Ratchetness Holding Her Back? K. Michelle Addresses Not Crossing Over Because Of Her Attitude

January 23, 2014  |  

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Nearly two years ago, when K. Michelle was just coming onto the scene. I wrote an Open Letter to her in which I warned that her behavior on the reality show, threatening to fight cast members, stirring up unnecessary drama, calling men gay etc wouldn’t lend well to her career path. I wrote that even though she had been through some mess, she shouldn’t allow it to keep her from moving on to the next level.

I doubt she read it.

Instead, K.’s behavior escalated as the show progressed. She started fighting and bickering with people she had once been cool with… Record execs warned that her behavior was tarnishing her brand. And eventually she admitted that she needed to leave Atlanta so she could focus on enjoying life and the blessings God had bestowed on her, career wise.

And her limited appearances on the New York cast of “Love and Hip Hop,” her lack of appearances in the blogs and the extension of the olive branch to Tamar Braxton–even though she didn’t accept it– all prove that she really is trying to do better. And we have to commend her for that.

But apparently there are some who aren’t quite convinced that K. Michelle has in fact turned over a new leaf.

And so in response to those people, the soul singer recently posted this video, answering the question of whether or not her attitude and behavior will keep her from “crossing over.”

Well, I didn’t come in the game to be class favorite. I didn’t come in this game for people’s approval of my everyday’s life behavior. I came in this game to shake it up a little bit, to be 100 and offer honest music. And that’s what I’ve been doing. 

Whatever I want to sing, I’m going to sing it this year. It doesn’t matter, no one’s going to box me in a genre and no one’s going to tell me what I need to sing because of my ethnicity or because of my attitude.

Listen to her full response in the video below.

What do you think, will K. Michelle’s attitude and behavior on reality show hold her back in her career? What do you think of her response to those claims?

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  • vanelle22

    Unfortunately her ratchetness made her popular rather than her singing. I always thought she had limited appearances in love in hip hop NY cause at the end of the day, K Michelle won’t back down but she in a whole other territory this aint ATL boo, not saying one city goes harder than the next but she aint home is what I’m trying to say.

  • Phil J.

    We all make mistakes and learn from them. Her’s was just on a public forum and people feel that they are entitled to judge her, but i wonder, if some of y’all were on tv, what would the general population say about you?

  • Guest

    I was a fan when she first hit the scene years ago rocking blue hair minus the fake butt with her singles Fallin and How Many Times. I was waiting for her album to drop but nothing happened. When she joined LHHATL she had the chance to tell her story. A lot of people counted her out from the way she acted on the show but I wanted to see her win. I even bought her album and I love it but her attitude has really turned me off. She will not be taken seriously because of her attitude and it’s a shame because she can really sing and was given the opportunity to share her story but people do not care anymore. I will wear her album out. Will I buy anything else she releases…probably not. I wish her the best though.

  • Shawndrea Rachelle

    Wow, how ignorant and brainwashed do you have to be to inject a ton of crap into your body? Wow just wow

  • Well, one would think K. Michelle would have learned from a couple of entertainers who did the same thing that she is doing now. Remember, 30 years ago Phyllis Hyman did the exact same stuff with the exact same attitude and she also complained about the lack of mainstream success. Sometimes, it’s better to eat too much instead of talk too much.

  • scandalous7

    ok K Mart, then dont complain about your paltry album sales or no Grammy nod either. You cant really make it like that if you do not have crossover appeal. No body likes or respects Ghetto. So if you are not going to change, shut up and stop complaining and except that you have plateaued as an artist. It aint gunna get no better than notoriety on urban blogs. Is BET even featuring you?

  • Chanda

    So she’s not the next Beyonce or neo-soul queen. As long as she can sing, I don’t care.

  • Rae

    It’s not just the television show… Her behavior at appearances could be better and let’s not talk about the nastiness towards some of her fans…. She needs an entire overhaul.

  • lockstresd

    Puhleez go get laid. 🙂

  • BabyBlue

    Still not a fan. But, I wish her the best

  • TT

    In an industry where looks is everything her butt implants, speech and burgandy hair takes away from her, if she had 1 ratchet attribute it would be acceptable but she’s not one bit professional/mainstream looking…they do have to market her to the world and not just the chitlen circuit.

  • kiki j

    Unfortunately in today’s society ratchetness is what sells. So the more ratchet she is the more people listen. She does have anger issues clearly but being around them ratchet chics in lhha makes it hard not to be. Another thing, all singers aren’t trying to be Beyonce. Beyonce is great at what she does but many sacrifices come with that kind of fame. You cant be yourself, you have to sing what people want to hear and not what you want to put out. You sacrifice family etc. Everyone isn’t trying to go that hard. So just because you aren’t beyonce doesn’t mean you aren’t where you want to be musically.

    • scandalous7

      It seems like she is satisfied with where she at.

  • thebayarean

    Normally, I would say that her type of ratchet would never appeal to mass audiences, but then I painfully remembered a rapper named Nicki Minaj. Enough said.

  • Ajuanya Washington

    she will be around, but she’s too cocky for no reason, she won’t get super rich if that’s what you mean. And she has the class of a alley cat!!! And who would want her for a friends with her, I mean the super rich entertainers REALLY don’t have time for her.

  • lockstress

    You sound dumb az hell and that is why I cannot in my right, left and bottom mind support your ratrocity.
    Keep making excuses for abhorrent and ignorant behavior.