Gabourey Sidibe Has Words For Those Who Slammed Her And Her Outfit At The Golden Globes

January 13, 2014  |  


While doing coverage for the Golden Globe Awards last night, a colleague sent me a picture of a tweet Gabourey Sidibe put out about her drawls putting a damper on her evening at the big show. If you weren’t aware, Sidibe has been a cast member in this new season of American Horror Story: Coven, and hit the red carpet along with her co-stars. Anywho, here’s what she had to say about that underwear underneath her shimmering Daniel Musto gown:

Someone actually responded to this with, “imagine how they feel.” I didn’t laugh. I didn’t get angry. I just asked a question: How long are we going to talk about Gabourey Sidibe’s weight? Seriously, it’s tired at this point. She’s happy with the way she looks and the size she is no matter what statistics and concerns and jokes people throw her way, and if people are pretending they care about her health, fat shaming folks into dropping pounds does NOT help. But people still talked crazy about her look when she posed on the red carpet, including a guy who said “I think she ate the Golden Globes.” What they didn’t know though, was that Sidibe, after seeing that folks had nothing better to do than bash her and her size, was going to respond in only the witty way she can:

And yes, #JK means “just kidding.” Basically, Sidibe wanted these same critics to know that she’s winning, and that’s all they need to be worried about. I mean, Sidibe was at the Golden Globes while those some people were chilling on the couch at home! Kudos to her for having a good sense of humor about it all, because I think most of us would be ready to curse a few people out if they were that nasty to us.

What do you think of her response to all the mean criticism of her look?

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  • Yeah, she’s winning alright. Promoting morbid obesity as an acceptable okay thing, which is going to make other morbidly obese teens/young adults think it’s okay to be this way.

    She should be forced into a weight loss program and if she refuses banned from Hollywood. Obesity is an epidemic and we don’t need to make it okay to be obese because we don’t want to hurt peoples’ feelings.

  • Claudiu

    She’s still a fat cow!

  • Rick V.

    Let’s be real people! She is morbidly obese and needs to get in shape before something much more worse than a mean comment occurs…

  • Liz

    I think she took it right. No one has a right to be mean to other people. Obviously, they have nothing to do than just waste their time talking trash. If she feels so good ’bout herself, why need to take away her pride? Just let her be.

  • Brenda

    She not a size 2. But who cares she doing the damn thing. Keep the haters coming. Only people that’s doing have haters. She needs to keep doing her thing.

  • kimmyk

    Gabby is a lovely young lady but her stylist should be fired. The dress did nothing for her figure or her features. First, the color of the dress was wrong and did nothing for her complexion. Second, the material of the dress sucked on to her body too much and was unflattering. Third, the sleeves of the dress should have been a little longer. That given, this is my opinion because Ive seen Gabby dressed so much better than this. People should not ostracize or make fun of her about her weight. However, the fact remains all the weight she has on her body is not healthy. I love the fact that Gabby loves herself and her body but she has to think about her health. At 30 years old, Gabby weighs too much and could potentially have high health risks or even die at a young age. However, we are no one to judge. Gabby has to make the choice for herself. Celebrities such as Monique lost excessive amounts of weight for their health so they can be their for their families. Gabby is a very talented actress and she should embrace whatever makes her happy but she should also think about her health.

  • SPARKLE912

    LOL way to go Gabby!!! Only the people who are sitting at home on the couch in that way got offended lol that’s what’s funny about it. Some people not all always have something negative to say about everything no matter if it’s good or bad. Gabby seems happy with herself, that’s what matters none of us are perfect. I wouldn’t care if every measurement was precise I can bet there’s other issues that take that perfection in another direction smh. It’s truly sad that anyone who relishes on downing someone else makes them feel better check yourself before you cast venom. IJS

  • Cmon Yall

    Having lost a dearly close one at the age of 33…..due to a heart attack brought on by obesity and not-the-best eating habits….I can’t join the Defensive Chubby League on this one. No pun intended…but there IS an ‘elephant’ in the room of the USA called Obesity – with a ‘generous side’ of Diabetes Type II to boot. Private jet, dream job, or not….ain’t no way I’m convinced that a physical condition such as (hers) can be justified. It’d be like a known narcotics addict getting a ‘pass’ since ‘they feel good about themselves in the throes of their addiction/high’. Why not strive to be in our best state? While I disapprove of the insensitive bluntness of some commentators, the facts are the facts. I never met a mom-to-be that gushed about her intense hopes that her baby would grow up to be morbidly obese. But as a sistah in her 30’s weighing under 150 pounds….I can sure tell y’all about a lot of overweight dearhearts who…after gauging my character to be empathetic enough…have frankly confessed the extra challenges that come with being fat. Shopping, sexing, dancing, swimming, going to a buffet – all is a way more unpleasant thing to take on when overweight. Don’t be mad at me – that’s what THEY said. #JS (that means Just Sayin)

    • Cmon Yall

      oh….and one more thing. excess weight can often effect fertility too. so could THAT be applied as a reason why we should ALL ‘keep it tight’? #FactsAreFacts#

    • Gert

      I was saying that in my above post, my husband just lost a friend to a heart attack on New Years Eve. He was only 41, with a wife and kids. I am tired of justifying things that are not healthy for us, whether it be diet, social behavior, education, etc. We have got to do better. It’s not to be disrespectful, but I am not going to not be honest about issues that have an effect on people.

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  • Cherise Darnell-Roy

    the people that was talking crap….where were they?….at home sitting on their ragged sofa….LMAO AT HATERS

  • a

    If I were her I would not have even responded. But then again just because you have money and a dream acting role doesn’t mean you are happy with yourself. Monique was trying to tell herself that for a long time until she got a health scare. Monique looks good and feels good now at least that’s what she says.

  • djphoenix

    Wow. I love Gabby. I see her in New York sometimes and she usually looks great, even if just moving around in casual clothing. I also struggle with weight issues so this is definitely not an attack. The truth is that Gabby chose to be in an industry that has certain rituals and standards. It is what it is. We all have to dress a certain way for our jobs. An actress is to bring her “A” game when she steps on that carpet. It is not solely about weight or size. Monique walked that carpet as a big girl and killed it. So has Queen Latifah and a few others.That dress did not enhance her look, just like Amy Adam’s dress was also horrible. It happens. Gabby needs a stylist who can dress her appropriately and to do her hair. She has not made good fashion or style decisions. She should not get mad every time someone criticizes her. She should work to improve her game like any other actress. Her size is no reason to degrade her. Her size, however, should also not be used as an excuse to side-step the physical work that those in her chosen profession have to do on themselves.

  • Shanelle

    So many people saying she was insecure cause she mentions money well…… here is how I see it: I think she wont let nothing phase her because at the
    end of the day she is doing what she wants to do when she wants to do
    it. She is basically saying I am achieving what I have always wanted and
    I will continue to no matter what you say. She letting haters know that
    their negative comments are not stopping her not that her money is
    making up for anything. Some people are such haters to this that she was
    making an insecure comment. Sheesh

  • soisaid

    when i first saw her as an up and coming actress she basically looked like she does now because thats who she is. seeing her at the golden globes, i thought she looked just as good as anyone else did in their skin. who else was she supposed to look like?

  • Gert

    Attacking her and being mean and hateful to someone is not helping her one bit. Gabby knows she is overweight, I’m sure her doctor reminds her every year. The point is we don’t need to…you support people with kindness not negative words.
    That being said…Making comments about money and private jets has nothing to do with her choice of wright or style of dress. The point is irrelevant….
    Obesity if the leading cause of death amongst African Americans in this country. Weight is a huge issue and we are choosing to ignore it. Everyone is not going to be a size 6…but you can be a weight that is healthy for your frame. I don’t want to see anyone die of weight related illnesses that could be prevented. My husbands friend just died of a massive heart attack, he was only 41 years old. He had a wife and 2 kids…yes he was extremely happy, had money, nice home…etc. Now his wife and kids are left to morn his death because he did not take care of himself…Obesity is nothing to play with. I hope Gabby gets to the point where she wants to help her self.

  • Lilly Jackson

    Most are not getting the point, my daughter is a big girl..and trust me everyone on earth has self awareness, I am very short and the comments, oh my your short! Really? I had no idea until you told me, thank you sooo much, I will go right out and buy heels since my size bothers you. Trust me she knows her size, and how to fix it if possible..but it has to be done her way for her, not for others

  • lanie

    you go girl.stay classy

  • Blu

    Big ups to her for tactfully putting that person in their place. She may not be the image the media has sold us as acceptable or she may not be with others deem healthy, but in spite of that she’s holding her own and doing her thing…HER DREAM JOB! How many of us are doing that?

  • blogdiz

    If She were to lose weight she would be out of a job with a few exceptions Hollywood only has space for two types of black women 1) plus size mammy non sexual threatening also good if they bring some comic relief or 2) half white/Hispanic type women that meet thier ideal of beauty see Glee, the View, the talk, eonline Community the Help etc

    • ewatts

      To the critics, if she didn’t look the way you thought she should, instead of criticizing her, get her phone number, and hook her up, oh i forgot you don’t have the money, and seems to me you wouldn’t have a job if you didn’t have anything to talk about, people need to mind there own d**n business, and leave other folks alone, there is always going to be something someone doesn’t like about someone, instead of putting them on blast, just keep it to yourself, and keep on living.

      • blogdiz

        Are you sure you meant to respond to me ?Did you even read my comment where did i criticize her weight ?? I was just making an observation that she fits into exactly how Hollywood is comfortable portraying black women
        He weight is in fact is a part of her career A size 2 woman with her skin tone and features is of no interest to them for that they already have Zoe Saldanza

  • GinaS13

    So tired of this country’s obsession with weight. I love the people who fat shame and then say “They are concerned about their health”. Bullshit. You are mean, petty people who are unhappy about your life and only feel better when you think you can put someone else down.

  • Schynitha Williams

    At the end of the day she is still winning… makes a lot of money…. living her dream… comfortable in her own skin…I wouldn’t give a flying F who said what because she was there mingling with celebs and irrelevant people were not…WINNING

  • Trina Alix

    Why is her weight anyone else’s problem? How is it affecting your day to day life? Whatever she eats has no bearing on anyone else. Mind ya business. This is how people get hurt, talking too much and in someone else’s business.

  • Trina Alix

    She handled that very well

  • Vee Oby

    She’s a fat pig..

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  • Chanel

    When she says “im fat and i love it” i’ll believe her.. and yes naysayers im someone to convince. Lol

  • Robert

    I Loved the way she handle it! That’s the way you shut MF Down. She’s big so what, but I hear she has a heart of gold. And is not stuck up. So talk all you want, some of you with better bodies would love to be In her position.

  • Max

    It was classy! 🙂

  • Tania

    Those losers bashing her should take a page from her book! Gabourey do you because you do you well! Much love <3 ~Tania

  • Courtney Banks

    Be honest, when you’re THAT size not much looks flattering on you.. Just calling a spade a spade..

    • Peridot81

      That’s True.

  • YoNess

    I really did not see a problem with what she had on…really, I didn’t.

  • Sarena Watkins

    “Go Gab!! Good response baby girl.”

  • Heathernoel

    She is beautiful inside and out and handled those critics like a lady. Wonderful. Who cares what others think of you as long as you are happy screw the rest of the world.

    • Guess

      Why are we ignoring the obvious? She needs help! It is not ok that she is morbidly obese. I’m glad she has self confidence but it’s deeper than that. We want her to live not just a successful life but a healthy life. Yes it’s an old subject about her weight but the fact still remains she needs help. No she doesn’t need to be a size 0 but size healthy. I’m glad she seems to love who she is on the inside but I don’t believe this is how she truly want to appear on the outside . Her constant joking and laughter is just a mask to her true feelings. It’s amazing how people equate money with happiness. It’s great she’s living her dreams but what good is that if it is cut short by something within her control. She can get help. Admitting and getting help to an issue … Now that’s winning!

      • Nicole

        True but you can’t force someone to get help…this has to be done when that person is ready. She is a talented young lady and intelligent enough to know what a healthy weight is and no matter what anyone else says or thinks this is something she will address when she is ready…and she may never be and she should be free to make that choice. It’s her life, let her live it as she chooses. With that being said she is an amazing actress and I wish her much success with whatever she chooses to do.

  • Artese Johnson

    Have anyone of you realized that she’s a successful actress because of her weight? When she auditioned and won the part, it was for her role in Precious! Leave this woman alone. Some roles in hollywood is for a particular size, race & overall look. Live your life hun!

  • Freda Mitchell

    It takes ALL kind of people to make a WORLD!!!!! Fat ones Skinny ones Dark ones Light ones… If I/she was not Fat how would u know you were skinny I/she was not Dark how would u know you were light and so on. Let people be let them LIVE FREE!

  • I think she picked the dress herself. I also think that she’s smart. She uses these opportunities to raise her profile. #ControversySells as well as sex sometimes. Truthfully, if she loses weight, then she’s just another Blacktress in an industry that already doesn’t love her. She gets attention whether she has a gig or not. She’s a shrewd business woman who owns her own power. You GO Gabby!



  • wveronica7

    Good for her but her stylist still needs to rethink his/her choices. People are going to talk no one is exempt from that. I didn’t think of her weight when I saw this but I did feel that the material was not flattering and not complementary to her curves. However, if she loves it then good for her

  • papillon

    Not excusing the rudeness, but…you can’t be a big girl tweeting about your underwear and expect no one to say anything. You’re practically begging someone to make a joke. Gabby should’ve seen it coming.

  • blackdolphin

    While I have much respect for Gaby, I have to ask the question would she be happy with heart disease, Diabetes, kidney problems, knee and back issues? All come with being overweight. Gaby is a talented young woman, I have to wonder if she has issues she is not making public. Her weight is causing her some major money whether she admits it or not. But her biggest concern should be her health. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. Being honest with her about the issue may save her life.

  • FromUR2UB

    Yeah, may as well leave her alone. If she had ever thought about losing the weight, people saying something about it has probably made her remain defiantly fat. I doubt that she’s happy with the way she looks, but she’s the only one who has to live in her body. She’s aware that she’s big, so there’s no point in beating her over the head about it.

  • N ecie

    People let’s keep it real! It was not her size, the dress did noting for her!!!! Her stylist should FIRED! You could see her dress was too sheer. They have Plus Size Designer’s who could have hook her up. That dress was not a Good Look No Shade

  • Pointless Peaches

    I’m sure when she woke up on that day, she knew that she wasn’t a size 0 so for those who feel the need to be captain obvious and point out that she’s overweight are complete dullards.

    Coming from someone who dealt with being bullied for being fat (though it stopped since I graduated from HS), it gets old and tiring. One popular girl from my school called me Shrek and that was the last straw. Making fat comments isn’t going to make one to lose weight. Most times it makes them eat out of depression.

    I’m glad that Sidibe took the comments like a champ because while others are making fun of her because of their insecurities, she’s doing something that they aren’t, having a life.

  • daw

    Forget her weight, I do think the dress is quite “old” for her – something my grandmother would wear. She’s young, I would’ve like to have seen her in something more youthful.

  • sugar honey b

    Some people are so stupid. We might’ve been created in gods eyes but we’re all different. Bullies make me sick. She’s a beautiful black woman who is getting paid for being herself…fat blak & paid

  • amir bey

    Have nothing against heavy sisters but why wear something so unattractive (and shiny at that?!)

  • MarriedMomOf2

    While shallow stuck up immature people are talking sh*t about Ms. Sidibe behind a computer, Gabby is getting that money and she has talent. If the girl want to lose weight, let her do it on her own, she don’t need people pretending to be doctors to be telling her to lose weight. I do have to agree that her dress was unflattering on her, but her hair and makeup was tight. Gabby be you, do you and f**k the complaining butthurts that ain’t got nothing better to do with their day.

    • chanela

      wouldn’t she be considered just as shallow tho? she didn’t talk about how wonderful and intelligent and talented she is, she went on talking about private jets. smh

  • Cassandra

    *uck them girl! Get that money! I love you and I really love the show! This show is better than a lot of shows on T.V. I love your spirit drive and determination! I thought you looked pretty! Hatters are always hatten! Keep spreading the love and keep up the good work! Show them what you can do for all the fluffy girls of the world!

  • Alisha Dixon

    She looks fine and if she is fine with her size, then she is doing her and that’s fine…but that dress does look awful on a girl her size because you can see every roll and dimple. #newdressplease

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    Im just over the criticism of her weight…she’s large so what!…whether she’s trying to lose it or not so what!…get ya life gabby love urself have fun & be happy cause it don’t matter if ur fat or skinny white or black rich or poor somebody is always going to have something to say

  • Deebeezy03

    Her size isn’t the issue…the dress was. The fabric on that dress is very slinky and it is unflattering on even the nicest of figures. I just think it was a poor dress decision…the color…the fabric…the shimmer…it was just all wrong. You have to dress for your body type…PERIOD! Wear what makes YOU look your best. That’s not mean…its the truth. I love Gabby tho. The private jet comment was hilarious.

  • Wlepla Glass-Toh

    good for her

  • For Really

    I love her for the courage and confidence she shows. Kudos to her. Keep loving who you are no matter what. As my mother use to tell me let negative roll of you back like water on a duck’s back.

  • cataleya

    give it time she will lose the weight hollywood doesnt accept fat people

  • CC

    While people are talking she’s getting money regardless of her weight and looks. That’s really all that needs to be said (her case and point). I ain’t mad at cha “Precious”!!! Lol

  • enlightenment

    Has anyone wondered if Gabourey Sibide lost weight, how many roles she would lose in Hollywood?

    Think about it, she’s always played the ignant, big, black woman in movies & TV: Precious, Tower Heist, American Horror Story.

    • Val

      Lol@the ignant, big, black woman in movies & TV

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  • delo3

    She need to lose weight for real gross, u talking bout she winning, she need to be losing

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  • Val

    I wish I jump on the amen choir but Gabby looks a mess in that dress. She’s a big girl and she needs to wear things that are cut for someone her size. That dress is definitely not.

    • koser

      cut for someone her size Yeah, like a set of drapes sized for a

  • Catesia R

    Baby at the golden globes winning she doing her thang some people so lame they a’int got nothing better to do than to hate on her and pick on her weight get a life your jokes and comments are not funny they just make you look stupid

  • cece

    F#$% all them haters!! live your life girl!!! Ain’t nobody got time for all dat.. you still fly to me!!

  • jacqueline

    That Bull Shit…Stop telling your self that you look unhealithy that the real joke

  • Vidette Realtalk Mabrey

    Good for her let the haters hate!!!!

  • Lisa Sosweetcandy Jackson

    this hows that she is a classy ladies, and those words are just words.where as most of us are at home sitting on our couch watching the globe, she is living her dream and they are wishing that they had lived theirs, so I clap my hands to a woman with, beauty, class and grace. she is doing her thing and to those who has criticised her, #get your life

  • Christina K

    She’s huge. Doesn’t mean she should be bullied about it. But gods, I hope she loses all that weight. It’s too much.

  • Let her live! She’s always winning and I love it!

  • Babi Chellz S Fly

    she handle that living good is the best revenge against your haters

  • folamix

    I have no issue with big girls, but quite honestly, she does not look healthy to me. She is doing quite4 well for herself in life but I would like to see her enjoy it a bit more.

  • Maria Bosley

    God created everyone different. Most of the ppl on that red carpet prob been under the knife to be accepted. Gabby embraces what she has and nothing is wrong with her. Ppl are so use to fake bodies. Ppl are sad and drinking the kool-aid.

  • ariesdollface

    i’m always amazed at celebrities throwing hissy fits when someone says something negative about them. yes, Gabby gets an unfair share of this b/c of her weight but honestly, almost EVERY celebrity gets talked about in one or another over the course of their careers. this is especially true during awards seasons/red carpet events (& i haven’t seen her pic on ONE worst dressed list from last night).

    i think she’s beautiful and she seems smart & quite self confident…why respond to people who, in the large scheme of things, have zero relevance in her life?!!! she should enjoy the jets, events, cash, etc. but remember that many, many stars live with the downside of fame, for her to expect any exemption borders on hubris.

    • Artese Johnson

      I so agree! Being a celebrity is a harsh job and i honestly wouldn’t want to be one. If you’re too skinny, you get talked about. If you’re too fat, you get talked about. If you’re the “perfect” size, you get talked about. If you wear wigs and weave, you get talked about. If you wear your natural/real hair, you get talked about. If you wear makeup, you get talked about. If you don’t wear it, you’re called ugly etc. It’s never ending. People are harsh!

  • Simata Wilcox

    She is not tripping off the losers sitting on their couch making fun of her she is getting paid go head on Gab!!!

  • yolanda hinton

    Brilliant…while they r at home watching her….yes she is right winning

  • chica

    the criticism is harsh – still she needs to lose some damn weight – nobody believes she is happy at that size.

  • true beauty

    Sitting on their couch talking loud. Saying nothing.

  • Marehoop

    GOOD FOR HER!!!!

  • CKB

    Rock On!!!!

  • Krystal

    People can say whatever they want aboutnher, but she’s making big bucks and she could care less about what anyone says about her. That’s why I can’t stand social media. People always got something to say and think that the it opinion has to be push into everyone. We don’t care.

  • Jay Trevy

    I feel the same way, how long are we going to beat the dead horse about her weight. If she’s ok with it, then everyone else should be.

    • Clark Toni

      That’s her she is laughing all the way to the bank. People will always have something negative to say if she was skinny they would talk about that too!!

    • Just saying!!

      If she loves herself she shouldn’t be okay with it. I’m not into shaming her for her weight because I think that’s disgusting, but it’s very unhealthy to carry all of that. I wouldn’t doubt that it makes life a little more difficult and inconvenient for her, and she does look like her body isn’t meant to carry that much weight. I love her no less, but I definitely want her to come down to a healthier, more manageable size.

      • SOwhat

        “I love her no less, but I definitely want her to come down to a healthier, more manageable size.” Just so you know, you totally contradicted yourself in less than 6 run on sentences.

  • Rasharne

    She may have money but she looks terrible…. No denying this fact and saying otherwise is a lie p

    • Shekeia

      I personally dont have an issue with her weight; thats her business. In my open the dress was all wrong for her. Basically, she needs a style team that can better work with/provide items for her and her body type? Ijs…

      • Artese Johnson

        I agree. Mo’nique was a big woman but can dress her butt off.

    • Chanda Lett-Hardy

      And she is looking however she looks all the way to that private jet carrying big bags of money to the bank! SMDH!

    • yolanda hinton

      Its a lie to u….everyone dont like the same thing and some of us know how not to focus on people weight…like if they could pull the mask off some of u…and ppl had a chance to look at yall..would u want ppl to treat u this way…I mean really she is a human…when someone does this to your family or your kids…think about this

  • lockstress

    I think she is very pretty in the face and should hire a better style team. She can definitely step up her clothing game but how DARE anyone tweet nastiness about her. Its just plain rude.
    Just for health purposes she should think about losing some of that weight. No hate…I like her. She just seems so young to be so big. And she doesn’t look comfortable carrying all that weight either.

    • R LongPig

      Totally agree. I am against body shaming but as a bigger myself who is nowhere her size – if I had the time and money to eat better, work out and such I would if even it’s to have more energy and less body weight to haul around – I’m like 160 and I’m just like uuuggghhh – I feel the pull on my body sometimes :/

    • yolanda hinton

      What foes young have to do w her weight..u r soing the exact same thing that u r trying to talk against..what ppl fail to understand is yall that speak about her weight are the same ones sitting home wishing they were someone else…not happy w themselves. .if she is happy and still representing in the same size as when we mention it bc yall are unhappy

      • lockstress

        The fact that I brought up her age is the same reason the Dr. tells someone to lose the excess weight…you may die. I want her to be around for a long time gracing the screne with her talent. I’m not shaming her.

  • sha

    AWESOME!!! That was a STFU – drop the mike and walk away moment. Love it!

  • Guest

    She shouldn’t. People need to worry about their own lives and their bodies and leave her’s alone. At least she’s confident with her body and would lose the weight on HER own terms. I’m so proud of her for handling all the hating. Even on Facebook pages about body love and acceptance, people will STILL dog her about her body. You commenters can thumb me down and reply to my comment with immature a** responses disagreeing to the filth I don’t care, leave her alone and let Gabby do her thang,

  • Chey

    I’m impressed with the way she handled that, kudos to her. The only thing that puzzles me is that people feel the need to talk about how they’re “(insert any action here) all the way to the bank” anytime insults are thrown their way. That same money can be gone in a matter of moments…What satisfaction comes from that? I’ll never know.

    • BabyBlue

      Good point. I’ve wondered that myself

    • yolanda hinton

      I love when they say tht…bc the ppl tht are insulting really themselves …r at home struggling not living their best life…if they spent tht negative energy in finding their dream job and life they wouldnt be so unhappy

    • IJS

      I agree but in her case she said “on her way to her dream job” and I think that was showing she’s happy, achieving her goals and not bothered with the criticism

    • Suchalady

      Agreed. That’s a comment of insecurity. As if money is all that matters and having a jet or an invite to an awards show equates to happiness. People are so simple-minded talking about who’s sitting at home on their couch as if there is something wrong with that.

      Anyhow, I’m glad to see she didn’t let negative comments get her down.

      • ultraviolet

        So basically she can’t win. She’s fat so she shouldn’t have a comeback right? No credit for having the balls to go out there even though there are these jackasses on their couch waiting to rip her for no reason. There’s nothing wrong with sitting on the couch publicly knocking someone’s look who’s doing very well in life based on being positive, witty, self-assured, talented, and successful. You’re right. She needs to be more humble and not make superficial comments toward the people making personal attacks on her physicality.

        • Suchalady

          Point flew right over your head.

          • I’m Really a Thundercat

            …and that thing circling around your scalp is the BROADER point. She never said money is everything, that was your implication. No one said sitting on the couch is wrong. It’s just not, by most people’s standard, as exciting as being invited to the GG’s. It’s fine to sit and enjoy your couch just as it is fine for her to be on red carpets and jets enjoying her experience.
            Projection is a MOFO, huh?

            • Suchalady

              Another simpleton. Her comment would have been less tacky had it focused on her self confidence and not material things. Again read the original comment to gain some ground.

              • SOwhat

                Your true colors as a lady are showing..and they aren’t very bright. Get MY meaning?

    • LC

      I don’t see it she’s saying she’s rich. I see it as she’s saying that she’s successful and not letting hateful comments about her weight get to her.

    • chanela


    • Trina Alix

      She was just letting them know that while they’re at home probably broke as hell, she’s doing well. People need to stop being so judgemental.

  • JacPo

    For the life of me I never understand why people want to make themselves feel better by making someone else feel bad. I’ve never known so many beautiful, thin, perfect people until the invention of the internet. Gabby, is out there living her life and living her dream while everyone else has time to comment about it. We don’t have the right.

  • guest

    I respect that. She took it like a “g”

    • joe

      What does the “g” stand for? Giant?

      • Bella

        “G” means in the gang life community means she took it like a gangster meaning she didn’t let it get to her, she brushed it off her shoulders