Texas Couple Outraged After Nurse Gave Their Baby To The Wrong Mother

January 10, 2014  |  

Sheer panic rushed over new mom Jessica Escobedo when she realized that the newborn baby that an Oakbend Medical Center nurse brought to her hospital room during feeding time was not the baby that she gave birth to the day before. Her fears were confirmed when she checked the baby’s name band and realized that it did not match her own.

“The next morning whenever they brought my baby to me for feeding time, the nurse actually brought in the wrong baby,” said Jessica told Fox 26.

Jessica’s daughter, Melanie, was eventually located in the hospital room of another mother.

“They actually took my baby to another mother and she was over there with her for like two hours. The other mother actually breast-fed her and didn’t notice that she had the wrong baby,” Jessica continued.

It was a totally surreal experience said baby Melanie’s father, Aaron Powell.

“This is something I see in the movies,” said Aaron. “I don’t think I ever thought I’d see my own child get handed to someone else and they put their nipple in her mouth.”

As to be expected, both Melanie and Aaron were outraged. Jessica’s mother, Geneva Fuentes, was also pretty upset. They have since placed pressure on the Houston hospital to take action regarding the mix-up.

“I felt that a mistake that big, that hospital should’ve told my daughter, ‘What do you want to happen at this point?'” said Geneva.

After testing the other mother who breastfed Jessica and Aaron’s baby tested for diseases, the hospital launched a full investigation into the mix-up, which led to the firing of a contract nurse, whom hospital officials say did not follow proper protocol.

“An agency nurse failed to follow protocol, which was checking both bands—one on the baby and one on the mother,” said Oakbend Medical Center staffer Dr. Douglas Thibodeaux. “There’s no question that this should not happen. Again, the bands are very specific to the babies.”

Hopsital officials say staffers in the maternity ward are also being retrained as a result of the incident.

Watch Fox 26’s full report below.


http://KRIV.images.worldnow.com/interface/js/WNVideo.js?rnd=207475;hostDomain=www.myfoxhouston.com;playerWidth=630;playerHeight=355;isShowIcon=true;clipId=9701321;flvUri=;partnerclipid=;adTag=News%2520-%2520Hard%2520News;advertisingZone=;enableAds=true;landingPage=;islandingPageoverride=false;playerType=STANDARD_EMBEDDEDscript_EMBEDDEDscript;controlsType=overlayHouston weather, traffic, news | FOX 26 | MyFoxHouston

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  • amir bey

    makes you wonder how many folks may be raising children that are not theirs.

  • Rebbekah

    Well at least she knew it wasn’t her baby, it would’ve been terrible if both mothers grew up with the wrong child because that happens.

  • Bren


  • another child was brought into my room after delivering my daughter. I knew it wasn’t mine before they rolled her to me because I gave birth to a big baby and the baby in the cart was small. I gave that nurse a look that told her if she didn’t get my child to me, the one with the birth mark on the neck and that looked like she should be four months old, I was going to raise some hell they never seen before. Needless to say, I was on high alert after that one.

  • AmazedAndEnlightened

    When I was born to the dark chocolate loveliness that is my mother, I was very fair skinned. My mother was in a room with a white lady and when the nurse brought me in she tried to hand me to the white lady! My mother and my grandmother threw fits because the nurse told my mom, “You had a c-section and are still a little loopy from the drugs.” The white lady had no clue what her child looked like, smh, but they eventually looked at the wristbands and then preceded to kiss my mom’s butt for the next two days. Lol my mom says she didn’t let me outta her sight until we got home lol. Moral of my story is things happen and you’ve got to know what your kid looks like or have a home birth lol

    • Rebbekah

      Yeah, my cousin just had a baby and said she kept an eye on the baby the whole time. She sent her husband to follow the nurse or kept it in a bassinet in the room. It’s crazy how nurses won’t listen to you! So it’s good your mom had your grandmother in there with her because people will let some crazy ish go down if you don’t speak up!

    • xxdiscoxxheaven

      Lol!! Omg i cant believe theybtold her ahe was loopy!! Noo!

  • Mimi

    I hear a lawsuit coming….

  • Trisha_B

    “After testing the other mother who breastfed Jessica and Aaron’s baby tested for diseases”

    Huh? So the woman had diseases that werent checked prior to her delivering? Before she was able to nurse? What kind of diseases? They were gonna let her go home nursing a baby w/ a disease that could very well be in her milk? :/ what kind of hospital staff is this?

    • Shanelle

      Well if you read into it it says they were checking the mother for diseases. usually the hospital doesn’t do that. it is usually your OBGYN and the mother know whether or not she can breastfeed her mom. Obviously if she had something such as AIDS I would hope she wouldn’t want to give it to her child and would know not to breast feed. That is why the hospital asks if you want to breast feed for not.

      • Trisha_B

        Oh ok, thanks! I guess its how it was written above which made it seem like the mother was tested & had diseases.

      • hollyw

        In NYC, it’s pretty much expected for each mother to breastfeed, and you have to give a reason why not, since the other stuff isn’t readily offered…

    • ANirvana

      i agree, but maybe the mother requested that she be retested? After a hospital having a baby mix up, who knows what else they over look, one would think in that situation

      • bigdede

        I think after that mix up, the hospital just wants to double check everything especially if that contract nurse handled both those patients. If they have no records from the OBGYN that the mother had her prenatal labs done (HIV, Rubella, syphilis, etc) then the hospital would run those test before she gives birth.

    • CC

      I think they were saying they tested the other mother for diseases. I just think whoever wrote this worded it wrong. When I see a lot of these articles I have wondered how did they become a writer. (at least I am hoping that is what it meant for the babies sake)!!!

      • Rebbekah

        Yeah there are so many mistakes in these articles… I think the writers are under a lot of pressure to get them done quickly. But it’s usually simple grammar errors so I don’t get how they are overlooked.

      • Trisha_B

        Yea, I read that line like 5 times & it didnt make any sense lol. MN needs to fix that

        • CC

          I read a lot to their stuff and there are misspellings, sentences that don’t make sense…lol.

  • bigdede

    When I was an phlebotomist, I wouldn’t even speak to the patient until after I checked their name band. Most baby bins have the mother’s name on it. So that nurse not only didn’t even check the name on the baby bin but she didn’t look at the baby’s name nor the mom’s name? And how in the world didn’t the other mother know that wasn’t her baby while she was breastfeeding it? They better be glad it was a contract nurse and not a nurse on the staff. Maybe they need to stop under staffing.

  • xxdiscoxxheaven

    Lol wow! That nurse messed up bad. She should have scanned both bands like you do for medications. How did she mix them up?