Birthday Girl Fab: Beyoncé Posts Pictures From Blue Ivy’s 2nd Birthday

January 15, 2014  |  
Source: Tumblr

As you know Blue Ivy recently celebrated her 2nd birthday. On January 7 to be exact. And you may have seen that the couple rented out Jungle Island to celebrate the occasion. There were a few pictures the paparazzi snapped of the couple and their little one walking into the theme park but nothing of the celebration inside. But today, Beyoncé posted a few highlights from the Blue’s party. There was face paint, a pale pink and blue cake, tiaras and even a mini Destiny’s Child reunion. Check out the pictures on the following pages.

Source: I am Beyoncé

These Daddy-Daughter shoes are too cute!

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  • sidry

    I just see blues head ot shoes but no face to show emotion

  • I saw that pic but that’s just one kid. Where are the other children? If
    that was supposed to be a kid’s birthday party there should’ve been
    kids all over the place. Perhaps Bey doesn’t care much for other
    people’s kids.

  • Bernice Fitzpatrick

    Come on Angie!… One Big “SMILE” Pease!.. After All!… This Is “BABY BLUES” Birthday Bash!… Not The Witches Of The North!!… LOL!… Just Saying! .. Lighten Up For “BABY BS SAKE!!

  • citadelgrrl

    why does she always hide blue’s face..she is adorable just show her!!

  • pow

    No one caaaaares

  • sha

    I say just dont show pictures of the kid because I personally find these type of pictures annoying.

  • a woman

    Why does this beyonce look white here, people ?!?! Is this normal !? She is not white !

    • sha

      i have noticed that during the winter months she is not usually tanned and looks very pale. She is not a brown skin girl and from the looks of her mom and grandmom, white is running all up and through their family. Many people from the TX/LA area look like that – creole decendants. I doubt she would be lightening her skin before another rumor starts. I noticed that in some of the videos shots for this new album. Some she is very tanned and some she is pretty pale.

  • Mya time

    WHY does this beyonce always look white, and she’s not !?

    • enlightenment

      she does not look white. she just has a light skin tone.

  • Mya time

    WHY does this beyonce always looks white, and she’s not !?

    • daddy

      IKR She’s not even mixed smh

  • Al Gray

    She must show that third eye everywhere she goes.She got the SUN and the WINGS

  • OlayinkaFab

    Yes, we wanted to see more B and the back of the child’s head. Thank you Beyonce. #sarcasm

  • shehiplocki

    I wanted to see cute little Blue Ivy, such a cutie pie.

  • Lc

    I love that it was not on over the top shindig.

    • Lc


  • mdoubs

    Does Beyonce know that the world already know what Blu looks like….?

  • Cdj

    Well dayum, is it Beyonce’s party or Blue’s???

  • kh

    Why is she not showing blue’s face

    • guest1

      b/c whenever she does, theres a million unnecessary rude comments about her expressions and her hair. if i was a mom i wouldn’t want to have to see all that negative commentary about my child so i understand why she and other celebrities dont show their child’s face. smh there used to be a time when kids were off limits but not anymore i guess.

  • Diva

    Kelly nose look a lil wide… she may be preggers

    • kek

      Thinking the same thing lol

    • mays

      OMG u got the eye…. u absolutely right lol

  • hollyw

    Lol where are the kids though? Blue ain’t got no celebrity beasties?? The adults look like they had a great time, at least (like at most baby parties lol)!

    • NVAdamzz

      That’s what I was thinking while I was going through the pics! I was like, why is Blue Ivy always around all these adults? There are so many celebs with kids around her age. It was especially weird to me that she was at the NYE party with them. I hope she doesn’t end up like Drew Barrymore.

      • Silver

        There is a child who gave her a paper written “Baby Blue you are a princess, hope you have a happy birthday, Love Redin” — Or something I can’t read it well, Check on Page 4 of the photos.

        • NVAdamzz

          I saw that pic but that’s just one kid. Where are the other children? If that was supposed to be a kid’s birthday party there should’ve been kids all over the place. Perhaps Bey doesn’t care much for other people’s kids.

          • Silver

            Maybe there were others and they just didn’t get photographed. It really isn’t safe I guess, plus she is only 2! How many friends can she have.. lol. And she doesn’t live in none of those neighbourhoods were kids to play with are crawling all over the place.