Florida Woman Arrested For Brutally Attacking United Airlines Ticket Agent

January 9, 2014  |  

Sources: Wikipedia, Broward County Sheriff

When a person thinks of dangerous jobs, airline ticket agent usually isn’t at the top of the list. However, when one is left to service irate passengers like 22-year-old Shelby Henderson Griffiths, that may be reconsidered.

According to the New York Daily News, Shelby was arrested at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport for brutally assaulting Teresa Rodriguez, a United Airlines ticket agent who was trying to assist her. It’s unclear how the altercation escalated; however, witnesses say that Shelby behaved very rudely and demanded that Teresa help her with an issue. Within minutes, things became physical.

“At the time the suspect began kicking the victim in the stomach and legs as the victim laid helpless on the floor,” read the complain affidavit.

According to NBC Miami, Rodriguez tried her best to shield herself from the senseless attack by covering her face; however, witnesses say that Shelby grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the floor. Two men who were standing behind Shelby eventually pulled her off of Rodriguez and wrestled her to the ground until help arrived on the scene. She was later taken into police custody and charged with battery. She is being held on $5,000 bond.

The victim walked away with several bruises to her face, head, stomach and legs.

Totally unnecessary.

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  • Jasmine LuckyDragon Tirado

    Unless the “details” everyone is looking for include the ticket agent hitting her first, they don’t change a thing. She acted like an animal.

  • Guest

    WTF is Spirit airlines? Never heard of them before now. Had to google them.

  • lockstress

    Yup…when keeping it real goes all the way wrong! Dummy!
    This just goes back to that “celebrating anger” discussion we had huh?

  • Guest

    On a completely irrelevant note the woman in the photo has a very beautiful facial frame and eyes, despite her haggard appearance…. but on topic what thoughtless brute violence.

  • Rebbekah

    sad.but I understand her frustration, airlines, train stations, buses all are filled with confusion and disorganization and it causes people to go crazy. I hear so much name calling and cussing while waiting in line at Amtrak.

  • meohmy

    I checked out her FB, and this girl is just angry in every single status update!!! This is how she is…. ignorant, immature, and angry!! So this def isn’t going to help her case to have so many negative ad violent FB statuses smh

    • Kristen

      I’mma check it out!

  • B. Motogusinile

    I know there are some very rude and disrespectful airline stewardess. I no this for a fact. plus! there is some very rude and disrespectful passengers as well. There are some very disrespectful police officers as well as TSO’s. when it comes down to stories like this one it will certainly have to be seen. I see it everyday where someone put their hands on a person and its hard to say sorry or excuse me. It do not matter what color they are ‘ALL’ can be rude.

  • MzHandlingit Alexander

    Lord, what is the world coming to???? I don’t care what was said if the agent didn’t put her hands on her, it should have remained the same on both ends. There’s different ways of handling this. She could have complained to a higher up, took the internet, youtube, Madam Noire, you name it, she could have done it. This is ridiculous!!!

    • randomcommenter


  • KaeMilan

    yea…no..i live in this area…waaaaayyyyy too many holes in this story for me…I want the full layout before I just buy that this chick jump on the lady and beat her like that for absolutely no reason at all….I`ll stay tuned

    • folamix

      Need more details

    • hollyw

      I just thought the same thing, like where is the actually story??? This chick beating the attendant is the RESULT, but how you just gone report that w/o no further information than “apparently for no reason at all…” Com’on, son.

      • Acococure

        Nothng the woman could have done to make this woman act barbaric. Their is no reason for violence no excuse unless she was defending herself from a violent act. She was a freaking idiot.

        • hollyw

          My point was this story is incomplete, from at least one, if not both, sides, so calling someone or something an idiot and barbaric is extremely premature.

          Additionally, I can think of a number of nonviolent acts towards myself that would prompt me to strike out at somebody at least once; one is spitting in my face. It is nonviolent but debasing to the point that it’d elicit a ‘barbaric’ response. You don’t have to agree, and it doesn’t excuse a prolonged beatdown, but a more in-depth look at what occurred, w/all the facts, is always in order when only half a story is given.

    • JMO

      There’s really nothing that can be said to justify assaulting someone. Even if the lady called her all kinds of names, she’s an adult & should keep her hands to herself. I worked in the worlds busiest airport and airline passengers can be very rude to the gate agents. While more facts would at least complete the story, nothing will negate this lady’s actions.

      • randomcommenter

        Thank you there should be no reason to attack someone unless they are trying to attack you

      • KaeMilan

        Any who I did reply to this but I guess my comment didn`t make it on here. Like I said since we bringing up work history I have worked retail and food service which are regarded as two of the hardest, lowest paying industries to work in. Having said that I know that there are many rude customers but I also know there are many rude employees who will start ish just because they think you won`t take it there. My theory is this there are only two reasons for receiving an a** whipping 1) the person that beat you is unstable and just snapped or 2) you earned it out right…..and if you earned then yea that can justify receiving a beat down….people need to learn how to watch they mouth more often than not people are just to reckless with how they deal with people these days….and for the record I didn`t say I approved of her actions I believe my words were, “I need the full layout” #THANKyou

    • Martin Edwards

      go to her FB page and get a little insight into her thinking process

      • hollyw

        I did. Now I’m even more confused than ever.

  • Bits

    PMS ain’t no joke!

  • my2¢s

    What a dumb a**. I work with the public on a daily..saying it ain’t easy is an understatement. There’s allways that one ignorant fool…

    • randomcommenter


  • coolyfett

    She got mad with a United employee, but she was flying with Spirit Airlines…Cmon SON!

    • hollyw

      Ummm her being presumably lower-class has nothing to do w/ anything. I grew up lower-class, fly Spirit all the time to save money, am now middle-class, and have never beat someone like this in my life.

    • JMO

      Lmao that last sentence just reminded me of a Trip to Miami Memorial Day weekend a few years ago. (yeah I’ve learned my lesson about that crowd). We got on the plane (Delta) & this dude was in my seat. He’s like aw I wanted to sit next to my homeboy. How bout a group of them just sat wherever they wanted. I was like dude this ain’t greyhound! LMBO. But yes Spirit airlines is trash. I call it soul plane.

    • randomcommenter

      right…even ppl who work in Wal-Mart or any other store don’t everything…what ppl don’t understand is that other ppl at their workplaces are still human beings smh so sad

  • Jolene


  • Chaz

    Soooo she didn’t fight back at all? Not excusing wht the girl did but, Im not just gonna let someone beat me and I act totally defenseless.

    • coolyfett

      Thats because you are black. Best believe the Media is loving this story of a black girl beating the crap out of a pretty spanish girl. She wasnt even flying with United.

      • FromUR2UB

        How do you know she’s pretty? I don’t think any pictures of her have been released.

        • randomcommenter


        • KamJos

          You don’t, but that’s how the media spins it. Ugly raging black woman against pretty, defenseless non-black woman.

      • Bits

        and Rodriguez could have been black too. The last name doesn’t mean that she looked like Sofia Vergara. Should could have been a Celia Cruz or Sammy Sosa type latino. Or she could have been a white woman or a black woman or an asian who married a latino dude. the possiblities are endless on this one.

    • GymJunkie43

      Smart thinking on the victim’s part. She will get more sympathy (cough cough settlement money) by playing the helpless victim. What a shame, nonetheless.

      • randomcommenter

        this is just sad someone got attack and she’s “PLAYING THE HELPLESS VICTIM”

      • Acococure

        Good luck trying to get money that hoodrat probably doesn’t have anything the victim could get.

        • GymJunkie43

          She is not going to sue her attacker, that’s useless. She is going to sue the airline, TSA and airport for having her in a violent environment.

    • randomcommenter

      good question but it doesnt say the time spam of how it happened or how unprepared she was for that attack
      ……even better question WHYYYYYY

    • Acococure

      Not sure her not fighting back had anything to do with her not fighting back not all black people are gladiators some of us are actually non-violent. Maybe she snuck her witch is what these ruffians do fight with no honor like animals disgusting behavior for a women.

  • Necie

    People need to learn ho to be patient with some public employees! She had no right to put her hands on that woman who was doing her job. Now when going to make a living you don’t know what kind of nutt you meet!!! Now this woman is in jail for being in her feelings That’s Scary!!! H.A.M