‘That Will Never Happen Again—Ever, Ever, Ever, Ever:’ Joe Budden Says Tahiry Proposal Was A One-Shot Deal

January 23, 2014  |  

Source: VH1

During this week’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop,” we saw Tahiry Jose turn down Joe Budden’s marriage proposal. And even though Joe initially told his mom that he would not give up on his on-again, off-again girlfriend, he recently shared during an interview with Hot 97 that he will never ask for her hand in marriage again.

“No way, that will never happen again—ever, ever, ever, ever,” Joe said.

Though he didn’t received the answer he may have hope for, Joe says Tahiry’s “no” didn’t take away from the beauty of the night and the proposal.

“The answer didn’t take away from how beautiful the night was. For me, with the family there and just leading up to it, the ring and just wedding planning, like all of that was great, still.”

Joe went on to say that he doesn’t regret his decision to propose.

“It was great for a man to do,” he continued. “Like when you feel that way and you actually do it—sans the ‘no.'”

As for what he thinks of Tahiry’s reason for declining his proposal, he says that in the context of the show, he “no” made perfect sense. But as far as real life goes, her reasoning was off.

“Her answer wasn’t wrong on the show, but in real life, it was all wrong.”


Watch Joe’s interview on the next page. Do you think Tahiry was wrong for turning down his proposal?

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  • Ajuanya Washington

    Good, because she can do MUCH better than him on and off the camera

  • Ajuanya Washington

    Good, because she can MUCH better than him!

  • Auntieruckus

    Bwahahaha, #egobruised. These dudes think marriage is the sole purpose of a woman’s life,if anyone marries it should be for love and well thought out,not a “someone else is pregnant”,”sorry i cheated again”,”let me control you” ring.

  • Really?

    MN, please edit your article or find a writer who can write. Not the grammar police, but I find it shameful that you’d publish an article without reviewing it.

  • M.L.

    I was so glad didn’t she “yes”.

  • hi-liter

    Didnt seem genuine.

    • Lisa

      I totally agree, he kept bs ing her like he was doing so much.

  • Lilly

    If they’ve never been in a successful boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, what would make him think that he should propose, she should say “yes,” and they should get married?

  • applesauce585

    Good for her thinking with some “SENSE” not allowing the moment to corrupt her mind and emotions!

    • Campbell Dustin

      Corrupt her mind? You mean allowing the moment to excite or thrill her? Damn, people are so sick these days, I never thought i’d live to see the day “excitement” becomes a bad thing, and “misery” becomes the goal for one’s life. SMH

      • Ann

        So she should be excited that man the disrespects her on the regular is asking to marry her………She should be excited when a man that treats her rights asks to marry her SMH Not just taking any bone thrown at you is not a bad thing

        • applesauce585

          THANK YOU! why would you marry a man that is “DISRESPECTFUL” as boyfriend and want him to be your husband….this dude had another woman in the bed they share, of course he said “NOTHING HAPPENED.”

      • applesauce585

        What’s exciting about marrying a man that is DISRESPECTFUL as a boyfriend, surely saying “yes” to marry him won’t make him treat her any better. CORRUPT her mind? (she was thinking VERY CLEARLY and with COMMON SENSE to say “NO”)…she deserves better!!! jmo