Have Several Seats: Celebrities We Don’t Need Relationship Advice From

January 20, 2014 ‐ By Meg Butler

When it comes to relationship advice from celebrities, most of them are in no position to tell anyone anything about love. Need relationship advice? Not from these celebrities…

relationship advice from celebrities

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Gabrielle Union

When Gabrielle Union gave women advice on how to know when to leave a man, I almost fell out of my chair. Her list clearly didn’t include “if he’s already married” or “if he has a baby with another woman while you two are ‘on a break'”

MadameNoire Video

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  • Sheena Hill

    They missed taking the advice if this website seriously

  • Are you on it?

    MN is too judgmental for me… get off yourself. All these women have testimonies and stories that whether good or bad can help other women to avoid pitfalls in relationships. Who should not be giving advise is you MN…. this site is starting to Dog out black women and shed negativity on any black celeb except Beyonce. GTFOH!

  • Minnie

    MN has turned into the Lifetime channel. Dogging women out for making mistakes and moving past such to writing horrible bits on men. Men all cheat – men all lie – men men men. How many crusty crabs are on the payroll?

  • NVAdamzz

    Sorry MN but a man isn’t going to be a gentleman to just anybody. You have to be the type of partner you want to attract. If you don’t carry yourself in a manner which demands respect then you won’t get it and that goes for both genders.

    • Keland

      Is a man a ‘gentleman’ really if he turns it on and off depending who is around?
      One can demand respect all they want to, but that doesn’t mean one will get it.

      • NVAdamzz

        No, a gentleman wouldn’t turn respect on and off, but he will simply just not be in the company of someone who doesn’t show respect to themselves or others. If a woman is a lady then she’ll attract a gentleman and if she isn’t a lady, she’ll attract someone who isn’t a gentleman. That’s what I felt that Keri’s post was getting at.

        • FromUR2UB

          I used to think that when I was younger. I learned that ladies attract all kinds, including the ones who don’t know what to do with them. I’ve also learned something about the duality of men, meaning, he can be somewhat good to the women who hold his heart, and shabby to the ones who don’t. Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde. I agree, that the type of woman he’s attracted to speaks of his character; but whom he loves, has very little to do with the woman’s character. It’s just all about how he feels about her, and we know emotion is not logical. Whether he will cheat or not has nothing to do with any of this. Gentleman cheat on women they love dearly, every day.