Clive Davis On New Whitney “Live” Album: “I Want Everyone To Know Why She Was Considered The Greatest”

January 25, 2014  |  


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Veteran industry producer Clive Davis has exciting news for fans of late, great singer Whitney Houston—a live album is in the works and it will be released later this year.

The LA Times caught up with Davis at the Beverly Hills Hotel where he hosts the industry’s biggest pre-Grammy party of the year. It’s also the same hotel where two years ago his longtime mentee and friend Whitney Houston passed away on the eve of the 2012 Grammy Awards. Davis, 81, doesn’t want the world to forget the mark Houston left on the music industry and he revealed plans for an exciting new project in the works—a live album featuring Houston’s greatest performances.

“Whitney never had a live album,” he said. “I really want everyone to know … exactly why during her time she was considered the greatest contemporary singer in the world.”

You can read the rest over on where Clive Davis discusses how he’s been feeling as he pours over all of the old recordings and listens to the voice of a woman he once loved, as he says, like his own daughter.

Are you ready for a Whitney Houston “Live” album? What songs would you like to hear on it?

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  • Lola

    I NEED this album in my life!!! I adore Whitney ‘The Voice’ and always will. While this generation is subjected to mediocore vocal talent like Beyonce, Alicia Keys and the like, my generation was blessed with voices like Whitney & Mariah, and I can’t wait for this album.

    • mind_sayer

      Everybody BUT Whitney is going to get your money

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  • OnyxPearl

    People will learn one day… the music business is, and always has been, dirty. If the artist doesn’t have song writing credits, publishing, and own their recording MASTERS, the labels can put out an artist’s music (“best of”) and reap the majority of benefits. The contract they’re signed to makes a huge difference as well. It’s nothing new. I remember people saying Jennifer Lopez slept her way to the top. What she was smart enough to do was demand a contract better than the standard contract that most new artists sign. If they don’t have this, the majority of money they make is through touring (sometimes – again, depends on the contract they sign). Remember New Edition selling millions and millions of albums, on the road for a year straight to sold-out shows, only to finally get back home and find out THEY had earned next to nothing. The music label gets theirs first…if there’s anything left, the artist gets it. Ask any artist that was signed to LaFace Records (except Pink).

  • guest

    We all know why Whitney was considered (one of) the greatest artists of all time — she could saaannnggggg like no other. That’s ALREADY been proven. I can’t help but think that this is just another moneymaking, profit-oriented venture headed by Clive, which is fine if the artist gives full consent and is sharing in the profits. But that’s not the case here. I’m throwing shaaaaaaade ALL the way in Clive’s direction… and some side eye, too . . .

    • dhgwen

      AGREED! A friend and I were just discussing the Hollywierd industry tricks, milking dead celebs and collecting profits (instead of distributing them fairly to their heirs). But “they” (help) get them turned-out first; ala Spears, Bynes, Lohan, Brown and now Bieber. Granted they are still alive but well on their way to the scrambled brains set-up for the management and money takeover. MJ’s catalogue of talents began making someone very rich after his demise.

      • OnyxPearl

        Whitney was already doing drugs (thanks to her brother) before Clive got her.

  • Jojo

    This is the same guy that when she passed away he STILL continued on with his grammy party? oh.

    • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

      Right i had some respect for him up until that point