Justin Bieber’s Arrest Tops Beyonce’s Surprise Album On Twitter

January 23, 2014  |  

via @MiamiBeachPD

If you’ve been on Twitter  — or any media for that matter – at all today, then you know Justin Bieber was arrested for drinking, taking drugs, drag racing on a residential street in Miami, and then resisting arrest.  (Police report and photos on TMZ, if you need to catch up.) As we type, #JustinBieber, #DeportBieber, DUI and Justin Bieber in Jail are all trending. The news has worked people up into such a lather that it has surpassed Beyonce’s surprise album in tweets per minute.

Over the past 12 hours, Bieber’s arrest has generated 6,100 tweets per minute. Other related topics that have been trending are #FreeJustin, #FreeBizzle, and simply Miami Beach. Also helping is the nonstop coverage on TMZ, RadarHuffington PostThe Daily Beast, and a number of other major outlets.

Beyonce’s new album generated 5,300 tweets per minute. Not too shabby, but the Beliebers are a rabid bunch.

And it shows no sign of letting up any time soon. Now people are making comparisons between Bieber’s mugshot and Miley Cyrus, with gifs to boot. Do you see the resemblance?

[via Mashable]

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  • .:*whitneyeclectic*:.

    Why this is news, I have no idea. Everyone whi halfway pays attention to pop culture saw this coming. What’s irritating is that he’s choosing to go this stupid “YOLO” route. It’s not a good look. But, hey, as long as the money keeps flowing none if the yes men and women around him give a damn.

  • Linda

    Some are really struggling hard and others pretend just to have some fun in their boring ife as well. Shame.

  • scandalous7

    His mug shot though…he high as hell haha all cheesin like a cornball. But on a serious note, who bullied him so much that he has to overcompensate like this. Why is he trying so hard to be a thug. Justin, you cant sit with us!, Miley you too!

  • Guest

    Richard Sherman, a black man who graduated 2nd in his class with a 3.9 GPA and he also graduated from Stanford with a degree in communications and he was also picked on by kids for taking his education seriously and people call him a thug for something he said on camera without even letting a curse word slip out. But this little twerp, a white Canadian pop star peeing in mop buckets, saying F**k you to a picture former president Clinton, throwing $75K in str!p clubs, drag racing on streets and spat on his fans from a balcony and they call him a misguided kid? Explain this sh*t?!

    • anonymouse

      it’s unexplainable….he needs to be deported, but he won’t be.

  • DaisyDuke

    Every time Bieber is in the news, my mother says “That boy is going to end up like Leif Garrett.” I had no idea who Leif Garret was until I did a google search today and GOOD GRIEF! Poor man seemed like he had all the promise in the world. Now, I completely get where my mom is coming from with that statement, Justin better slow his roll.

  • MarriedMomOf2

    That what happens when you act all hard. Plus he looks like Miley Cyrus without makeup.

  • alex

    smh…You act like a bad boy, you’ll get treated like one….

    • guest

      But he wasn’t being treated like one. That was the problem.
      Months ago, his neighbors complained about him speeding through the streets of their neighborhood (where children play) and nothing happened. He walked through a restaurant kitchen and urinated in a bucket. Again, nothing! Not even a charge for indecent exposure. He spit in a neighbor’s face. No assault/battery charge. Some of these little brats can act like all kinds of fools and get chance after chance after chance. It’s just plain ridiculous that it took this long to finally arrest him.

      • alex

        Yes, I agree with you all the way…his arrest is long over due

  • Sagittarius81

    Ha! Just won a bet with my sister and getting my $100 today! Last week I betted that he will be arrested within the next 2 months and this news came sooner than I thought. On a serious note, I pray he does get help though.

    • scandalous7

      dang,collect yo cash girl!

      • Sagittarius81

        Just go it yesterday, lbvs!

    • Auntieruckus

      She best pay up lol

      • Sagittarius81

        She did yesterday, in five $20 bills.

        • Auntieruckus

          I know that’s right lmao.