Is Kevin Hart Overexposed?

January 29, 2014  |  

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In 2005, while hosting the Academy Awards, comedian Chris Rock said this when speaking of the great and yet overexposed (at the time) thespian Jude Law:

“Who is Jude Law? Why is he in every movie I have seen for the last four years? He’s in everything…Even the movies he’s not in, if you look at the credits he made cupcakes or something.”

That’s how I feel about Kevin Hart right now.

He is certainly the “it” man at the moment, but is Kevin Hart overexposed? According to IMDb, Hart starred in three Hollywood films last year including This Is the End, Grudge Match and his own stand-up film, Let Me Explain. This year, Hart will be in Ride Along, About Last Night, Think Like a Man Too, School Dance, The Wedding Ringer and an untitled animated pet movie that has been greenlit, which is slated for 2016. Oh, and let’s not forget about the Real Husbands of Hollywood, which he both stars in and produces, as well as the various award shows he pops up at and hosts from time to time.

And according to Shadow & Act, Hart will be producing a pilot comedy series for ABC. The yet to be named show about a divorced couple will be based on Hart’s own stand-up material. Shadow & Act reports:

The comedy will give audiences a candid look at the life of a couple after their divorce, as they try to rebuild their relationship as friends, for the sake of their children.The project hails from the writers and producers of Community and Scrubs, Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan, and will be based on Kevin Hart’s own stand-up material. However, Hart isn’t expected to star in the series. Instead, he’ll likely take a recurring role (assuming the series is picked up after the pilot is made).”

Well thanks goodness for small miracles.

Don’t get me wrong: I love Kevin Hart. I loved him through the borderline coonery and buffoonery of some of his early work like Soul Plane. I love him even though he talks slick towards black women in ways, which he even admits he is fearful to do to other demographics. And I love him despite the fact that he literally only stands about chin level on my 5’7″ and a half frame. In spite of all his personal quirks, I really do enjoy his comedy. He has a particularly folksy way of telling funny stories – and by “folksy,” I mean if your folk happened to live in the ‘hood. But as a fellow Philadelphian, the jokes he shares about his friends and family are all too familiar to me and I imagine many others. So I definitely get his appeal and I’m happy he is able to make a living from that.

But the timing of his films and other on-screen work is giving us way too much Kevin Hart at one time. Are there any other black comedic actors looking for work in Hollywood who could benefit from a film role or a production deal with a major network and/or studio? What about Mike Epps? He has been hustling hard through Facebook and WorldStarHipHop with his self-produced parody videos. How about Anthony Anderson or Craig Robinson? Both can act and are funny. Or maybe even one of the recently discovered Wayans siblings? Why must it be so much Kevin Hart?

If you are going to go by this fairly recent article in the LA Times entitled Does Hollywood Discriminate Against Young Black Actors?, the answer might have something to do with black comedic actors being more valuable real estate in Hollywood than the more dramatic black actors. And this likely has to do with the recent success of black comedies like Think Like A Man and The Best Man Holiday, which will undoubtedly spur the rise of similar romantic comedies for the next few years. In this respect, Hart’s rise in Hollywood makes sense.

However, his rise is also symptomatic of larger issues in Hollywood, particularly its lack of diversity. Basically, it gets into these creative bubbles, where it doesn’t deviant beyond what it believes is certain to make some money. And as a result, new voices and faces as well as new ideas never get a platform. This is especially problematic for black Hollywood considering the roles available to them are already sparse. Likewise, we the viewers are only left with the limited choices between an actual Kevin Hart-production or a Kevin Hart-like production.

Based on the trajectory of his films, it certainly looks like they are trying to make Hart a black version of Ben Stiller. His films are becoming less comedic and more dramatic. As a fan of his comedy, I look forward to seeing how he evolves in that respect. But like real evolution, let’s space it out some. Or else, it is just too much Hart.

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  • handsomerandyblackladbrad1953

    Why are you talking “black comedian?”(Hollywood LOVES those buffoonish a**-clowns!!!!!)
    How ’bout talking “black stud leading man?(You know,like Yours Truly should have been and,two days from 61,COULD STILL BE given my pinup boy good looks!!!!!!!)

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  • ruserious

    2013 was his breakout year and already in 2014 he is overexposed? How is that possible? Stop hating on the brother because you don’t like what he says about BW (the same BW that wasn’t checking for him because he was 5’7″). BP stay bringing down their own whenever they get on

  • Hakikah Shamsiden

    No, I don’t. It is hard to have a long term entertainment career. Yes there are exceptions, (Eddie Murphy, Sade) but for the most part it’s important to get in and get your money while you are hot. Only a few can take a hiatus and come back: Exhibit A: Chris Tucker. If there is work, and people support Kevin, Beyonce, Gabrielle or anyone else, they should. When I get tired of them, I won’t watch/attend. Also, these artists are not holding anyone else back because they are doing their thing.

  • guest2

    I found this blog because within the last month, I paid to see two movies with Kevin Hart, Ride Along and About Last Night. The latter of which feature a preview to a 3rd Movie Think Like a Man 2. I haven’t been to the movies in years, and Kevni Hart got me to go twice within 30 days. I Google ” Kevin Hart is hot right now” to see if maybe there were some insight as to why he seems to be blowing up right now. I’ve loved Kevin Hart as a comedian for a long time and right now he seems to be the hot commodity in movies. I was hoping to find some article about maybe how his drive has increase since his divorce, and he is working extra hard to finally break into movies and it’s paying off. Instead, I find this trash. Another blog hating on the fame or success of another celebrity. To my mind an artist is only “over exposed” when they fail to produce anything of value, yet continue to produce excessively. Kevin Hart has a loyal audience and a great talent people love. “Over exposed?” If you think he is over exposed, then you would stop watching. But you are still watching because he’s hilarious, he’s great at making people laugh and you love it. He single handily saved About Last Night, without his role, that movie would have been bland at best. That’s why you watch, that’s why you’re on this blog. Kevin Hart is hot right, now and he is good; if was “too much Kevin Hart”, people wouldn’t watch, but they are. Period.

  • Paid Dues

    I don’t get why Black people think someones Blackness has to be vetted, and approved, and if it doesn’t fall within these unwritten “you’re Black if” guidelines then that person can be ridiculed and scrutinized. Let this man eat, if he’s not your cup of tea then turn off the tv.

  • Shirley

    Yes he is overexposed. I agree with this article. He may be having a good year but give someone else a chance to do the same!

  • me

    I actually don’t think so … I think it’s just enough. I don’t feel like he is being forced down our throats like Beyonce and Jay-Z. THEY are overexposed. I can deal with Kevin’s public profile because I think it’s fairly balanced.

  • guest2

    Have to be the most unintelligent post ever- hate much? let the man make his money and move along to get yours lol just sad! He is entertaining (the reason for comedy) & relatable! Let’s get a better subject please smdh

  • soisaid

    congrats to kevin. hard work does pay off.

  • thatguy0101

    Kevin Hart is the man right now and has been having a money making succes in the past 4 years. Big ups to him, keep getting that money bruh!! Is he overexposed……kinda but not really, i dont know, I think it would be cool if he would star in a different type of movie besides the typical “relationship problem” type movies or silly types “Soul Planes” movies, change is good sometimes…. Do I find him funny, ….ehhhhh he’s funny sometimes, I’m not that dude sitting there “LMAO” and cracking up at all his jokes, but he’ll have me laugh sometimes.

  • Dee

    Just because he is overexposed does not mean he is untalented. He is VERY talented, and his talented self is all over the place and everywhere. But I do agree with another commenter in saying, he has been BLACK famous for years; other demos are just now getting to know him so it isn’t too bad.

  • Dee

    No he’s not overexposed. One has to strike while the iron is hot. Build that foundation, get the base, make the money, build wealth and create a solid network. So that Hart will be able to have his own production company and make films and bring in other black actors and comedians. Well, at least I hope so.

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    “Well thanks goodness for small miracles.” There was so much shade thrown in this post it would probably cause a solar eclipse. My goodness, let this man be successful. Let him enjoy it. He is working extremely hard to do what many black actors (let alone comedians) dont get a chance to do and if I were him, I would milk this to the last drop. I aint mad at you Kevin!

  • VAgirl

    Kevin Hart seems like a cool person, but Katt Williams is funnier. If Katt Williams wasn’t going through a rough time right now, I’m not sure we would even know who Kevin Hart is.

  • Excepcion

    Truthfully if Dave Chapelle or Katt Williams didnt exit the industry the way they did Kevin Hart wouldnt have been as big as he is now. In comparison those guys had alot more longevity in comedy than Kevin. Also to further mention, Katt was on his come up as Dave was on his way out, Kevin was on his come up as Katt was on his way out.. I wonder who will be next up..

  • just sayin…

    yessss. I do like kevin hart, but I’m to the point where i think he needs to sit down for a lil bit, he has a lot going for him which is good, but just like anybody you see so much you begin to get a lil tired of them…

  • kiki j

    No Beyonce is overexposed. Kevin Hart is having a good few years. Beyonce (whom i do like) has been shoved down our throats for over a decade and you are worried about Kevin?

  • gotmine

    Yes, he is overexposed! Kevin Hart is not that funny to me!……….Kat Williams needs to get his sh!t together and get back on the scene!!

  • IG: Taneeka2012

    I agree. He is. And as much as I like him, I’m sick of seeing him. And in all the movies he’s in, he plays the exact same role. I understand comedic relief, but can his character at least have a little change in personality.

  • Andiegurl

    I have to go with the saying “you gotta strike while the iron is hot”. He’s hot right now, so that’s why he’s in demand. This is a good thing for him…why would I rain on his parade? If a person doesn’t want to watch a film or show with him in it, you don’t have to…real simple.

  • RemyDelite


  • Donovan

    Why is this even being considered? As a 45 year old, I can attest to what I am about to say:

    – Was Richard Pryor “Overexposed” in the 1970’s?
    – Was Eddie Murphy “Overexposed” in the 1980’s?
    – Were The Wayans Bros/Eddie Griffin/Cedric… “Overexposed” in the 1990’s?
    – Was Chris Rock “Overexposed” in the 2000’s?

    It is not too often that a “Black Comedian” is able to cross- racial/ethnic/cultural/trans-atlantic barriers and be “Commercially successful” also. WHY DO BLACK PEOPLE DO THIS?

    1) Did you know that he is booked for NUMEROUS television interviews & appearances in both the U.K/Europe & Oceania next month?

    2) Did you know that he will be doing Concerts over in Europe come this April? – And his U.K/France/Italy showings have already SOLD OUT on pre-orders alone?

    Yes, he can sometimes be “irritating” (as are ALL Comedians at point or another) but that doesn’t mean it is because he is “Overexposed”. Why are we not questioning the “Overexposure” of WHITE ENTERTAINERS?

    • SMHgurl24

      Because I have yet to see a white entertainer who is literally in every movie commerical on tv at the moment. Hell when Adam Sandler was in the same position as Hart several years ago I was sick of him! Race doesn’t matter if someone is all of a sudden everywhere in such a small amount of time its overexposed. Not hating on Hart I think hes funny in his own way but its too much

      • Dee

        There was a point in time when Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen were in eeevvveerryytthhhiinnngggg

  • HappilyMarriedSwirl

    I am happy for him.Its not often a black person is over expossed Chris Rock just jealous.He not funny either and he use to be the it person let him have his shine!Crab in bucket.I cant really stand Kevin but I am proud of him!

    • xxdiscoxxheaven

      Did you read the article. Chris Rock’s quote referred to Jude Law

      • scandalous7

        haha right!

    • BillCosbySideEye

      How is it possible to be proud of someone you can’t stand??

      • kiki j

        It’s called not Hating

  • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

    he’s not that funny to me. the people need to cue in on another negro comedian. I won’t see none of these films…and yes Hollywood is very narrow minded about their variety of black actors/ comedians.

  • Tonyoardee

    In the scope of comedians Kevin hart isn’t that good, its like if Nick Young was playing against college players but in the NBA with LeBron(Chris Rock) and Kevin Durant(Martin Lawrence) he’s not that good; he’s taking advantage of a shallow pool and how many short jokes do we really need?

  • Trina

    I know everybody’s wants to be the IT person…but, being IT person comes with a LOVE/HATE RELATIONSHIP. After while u see this person in everything & perform everywhere, u get TIRED of the person because they are in every little thing. He needs to slow his role & save his money because soon as someone better than him comes along he will be played out….look at Chris Tucker.

  • hollyw

    Yes, he is over-exposed, and now I hate him.


  • pickneychile

    You already know Hollywood can only handle one big black comedian at a time for whatever reason. At least he’s taking advantage of his star power before they recycle him for someone else. I personally don’t find him very funny, but he’s got that it factor.

  • Melody Carroll

    yes he is very much so its the truth

  • bee

    Kevin is taking his opportunities and running with them! I don’t blame him. Like he says, everybody wants to be famous, but nobody wants to do the work – the man is working! I’m happy for him.

  • heyheynow

    I think you’re right they have a black comedian who produces a lot of money so Hollywood runs with it. It’s been a long time since we’ve had another really funny comedian I think that adds to it.

  • enlightenment

    Out of tons of other celebs who are overexposed…like Miley Cyrus, Kim K, Kanye, and Beyonce, you choose Kevin Hart? I can’t agree…it’s not overexposure…the kid’s just having a good year!

    • heyheynow

      Beyoncé nawwww

    • Luv

      Saying dark skin women have bad credit and are jealous of his “exotic girlfriend.” But, I am just joking… Child, bye.

      • MiaSara

        I’m biracial and I was offended by his comments. The man is not funny at all but I do applaud him for taking the money and running. He knows he isn’t funny and doesn’t have talent so he’s striking while the iron is hot.

        • Zia Paul

          I’m pretty sure Kevin is funny. You may not like his humor, but that doesn’t diminish is talent.

      • guest

        I wonder what his response will be a few years from now when his dark-skinned daughter asks him if that joke was aimed at her, too.

  • kickash

    I am happy for him and his success but I see how someone could become overexposed, this happens with a lot of people, depending on whoever’s hot at the moment. Like, to me he’s funny, but then sometimes he’s not that funny and he can be borderline annoying. I just don’t pay to see every movie that comes out w/ him in it. I can only take Kevin in small doses, but it’s not just him it’s other comedic actors as well.

  • guest

    Wow.. I can’t believe this is even considered!!! This man has a God given talent and he is using it and now he’s overexposed? Reality trash tv is overexposed.. This is sad world we live in when a person’s success can be used against him or her. Only in the black race can this happen!!!!

    • Star

      shut up ! his unfunny a** is overexposed !

    • bigdede

      He is overexposed but only to the Black community. Like Chris Rock said on RHOH, Kevin Hart is Black famous. So he’s been famous in the Black community for almost 20 years, white people are just now discovering him. So for us he is overexposed but for whites he isn’t because they are just now discovering him.

    • NaturalMoxie

      STOP…Black people are not the only ones who criticize their own. Don’t feed into the hate of your own people by stating or agreeing with that bs. Come on people…

    • Sunny

      I agree with you. I’m not a huge Kevin Hart fan, but it sounds to me like what he’s doing is working. Maybe if some of these blogs didn’t recycle the same stories over and over, he wouldn’t seem overexposed. I only think people are overexposed when they have no talent and therefore have no reason to get so much media exposure in the first place (Kardashians) or when they’re always in the press for doing something crazy (Kanye, Justin Beiber).