Tamron Hall Flaunts Her Natural Tresses And Talks Manipulating Her Hair To Meet Industry Standards

January 7, 2014  |  

Source: Twitter

Tamron Hall is like many Black women who feel the need to manipulate her hair texture to appear “appropriate” and “professional” in the workplace. Up until recently, most didn’t even know that the MSNBC correspondent was a natural girl, but it looks like she’s ready to share her natural hair story with the world. The 20-year industry vet recently shared her story with natural hair blogger Curly Nikki during a trip to South Africa.

“Like many Black women on television, straight hair has been her professional life and look… that was until our trip together to South Africa,” Nikki writes. “After hearing about my hair story and experiencing for herself, the positive and supportive natural hair community, she felt inspired to finally share her curly story with the world.”

“In a moment of pure honesty, she also shared that she sometimes felt a bit of resentment at her White colleagues who could wake up in the morning and come right in to work, entirely ‘appropriate’ or ‘professional’, but that she’d have to spend hours- that she could’ve spent resting or preparing- manipulating her hair to meet the straight hair standard of beauty,” she continued. “Sound familiar any one?”

“Tamron has been natural for a while but most folks wouldn’t know. Until this post, only close family and friends have witnessed the awesomeness that is her curly hair.  She shared that most vacations end with her having to wear her natural hair and that when she returns from vacation, she has to take an extra vacation day to get her hair straightened for work.  As we all know, straight hair is also beautiful and the limited use of heat-treated styles does not necessarily prevent us from having healthy natural hair.  However, I suggested to her that the NEED to straighten one’s hair for personal or professional reasons can sometimes become a ‘quality of life’ issue.  Tam’s response…I totally agree, and hope that being honest about my story helps other textured women struggling with this issue to try going natural either full or part time.‘”

Since her revelation, Tamron has received an outpouring of support from the natural hair community.

Source: Twitter

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  • Yogiberry

    I prefer her straight hair. But this looks ok. Most women with natural hair are unattractive and tend to be fat so she makes a good media representative.

  • xxdiscoxxheaven

    Her natural hair looks cute! No hate here!

    -Signed a relaxed chick

  • lovemetender

    This natural hair thing is becoming very irritating! Who cares if your hair is natural or not? I wish some women were more concerned about their weight, instead of hair! Be concerned about the chemically processed food, that’s being scarfed down your throat every day!!!

  • NYC Gal

    Tamron needs to stop straightening her hair and just work with her natural hair! She looks good with the natural hair and she stands out more from the rest of the bland news reporters!

  • YoungAfrique

    Really ,it’s that serious huh…the hair..lol
    I can’t stop picking mines..lol
    It awesome having my naturals!

  • Ron

    Needless to say, this is a stunning Black woman, no matter what she does

  • JustSayin

    Tamron has been beautiful since she stepped on the news “scene” but she is simply stunning with the natural look!!! I’m an AA man that loves caramel/dark brown skin and all things natural – especially if the Sista exudes confidence with her look. I do believe, however, that many Sistas are way too hard on one another when it comes to hair/fashion. Tamron is gorgeous!!!

    • Guest

      Needless to say, this is a stunning Black woman, no matter what she does.

  • Rebbekah

    I love this natural hair movement. I hope this is not a trend and something we are actually embracing permanently about ourselves. No more conformity! Yes!

  • Dangerous Lee

    So, she cant’ wear her hair curly on the air and have it look “professional”? That sounds ridiculous.

  • Leah Robinson

    She has gorgeous hair! I really don’t understand why black women with particularly looser curl patterns don’t want to wear their hair..It lays down easier

  • Ninagirl

    Geeeeeezzzz, I don’t see what the big deal is..Black women have been innovators in enhancing their looks since the Nubians ruled Egypt…I think it’s to our benefit that we have CHOICES(some better than others…lol ) where some people do not. No matter what your style it has to be appropriate for the role you are playing. Because make no mistake, we all have to put on a show.

  • Zaza

    I just don’t understand this “professional” thing. I work in a corporate environment and have done so my entire life with natural hair. Natural hair doesn’t mean massive fros or badass twist outs every day. Most of the time I have nice conservative bun with some leave out at the front to create a lovely curl or quiff. I alternate between very high buns, low, to the side, milkmaid braids chignons etc. my edges are always laid with my satin scarf etc. so come off it! out styles for the weekend/ evening/ events. My hair is also a lot longer and I have “managed” it all my life with no problems

    • guest

      “Most of the time I have nice conservative bun with some leave out at the front to create a lovely curl or quiff. I alternate between very high buns, low, to the side, milkmaid braids chignons etc. my edges are always laid with my satin scarf…”
      If you wanted to, would you feel comfortable wearing your hair loose/afro/twists in the workplace??

      • Zaza

        I do wear twists occasionally but I don’t do them normally because of the time it takes to install and I like to wash my hair weekly because I go to the gym regularly. Due to the length and density of my kinky curly hair, I wouldn’t wear my hair in a loose afro ANY day of the week or weekend because detangling, single strand knots and breakage is a pain, however I do wear my hair loose every now and again in a very defined twistout or braidout so I can retain my length and avoid breakage through daily brushing.

    • cb

      what is a quiff?

      • Zaza

        A quiff is what you may call a bump? I’m British.

    • xxdiscoxxheaven

      I feel like people like to make our hair more complicated than it is. I will never have ” was and go” hair but my hair never takes more than 5-10 mins to style or maintain. And i am relaxed

  • Derry

    Tamron looks more authentic with her natural hair. We need to first accept our hair before we expect others to accept our hair.

  • guest

    1. Is her hair pressed/hot combed for her news broadcasts?
    2. Certainly, if Melissa Harris-Perry can rock braids (which fall into the ‘natural’ category to me), Tamron should feel a little more empowered to rock her natural afro.
    The more people start to do what is ‘difficult’ or ‘taboo,’ the more it encourages others to take that same step.

    • guest

      I’m actually asking …. does anyone know whether her hair is pressed or is it blown straight for her broadcasts?

      • chris

        I’m curious as to this as well. I’d like to know how she gets straight results (daily), having such short hair.

  • Claitun Bigzbee

    Tamron is beautiful. She could shave her head bald and still be stunning. The ‘hair’ issue is so deep, most of us don’t even know we suffer from it. When race specific attributes are at the root of what’s deemed ‘beautiful’, we absorb it without knowing. Noone can tell me the way I am, naturally, is unacceptable and I need to become like them in order to be accepted.

  • ScubaSue

    She has great fashion style/sense; knows how to put it together, and her hair always looks great whether natural, or straight.

    • cb

      what fashion sense?

  • ToyaSharee

    I couldn’t care less about her hair, I love Tamron, Such a refreshing, positive, professional role model for young women and unfortunately most of our teen girls have no idea who she is.

    • xxdiscoxxheaven

      I agree! I feel like lately we as Black women have been too caught in the physical (natural vs relaxed hair, makeup, etc) and should be focusing on larger issues in our communities. We should be celebrate Tamron for being a successful Black role model!

  • Kristen

    I saw this pic and a few others on Curly Nikki’s Facebook page. I think Tamron looks BEAUTIFUL with her natural hair and I prefer it on her. She can actually rock short hair either way.

    I definitely understand the extra prep time/extra day off to have that “professional” look. It doesn’t sit well, knowing or feeling you have to do that, plus that’s extra money spent! I’d like to think that she’s far enough in her career to be natural on the set and not be met with criticism and superiors wanting to change it back.

  • Chey

    She is so beautiful!! Glad she’s addressing this!

  • lockstress

    It still FLOORS me that we need “support” for the hair that GOD GAVE US? What?!

    • guest

      Definitely sad that this is still the case, but really, it’s not surprising. Look at our history in this country. No other group of women is so dogged for their looks/beauty than Black women. Some journalist published an article last year questioning the attractiveness of Black women. I believe he was subsequently fired or forced to resign, but still — the fact that he felt it was no big deal to write and publish such an article speaks volumes.
      Hell, even WE (Black women) dog each other. Like I said, it’s sad, but no reason for anybody to be surprised.

  • KIR12

    The other reason black women have been straightening their hair for OVER ONEHUNDRED YEARS is because most black men prefer that style. Let’s be honest. 50 years ago you had housewives who never worked a day in their lives who wore hair straight. Tamron hair look great natural and straight. Some of these current natural hair styles, however, look horrible. Looks like they’re wearing a di.old mo

    • BadParenting

      Women notice one another’s hair more than any man does.

      • KIR12

        I don’t think so. lol Women communicate with each other about their hair but trust me. Men are always checking face, body and hair. It only takes a quick glance for us to form an opinion. Which we keep to ourselves. Of course, the more attracted….. the longer a man my glance. lol

        • Simon Si

          Yet you would not let a man define you. But here you are saying that it’s black men who make you behave in this self-hating manner. SMH

    • You sound like an idiot but alas….this is why opinions are like @$$holes….

      • KIR12

        Ok, and you are showing your opinion…..

    • Empress123

      Hey ALOT of the straight hair styles look worse. Look at all the bad wigs weavves and lacefronts out there..and most of the black men i have come in contact with love natural hair. There is even a whole facebook page for men who prefer natural women.i guess it all depends on who you surround yourself with or subscribe too.

      • KIR12

        Why do you think they made the facebook page?

        • NYC Gal

          STFU! I see so many everyday women who wear bad hair STYLES like weaves/lacefronts that don’t match their real hair or exposing their receding hairlines. Beyonce, Wendy Williams and Tyra banks all wear really bad hair STYLES but are you going to insult them? No bcos to you it’s more acceptable to have a bad hair STYLE that is a weave/lace front than to wear natural hair! FYI natural hair is a hair STYLE!

          • KIR12

            You STFU. lol

            Men talk about bad weaves and wigs ALL the time. It’s the exact opposite. It seems there’s only a problem when someone says something negative about black woman natural hair style.

            • NYC Gal

              When you attack natural hair Styles, you attack all black folks bcos that is the hair that they were born with! No black person is born with a perm, press & curl, braids or weave/lacefront!

              • KIR12

                What you failed to realize is that I attacked a certain STYLE of natural hair not natural hair itself. Were you born with a twist or locks? Bottom line some natural hair STYLES look good and some don’t. That’s all I’m saying

                • NYC Gal

                  Then you should also be attacking the men who wear those styles as well! Cos you sounds stupid as hell!

                  • KIR12

                    I use to attack black men in corn rolls unmercilessly. So few now wear it that I stopped it’s irrelevant.

                    • NYC Gal

                      Like I said attack both men & women for wearing those styles! You only attacking women and that don’t make any sense when both men & women wear those same hairstyles!

                    • Dee

                      Your comments make a lot of sense. But look at it like this. We as black people still have issues within ourselves. Both men and women. Our hair is an extension of many of our insecurities. We should be able to wear our hair anyway we want. But, some of us are completely tactless. It’s obscene to make your hair look like a package of OREO cookies, or FRUIT LOOPS cereal. And whether your black white or indifferent. If your hair is natural or not. A person should take the time to always be neat and presentable. Just out of basic respect for themselves.

              • Natural all day everyday

                It’s only HAIR!!! I’m natural and she didn’t attack me. She didn’t attack anyone!!! Naturals, stop being so sensitive and comb your hair. Not all “natural” hair styles look styled. We naturals need to stop looking like we rolled out of bed and just decided to go to work/school, etc.

                • NYC Gal

                  I’m sorry but I think that fool is a he! I’m not being sensitive at all! That fool can’t stop me from wearing certain hairstyles! I don’t care what he says! However, this is a blog site and I can respond and challenge what he said!

    • SisterTruth

      Most Black AMERICAN men may prefer a straightend style because they have been conditioned to think that style is beautiful in this country that’s mostly populated by white women and men and overun with white media. Have you polled the MUCH larger pool of Black men that encludes the REST OF THE WORLD when you say “most Black men prefer that style?”

      • KIR12

        Have you looked at recent pictures of black women in South Africa, Nigeria and other developed African countries, lately? They’re straightening their hair and wearing more weaves than women over here.

        • SisterTruth

          You mean those countries that have been colonized for years by European countries?

          • KIR12

            Right, you’re correct. I was addressing your point on the PREFERENCE of black men. The truth is truth.

            Listen, those women over there and in Jamaica are also starting to get into bleaching. That preference is not restricted to American black men. The same thing applies to Asian, East Indian and Latin American women and European beauty standards. Young Women do what they have to do to attract young men.

            • SisterTruth

              Relaxed hair is a style that women in the east have adopted because they are bombarded with media images from the west. However, as natural hair becomes worn more frequently in the west, more women in the east are also wearing their hair natural again. When I’m on natural hair pages, a lot of the sisters who are discussing natural hair are from African countries, the Caribbean, Canada, all over. Many Black women women are embracing their natural textures, and are saying no to damaging chemicals that destroy our hair, scalp, and bodies.

              Sure, women still want to look good. However, if you ask a few of them, it really is becoming less about what appeals to men and more about loving themselves. There’s also a saying that women dress for other women.

              • KIR12

                That might work for middle age women with kids. I might be wrong but I doubt it will go over with young single black women. Young men of all races dress an wear hair styles to attract young women and the same applies to young women attracting young men.

                I know for a fact it’s not go over with young women of other races. If anything they’re becoming more and more Europeanized.

                • SisterTruth

                  Sure, there are natural older women who have been natural for 20 years or more. But for this current natural trend, you need to check out the natural hair bloggers and vloggers. For the most part, they are young (under 30) and single.

                  • cb

                    but are young black men going after them

                • NYC Gal

                  Listen, the natural hair population is growing faster than the relaxed hair population! The relaxer companies are seeing a decline in sales for the relaxer. That’s why most relaxer companies are now making products for natural hair! Women want long hair and if they are seeing women who are growing their hair long without a relaxer, they will follow these ladies!

                  • KIR12

                    I agree with that. We’ll see how long it last and how many black women change to it. Hopefully, at some point you and some others will accept the fact that it’s not for everyone and stop telling those who don’t that they’re self haters.

                    • NYC Gal

                      I think that you have me confused! I never said that folks who don’t wear natural hair was self haters! I have no problem with folks wearing their relaxed. My problem was on women who wear weaves/lacefronts for over 5 years bcos they are losing their hairlines and their hair is thinned out as a result.

                • Tray

                  Sorry, “but you need more people”. As many have stated here, more and more YOUNG black women (in the US and otherwise) are starting to wear their natural hair. So you can’t tell me black men will continuously pass up attractive black women b/c their hair is natural. No way. And for the record, I’m 35 and have been wearing my hair natural since I was 29 (I also wore it natural from ages 22-25). I have had PLENTY of men approach me since I’ve been natural. In fact, many of them compliment me on my hair (imagine that). I fail to understand how you think only “middle age women with kids” with natural hair will be able to attract a man. That’s really a hilarious notion. You should check the Internet sir. Many, many young women are wearing their natural hair and looking damn good doing it!

                  • NYC Gal

                    He’s a fool! Trying to speak for all men! Is this fool a hairstylist that he has the stats to go along with the crap that he is saying? No! I rest my case!

                  • KIR12

                    Great, did you find your husband of your dreams?

                    Not to equate hair with marriage but if you’re going to tell me UNEQUIVOCALLY how much ALL men love it then obviously a few showed with their actions of how crazy they were for it.

                    • Tray

                      I am married as of this year. Dated my husband for 5 years, so yes, I was natural when we met. In fact, my husband can’t stand weaves. Definitely prefers my natural hair, straight or curly, but natural…no weaves, wigs, etc. And I’ve worn them all back in the day before I decided to go natural.

                  • Nat

                    What’s your grade of hair/curl pattern? If you have a loose curl, then maybe that’s why. My curl pattern is a 4c…not too many compliments for me.

                    • anonymouse

                      exactly……there’s this thought that if you go natural, you automatically will have this cascade of curls and ringlets and that’s not true for many of us.

                      I think that people should do whatever they want with their hair and not get shamed for it whether it’s relaxed, weaved, natural or whatever.

                    • Tray

                      It’s considered 4b. It’s tight. TIGHT. lol! It’s definitely nowhere near a 3a/b/c curl.

                    • Tray

                      Uploaded a new pic. You can see my hair now. Definitely not loose.

                • cb

                  Yes this is true

                • Ashley Isaacs

                  I’m not middle aged I’m 25 and single and love rocking my natural hair for me. I only wear weaves as protective hairstyles but I don’t style my hair to attract a man I style it to cater my emotions and mood that day and i constantly have men of all races approaching me so your comment here makes no sense

                  • KIR12

                    I hate women like you. lol There are women who relax their hair so that it will look like yours.

                    • Ashley Isaacs

                      what? your missing the point though

      • Cashmear

        Go to many big cities in African countries and you will see mostly weaves. Horrible ones at that. I think KIR12 is correct

        • SisterTruth

          Did you miss the part when I wrote, “You mean those countries that have been colonized for centuries by European countries?”

          I also wrote, “When I’m on natural hair pages, a lot of the sisters who are discussing natural hair are from African countries, the Caribbean, Canada, all over. Many Black women women are embracing our natural textures and are saying no to damaging chemicals that destroy our hair, scalp, and bodies.”

    • Rebbekah

      This is not true because BEAUTY IS LEARNED. We are TAUGHT that straight hair is more attractive or beautiful. We are TAUGHT that natural hair is raggedy and dirty. Black women are starting to see past these “beliefs” and realize the TRUTH… That natural hair is beautiful AND attractive.

      • KIR12

        I didn’t say the preference wasn’t learned. Just that it is in fact a preference of most black men.

    • SisterTruth

      I love this article by a young brother I found on thegenuinescholar(dot)com

      He writes,
      “So the million dollar question is why did I want to keep my wife from embracing her natural hair?


      The truth is that I was insecure. I was insecure in the fact that my wife had to cut her hair. I was insecure in the fact that she would have a TWA (Tiny Weeny Afro). And I was insecure in the fact that she could possibly look different. The underlying issue was that I was not comfortable in my own manhood, because subconsciously, I felt I would be less of a man if my wife did not have long flowy hair. It was not about her, it was about me and my insecurities.


      I was blinded by so many things including Eurocentric values, the media, and my own people.

      The Reality

      I am blessed to have a wife who challenged me by not giving in to my insecurities. Her journey of rediscovering herself was a pivotal point in my life because I also discovered myself through the process. I broke free of oppression and am now one of the biggest advocates for my beautiful sistas returning to their natural roots. Since the blinders are off, I would not want my wife to be any way other than natural.

      Moral of the article is brothers support our beautiful natural queens and sistas embrace your natural beauty!”

      • KIR12

        Good she cut it off after she was ALREADY married.

        People are attracted to different physical characteristics tall, short, skinniny, curvy, light, big t!tts, dark, long hair, straight hair ect. and shouldn’t have to apologize nor explain why to others. Sorry, women don’t get to decide what is and is not attractive to men.

        • cb

          wait big tits oh no!

        • SisterTruth

          Did you miss the point of the article? If he would have passed up his beautiful wife due to the texture of her hair he would have been a blind insecure fool..and for awhile he was. Sure she changed her hair after they were married. But now what he finds attractive has also changed. She did this! He didn’t leave her. She didn’t return to relaxing her hair.

          Natural hair is changing and growing minds one person at a time!

          • KIR12

            You have tunnel vision. He would have NEVER met her if your dream came to reality.

            Newsflash, just because black women say jump doesn’t mean YOUNG eligible black men are going to say how high. I know you said men aren’t important to you but they’re pretty important to most young black women. Unless young men embrace it. Your dream will never happen. There’s a reason white girls obsess about their weight and get boob jobs. There’s a reason Asian girls widened their eyes and Asian, Hispanic and East Indian girls bleach their skin. If you think young eligible black men are just going to have to accept something they don’t want, YOU ARE CRAZY. They have options and will use them if young black girls aren’t giving them what they want, FACT.

            • SisterTruth

              But wait. Who is to say that they wouldn’t have met? Don’t we each meet people everyday from all walks of life with all types of hair textures and styles? Nobody forced this husband to stay with his wife after she returned to natural hair. It was his choice to stay with her, and he did. Nobody forced him to like her hair, but now he finds it attractive.

              I never said that men weren’t important to me. I wrote, …”if you ask a few of us, it really is becoming less about what appeals to men
              and more about loving ourselves. There’s also a saying that women dress for other women not for men.” There’s a difference.

              You are saying that young Black women relax their hair to appeal to young Black men. Let’s start at the beginning. In a Black woman’s life, relaxing her hair doesn’t start with appealing to young Black men. The vast majority of the time a young Black woman’s journey into the world of hair relaxers starts with her mother relaxing her from a young age. When I was growing up, there were 10-year old Black girls with relaxed hair and some with texturizers or “kiddie perms” as young as young as 3 years old!

              How we define ourselves starts in the home, not the outside world. This is where we learn our racial identity, cultural identity, gender
              identity, and beauty identity. If a Black mother starts relaxing her daughter’s hair from a young age, while she is still forming her
              personal identity, this may communicate to the child that she needs a relaxer in order to care for her hair, and that she is not
              beautiful without one. In the home, she may learn that it’s a bad thing for her hair to be “nappy” or “kinky” and that it would become
              “good” or “pretty” once a relaxer is applied. This is the result of centuries of mental slavery. I’m not saying that straight hair is
              not beautiful too, but much of the time, Black girls grow up NEVER knowing the natural texture of their OWN hair. We follow a routine of going to the salon for a touch-up every 6 weeks because that’s all we know. There’s a reason why these natural hair blogs and youtube channels are so popular. The regular salon owners do not know how to do natural hair, and we grow up not knowing how to care for our own natural hair without the assistance of these harsh chemicals. We grow up blind to the beauty of our natural hair becasue we can’t even SEE it once the relaxer is applied. This is a travesty!

              Time and time again, I read comments from Black women who were curious about their natural hair and are returning natural being so pleasantly surprised at the beauty and texture of their natural hair. Some can’t even keep their hands out of it and are kicking themselves that it took them so long! …and I’m not just talking about the ones with a looser curl pattern or so-called “good hair.” Black women with even tighter “kinky” curl patterns LOVE their natural hair and its versatility. When a woman appreciates the beauty she sees in the mirror, it increases her self-esteem and confidence. Confidence is very attractive, and I’ve had more than one man tell me he likes a confident woman!

              Nobody is forcing Black men to like natural hair or to accept it. Some Black men already like it and some are growing to like it. Of
              course Black men have the freedom to choose what women they want, just as Black women have the freedom to choose what men WE want. I read comments all the time from Black women with natural hair, also known as naturalistas, who say that they get a lot of compliments from men of ALL races. I have my own handsome Black husband, however, if some Black men don’t want natural hair, naturalistas have options too! Just remember, natural hair has NEVER stopped White men from desiring Black women. They were doing that LONG before relaxers were ever invented. Some Black men can’t say they don’t want Black women with natural hair then “mean mug” Black women when they see them on the arms of men of other races!

              • KIR12

                I hear you and I’m not saying I’m against it but it’s not for everyone and Young women have to compromise. This my way or no way is not going to work.

                Tunnel vision. Men generally do not date women he’s not attracted to. Did you have straight hair when you met your husband?

                Tunnel vision again. Exactly, that’s what it’s come down to. You’re just going to accept it. There’s no compromise. That attitude hasn’t worked out to well for black women.

                So you’re saying being a concubine means they want you? I’m sure white men would get with black women if they could go back to their wives and not have to accept nor recognize the kids. What men wouldn’t go go for that. Absurdity! Have you seen all of the articles of white men telling black women in one way or another that they don’t like these natural hair STYLES?

                • SisterTruth

                  Are you sure you’re not the one with the tunnel vision you have mentioned me having for the second time? My own hair has been natural since 2005. I started reading about the chemicals in a lot of different products and decided I want to lead a more natural life…and I missed my natural hair. I have kinky coily natural hair that is described as hair type 4c. I met my husband in 2006 and married him in 2008. My husband has always loved my natural hair! He loves touching it, seeing it and tells me I am beautiful all the time. We are truly blessed.

                  I’m not speaking about “concubines” when referring to Black women/White men relationships. What ever gave you that idea? I’m talking about some of my former Black female classmates from college and even high school who have natural hair and are MARRIED to White men. Why do you think the only relationship a Black woman can have with a White man is as his concubine? That’s absurd! Haven’t YOU seen all the Black women/White men married couples all over? Haven’t you read about Loving v. Virginia (1967), a case about a Black woman and her White husband, a landmark civil rights decision of the U.S. Suprme Court which invalidated laws prohibiting interrracial marriage? No, I have NEVER seen any articles by white men telling Black women they don’t like natural hair styles. Please share that with me.

                  • KIR12

                    Black women interracial marriage has been 9% for the last 10 years. Every other group is at least 30%. I don’t see that changing.

                    See any discrimination article about a black woman at work. Hair is almost always mentioned.

                    See this article an black women begging a white man to like their http://www.therulesrevisited()com/2012/03/improve-your-hair.html

                    • SisterTruth

                      O.K. So you have read about Black women actually MARRYING White men then, not being their concubines? Like I wrote, Black women have their options, too. If the percentage is not higher, it’s because a lot of Black women will tell you that they CHOOSE not to have relationships with men of other races. It’s not because White men DON’T want them. Many Black women would rather remain single rather than marry a man of another race and have remained single. Have you read those articles?

                      There are laws against race discrimination in the workplace for public as well as private employers.

                      “Race discrimination involves treating someone (an applicant or employee) unfavorably because he/she is of a certain race or because of personal characteristics associated with race (such as hair texture, skin color, or certain facial features).” eeoc(dot)gov

                      All I have ever read in employee manuals is that an employee needs to be well-groomed. If there is a negative article about a Black woman at work and hair is mentioned, that doesn’t mean it’s about White men not liking natural hair styles. Black women with natural hair at work will usually receive tons of compliments from other races. Unfortunately, it’s usually SOME Black women with relaxed hair that will have negative comments. They may feel that only relaxed hair looks professional, so how dare this Black woman wear her hair natural? Black women, like Tamron Hall, as well can have their own insecurities about their natural hair and whether or not it will be perceived as being professional.

                      I read the blog located at http://www.therulesrevisited()com/2012/03/improve-your-hair.html which is the opinion of ONE White man. The article is addressed purely to women of RACES OTHER than Black women so I’m not sure how it supports your comment about “articles written by White men telling Black women they don’t like natural hair styles.”

                      I don’t have time to read ALL the comments. I did read his first reply to a comment where he mentions Black women.
                      He says,

                      “I will say that I always prefer black women who wear their hair like white women – long and straight or wavy. In fact I think when they do this they often look better than white women; but that is just my personal opinion. If you are going for white guys, you might take it into consideration, but otherwise I’d check out the resources Kasey offered.

                      I’ve talked to a couple (white) guy friends about this and they agreed with me; but another friend disagreed, saying he preferred more stereotypical black girl hair. I think it is a matter of all men having different taste.”

                      So the author is simply acknowledging that different White men have different tastes, which is a given.

      • Cashmear

        This article proves KIR12’s point. Black men, majority, arent checking for Florida Evans hair texture. Regardless of why they prefer straightened the Point is that they do.

      • guest

        A woman wrote that

        • SisterTruth

          Where did you get that from? I have a link to the article but, unfortunately, MN won’t allow links in comments. It’s written by Dr. Corey Guyton and shows pics of him with his wife. You can find it at thegenuinescholar(dot)com/the-reasons-i-did-not-want-my-wife-to-be-natural/ You have to replace the (dot) with a real dot.

    • Cashmear

      I rarely agree with KIR12, but you all know he is correct. Most black men arent checking for natural hair unless it is straightened. Why are you all Sendung the truth?

    • Sammy Sanders

      Your propaganda WILL NOT WORK (trying to masquerade it as an opinion lol) It has more to do with the European influence than anything.

      • KIR12

        Marriage has existed for all races before written history, FACT.

        • Sammy Sanders

          I’m replying to your comment about women’s hair

          • KIR12

            I never said it didn’t.