Photos From Beyoncé’s New Year And Mama Tina’s B-Day

January 15, 2014  |  
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Source: Tumblr

Yesterday, we posted the pictures Beyoncé shared on her Tumblr from Blue Ivy’s birthday party at Jungle World. And I guess she’s feeling charitable. Because today she shared a few more flicks. More from their New Year’s celebration in Miami and even Mama Tina’s birthday celebration in New Orleans. Check out the pictures on the following pages.

Source: Tumblr

Aawww a family shot. And I love how Blue is holding on to her mama’s leg. Adorable!

Source: Tumblr

Somebody was turnt.

Source: Tumblr

And she wasn’t just dancing with herself, she grabbed her littlest boo to do a two step or two. Or maybe Bey was dancing, Blue looks like she’s more interested in the jewelry.

Source: Tumblr

And Michelle was in the place to be. She looks great by the way.

Source: Tumblr

Somebody come and get The Dream. This dude stays wylin’. But perhaps when you have duckets for days…carry on.

Source: Tumblr

Love it!

Source: Tumblr

Presumably before Mama Tina’s birthday party, the ladies got pedicures.

Source: Instagram

Kelly Rowland showed up to celebrate Tina’s birthday…and ya’ll this looks like she has her real hair out huh?

Source: Instagram

Honey, Tina Knowles is snatched! That dress, those curves. Looks like she’s gotten her groove back with new boo Richard Lawson. Apparently, the two rode in on a carriage together. We’re certainly not mad.

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  • Anesha Johnson

    Miss Tina is rockin her groove. I love how confident she is, her style is so chic and fierce. I’m sorry but I can’t sat the same about Bey and Solange. Now Solange has a petite nice shape, that dress drowned her out, Bey looked she walked off the set of Dynasty, now I love 80’s style but damn this 2014. I’m team Tina…..





  • Nec

    They’re probably just letting her hair grow till they can do something with it. Cute momy n kid pix.

  • Taunya73

    What in the world is this black and gold outfit that Bey is wearing?

  • bwife

    Why dont they brush or comb that childs hair. Its really annoying. Seriously, do her hair Please!!!!!!!

  • BlaqueBettiBambaLamb

    Maybe Beyoncé doesn’t know how to do the childs’ hair; she doesn’t do her own. She and J make sure they’re good to go groomed. Just fix the babys hair.

  • Ashley Breland

    Lol Love it B god is good all the time

  • GuestA

    She (Beyounce) isn’t wearing her wedding ring AND I think she needs a bra. Omg…at a bday party for kids looking like that. Its bday party not a pajama party.

  • Dnt Trip

    Has anyone noticed on all the pics, you can’t really even see Blus face. I wonder why!

  • SweetLibraGirl

    The picture where Michelle is holding her she is looking up at her like ‘ who is this dark haired girl? lol

  • Hampton Grandma

    Beyonce is sure wearing the ugliest cheap gold colored outfit….Those shorts are so short….Looks so strange……..What does she think she’s going out for a night of prostitution. The baby is adorable….too bad her mother doesn’t have better taste in clothes

  • Tiffany Davis

    It’s not that Blue is an ugly baby, but the fact that she looks angry in half of the pictures she’s in.This kid was like 3 months out of the womb and she was already mean mugging people. I wonder who she learned that behavior from?

  • Tam


  • PoorKid

    I feel sorry for their kid. She’s definitely not going to learn modesty from her mother. All the money in the world can’t buy good parenting.

  • Beverly

    THAT’S STUPID AND SO ARE YOU!!!! Beyonce treats Blue like a PRINCESS!!!Beyonce is just trying to tell you you should have to PAY to look at her child. I’m sure you have hideous BAY BAY KIDS. (unlike Blue)

    • olivia

      Beyonce is proud to be BLUES mother and she acts like it, they are always out together, she is always carried by her mother and father, and most of all that little girl looks HAPPY and is always dressed So Cute, she looks CLEAN and well groomed always.

  • fee98720

    Beyond has not had plastic surgery and thr baby is beautiful

  • Katie Davis

    Beyoncé is very pretty in her outfit’s she wear’s

    • Beverly


  • Alice

    Beyonce is saying that’s right Blue,cover up those Jay-z features.She is so vain.

    • Beverly

      Nothing wrong with Jayz features. You wish YOU could get a Jayz but no you’re Beyonce, and your UGLY KIDS ARE NO BLUE IVY!

  • Msus Whittenburg

    U 2 look real cute 2gather

  • Bad Barbie

    Blue can be cuter if she wasn’t so angry looking.

    • Beverly

      Blue look better than yo’ half-raised kids!

      • Bad Barbie

        ZzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzz get it out of your mouth.

  • Lizzylizzard

    Where did she wear it and where are they? You don’t know do you?

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    too cute!

  • Rayjulian85

    These are pics from new year’s and her mother’s party so I think it’s appropriate.

  • amir bey

    Beyoncé always has to be half naked and at her child’s birthday party. If that was Kim K everyone would be talking negatively about her.

    • Guest

      Well, it’s a good thing she actually has enough talent to distract people.

    • olivia

      Beyonce some how does not look VULGAR like KIM KARTRASHIAN, Beyonce and Blue always look beautiful. and she dresses Blue up just like she does herself. While Kim is always dressed up and North always looks like she needs a bath, she is always wearing WET clothes from so much drool, and her clothes always look dingy. Kim looks LAZY and does not seem to care what her kid looks like as long as she is always dressed to the nines her kid comes last.

  • Rebbekah

    I get what you sayin, but have you seen her Part1-4 where she explains her videos? She said she’s not afraid of her sexuality anymore and not afraid to show her body. She’s tired of trying to hold it down and appear perfect and clean. It’s like Miley Cyrus, the clean and innocent phase is over.

  • Lexi

    lol at Fancy hoe!!! i understand what you’re saying. I believe this was the grown folks after party. Kids party first then the Grown folks party lol. Love them as a family!!

  • Fancy

    It cracks me up how Blue is strategically NEVER looking at the camera lol. It is either naturally hard to get a toddler to take pictures as we all know, or Bey still just does not want ppl to see her baby’s face..

    • Cheryl

      As I was looking through the pics, I was thinking that Bey only posted those that didn’t show Ivys face on purpose, I don’t blame her…people are so crazy in this world.

      • lemcee

        Then DON’T SHOW HER AT ALL. I speak for myself, there is NOTHING so amazing a damn 2yr old is doing that I need to get on the blogs and check for her.
        So if she “purposely” not showing the childs’ face or have the photographers snap her not looking up for safety issues or negative feedback about her looks, keep her off the media radar. Its not hard to do, you rarely see Julia Roberts twins, Denzel’s kids, J-Lo’s twins, Pharrells’ kid etc on the internet or in public like that.
        Stop giving Paparazzi the heads-up then we won’t be forced to see an image of the kid blockin’ shots.
        So-called private people but now don’t mind showing PDA on awards shows, makin sure the paps get a good shot of both of you on the yachts, beaches,and takin a rehearsed stroll outside.
        You really want to show flicks, show the wedding pictures. Show the 1st pics of that baby after she supposedly came out your guts! Fugazy azz.

    • Lizzylizzard

      Notice tthe child is fascinated with the shapes on the ground. You’re not bright.

    • MzReddbone Morrow

      No they do it on purpose they dont want her subject to the publicity rightfully so

    • lemcee


  • rainbow

    My favorite couple

  • Yoki

    I know yall noticed that all pics with blue ivy, she NEVER faces the camera

    • MzReddbone Morrow

      Her parent’s choice…

  • Rebbekah

    I bet you Kelly’s going natural because her real hair been that length for too long

  • FromUR2UB

    Looks like they had a nice time in New Orleans.

  • Gabie Aldrich

    She Looks So Adorable!!

  • cryssi

    Looks like the dress Bey wore to Miss Tina bday bash is the same dress Rocsi wore to the Golden Globes.

  • Guest

    Did they even have kids Blue’s age at her party? They should have.

    • Rayjulian85

      I’m sure they did. These photos aren’t from Blue’s party. They barely post photos of their kid. They probably don’t want to bring scrutiny to someone else’s kid by posting them publicly.

      • lemcee

        Or show the fact that child isn’t beyonce’s. No woman who gets a C-section will bounce back to performing, stomach trim, no slice marks after a month of giving birth.
        She performs in outfits made of pantyhose and you don’t see a smudge of a c-section on her lower abdomen. Nowhere.
        She could look like Jays’ twin 1day, nose ‘n all, then the next time they show her she got that “rented” look about her, like she’s a body-double or something.

        • Peggy Boehm

          I had a C Section, I mean 2. With the 1st I weight less them when i got Pregnant. You stay on Water and any thing clear, you will lose the weight in about 10 days.

          • gangsta boo

            For the ones who love the carter family thats what’s up because I love them to and for the ones talking bad about baby carter must be the devil……to sit up here and talk bad about a bad is just checking hateful ……..sad im a pray for y’all……. JAY BEY & BLUE Y’ALL FAMILY ROCKS……..

        • Curious

          I feel u..But when u voice ur opinion u a hater..I honestly think her sister carry 4her..Cuz most celebrities be on the cover of some magazine bare with they pregnant belly out..And I was Suprise she didn’t bring that she Beyoncé

        • Rayjulian85


  • hi-liter

    Cute pics…..Blu IVY looks like Jay, acts like Bey.

  • Nyomi

    Beyonce looks really cute. And so does Blu.

    • blue ugly

      Dont pie she’s an ugly bby. Just like Jay, damn He’s ugly…

      • fee98720

        You should really keep comments to yourself she ain’t ugly she’s beautiful

      • Beverly

        You’re just jealous of Beyonce! We all know Blue is beautiful and looks 100 times better than YOU AND YOUR RETARDED KIDS!

      • Candice Thomas

        And why the fux don’t they ever comb that baby’s hair? I’m witchu

        • livia

          Her hair is super curly. Its an curlyfro
          Im guessing your not black so stfu !

          • Candice Thomas

            Lmao, actually @$$hole I AM black. With extremely curly hair that looks nothing like this. And IDGAF how curly it is, that’s no excuse for not putting a comb to it!

            • Vaness

              Why can’t she wear her hair the way they see fit? I think she is cared for that is what matters.

              • dedejustlovingme johnson

                girl u speak the truth lol:)

            • boyu

              let us see your picture before you condemn someone else’s

          • dedejustlovingme johnson

            girl i agree with u a 100 percent

        • Latonya Howard

          Candice quit hating hoe

          • Candice Thomas

            Now Latonya, I’m sure yall’s mouths cud be put to better use… like stuffing it with diq. Get u a life already. Btw that Color Yaki u got in your head does nothing for your complexion

            • dedejustlovingme johnson

              shut up and leave u hater

        • dedejustlovingme johnson

          she is a baby she doesn’t have as much hair because she is a baby dah

        • caramel oreo

          they obviously like the natural look, duh

      • Latonya Howard

        Quit hating u ugly not blue

      • Precious

        U must be young saying some Dum mess like that blue ivy is so beautiful. I wonder what u look like damn u must be a broke bus Down to even judge a babe

        • dedejustlovingme johnson

          well i know im young bt me and latonya both have more sense and more taste than u will evr have im just telling the truth

        • dee

          She’s gorgeous and got swag!

      • Kela C.

        That’s pretty hateful to say about a baby.

        • dedejustlovingme johnson

          i know right

      • cocoa

        Smh realli ur gonna sit up here and talk about a child not cool grow da fucc up and get a life

      • Marlon Beavers

        You gotta be A broke nigga,cause that’s all that hate, get your life it’s a child for god sake

      • caramel oreo

        you’re wrong she’s so cute

    • olivia

      It looks like Beyonce and Blu have a great mother-daughter connection, Blu looks very happy, but I bet she’s daddy’s little girl! She always looks so cute and very clean. Kim, Kanye and poor North are the total opposite of the Carter family, Kim and Kanye need parenting classes and they need to know that North should look clean and nice just like they like to look. North seems to be so ignored by her so called parents.

    • Ghost

      Best nose, tits, lipo, botox, lip reduction, skin lightening money can buy!!!

      • nikki

        ummm look at beyonce’s pics from when she was a child. she looks the same just grown. She’s always had a nice shape! what!? YES hunty. She’s real. She hasn’t had anything done. It’s called taking care of yourself. Now you go do that. But hey,*shrugs* Broke down people always hate successful and beautiful people when they see em!