Him So Purrty: 15 Of The Prettiest Celebrity Men

January 15, 2014 ‐ By Iva Anthony

In Hollywood there are pretty boys — you know the Diddys of the world who place photos of themselves on Instagram with cucumber patches under their eyes and take more time to get ready than the average woman — and then there are men who are just plain pretty. They have the long eyelashes, soft facial features, and grooming habits that just make you swoon and say, you know what, that’s a pretty man right there. Check out our favorite pretty celebrity men.

prettiest celebrity men

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Musician Prince has always had an androgynous look about him. With his high cheekbones, deep, soulful eyes and soft lips, the Purple One has worn clothes such as ruffled blouses and boots with heels that at the very least could be labeled unisex. The legendary artist has been romantically linked to beautiful women but he’s always been the prettier one in the relationship. Prince, who normally wore his hair similar to Halle Berry’s signature short hairstyle, debuted his new look sporting an afro on ABC’s “The View” which made him look a little more masculine.

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  • Iamionis

    This List is WACC…Idris Alba isn’t on it, I don’t know if anyone told you but high yellow/light skinned played out, we can make an exception from your list Jon B, Shamar and Omari, heck you didn’t put Boris K on the list…Shame Shame Shame, whoever was on the team for this selection is not over 30…..Shame shame shame.

  • Iamionis

    This list Is WACC, Idris Alba isn’t on it, high yellow is out, we can make an exception to this list Shamar and Jon Paul and you didn’t even put Boris on it…shame shame shame….

  • oj9561


  • Tammy

    Who did you consult for this list. Omari, Maxwell and so great ole schools like Prince and Debarge. But Babyface and ASAP WTH!!!!

  • drm

    How is it Justin Bieber is pretty in one article, and aging terribly in another.

  • Rebbekah

    I’ve lost all respect for stupid miguel ever since he said black people are the most judgemental. i dislike his face

  • OjiMcGillicutty

    I think most of these guys have “pretty boy” tendencies, and they are not pretty boys in my opinion.

  • MJangel4927

    Justin Bub Head (Bieber) and Frake (Drake)?! Woman are you mad?! Where are the REAL pretty men Idris Elba, Paul Walker, Trey Songz, R Kelly? The only people who actually belong on this list is: Babyface, Prince and Jon B. Just my opinion that’s all but seriously?

  • Maile00

    Babyface compared to El DeBarge…nah he’s not pretty! Drake is not pretty either. Handsome guy but NOT pretty…and Johnny Depp is NOT pretty

  • ashmon

    They just started throwing anybody light skinned at the end of the list. Justin Bieber, Johnny Depp???

  • Jocelyn D. Faulkner-Payton

    Prince and Shemar are list worthy but your list of pretty boys many were attractive but not pretty.

  • Karen Lopes Graves

    Seriously? That is your Hot List. First 4 and done. Wow. Keep looking.

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    half black half jewish ? real dumb MN.

  • Guest

    Omar Hardwick pretty? There is a difference between being masculinely handsome and pretty.

  • B Cooper

    RE: Justin Bieber The Canadian heartthrob couldn’t go anywhere without being mobbed by a legion of screaming females.
    Screaming girls please! I thought we were getting rid of this saying along with THOT.

  • Guest

    Sooooo…..Trey Songz is just not going to be listed….oh.

  • NegraGata

    Your list is SEVERELY FLAWED!!!

  • Keland

    I don’t think any of the boys ( I am referring to these men as boys the same way women are referred to as ‘girls’ despite their age) on this list are ‘pretty’.

  • Nyomi

    I never was attracted to prettyboys