Juicy J Awards $50K Twerking Scholarship To Sole Contestant Who DIDN’T Twerk–Bio Major Zaire Holmes

January 13, 2014  |  

Reading really is fundamental. At least, that’s the message Juicy J is sending now that he’s handed out his $50,000 “twerking” scholarship.

We told you late last year that Juicy J had announced on social media that he was going to give a scholarship away to “the best chick that can twerk.”

There was backlash, even a boycott of his latest album, something Juicy J just really didn’t understand: “Why? I’m giving back to the community…I’m giving money away.”

And while he claimed the scholarship was inspired by twerking, according to the complete rules he allegedly had, you DID NOT have to twerk in order to win the money. But of course, many women sent him videos of themselves twerking in the house, twerking on the ground, even twerking on trees–except for Zaire Holmes. The mother of one and biology major at the State College of Florida read the complete rules, saw that you weren’t required to twerk to win, and sent in everything but a booty-bouncing video in order to enter the giveaway. The 19-year-old ended up winning. As Juicy said in the video where he awarded her the huge check, “It’s not always about shaking your a**.”

“Next time I send out a tweet about a scholarship, make sure you take it seriously. Read the words.”

Holmes says that as a biology major, the money will be able to cover all of her lab expenses, and she cried when she was given the check. “A lot of people thought that you had to twerk, but you actually had to read the rules.”

How crazy is that!? Congratulations to Holmes on getting the money she needs to get her education. The joke was on us!

Check out video of Holmes winning her twerk-less scholarship below:


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  • guest

    I’m sure everyone read the fine print. Even though it wasn’t stated in the rules , at first he did say he would be offering a scholarship to the best twerker . Wheather you entered the contest or not everyone called it ” JUICY J TWERK CONTEST ” which was misleading. Since the contest was for you to show or tell why you needed the money , why couldn’t guys enter as well ? He contradicted his self .

  • gallyun

    Lol……..Y’all are a trip. How can it be a publicity stunt or if he was trying to save face, when the when all you had to do was read the rules???

    He just picked a person who follow the guidelines, I’m pretty sure there was more like her but few.(He had to pick one not all)

    Just follow the guidelines….

  • Miles Mumford

    I’m tired of hearing people commend Juicy J for teaching his fans who
    twerked a “lesson”. Just because a girl twerked doesn’t mean she didn’t
    read the rules, or that she’s a hoe. If you read the rules, and this
    is what the rules also said; on top of saying you didn’t have to twerk,
    the rules also stated that Juicy J didn’t have to pick a winner at all
    if he didn’t feel like it (it really did say that). It also stated that
    he would pick from the top 10 videos with the most likes. The best way
    to get to the top 10 was to twerk (because this is a twerking contest
    hosted on Worldstar). To not twerk, using the information they had,
    would have hurt their chances. The girls that sent in those videos were
    fans of his, who twerked because that is how the contest was promoted.
    And to now bash those fans for twerking because his public image is
    being hurt for something he promotes in all his songs (dancing for
    money) is a really scummy move.

  • Drizzle

    So as a person who feel out applications most of the time when people say that you don’t have to do something in the application if you don’t do it you are automatically disqualified. So for him to call it a twerking contest and not utilize the twerking part was mean and go against the normal rules for applications. How many applications say that you don’t have to do something really mean it. For instance if I applied for a job and they told me I told have to put my race most likely if I don’t put my race they are not going to hire me.

  • chanela

    19 with a son? ugh Then trying to rap.. oh lord

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    Absolutely wonderful! So happy for her!

  • blackfujones

    even when he gives money away to someone who didnt twerk you all complain..geezus

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    The fact that he doesn’t get why there was backlash clearly shows he isn’t that smart. I think he did this to save face, even if it wasn’t a requirement he knew girls would still send in videos and I bet he watched them. If you really wanted to give out a scholarship do so based on merit alone. That’s why he got boycotted. He still reduced these women to pieces of meat to be ogled at point blank. Let’s be real whose to say the rest of the girls didn’t read the rules maybe they sent in the video b/c they felt it would better their chances?

    • Cory Gillmore

      No man has the power to reduce women to a piece of meat. Some women reduce themselves to a piece of meat by behaving like a piece of meat.

      • thatguy0101


      • BeAware

        Well said. Twerking is demeaning when presented in a demeaning manner. As I’ve said, twerking does not exist solely for the hypersexual consumption of men. Rather, it is just another form of dancing and it needs to be left at that. If Michelle Obama were to twerk, I’m pretty damn sure no one would have anything to say about it.

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        No man has the power to reduce….. Just search the term jezebel and the hyper-sexuality of black women in the media throughout the history of the U.S. and it’s media.

  • Rick

    She was not the only contestant NOT to twerk. Even some of the other finalists weren’t twerkers.

    • BeAware

      It’s a crying shame that people so choose to clearly ignore that fact. While I have no problem with Zaire being lauded for winning the scholarship, I also find it disgusting that people would assume that ALL the other applicants twerked.

  • B

    What a clever twist!

  • thatguy0101

    Juicy J knew what he was doing and he knew he was going to give the scholarship to the female who stood out and did something “different”. Congrats to the female that had respect for herself, her image, her body and more importantly her parents, the people she represents….and shame on the silly a$$ females who were shaking their a$$ for money….smh…..just think about it, if you would go as far as making a 20 minute video with you actually twerking your butt, doing sexual maneyuvers and being rauchy for money…..WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU DO FOR MONEY???? smh sad, so sad.

    • vintejvic


  • Tereza Sterama


  • Tonyoardee

    A good cause, and the way school tuitions are rising I see no problem twerking for tuition

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  • Benjamin_check

    People talking bad….that’s why I keep my money in my pocket, and everytime I stick my hand in it, there’s plenty. Hats off to the dumb bishes who weren’t going to school anyway….Every stripper is “in school” don’t you know that?

  • Sherri

    This is a prime example of people trying to use there body instead of their head. I feel Juicy was trying to wake up these girls. This right here should teach them to respect and love themselves more. That real men like s women with a head on her shoulders.

    • hollyw

      Um… have you listened to any of Juicy J’s music?

  • Jay Anderson

    HA HA the Joke was on everybody who twerk and all you ladies who got mad about the thing in the first place. NOW IN YOUR FACE

    • hollyw

      I’m going to guess that you didn’t make it to college, either…

      • Jay Anderson

        For your information. I graduated from college with a 3.6GPA in Computer Science. Thank you very much. Plus I got a Masters and I’m working on my certification. How you like them apples? You and the 7 ppl who don’t know ish about me.

        • hollyw

          Sir, you seem to be new to social media and have been living in a cave since the 90s, getting “all those degrees”, so let me take you back to school real quick: no one online owes you anything, least of all a tear in a bucket over your struggle, come -up, or ANYTHING you present other than at face value.

          In other words, you sounded a mess and ratchet as hizzell, and since you have freedom of speech on here to present your online persona at will, that is who you shall be. DISMISSED.

          • Jay Anderson

            LOL. I think you the one sound like a mess. LOL. Because let’s keep it real. I think you need some common sense and you need to learn how to read. Did I say people Online owe me something? NO. Plus I didn’t bring up education, you did. Challenging me. You got schooled and you can’t take it. Just like a dumb woman. I sound ratchet? Hmmmm I think you need to look at yourself. See you all over on this article and for the looks of it…….. I think you are the ratchet one. #Checkmate

            • hollyw

              Your ignorance is astounding. #Checkmate, huh. Hashtagging on a site that doesn’t even recognize hashtags, you sound 12 smh. My first statement stands, you clearly have no formal education; your nonsensical replies make that apparent. Good luck in life, kid.

              • Jay Anderson

                Clearly you have no common sense at all. I already told you my education. So basically you being a woman with no common sense makes me further know what kinda woman I’m talking too. Yes. I used a hashtag so what? I hope you gain some sort of common sense because clearly you don’t have none at all.

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  • Ericca

    Regardless if these women who didnt win, sent in twerking videos. The fact that they were looking for scholarships and are in college is the important thing. I’m sorry but regardless how you get it, good for you because college is too damn expensive. Just saying lol

    • hollyw

      I agree. I feel like he was trying to take advantage of probably the most desperate (or naive) of young girls and women who really neeeed to go to college lol…

      • vintejvic

        how can u take advantage of a dog that chases a bone by throwing a bone around? if the dog wasn’t such a dog to chase that bone he wouldn’t be tempted to chase the bone you threw? if women didn’t resort to using their body to get what they thought was difficult then this contest wouldn’t be a problem, i think people are ashamed to admit the real issue, women thinking that their body CAN pay for an education (which they have been doing for years, actually), but is it the only method? its like a bailout like every time i hear drug dealer’s and their story being that they didn’t have no food or lights in the house so they had to hustle.. once again bailout.. we need to get over our bailouts.. it doesn’t make any advancement for our species that women should still be twerking to go to college… really think about that. maybe juicy j brought an even bigger topic into light by way of this contest.. all i have to say is.. we can sit back and judge.. or we can try to make the world a better place through careful analysis and application.. once again, PEACE.

        • hollyw

          No, I think the big picture has always been women automatically being judged while completely removing accountability from men. Business as usual. I find it interesting that you literally compare women to dogs in your analysis, while simultaneously advocating for not to judge people like Juicy J…lol. Like, he literally has NO accountability w/you.

          The most important part of such an analysis, and which you left out, is that a person with the bone is at an obvious advantage with a dog, one, as they are in a position of power, in status and in resources.

          Two, dogs don’t indiscriminately chase bones b/c they’re dogs and/or it’s a bone. They’re chasing it b/c they’re hungry. So the dog is needy. The person is in a position of power to provide that need, but then also in a position to take advantage of its needs. This is Sociology 101. This is the foundation of how every marginalized population is taken advantage of, most historically the Black population, but let me not get too deep for you lol… Peace to you, as well.

          • anon

            Amen, Holly

    • Courtny

      Yes it is! I’m currently in my senior year and I have to sit out a semester because I don’t have an extra 1k AFTER financial aid to give the school smh

      • hollyw

        Aw I’m sorry to hear that. I had to sit out a semester over $1500, ended up working the register at Wal-mart and a telemarketing agency to get the money up… Don’t give up, you almost there!!

        Seriously, do a kickstarter or something, my friends do it all the time to fund their marathons, and they run just because lol. I know folks wanna see you graduate, I’D even donate!

      • blackfujones

        get a job..problem solved

      • thatguy0101

        Seriously, If I knew you, I would of gave it to you the thousand you needed..

  • queeniam

    I am glad he did what he did even if its to save face. READ every word before entering a contest. Congrats young lady.

  • Candyce

    She wasn’t the only one. I didn’t twerk in my submission smh

    • hollyw

      WOW you applied?!? Did you not twerk b/c you saw the rule that said you didn’t have to, or just to stand out..? Good for you, sorry you didn’t win. This whole thing was obviously a publicity stunt.

      • vintejvic

        we must redefine “publicity stunt” because it is such a word that we “commoners” hide behind.. what does it really do for juicy j to give away 50,000, he’s really been there and done that, has had many hits albums.. i dnt think its a publicity stunt, you have to understand that these rappers and celebrities are actually human beings, sometimes they actually do the right thing. i think it was a brilliant gimmick, pun, ruse, contest, tournament, whatever you call it it means the same thing, at the end of the day the guy gave away 50,000 to a person that represented herself and human kind well, the details in between don’t really matter, sometimes the details in between are a controlled factor to get to the means, sometimes there IS a method to the madness.. just believe and don’t be so judgmental that everyone has an evil vendetta.. peace

      • vintejvic

        I mean how many menages n girls has he slept with in his time? he probably don’t even care for the twerking videos the life of an entertainer is way more grandiose than getting aroused by little girls twerking videos.. think about it.. maybe he was trying to send a message, he saw that twerking was the hot topic and he expounded on it, brought his name back into the limelight (might not have been the goal but definitely a benefit), and did something positive before the curtains closed… let’s revel in that fact.. that juicy j did something positive..

        • hollyw

          From what I see, age and experience doesn’t have that much effect on folks who’ve been in the industry, so yes, I can def see J.J. and his boys being entertained by the videos. You seem to be easily able to reconcile any ulterior motive he might have had, though, e.g. name back in the spotlight, ‘ brilliant gimmick/ruse’, a joke he later tried to save face on, etc. just because he gave out money, and if so, good for you. I don’t think we as consumers judge enough, however; especially as it comes to rappers as “role models”, so we may have to agree to disagree.

          I don’t see myself as a ‘commoner’ in the least, as one, i actually dedicate myself to inner-city projects that get kids into college, and motivate them to pay it forward, which is far more valuable than a handout, though i also donate. Also, from this page alone, it has appeared far more common to judge desperate or naive women trying to better their circumstances by even the most embarrassing means, while glorifying a rapper who, even in this moment, has done nothing but disrespect this population, and now, ridicule them as well, and for what? As you said, to get his name in the game. So no, that 50k was not worth all this to me, or considered “doing something positive”.

          The only thing I can say for J is that he seems to have the same hood mentality that a lot of his supporters share, evident in his confusion over.the backlash: “Why? I’m giving back to the community… I’m giving money away.” Our community needs a helluva lot more than just money!! We need education and self – respect, but it was obvious he found nothing wrong with women debasing themselves to get it, which COMPLETELY defeats the purpose (but not surprising, again, if you’ve listened to ONE song), so if you think for minute that Juicy J is a genius or Robin Hood from this situation, then you are fooling yourself. Glad somebody got some money for school, and that’s all I will say towards him.

  • smilezndimples

    I think Juicy just earned another fan. Thumbs up Juicy!!!

  • Artese Johnson

    I’m glad he did that. Let that be a lesson. ..READ!

  • Guest

    Why the hell would you not read the rules, even if it was for a “twerking scholarship”? He could’ve done anything with those videos and ppl just sent them in like “Yeah I’m shaking it for 50k?” Sorry, those ladies didn’t deserve a scholarship. He’s right, people should’ve taken the contest seriously. How is she the only person that read the rules ?!!!!

    • YoYo Marie

      I don’t understand how she was the ONLY one who read the rules. He probably got hundreds of twerking videos too! That is a crying damn shame that so many young ladies, who probably could’ve really used that money also, would rather shake their asses than read all the rules. I’m very happy for this young lady, but so sad for the others and those like them who think that twerking is all it takes to be successful.

      • hollyw

        Another person on this thread said she applied for the scholarship and didn’t twerk.

      • Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney

        I agree about the other young women.

        So now…what happens to the videos? Posted on You Tube? Shown on TMZ or some other idiocy for these other women to be mocked, riduculed, snickered, SMH or punished for foolishness?

  • hollyw

    So let me get this straight. You put a mixed message about a twerking scholarship… except it actually IS a twerking scholarship…but give it to the only one who didn’t twerk b/c “reading is fundamental”…except twerking was actually in the rules, just not a ‘requirement’…then kept all the videos….WOW, some philanthropist!!!

    Sit down, you fraud.

    • swagboss

      Someone is such they sent a twerk video in AND didn’t win.

      • hollyw

        I have two degrees, and you apparently cannot even proofread your own posts, so if anyone is likely twerking for handouts, it is you, clown. Ciao 🙂

        • islandman

          Only two? what about 3 or even 4 degrees?..LOL 😀

          • hollyw

            Lol I’m taking a break…

  • hollyw

    Ummm noooo the joke was obviously on all the unfortunate girls who needed money for college, and accompanied their essay w/ a booty video to this “philanthropist”…who I’m sure accepted them all instead of returning to sender. Smdh. What a disgrace.

    • Courtny

      If those girls needed the scholarship I’m assuming they are of college age and have sense enough to know what they are doing. THEY are old enough to make sound decisions and THEY decided to twerk for a scholarship

      • hollyw

        …I’m not sure I get your point. No one is arguing age or if anyone was forced to apply.

        • Courtny

          My point is that all of those “unfortunate” girls knew what they were doing when they decided to twerk for a scholarship.

          • hollyw

            If you’re implying that, b/c they were all over 18, that it makes it ok, then I disagree. They are unfortunate b/c 1. they needed money for college, and at the time apparently couldn’t obtain it from any other avenue. I mean, do you donate to a college fund?? 2. They also submitted essays w/their appls., which a lot of people seemed to have missed. They just added a video b/c it was a TWERKING SCHOLARSHIP. For people to truly believe that the others simply just didn’t read all the rules is super-dense, as they probably just tried to better their chances since, again, it’s a t.w.e.r.k.I.n.g. scholarship?

            Additionally, as has been mentioned multiple times already, plenty of girls applied w/o sending in a video. So for J.J. to pretend that he’s a modern Willy Wonka and make himself look good by bestowing this on the “only genius who ‘figured it out'”, is laughable, as is anyone who tried to make themselves feel better about ridiculing women who, at the end of the day, performed a desperate act for COLLEGE by guessing that they’re all of-age. Hope that clears it up.

            • Maria


        • Maria

          u don’t get her point cause you’re an IDIOT

          • hollyw

            …and you’re an internet thug. Pathetic.

  • keke

    Regardless if u think he just did it to save face, he gave the money to an actual student who did NOT shake her tail at the end of the day!

    That is all.

    • BeAware

      What’s sad is that there were multiple individuals who didn’t even twerk for it. If anyone cared to actually look at the scholarship page, they’d find that there were a number of women who sought other avenues of expression in order to compete. SMH.

      • hollyw

        Ikr he clearly did this all as a publicity stunt, but he’s “giving money back into the Black community”, so let’s just keep our hands out and pretend he’s a genius and most college applicants want to twerk their way into school lol… Smh indeed.

  • Shonuff!

    Good for her!

  • 716 ♥

    Well ill be damned. …

  • Keland

    Sounds like he is just trying to save face.

    • cinna

      I don’t think so mainly because the rules were in fact in the contract and he wrote the rules saying you don’t have to twerk to win….that was already written

  • OlayinkaFab

    Good for her. Silly broads shoulda been more serious if they really wanted the money. Juicy is a really sweet person and I am happy he did this. Don’t always judge a book by the cover. He is a VERY humble guy.

    • KamJos


      • OlayinkaFab

        A broad is a woman. Your point?

        • KamJos

          It’s a derogatory term, that’s seems to have come back in fashion, and it’s the first time I’ve seen a woman use it. Calling them “broads” is harsh.

          • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista


          • OlayinkaFab

            If they “twerked” to attempt to earn a scholarship, the term is appropriate. No apology shall be given but I can respect your opinion.

            • KamJos

              They didn’t twerk to just obtained a scholarship, the twerked because Juicy J himself said he was going to give a scholarship to those who twerked. He promoted it as a twerking scholarship and did nothing to correct all the media outlets who promoted it as such. Look I hate twerking but you’re not a “broad”,”hoe” or any derogatory term just because you twerk.

              • OlayinkaFab

                You are solely entitled to your opinion of those who twerk as I am entitled to mine. I didn’t call them anything but what I personally felt they personified. We can go back and forth all day but it’s not going to change anything nor will I apologize for it. #nexttopic

                • KamJos

                  I’m not debating whether you can have an opinion on something but rather that it’s not a nice thing to say. Those are two different things.

                  • BeAware

                    I couldn’t agree with you more. Rump shaking is nothing new. NoLa Bounce, mapouka, and a variety of arse shaking dances have been out for decades. People clearly choose to create false associations between dancing and sexuality. Twerking is not a dance created for the hypersexual consumption of men. It’s sad when you see women continue to perpetuate the double standard which they so claim to hate. FOH.

                  • OlayinkaFab

                    Taxes aren’t nice either but we have to pay them don’t we? In other words, I didn’t comment for your approval nor do I care whether or not you think it’s nice. Enjoy your life dear…or get one.

                    • KamJos

                      Taxes are required by law as part of our citizenship. We pay them to for the benefits that it affords us such as education and health services. Taxes have nothing to do with what I’m talking about.

  • HoneyDipp

    IDK if I really believe Juicy J’s motivation behind all this was strictly philanthropic, but I’m glad she won it… Go girl! Get that scholarship money, honey.

    • JMO

      I’m not sure I believe he intended for the winner to “read between the lines.” He was either moved by her story or saw it as a way to counter the backlash. Kudos to her for using her brain and not her body!

      • Greg Gross

        The winner didn’t have to “read between the lines.” She just had to read the lines themselves. That’s what Zaire Holmes did, and she won.

        • Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney

          There you go Greg! It shows she could critically think & not enslaved to desperately use her body to achieve a goal.

          Well she did use her body; her brain.

          • Dee

            But did yall see she had all her boobs and mid drift out towards the end of the clip? LMAO Just saying…