wanted her top to open.

        • beautymeup

          not “for hard and fast” its supposed to be “so hard and fast” lol, got me over here typing like you!

  • me

    People are just making up reasons to write about them now. It’s time for the backlash to begin.

  • bee

    The argument is so silly. Beyonce & Jay-Z are entertainers. Beyonce has been doing her job & doing it well for a long time – so now she should tone down her act because people think that she’s not a good example of a wife? People are so damn sensitive. SO sensitive! If Jay-Z, HER HUSBAND, THE MAN THAT SHE EXCHANGED VOWS, THE ONE THAT SHE SHARES HER LIFE WITH, is content with his wife and how she entertains – what is the problem? Don’t get me wrong, I think that people are entitled to their opinions, of course, but why is this such a debate? Turn off the damn tv or change the channel. What about Madonna, Britney, etc. who were a little raunchy in their performances? Did that make them less of women or wives? smh Like I said, people are too sensitive.

    • Just saying!!

      I think the reason Beyonce is receiving so much backlash is because she’s doing the same thing Madonna, Britney, etc. are doing and making a political statement out of it, sort of saying “this is what female empowerment is” like what she tried to do with her album. If you begin to frame your music and performances in that way, people are going to be more sensitive to what you are presenting as empowerment (hence, people’s disdain for the power dynamics that were displayed during the performance).

      • bee

        I can understand that.

      • MLS2698

        So-sex is the only way women can be empowered? Women already have the power, they just give it away with random sex-acts, then want to be considered as equals, all the while, knowing there is a double standard; especially when it comes to-sex.

  • Cleveland Cutie

    *sigh* We’re still talking about them…

  • Aqueelah S. Brown

    This is truly sad …how could you judge a woman’s marriage based on a dam performance that she did with her husband? Now if she is this proactive outside of her marriage with another man then I could see the comments possibly even being reasonable, but this is her husband for Christ Sake…you don’t wanna see it change the channel and you shouldn’t judge no ones marriage unless you would want someone judging yours!!!
    Im all for them…cute couple and I loved it!

    • Jerrica Morello

      ^5 Aqueelah, people lose their minds when they see a happily married, hugely successful, African American couple…Get a grip!

  • beautymeup

    I think its TACKY. Gyrating, half naked, strip teases, lap dances, freak moves, etc, for the world to see when it should be something only a husband should see. With Beyonce, yes she’s an entertainer, and is good at what she does, but with these dominatrix/lingerie “costumes” she’s had more than a few nip slips, and booty shows. If she’s showing everyone her goods, what is she saving for her husband? the only thing we haven’t seen from this woman is her fallopian tubes…

    • Just saying!!

      I agree. I think part of the point of getting married is that this person is the only special that is entitled to see that part of you. I mean she can do what she wants but for me in particular I just think it’s more special when only my partner knows this side of me. Makes it a little more intimate. Plus I wonder if they are aware of the fact that these things are on video/online and their daughter will have access to it all? I sure as heck dot want to think about my parents doing the do. Yucky!! Lol

      • DaTruth

        Tbh I’m pretty sure no one sees what she actually does in her own home period. Do u really think that she’d show it all? Plus to me she toned it down. If it isn’t your marriage get out of it because your name is not written on the marriage certificate. And not let their daughter see HER parents together and still in love??? Ya’ll need to sit down and focus on keeping your marriages together

        • Just saying!!

          If she wanted me to “get out of it” she wouldn’t be displaying it to the world now would she? She’s displaying it precisely because she wants us in it. Please think before you type.

          • beautymeup

            exactly. why else would she be half naked? attention and money, not because she wants respect for her marriage. they were better off to the world when they kept everything secret.

            • Jerrica Morello

              LOL, half naked??? Clearly you haven’t been to the beach or a club in a VERY long time!!!!

        • beautymeup

          She’s toned nothing down, besides her body. Check out the Baby Boy or Soldier videos, then the Sweet Dreams and Dance For You videos and notice how shes stepped the sexuality way UP. Yes, shes grown as an adult, but you lost me in your discussion about how she’s toned it down. I haven’t heard her new album fully, but i do know its filled with sex/sexual references. I never heard or knew what “surfboard” meant until it was in her song. Definetely not toned down…

          • Jerrica Morello

            I would hope that we all GROW as we age, and whether that means sexually or whatever, so what…If you don’t like it, turn the channel and stop hating!

      • beautymeup

        exactly. i think this type of behavior, from all celebs and entertainers is pushing the limit. when their daughter (and our daughters) come of age and discover this trash, they’ll think this is normal. and that saddens me to the core. its not normal. that type of behavior is reserved for strippers and prostitutes. not wives, mothers, or even girlfriends.

      • Jerrica Morello

        I guess when you get married, in your mind, that people should then dress like a ‘nun’. It probably is more special for ‘you’ that only your partner sees ‘that part of you’ because probably no one else would want to see you, that is why she is famous and a multi-millionaire, because people want to see HER…

    • Gert

      I agree, it’s funny the posted this article. Because My husband actually said who they should be questioning is Jay-Z (an what type of husband he represents) vs Beyonce. He is on the stage fully clothed in a suit, white his wife is half-naked, with her legs open.
      I did not watch the performance or the Grammy’s but from what clips I did see…I did not miss anything. Beyonce has enough talent and loyal fans that she does not have to sell sex the way that she is. To me it is unbecoming for any woman, married or single. I just think she can do better….I thought it was tacky and classless.
      That’s just my opinion…I would never judge her personal life as a wife or mother…because it is not my life to judge.
      Beyonce makes questionable decisions and is a public figure, it’s only natural that people will have something to say. To think someone who makes a living off of public support and not get judged for the things that they do and how they carry themselves is unrealistic. She makes a living because she has fans that buy her music…Just because someone make “Good Music” does not automatically equal “Good Character”

      • beautymeup

        say it again!! lol.. just how when people were critizing Robin Thicke, TI, and Pharell for the “Blurred Lines” video, they were fully clothed, with the models frolicking around half naked, its the same thing with this Jay Z and Beyonce performance. I didnt watch it either, and from what i’ve heard and the pics i’ve seen, i’ve heard enough and would rather not watch it. He should want more respect for his wife and marriage. I dont see it any different than him being the boyfriend of a stipper, think about Lance and Diamond from the players club lol.. She has came a long way, but at the end of the day, shes a married woman and a mother. She’s not a Rhianna or Lady Gaga..

        • beautymeup


      • Jerrica Morello

        Where do you find these people stating she is half naked??? Really? Have you been to a beach…go there and then come back and say she is half naked, especially when she is wearing a one piece turtleneck…*SMH***

        • LuLu_Slim

          You’re really coming off as a raging idiot going back and forth with every poster who is not glorifying Beyoncé. Are you on her payroll? Do you work for Parkwood Entertainment? Or are you Beyoncé herself?

    • Yvonne Watkins


    • Jerrica Morello

      Really, only a husband should see? She did nothing that was wrong…have you ever been to Vegas??? They do more gyrating and sex simulation in those shows…And she is not showing everyone her ‘goods’, for crying out loud, you see more skin on any beach you go to. Again, another who believes that they should judge someone else…give it up…

  • Just saying!!

    I wish this conversation about her feminism and empowerment would really just die smdh I get it, she’s entertaining. Why make a political statement out of everything she does. It’s so stupid. She hasn’t been doing anything Rihanna and Madonna haven’t already done countless times before. Now all of a sudden she’s empowering women around the world? Lol and I agree that we shouldn’t talk about what Jay should ALLOW her to do because she is a grown woman, but I’m wondering why they feel the need to bring the world into their bedroom. How are we benefitting from seeing that? You are essentially using your body and your marriage as advertising at that point. I mean they don’t have to NOT touch each other but we don’t need to see everything either. The key is moderation, they just seem to go from one extreme to the other. I guess I’m just going to have to be the person that’s different and out of the loop because I don’t see what they’re doing as something that is game changing or appealing at all. Especially after she had the nerve to sing “eat the cake” with him. Maybe I’m crazy but why does it seem like she’s always playing the submissive role on stage? The snippet from her song talks about women making themselves smaller for men and yet whenever he comes around it seems like she shrinks? Idk maybe I’m interpreting it wrong but I’m so over it. Just entertain people and leave it at that lol. -_-

    • Gert

      I Agree

    • mymamabiscuits

      Beyonce is the one always talking about empowerment. She states that her music represents empowering women. Tell her to kill it

    • Jerrica Morello

      LOL, talk about misinterpreting…sounds more like JEALOUSY. Beyoncé is classy, beautiful and 1/2 of the most powerful couple in the music industry…she can do whatever she wants…Deal with it!!!

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    they are both entertainers…that’s what entertainers do…entertain…people can argue all day whether she disrespected him or he disrespected her or they disrespected the world with their performance or their own marriage

  • York

    We’re supposed to speculate on the lives of entertainers doing their jobs?

    Would this even be an issue if they weren’t married?

  • Kat

    No, but if your man is having sex with you and thinking about her then you are a poor excuse for a partner. Step YOUR game up. I’m sure your man wouldn’t complained if you pranced around the house looking and dressing and acting like her one bit.

    • Just saying!!

      Key phrase: around the HOUSE. Big difference boo! Lol

      • Kat

        No, “AROUND THE HOUSE” for you “boo”, not her. That’s her job.

  • Angela Bryant

    Man, the Carters are laughing right on up to the bank right now. The Grammy performance is not an indication of anything but a good show. It was designed to entertain the masses and keep their names in the public – mission accomplished.
    If you don’t like it, dont watch! It’s truly that simple.

  • guestdfw

    Do we have these conversations men are being the sexual object(or displaying their sexuality) and their wives are present?

  • Neco84

    Wait… He’s “allowing her” to act like this???? What year is it again? Ive never been a feminist but do believe in being “allowed” to be an individual in a relationship. And its perfectly healthy to make choices that you would like to as long as your partner agrees. Annnnd Jay Z seems to be co-signing so whats the problem?

  • Jasmine

    Why are people so concerned with a marriage that isn’t even their own?

    • guest

      Because it’s put out their for the masses to see. They need to expect people to comment. If they don’t want the backlash, do what normal married couples do and live life, raise their child. You can be a successful couple and keep your private life private.

      • Neco84

        Theyre a married couple…. Are we suppose to lose all passion and lust when we take our vows? And both are entertainers so they wanted to show the world. They’re happy and attracted to each other and rarely show this side.

        • Guest

          The problem isn’t that they are married and still hoppin’ around like newlyweds (which I’m totally not mad at, lol). It’s moreso the notion of putting what some people believe to be intimate moments on display for the world to see. Like you said, both are entertainers – trust me that show they put on what just that: a show. Their private moments are still very private. As sultry as they may be on stage, they aren’t stupid.

          • Neco84

            They were….. *gasp!* DANCING!!!! Relax.

        • Yvonne Watkins

          What next, actually copulating on stage like they do in Mexico and other places where they have sex shows? They are making something beautiful into something tawdry and ugly. Her pose shown with this article, crude and vulgar, yuk.

          • Neco84

            They were dancing…. they’re married…. relax.

            • Yvonne Watkins

              The dance was crude and vulgar regardless of the relationship – because is was done in public. Sex is a private matter. Bottom line, would any of the apostles do it with their wives in public? Would Mary and Joseph dance like that in public? Would Jesus (if he were married)? Certainly, everyone doesn’t use the Bible as a guide, but for those who do, the questions posed are pertinent.

              Additionally, no hyperbole, just asking how low the standards will go. As time goes on, things get worse. Who knows how bad it will get. I remember when married couples had to sleep in separate beds on TV
              (silly, but I’d rather have that than what we have today). I remember when people couldn’t even say hell on TV now what DON’T they say. No one would have believed that we would actually see and hear things we see and hear on TV today! Only time will tell.

          • Jerrica Morello

            Really, talk about hyperbole!!! You see more intimacy when you go see a Vegas show, you need to chill out. I guess Miley gyrating against a married father is OK in your book. If you were so disgusted with their performance, turn the channel, very simple. It’s the Grammy’s, get over it already!!!

            • Yvonne Watkins

              I never watched the show. Never do.
              It doesn’t matter what the WORLD says is ok. As I stated, it matters what Jesus would do. If you re-read my post, it should be clear that I feel that kind of dancing is not okay in PUBLIC. Since I referenced the bible, it goes without saying that what Miley and Robin did was also wrong. I didn’t watch them either.
              “Chill out”? I am not upset, just trying to inform and give people who want it, something to think about. I am trying to apply WWJD to my life and encourage others who try to do the same. But we can agree to disagree.

      • TheMsmother

        How does a celebrity couple( especially one that successful) keep their life private? If the paparazzi is not jumping out of bushes, they are making shi- up.

      • Courtney Banks

        How do you define normal?? You mean be mediocre and do what everyone else does?

      • Jerrica Morello

        They are doing what ‘normal’ people do, they are living life and raising their child. Guest, please tell us what you learned about their private life from that performance, please enlighten us all, because all I saw was a couple who is CRAZY talented, Crazy in love, and just did what they ‘normally’ do to earn a living.

    • Neco84

      Right? They seem to be happy. And may I stress a happy MARRIED couple. Not like shes loose dancing with strange men. Did we all forget its her husband?

      • Just saying!!

        That is such a bad excuse. She’s not dancing for her husband. If she was dancing for her husband it would be just them two. When millions of people are watching and she is put on display, she’s dancing for those millions of people.

        • Neco84

          I kiss my boyfriend and hold his hand and *GASP* sometimes even DANCE with him IN PUBLIC! Someone call the police!!! LOL

          • Zia Paul

            She is a paid performer there to bring in viewers, so yes, she is dancing for millions of people.

        • Jerrica Morello

          Hello, she is a performer, and may I add they are THE MOST POWERFUL singing couple in the music industry. Of course, she is dancing for millions of people, as do all other artists…I can’t stand when some people think it is their God-given right to be the judge of how married couples are supposed to act. Worry about your own relationship!!! SMH

    • Yvonne Watkins

      The same reason you are on this site and commenting, idle curiosity and human interest. There’s nothing wrong with that . That’s why they do what they do … to get and keep our interest/attention. We really coundn’t care less but what the heck, it’s something to talk about. Shallow, yes but oh well.

  • Moira

    I would say she’s simple minded because she think it’s flattering when he calls her his b*tch. She has bought in to the title of Hottest/Baddest B*tch in the game”, that has been implied to her over the years.

    He’s a poor excuse in that aspect…it’s not a compliment at all

    But let someone call Blue a b*tch and see what happens

    • Tahirah Henry

      He already referred to Blue as b*tch in his own rap song.

      • Just saying!!

        Wait, what!?!!!!??? What song is this!?

        • atieno

          WHICH SONG??????,enlighten us please ,

      • Brooklyn Marie

        shut the front door! NO! Are you serious? Wow! I’m with the other commenters…which song? Do tell!

      • LaurenFoxMN

        Send us a link so we know it’s real!

      • Chey

        That’s a GOT dang lie.

      • beautymeup

        I dont know if he referred to Blue as a b*tch, but I know he referred specifically to Beyonce (his wife) as one

      • Maxipooh

        check your information before you post stuff

      • africangirlwithasharptounge

        He never called Blue a Bxtch…stop REACHIN. And if he did…please provide evidence

      • Aaron J. Mitchell

        Bold faced lying.

    • Ivy

      BTW – if you’re talking about the line he said that goes “i got the hottest CHICK in the game, wearing my chain” even in the unclean version he says CHICK.