Jennifer Hudson Responds To Wendy Williams Claiming Her Comments About Too Much Sex In Music Were A Shot At Beyoncé

January 27, 2014  |  

Remember last week when we told you about Jennifer Hudson saying that folks talk too much about sex in their music nowadays? Seems that some people, BeyHive members, a few online publications and Wendy Williams included, took that as a dig against Beyoncé. Here’s a quick reminder of what Hudson said:

Singing about the same old things in music is so overrated. Sex, drinkin’, the club. Okay, especially sex. Like, we [are] grownups, we ain’t got over that, like, really? Ain’t you too old for that kind of thing? Can you talk about something else? I get annoyed with those things.

Of course, people love to assume that anything someone famous in music says is about Bey. Not only did fans of the “Drunk In Love” singer try to come for her on Twitter, but even Wendy got the pot stirring by bringing up Hudson’s comments in her Hot Topics segment today, and saying, “She was talking about  Beyoncé.” She also mentioned the possible shade on her Twitter account before the show when bringing up the Hot Topics for the day:

Apollo was arrested for bank fraud & JHud may be throwing shade to Beyonce. Wendy has the details today in #HotTopics

A couple hours after the show aired, Hudson responded to such assumptions on her Twitter, letting folks know that she didn’t name any names, so they should stop trying to drag her into some mess:

if u took my general comment and YOU singled out someone to apply it it to , then that would mean that’s how u feel. Not me.

She also retweeted two comments about people assuming she was talking about  Beyoncé that she agreed with:

That last comment I have to agree with. She could have been talking about anybody (or everybody). But what do you think?


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  • Teiramonae

    beyonce is a grown woman and has until ths album has kept it pretty kosher in all the music she does but as she said in her documentary even the kids that were listening to her as she grew up are grown up she got married had a baby an she is in a different part of life now and i feel her no she shouldnt be your underage daughters damn rolemodel you should be!!! and if you dont like the music she puts out don’t listen!!!!! damn dummy’s

  • on and on

    I agree with Mrs. Hudson, yes sex has always been a part of r&b music but so was activism, intelligence, actually singing about problems not just sex and love. Stevie Wonder Livin for the city, superstitious, Marvin Gaye what’s goin on, Mercy mercy me, Aretha Respect. Now all you have is sex which is ONE aspect of life not the ONLY aspect. And when you look at the world we are in today, and the only subject matter to be discussed is sex and sex appeal particularly for women and not much else it’s beyond sad its ridiculous.

  • oj9561

    WHEN YOU ASS-U-ME !!!!!

  • ericamissamerica

    She is entitled to the shade, however, it should also shine a light to her own lackluster career. If she were on tour and selling out arenas, she would not have the time nor energy to shade anyone. I have always been a fan of her talent but her image and weak production crew? Not so much. Sex sells regardless if you think it is right or wrong and it has been talked about for ages and it won’t stop because she feels uncomfortable about it. Maybe gospel would be a better fit for her. She is in the wrong genre feeling squeamish about sexual songs. And yes, some of that shade was for Beyoncé because let’s be real.. (‘surfboardt’ LOL). She has the biggest album out right now talking about discovering herself as a woman. So, J, Hud’s shady timing was impeccable. There are not too many chaste love songs out there without a reference to making love, knocking boots, making whoopee, ‘getting it on’, and ” ssss oooohhin’ ” (the last one was Minnie Ripperton) For you young folks, I am trying to paint a picture of the generations for you here…everyone one has done it and sang about it. You tried it J. Hud but please have a seat.

  • CaramelDream

    This is the type of stuff the stars should not be using social media for . . . . she should be promoting herself . . . nobody was saying anything when Usher was talking about sexing in the club.

  • soisaid

    jennifer is too mature to care what people think of her. if its not pertaining to her music she could care less. its when they invade your twitter page out the blue with nonsense does she respond. who wants to be bothered with that?

  • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

    Wendy Williams is a ‘white’ woman in a colored American’s body. she’s well aware of the agenda that must pushed on the UNKNOWING. devils protect devils on all levels!

  • Live_in_LDN

    There’s not one genre of music from any time period that wasn’t preoccupied with secx. I hate how puritan critiques try and act all brand new. It’s in RnB, it’s in Rock, it’s in Metal, it’s in Motown, hell even Tudor folk songs were full of smutty double entendre. It’s not going away and the kids will be alright.

    • Just Passing Through

      Yes, you are correct in your assessment, but the difference between those other genre’s and the music of Motown is they were clever enough to mask it instead of being so outright and vulgar. See, Teddy Pendergrass made you want to do the things he instructed in his songs, as opposed to the likes of “Lil Wayne”, or someone along those lines. I believe What Ms. Hudson was trying to say is with age there “should” come some sort of maturity.

  • JRoc85

    I’m gonna need Wendy Williams to do her research or $TFU!!

    • blackrose

      wendys show is a GOSSIP show. She is not on 2020 or the 5pm news. Its hot topic and she adds in her two cents. She never said she was stating facts. People need to take Wendy for who she is. you would not turm to Wendy if you wanted facts

      • mz ferreiro

        Exactly she is just doing her job rather its factual or just an assumption, she gets paid to get the word out

  • Clark Toni

    i don’t care those people don’t have to worry about a meal, or rent!!

  • Willam

    When Patti LaBelle called some of the young female singers heffas who can’t sing (which I agreed on), they assume it’s about Beyonce. When J-Hud said she’s sick of R&B songs talking about sex and going to the club, they assume she was talking about Beyonce, even though both Patti and Jennifer didn’t even mention names, people assume they talked about Beyonce. First of all, Beyonce is not the only female singer in the world so people, including that man horse faced, walking bag of silicone Wendy Williams need to shut up with her almost 50 a55!

    • Guest

      But isn’t it interesting that Beyoncé is the one everyone thinks they are talking about almost instantly. I wonder why LOL!

  • HappilyMarriedSwirl

    Jhud stand firm in your shade!

    • Viviane


  • Christina K

    J Hud is right- people like Trey Songz are killing R&B and not in a good way. Everything is about ‘hitting it’. What happened to romantic crooning? Lyrics about family, loving your mom or protecting your woman? Beyonce likes showing off her sexual side now and then but she’s not the problem.

    • John Moore

      H Town. Jodeci. R. Kelly. Guy. Blackstreet. Bel Biv Devoe. Bobby Brown. Silk. Prince. Cameo. Rick James. Teddy Pendergrass. Little Richard.

      Sex in R&B is nothing new. Inuendos are out the window and the songs are more literal, but sex has always been prevalent within blues and R&B.

    • unque43

      True Beyonce is not the problem, it’s all of us because she is only doing what we the public allows, she shows off sex, because that what sells for her. Her sexual side and we accepts it. We have been buying it. Now some are become a little bored with it, We have a society of anything goes. How about singing about getting romanced,and married, so that our youth will know that it’s not all about sex, and spreading your legs and walking around half naked, sure she is performing, we gotta put our youth in the equation.

  • sue

    Wendy Williams is a mean girl . Trying to stir the pot .

    • Henrie Henessy Lowe

      Hahaha..dont you mean, Wendy Williams is a mean dude!

  • M.L.

    I never even thought she meant Beyonce. There’s a long list of R&B singers singing about sex…it’s the nature of R&B in general she’s referring to.

  • Val

    I think everyone ought to ignore Wendy Williams. She just makes things up to get attention.

    • mz ferreiro

      I mean its her job to talk abt anything she literally gets paid to do it however i cn agree this is a bit of a stretch, its so based off an assumption

  • Shashelle

    Beyonce’s immature fans need to fall back and get a damn life!!

    • Willam

      Amen to them, they’re like cancers of social media and society.

  • BabyBlue

    MN asks what do you (I) think? I think you guys needs to proof read before posting. I swear I had to read this more than once to understand it. Where is JHuds quote? I didn’t see quotation marks.

    • guest

      “I think you guys needs to proof read before posting.” ummm…. yeah…. you may want to take your own advice….

      • BabyBlue


        • Carolina Angel


          • BabyBlue

            Smh so ridiculous. Have a good day.