2014’s Bodies To Beat: The 12 Hottest Celebrity Figures

February 28, 2014 ‐ By M A


Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

With a new year comes a whole new set of enviable Hollywood figures. While some of the lovely ladies on our list have become mainstays in the fashion, beauty and fitness worlds already, there are certainly a few new women the world should take notice of. And though staring at these gorgeous women might fill us with a little bit of jealousy, we’re also hoping it kicks us into high gear with our resolution to get it right, get it tight in 2014. So without further adieu, here’s a look at 2014’s hottest celebrity figures.

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  • Guestest

    Ciara and Miss Kelly Rowland keep those abs tight! Best bodies 🙂

  • thats right!


    #teamnatural #noworkdone

  • Sadiya7

    Who came up with this list..some skinny black _itch? Or maybe a skinny white one?

    Show me a thick round the way, cornbread eating chick with a tone fit body that I can relate to, then I might be inspired. I.e. Buffy the Body.. and Miss Koi are prime examples with great workout videos and nice, authentic thick bodies. I’m always looking to them for pointers.

    These Hollywood bishes with their big money niptucks and surrogate babies aren’t the business and nothing to envy.

    • Wasn’t Beyonce on this list? She’s thick..

      • Sadiya7

        Beyonce wears a size 2 according to that dress she had at the Grammys.

        If that’s your definition of thick, you must wear a cheerio for a belt.

        • 1.The designer said it was four….2 she still appears to have a lot of meat on her bones.3 Buffy the body is not naturally thick..she did a lot of work to get that way.

  • Jareka King

    Halle, beyonce, and lupita all day

  • chanela

    Okay, now every single one of these celebrity women have a “thigh gap” that everybody swore was ugly in the thigh gap article. NOW these women are being praised for having “hot bodies” which one is it?

  • Ronald Jerz McLeod

    There is a huge difference between a cheat snack and over indulging. … just commend these ladies on their discipline. DAMN!

  • Gotcha

    Wait a minute – what is the criteria? Does natural or cosmetic surgery play a role and to what significance? Unmeasurable, unless you want to speak to their physicians.

    • Ronald Jerz McLeod

      Hate much

  • Just saying!!

    I don’t understand the point of this article. Celebrities are pretty much just there to remind us what we are supposed to look like and be like, and they always do. Why enforce that? I love my body more than anyone else’s on this list…because it’s MINE. Sorry if I’m digging too deep into this, I just feel like we should just strive to be better than who we were yesterday instead of comparing ourselves to people who have plenty of money, make-up, and airbrushing to look however they want.

    • Ronald Jerz McLeod

      Hola, hater

      • YaYa

        lol I agree 100% and that is how you can tell who has the best body because they always get the most shade lmao

    • YaYa

      LIES if you were in love with your body there would be NO NEED to even make a disparaging comment about the list ..FOH..you sound very very insecure ..these entertainers just do not airbrush they also work hard to achieve those bodies and rather than giving them credit you find a way to make it about you and your insecurities ..chile please

      • kiki j

        Most celebrities that work hard for their bodies are underweight which also isn’t healthy and also suffer from eating disorders. And they aren’t losing weight to be healthy but are underweight to maintain a superficial career. I didn’t click all the way through this list so I’m not taking jabs at any celebrity. I’m sure all the women are beautiful and healthy. My point is please don’t assume that all thin celebrities are healthy just because they are thin.