David And Tamela On Keeping Each Other Turned On, Having Friends Of The Opposite Sex, And Putting Marriage First

January 20, 2014  |  


Fame is nothing new for David and Tamela Mann. They got their start in the business by singing with gospel  group, Kirk Franklin and The Family. And as the couple transitioned into acting, The Manns rose to fame through Tyler Perry’s Madea production in the Atlanta theatre circuit. David Mann is known for his hilarious role as Mr. Brown and Tamela, as his daughter Cora in the Madea, Mr. Brown and The House Of Payne series.

Over the past year, Tamela Mann’s  anointed voice has blown us away with her song “Take Me To The King,” and the couple recently shared their love story with Ebony Magazine, which was a blessing to all. Married at 22 years old, The Manns still flirt and adore each other as though they are teenagers in love. And in an interview with us, David and Tamela shared sage advice on how they are even more in love with each other than the day they met. Both candidly spoke on what they know for sure in  love and marriage as they approach their upcoming 26th anniversary. Check out what they had to say:

How did you two meet?

David Mann: We met in high school. A friend of mine brought her (Tamela) to the group where myself, Kirk Franklin and Darrell Blair sang. Tamela thought she was bad and she came to the school to teach us how to sing. Long story short, one day I looked into her eyes and she kissed me on my lips. That is the short version of it.

Tamela: If you say so sir! My best friend did go to school with him and that is how we met.

How do you keep your love ablaze after all these years?

Tamela: I do things to keep him turned on; it is never a dull moment. I try to  give him a different lady- I may try to change my hair color  or change up something, especially in the bedroom. I try to make sure he is keeping his eye on me.

David: One day we can try to make love, hanging off the door until we can’t breathe!

How do you keep the lines of communication open?

Tamela: We talk about everything. If something happens, we try not to go to bed angry with each other and whatever upsets me, we talk about it. Even if it takes calming down for a few minutes and then going back to it. We don’t let things fester a long time. We keep it all out in the open and we don’t have any agendas. Everything is together- there are no separate accounts. Everything has both of our names on it. This is how we keep everything open in our relationship so we can always put everything on the table.

How do you feel about married couples who have close friends of the opposite sex?

David: You have to really be careful because of human nature. The reason you have to be careful is because that friendship ultimately plays a role in your relationship. I don’t object to it but you have to understand how to handle that friendship. If it bothers your spouse, then you have to back off from that friendship.

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  • Jan

    I rather hear advice from them any other married couple. Such a beautiful couple, sprinkle some of that wisdom on me.

  • Cornell Ginger

    Nothing wrong with men having female friends and women having male friends.

  • MsLadyE

    I loved reading this article. I would definitely take relationship advice from David and Tamela. It’s good to see positive articles about relationships instead of just the usual “how to get a man” or “why are you still single” fare. Keep them coming, MN! Thanks!

    • Ajavee

      It’s good to see positive articles about relationships instead of just
      the usual “how to get a man” or “why are you still single” fare.

      Yes Ms.LadyE if this article has been about something negative there would have been more comments..I wonder why when there is a positive story
      mentioned there are not as many comments?

  • Shay

    I rarely comment on blog posts because of too much negativity, but this one was so positive I was moved to say how much I love it. Love when you hear about a marriage succeeding in a world where divorce has become second nature and cheating and creating sidepiece baby mama’s is the norm.

  • hollyw

    They are so cute…is it wrong I kept reading David’s answers through his character’s voice lol..?

    • LaurenFoxMN

      He had his Mr. Brown moments during the interview. They are an awesome couple!

  • FeelsGood

    “I had to learn how to allow him to be the man and get myself out of the way.”

    This is a true struggle of mine, but I’m working on it.
    Great article – need more of these!!

    • Ajavee

      This is a struggle for me as well.

    • Gert

      Myself as well…I think a lot women struggle with this. We are still individuals, and have our own minds. So at times it’s natural to work on balancing the two.

    • Angie

      OMG! I wish I would have had this advice 10yrs ago! I know now! Thank you very much for sharing

  • Annette Smith

    I truly enjoyed this article and wish continued blessings to the Mann’s. This is the type of real, positive and uplifting reflections of life and relationships in our community that should continue to be shared! Now, let’s see if there are as many comments on this article as their are about Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union!!! Lol! Smh!

    • Chey

      Lol! Wouldn’t that be something?!

  • Ajavee

    Great story. Congrats to The Mann’s on 26 years of marital bliss. We need more
    positive and uplifting stories on marriages on MN.
    It is good for a change to read something positive on relationships/marriages.
    I would take advice from a couple like the Mann’s.

    • Gert

      I was thinking the same thing. I love this article!

      • Ajavee

        @Gert me too. It is just refreshing for a change to
        read about how people who have been married for longer than 5 years talk
        about how they work through their problems in marriage. I just get
        tired of reading about the negativity all the time.

        • Gert

          I got married young (21) and it will be 15 years this summer. I found it refreshing to read a positive article that hit so close to home. There are so many negative examples of marriage put out there, it is nice to see something positive, HONEST and realistic posted for once.

          • Ajavee

            Congrats to you and your husband for 15 years of marital bliss!

            • Gert