Body Parts Found Along Queens Shoreline May Belong To Avonte Oquendo

January 17, 2014  |  

Source: NYDN

Around 7 p.m. yesterday in College Point, Queens, a human arm was discovered by a teen who snapped a photo of them and showed them to her mother when she returned home. The girl’s mother called notified police, who launched a full investigation into the area. Their search later turned up with two legs and a torso, Pix 11 reports. Unfortunately, those remains are believed to belong to Avonte Oquendo, an autistic child who has been missing since October.

A police source told reporters that the feet had a pair of size 5 1/2 Air Jordans, which are the same kind of shoes that Avonte was wearing when he was last seen at his Long Island City school on Oct. 4. The park where the body parts washed up is 11 miles from Avonte’s school. The Oquendos’ family attorney, David Percemen, also revealed that underwear and jeans were located with the remains. The jeans found are also said to be the size that Avonte wore, though Perceman says that underwear could offer a lot of insight into the investigation.

“The underwear may give further clues,” said Perceman, adding that Avonte’s mother, Vanessa, is skeptical.

The remains were taken to the Queens County Morgue where the medical examiner will determine a cause of death. The family will be taken to the morgue today to examine the clothing that was found on the body parts, a police source told Pix 11. At 7 a.m. officers continued a water grid search of the area for clothing and body parts.

“This has been an unimaginably grim and horrific time for her [Vanessa] and her family,” said Perceman.

At this point, the body has not been identified as Avonte and the family’s attorney is encouraging them to hold out hope until everything is confirmed with the remains.We will keep you posted as further details emerge. We send our prayers to the Oquendo family during this difficult time.

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  • Bren

    OMG, NO!!!

  • amber

    O Lord Jesus, please Lord Jesus don’t let this be him. My heart is so heavy right now it hurts. Reading this makes me cry out to the Lord begging him to say it’s not this child. How can anybody do this to a child and sleep at night. I hope who ever did this is suffering and will suffer until the end of their life. To be a mother of two, one being a 13 year old son and have to endure this is unimaginable. I hope they catch this horrible, disgusting individual who did this. To the Oquendos’ Family, I don’t know you and I’ve prayed and continue to pray for you. We, all around the world, are deeply sadden for you and hope you’ll receive peace and justice.

  • FromUR2UB

    How heartbreaking. I always hate when this is the result of a missing person’s case. If it’s confirmed that the remains are this child’s, at least the family would have resolution for whether he’s dead or alive, but from that would arise new questions: how, who and why? Identifying and indicting a person for murder would mean a trial, that is not guaranteed to turn out satisfactorily. I don’t know how families survive all of this, and hope I never have to find out. I’d probably have a heart attack under that kind of stress.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    Lord have mercy please don’t let it be that child or any other!

  • Hello

    I don’t know how people deal with tragedies such as this. Not only is your child dead, but he was brutally murdered. I wonder if his murderer got into the school and lured the child away?

  • lockstress

    I pray that he was caught in a boat propellar because I…I refuse to believe that a human being would do this do a helpless child.
    My heart and prayers go out to the mother. I plan on attending funeral. I need closure and I ain’t related to the boy. I feel so bad for his family .His mom was so hopeful.
    Lord Jesus bring peace to this poor family.

  • rainbow

    Tragic 🙁

  • Sagittarius81

    I was praying they would find this boy alive. My prayers are with his family.

    • Gail

      Prayers don’t work.

      • Kasey Shauntay Lamb

        So sad that they may not work for you.

      • MarriedMomOf2

        Please shut up and stop telling people what or what not to believe! Prayers don’t work all the time but for many of us, most times it does! Don’t force your non-beliefs on anyone else just because YOU don’t believe! Now I’m praying for you.

        • Sagittarius81


      • Sagittarius81

        Well excuse me Debbie frickin’ Downer, looks like you need a prayer your damn self! Just because you don’t pray or don’t believe in God don’t mean you have a right to tell everyone else what not to believe. Please get God in your life and maybe you’re be less bitter and more happier.

  • IveHadIt

    This is sad and if the remains are ID’d as his my condolences goes out to his family. I was hoping that he would be found safe and sound but his soul is in a far better place with God. Plus I also have a teen daughter living with autism and this story breaks my heart. If it’s him they found, may he RIP and he get a proper burial.

  • Brooklyn_Beauty_Danni

    I was praying and hoping that this beautiful little boy would be found safe and sound. My hearts go out to the family of this angel. No parent should go through the loss of a child. When this story broke I couldn’t hold back tears because he resembles my son. This world is becoming a sad place and is nearing the end when our children aren’t safe anymore from the demons that walk this earth and look for such purity to prey on. This sickens and saddens me to the core…

    • Latasha Fedup Combs