No Scandal Here: Celebrity Men Who Appear To Be Faithful

January 8, 2014 ‐ By Iva Anthony

Lately there’s been a lot of attention cast on the celebrity men who dip out their spouses or girlfriends for a little loving on the side but there’s little mention of the men who stay faithful – or at least appear to be… Here’s our list of 15 faithful celebrity men who we never hear cheating rumors about.

Faithful Celebrity Men


Barack Obama

Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as the 44th U.S. president on January 20, 2009 but long before he was known as the first Black leader of the Free World, he was a husband to wife Michelle. The two met when Michelle was assigned to mentor a young Barack, who was a summer associate. Their first date was a trip to the theater to catch Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing and ever since the couple wed in October of ’92, Barack has done the right thing by his wife. They have two daughters together and while he has probably the most stressful job in America, the President and his First Lady appear to be just as in love living in the White House as the day they got married.

MadameNoire Video

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  • lynn

    Hahaha hahaha Jay-Z

  • amir bey

    God bless all their unions; if we haven’t heard anything yet, most likely hasn’t happened. It’s good to see people staying true to each other.

  • C2C

    I’ve always liked Tamia and Grant Hill! They are adorable.

  • The Truth

    The writer must not be in the know to include Brad Pitt and Jay-Z on the list. To appear faithful, you can’t be trolling NYC night spots like Pink Elephant picking up women. Otherwise, the list is pretty solid with the exception of a couple of the others who “allegedly” have out of state jump offs. But including Jay-Z and Brad Pitt’s no-discretion selves is laughable.

    And to the doubters who wonder how a powerful man would cheat on his beautiful wife, it happens all.the.time. I think it comes with the sense of entitlement and arrogance that power breeds.

  • S Jo

    Uhh Boris Kodjoe tried to get with my homegirl
    @ The Ritz Carlton in New Orleans during the Essence Festival in like 2003! He’s not faithful!

  • Khalessi22

    Uhmmmmmm why is Kanye and Kim on the list

    • Jan

      when its know that kanye and kim were cheating on amber rose and reggie bush
      why is brad pitt on the list when he left his wife for that vampire we call angelina
      nick cannon has been reportedly cheated on selita, but i guess he is faithful to mariah
      and jay z just knows better that even if he did …he would probably kill or pay his side chick to lay low

      • amir bey

        Difference is Brad has stayed with Angelina and they have a committed family lifestyle with children. As we now see, Aniston is all about self. Don’t blame Brad for moving on. No one should stay in relationships where they are not happy, as long as they are not dogging the other and mutually move forward.

        • Jan

          you know so much

  • Asky Askerson

    Prez. O


    Boris Kodjoe

    Pierce Brosnan

    Matt Damon

    Hugh Jackman

    Grant Hill

    Brad Pitt

    Morris Chestnut

    Nick Cannon

    Courtney B Vance

    Omar Epps



    • Janelle


  • lipgloss

    I hate to burst your bubble but Boris Kodjoe will cheat every chance he can!

    • YeahYeahYeah

      This is true! Def saw him at a club and he left with 2 girls smh. It was such a disappointment for me

  • KeepingItReal

    They could have omitted the last few. Oprah, Chrissy (Jim Jones) and Kim K. aren’t married so they don’t count. Gant Hill seems like a good guy and I’m glad Tamia appreciates that in him. Sidenote: I was watching R&B Divas LA and it seems like Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore would have been a great couple…had they not divorced. But, it appears Chante got tired of his “good guy” image. Looking back….I think she deliberately mis-represented herself as a “church going woman” just to snag Kenny Lattimore. As time went on…she got tired of the “charade”. But, he is definitely a catch.

    • Asky Askerson

      Being faithful has nothing to do with being married. Non-married people can cheat on each other and it’s still cheating. You know that.

      • KeepingItReal

        Being faithful has a lot to do with being married. Marriage is a commitment one vows before God (if in church). Dating is merely saying “I like you enough to want to see you again”. Some women get the two confused. In reality…if you are not married…I really don’t consider it cheating. It may be dishonest…but not cheating…IMO.

        • Asky Askerson

          You haven’t demonstrated how being faithful has anything to do with being married. You’ve just made random statements. And not everyone even believes in that god, most people don’t.
          Dating can be “I like you enough to want to see you again.” But, a commitment is much more than that, and it doesn’t take a marriage to make a commitment. It has nothing to do with having a vagina or not. Just because you don’t consider cheating cheating doesn’t mean it isn’t. You might not consider the sky to be blue, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s blue.

  • 1st Amendment User

    APPEAR is the operative word here.. Some Side chicks do know to keep their mouths shut

  • Sandia

    I love Nicole Ari Parker! She always has a glow.
    Tamia and Grant are one of my favorite celeb couples he seems to truly still adore her after all these years.

    • b

      they are swingers! LOL! and he is not faithful. ask folk at four seasons haha…yes i am in a snitch mood today lol

      • Thisis me

        Who is swingers? lol

      • S Jo

        U must be talking about Boris Kodjoe cus he is the biggest ho’ on the list! I can’t believe they put him on here! Hillarious!

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    glad u said appear… cause u never know when one of those “we were on a break” babies might pop up.

    • b

      oh he is not faithful though, lololol

      “appear” is right

    • Chanda

      If they were smart they’d at least wrap it up and hope it don’t break. Hope they’re staying faithful though. It’s not worth the trouble.

  • thatonegirl

    Oprah lookin like she saying, you mad? On that first pic. I love it.

    • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

      Oprah looking good!