Former Reality Stars Who Think They’re Too Good For Reality TV Now

January 10, 2014 ‐ By Iva Anthony

If it wasn’t for reality television, we would probably never have known them (or at least as not as well as we do now) but these reality stars decided to turn up their noses on the very thing that made them famous or resurrected their careers.

"Tia and Tamera show pf"

Tia and Tamera Mowry

Identical twins Tia and Tamera Mowry first gained fame as twin teens separated at birth on the sitcom “Sister, Sister.” The twins took a break from Hollywood to attend college before resurrecting their acting careers again. For six seasons, Tia played Melanie Barnett Davis on the hit show “The Game” but the sisters would work together again with their reality show “Tia & Tamera” on the Style Network. The show premiered to record numbers on the network but as each season passed so did its popularity and it was canned at the end of 2013, although according to them it was time to them to get back to living their lives off camera.

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  • therealnumber1

    How does K michelle fit this list if this is about people who feel they are too good for reality tv? She is getting her own reality tv show….

  • NeaJ

    K. Michelle is someone’s mother? How did I miss that one? Maybe because everytime she came on screen I turned the channel.

  • randelle

    Kmichelle is loud, ghetto and ignorant. And the broad cant sing. Ppl need to stop playing with thot

    • kiki j

      Thot? You must be under 25 and yes unfortunately I know what it mean .

  • randelle

    If LisaRaye didnt have a big azz mouth, stop being so damn ghetto hoodratish, made she could have lasted. And for some strange reason, she thinks she a good actress…nope, your are not. You are too hard. Btw…happy to see u in better clothes on single ladies. Cuz for many seasons, u got diss and played in the styling department. They had u in the top og the line Rainbow offers…t-hee hee. Thats why u were made and hating on the chick that left. Cannot think of the ding bats name, but that chick clothes was killing it…every week. And the chick they replaced her with, clothes were still better than yours. Btw…enough the the white cloths…u look old and played out

  • randelle

    Tia is a hater with her own sister. She’s mad cuz she’s always saying she has to work to support her family and her sister married into a lil money. When Tia found out they were not identical twins, she damn neared cried cuz she realizes she the ugly sister, inside and out. A lot of ppl like Tamara more and the ugly is a mad hater

    • Guest

      You must not have actually watched that particular episode because they found out that they ARE identical twins.

    • kiki j

      You sound stupid

  • guest

    all celebrities that are taken seriously will NOT due a reality show…a reality star is one who is searching to either start a career or revive one..

  • kiki j

    This article is so contradictory and oxymoronic it’s not even funny! How can the title be “to good for reality tv” when they are still on said reality show AND in the works for another one (k.michelle)? And how are Tia and Tamara too good for reality tv when ratings ended their show? And what’s wrong with leaving reality tv? I don’t think the goal is lifetime. The goal is to use it as a platform or a come up, or as you put to resurrect their career. Not to make a career out of reality tv. Only the Kardashian’s make a career from reality tv. Please stay on the subject of the title of your own article.

  • Jasmine Williams

    First of all “All of us” isn’t considered a reality show. Nor is “sister sister”

  • Shan

    This title is dumb. I dont think these women think they are too good. They are probably just tired of all the drama surrounding the shows. Maybe they want to do something different sheesh…..

  • princesspr

    Clearly, the writer is not a fan or Royce Reed. Reed was one of the most popular people on BW.

    • therealnumber1

      And she wasn’t fired like this article claims, she quit…the one they claim “walked away” (gloria govan) was the one who was actually fired. This article sucks!

  • Lanesha Miller

    Tami was not on the first season of The Real World. It’s called research.

    • Crystal

      She was on The Real World New York, I think it was the first season.

      • Crystal

        Darn it was real world L.A lol

        • Lanesha Miller

          Yeah the second season. I was obsessed with the real world when I was little (which is probably why I knew entirely too much about what was going on in the world at 7 years old).

  • NegRican24

    I’m CERTAINLY NOT surprised by LisaRaye this delusional chick thinks that she is an Angela Bassett level actress, wears white at all times, doesn’t allow people to call her Lisa, THOUGHT she was ROYALTY for God’s sake, and so on and so forth………….GMWAFS

    • kiki j

      Omg i thought it was just me! She is a mediocre actress who sounds so monotone and his popular ONLY for playing a big booty stripper! She wears white for attention, only no one cares! And was “royalty” of a country no one talks about! She needs to get her life dot com!

      • NegRican24

        GIIIIIIIIRL!!!!! No honey it’s not just you lls!!

  • Your Mom

    I finally stopped reading after clicking through 8 or 9 pages, but most of the people on that silly list had careers before and during their reality shows. (ie: Brandy and Tia & Tamara). Do you not do research?

  • Tee Elyse

    This article is silly as hell, and I don’t even understand how Jen is on here when you all just did a story about her the other day that said she had her own reality show in the works! Stop contradicting yourselves, MN!! Or at least have all of your writers on the same page!