‘Jungle Fever’ Note Left By Restaurant Valet Has Interracial Couple Fuming

January 5, 2014  |  


MyFox Atlanta

While it may not be as big a deal to see an interracial couple anymore, Samuel and Kandea Aarons learned in a disappointing way that not everyone is as accepting of it yet.

The couple from Columbus, GA told MyFox Atlanta they were in Atlanta for a day of shopping and dining. They chose to eat at East Atlanta’s Spondivits and were met by a friendly enough parking attendant. They said it wasn’t until they got back to their home that they’d noticed the words “jungle fever” written on their valet ticket.

Kandea Aarons said she couldn’t believe it happened:

“I was upset but I was mainly disappointed. Disappointed that this is still taking place today. 2014. Especially in the big city of Atlanta.”

Of course, the message is referring to Spike Lee’s hit movie from the ’90s, Jungle Fever.

The general manager at Spondivits said he spoke to the parking attendant who serviced the Aarons and he admitted to writing the message. The attendant, who is African-American, was terminated for his actions. The GM then contacted the Aarons to apologize and offer them gift cards to eat at the restaurant in the future. However, Kandea Aarons turned down the offer and said she will be contacting an attorney.

Interesting.  It sounds like Spondivits may have some trouble on their hands if the Aarons’ attorney thinks they have a case.

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  • KKKawKayzhun4

    classic example of a “get over it” situation… they wanna run around as a zebra, but not be labeled as one… the real story here is that the c00n is a tranny…

  • heyheynow

    we shouldn’t jump to conclusions saying that if the man black and lady was white it would be ok with the attendant. Where in this story did it say it was a black attendant. Anyway yeah I don’t think they should sue. On what grounds who they have a case. The restaurant should have known who they were hiring before they choose parking attendants? How could they have known ahead of time what he would write on a ticket.

    • hollyw

      “The attendant, who is African-American, was terminated for his actions.”

  • just sayin…

    Suing the restaurant, I think, is out of line. The restaurant has nothing to do with the comment the man put on the ticket. Firing him was the right thing to do, and even offering a free meal was the right thing. Also, just because we have the right to do whatever we want in life doesn’t make it okay for us to voice our opinion. Of course when it is appropriate, and what he did wasn’t. What does their relationship have to do with him?? The man was wrong for that, I think anyone who finds something wrong with interracial relationship has issues with themselves (personally). How can anyone with their own preference affect anyone else….

  • xxdiscoxxheaven

    On what grounds can they sue?

  • Many may not agree but if “you” have the right to be who you are then so does everyone else. If you are sensitive about your “difference”, keep it hidden away. Everyone has a right to voice their own opinion. If you chose to “put it out there” then toughen up and take it on the chin f someone says something. Our country was based on freedom of speech and freedom of religion. I don’t try t tell anyone what to think and won’ allow anyone to tell me what to think. Why does it matter what someone else this anyway?

    • hollyw

      Because you’re paying them.


    well maybe im just immature but the comment tickled me =)) lol..I wouldn’t have been offended


      lol 1 dislike equals 1 like… so who is going to dislike it for the second time so I know its real?…lol I wouldn’t have found the comment offensive of course that’s just me

  • Rashida

    But to sue? I don’t agree with that. The person was terminated, the company tried to make amends, I don’t think it is a big deal!

  • Dreama41

    Black men are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to interracial dating. I bet this same black man would have no problem if It was a white woman dating a black man. I’m so over this stupid and ridiculous double standard. As for the lawsuit, that’s absurd. The restaurant has done all they can do.

    • IMJSANYUmad

      shut up mutt

      • Dreama41

        Wow, such an intriguing well thought out comment. (sarcasm) Next time try to be a little less semi literate.

    • hollyw

      I am beginning to discover this more and more. I honestly wasn’t aware there was an official response from Black men until I moved from IN to NYC. If anything, Black men seem even more vocally against Black women dating interracial here…I guess bc they’re so much more successful, they figure there ‘s no need for us to want anybody else??

      • Dreama41

        The way I see it is, if black men can date out which they frequently do; and all’s well with the world. Black women should not be shamed whenever they date out. It’s a double standard in the black community that nobody seems to talk or care about. Too often reference is made to the bitter black woman, not enough is said about the bitter and hypocritical black man. They are successful men of every race. Black women can choose whichever they want. It’s called exploring all options. Not just settling for someone because they have the same skin tone as you. Having the same skin tone doesn’t guarantee a successful relationship regardless of how successful the man is. So the guys you’re talking about up there in NY; need to get over themselves.

        • hollyw

          *whew!* You wanna see bitter black man, look no further than the pages of MN! I wasn’t aware of that either until I started participating on here smh lol…

          • Dreama41

            Oh yes, this is their meeting place lol! Sucks for them.

  • FromUR2UB

    Wow. He was already working at what I’m sure is a low-paying job, then he has to do something stupid and lose it.

    Anyway, he was fired…no longer represents the restaurant. So what is the lawsuit about?

  • BabyBlue

    Thanks MN for deleting my comment smh. ClutchMagazine is a much better site. I had enough of MN

  • Chanda

    This is a weird situation. I wonder if the parking attendant was one of the bitter trolls on this site (MN). What is it his business what the couple looked like esp. if he doesn’t know them. Do your job.

  • Renee86

    I’m not sure it’s necessary to get lawyers involved. The GM did everything he could to correct the situation. There’s no need to drag this out. One employee’s views does not reflect the views of an entire establishment.

  • Bits

    Kandea…hmmmm I wonder what race she is.

  • Fair and Balanced

    The restaurant acted appropriately they are wasting their time.

  • red girl

    I disagree with the action of the restaurant owner action. However, I feel if she can’t handle the racial comments, that comes with dating outside her race then she shouldn’t do it.OUR ANCESTORS WENT THROUGH MORE. DEAL WITH IT!!!!

    • Gigi

      Just because it occurs doesn’t make it right. She nor anyone should have to deal with ignorance like that. The manager was right for firing him. He upset a customer unnecessarily and hurt business… for business reasons alone he should have been dismissed.

  • Wow

    They immediately tried to handle the issue, the guy was fired, now suing the restaurant just makes her seem litigious and out for money. Honestly it was hard to take this woman serious in how distraught this incident was for her when she’s sitting in front of the camera for an interview for a serious story while dressed like she was auditioning for the RHOA,

  • jordonvuz355

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  • nancy

    It goes to show they are frivolous for not accepting the complementary dinner. The man was identified and fired immediately so why sue the restaurant? For attention and greed. Jungle fever is not a racial slur it’s an inappropriate comment by an ignorant person… It was handled properly now they need to move on.

    • bigdede

      Thank you! I was waiting for someone to say Jungle Fever is NOT a racial slur. People are getting way too sensitive and sue-happy. They people want attention and they have no case. Has there been a history of this happening at this restaurant? Apparently not because no one else has come out and spoken up. But for them to get butt hurt over being called Jungle Fever, they need to grow up. I thought Jungle Fever was just a term for an interracial couple since it’s based off a movie AND song. I understand the valet should NOT have written that but for this to be in the media is a bit much

    • hollyw

      Okay, really, bc that ending COMPLETELY caught me by surprise! I hate to kick folks when they’re down, but if contacting the restaurant, having the person terminated, being offered a free meal (which I’m guessing is moderately expensive if they have valet), AND having your story picked up by the media wasn’t enough to feel justice was done and you could recover properly…then perhaps you should look deeper into yourself and whether or not you’re ready to have an interracial relationship, ijs. Esp. in Georgia!?

    • Darling

      It is a racial slur just like ” yellow fever.” ( although used less frequently about asian women and white men). I have no idea if Spike invented it, but the term rests on the fact that blacks are primal, uncivilized, emerging from the jungle and any white that ventures there is somehow slumming it, exploring uncivilized “other” territory. It’s not called “European fever” because it rests on the “otherness” of the Black and that is indeed racial. Also, as anthropologists, we are taught that when writing, the term “jungle” is derogatory itself and we supplement it with “rainforest” when talking about ethnic populations.

  • Shawndrea Rachelle

    This kinda stuff only happens when the woman is black

  • re

    I don’t think a lawsuit is appropriate but the restaurant should have went a little further to rectify the situation rather than offer a free meal. They should have been reimbursed for their meal and automatically given a free meal rather than offered one. The lawsuit should go towards the individual not the restaurant.

  • CKB

    Yes I agree if it were a Black man with a white woman, if anything he would have been given a nudge and wink from the valet. I do think though that the restaurant did the right thing in offering a future dinner, but the couple should not sue the place

    • guest

      I was going to ask . . . if there are any attorneys on this thread, on what grounds would they be able to sue? I thought the manager’s actions were appropriate, but if the couple insists on suing, what would be the legal complaint . . . pain and suffering or what? Just wondering.

      • Sharon

        This is America and anyone can sue for any reason. For Christ’s sake, someone sued mcdonalds years ago and won because she spilled hot coffee on herself.

        • guest

          Hot coffee BURNS the skin, so I would think that that person was entitled to damages due to McDonald’s negligence. Here, there were hurt feelings, but no physical harm, hence my question.

          • Kam

            McDonalds bluffed themselves into the lawsuit. The lady just wanted them to pay her hospital bill but the refused. The bill was only like $1000.00. They assumed that the case would be thrown out or the lady would lose.

          • CKB

            If you order a hot coffee, you should expect it to be hot. If it wasn’t I’m sure the woman would have complained. The bit problem is that McDonald’s should not have lost the case. If she boiled water at home and it spilled on her should she sue the heating company?

        • kyrapfanatic .

          These are the burns. No comparison

        • hollyw

          That story was actually a lot more complicated than that, fyi. The older lady had gotten third degree burns over much of her lower half, and caused not just McD’s, but other coffee-serving establishments, to put a cap on how hot coffees can be made, them redesigning their cups, etc. for better safety measures…ijs. Pretty interesting; look it up.

          …but this ish right here is sheer nonsense.

      • Kam

        Somewhere in GA there is an attorney willing to take this case and a majority of any settlement this couple may get.

      • hollyw

        There’s definitely no criminal negligence since the manager more than appropriately addressed the issue, UNLESS they can dig up that the establishment has a history of discrimination. Otherwise, their best bet would be to get a settlement from emotional distress bc the restaurant didn’t want anymore bad press…of course, that would indicate the couple was suing more out of vindictiveness and/or financial gain…

    • kyrapfanatic .

      After the dirt looks by bw all day, he probably needs it

    • Lena

      Yeah, I also think that the restaurant took the appropriate action by firing the employee and then offering them a free dinner. I think taking legal action is an exaggeration and completely unnecessary. I think the place has had enough unwanted media attention thanks to the actions of one bigoted individual.

  • C’mon son

    Rightfully terminated, especially considering they were putting their property in his possession and he decided to leave that unnecessary note. I googled their story and Kandea is a Black woman and Samuel is a white man. Obviously the film had a Black man with a white woman. Something tells me the attendant wouldn’t have been as upset about that pairing.

    • hollyw

      I thought the same thing when I read that at the end lol. While I don’t think the comment in itself was racist, I think he likely made it as a dig. I mean, what are the chances of a valet writing something that blatant on a ticket, only to hand it right back to the customers?? At most, if you wrote simply for your crude memory, you’d just keep their ticket while giving them their car back. Smdh lol.

      • Darling

        I’m not so sure it was for memory for a number of reasons. 1. He wrote it where he should have written the time out. He could have easily just written the make/model of the car or it’s color 2. The man, (whyte) was driving the car and the valet knew he would see it. I think it was a message for him personally! Maybe it was something he thought would turn him off from dating that woman (although they were married). Or a message from a blk man to a whyte man to say, ” I know what you doin.” In any regards it was ignorant and a brother, in this economy, is without a job.