Wiggin Out: 13 Wigs For Protective Styling This Winter

February 11, 2014 ‐ By Rana Campbell

Burr, it’s cold (or should we say polar- vortexing) so why not….PUT A WIG ON IT?!


The author wearing one of her favorite winter wigs.

Wigs can be a women’s best friend. They are the ultimate way to experiment with hair color, style, or cut without having to manipulate your own hair. In the winter, they also serve as a great protective style against winter weather’s damaging effects. Personally, I’ve been experimenting with wigs as a way to let my hair take a break from the constant manipulating I do to it weekly. Here’s 13 different types of wigs from one of my favorite affordable wig companies It’s a Wig! Check out these really great units you can experiment with this winter to keep your tresses healthy and shielded from the elements.

All Images courtesy of It’s A Wig! 

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  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    that simply lace doris is too cute! i need one in a 1B bout to google it.

  • Let It Be

    Question: what exactly are you protecting your hair from when you wear weaves and wigs? Is that a cop out to not wanting to do your own or not liking your own hair? When you do wear them, why not buy your texture and color? I seriously want to know. I’m not bashing or anything. I’m black, have waist length hair, and I have never worn weave or anything; never have set foot in a beauty shop. I seriously just don’t get it.

    • York

      A wig can protect your hair from the elements, as well as damage from heat, coloring, chemicals, etc. For example, when I wear my winter coat it snags my hair to the point where I can only wear it up. The cold air dries my hair out; in the summertime my hair has it’s own personality. In short, a wig is an excellent way to give your hair a break IF you wear it right. I have a lot of hair as well, but there are times when I just want to wash it, flat twist it, and rock a nice wig for a special event, or just to have a different look without committing to a color, cut, sew in, etc. And yes, if it’s a full wig there’s a good chance it won’t match my natural texture, simply because I have a FEW textures growing out my scalp…and, well, experimenting is fun.

      • Let It Be

        Ok. So how is that people still have damaged hair even when they wear wigs or weaves? Do they pull? I noticed you said if they are worn correctly. Also, with the sew in kind, does that not pull your natural hair too much when you wear them all the time? How does your scalp breath?

        • Jan

          A hair stylist can jack you up if you let them. I request that my stylist braids my real hair along with braiding hair. I also request looser braids on around my edges. Women don’t speak up or get their ends clipped after a sew in. I will wear a weave from 6- 8 weeks. I only go once to get my tracks tightened up. When i wash the weave, i apply deep conditioner to my scalp. weave can and will grow your hair, but you have to be responsible and careful about it. Your scalp does breathe under weave. I wear my hair for 3 days to a month if i feel like it. i still oil my scalp as well.

          • Let It Be

            Ok. Thanks guys for responding and being being nice about it. It makes sense. I know it’s not for everybody and wasn’t sure how it worked.

  • monitorette

    Ms Campbell, you may find the wig you’re wearing beautiful, but it definitely doesn’t suit you. Throw it away.

  • Coco black

    Ummmm….I’ve seen some bad wigs!! Really bad wigs lol!

  • Akilah

    I wore wigs for a year to grow my hair out. It’s a Wig makes horrible wigs. They don’t last for isht! I actually preferred half wigs because they looked more like weaves than wigs.