I’m Staying! Ludacris Girlfriend Eudoxie Agnan Still Looking To Marry Him

January 4, 2014 ‐ By Drenna Armstrong
"Ludacris and Eudoxie Agnan"


Ludacris’ girlfriend Eudoxie Agnan may be catching heat for sticking by her boyfriend’s side after he fathered a child while they were on an alleged “break,” but she’s got a plan, Or so she thinks.

According to TMZ sources, part of the reason Eudoxie is staying with Luda is because, quite frankly, she wants to marry him.  They’ve been together for about four years (doesn’t it seem longer?) and the 27 year old supposedly wants to settle down with him.

These sources say that Eudoxie is hurt by all of this but is going along with the “we were on break” story so that it won’t look as bad.  I mean, I can see why she’d be hurt if her man had a baby with another woman.

It looks like she’s already going to be dealing with some drama as is pertains to Ludacris and his new child’s mother, Tamika Fuller. They’re already allegedly arguing about child support and what Luda can and cannot afford to pay.  If this whole thing gets any bigger or messier, Eudoxie’s plan for engagement might be put on the backburner.

Hopefully, Eudoxie has some other things to do besides just being a rapper’s girlfriend. A few months ago, she posted pictures on Instagram with captions about writing a book as well as being in school. Perhaps through all of this she can find things that increases her own value.

Do you think Eudoxie Agnan is truly staying with Ludacris because she loves him and wants to marry him or because she wants to continue living a certain lifestyle?

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  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    This is an open letter vent/rant to gabby union & ludicris’s fiancée whatever her name is eudoxie or whateva who cares any who…will ya’ll stop being dumb broads?…seriously let’s look at this logically & logistically…#1 is on a break the new code word for I cheated on u azz? #2 if ur azz got pregnant by some other dude while ya’ll were on this “break” would he take ur pregnant azz back? #3 the chic’s they got pregnant weren’t some random groupies but they were stand by jumpoff’s that these kneegrow’s have been dealing with for years…#4 do you really think they are never going to have sex with these chic’s again… #5 if u do ur delusion refer to #3 they’ve been fu*king these chic’s for years!… PLEASE STOP!!! Have some self respect & walk away with ur dignity if that’s all you have so what! Are these men the prize you win for putting up with disrespectful bs being cheated on by them & they didn’t even care enough about u or ur vagina to use a condom?

  • Tauna Johnson

    Eh Who cares

  • LiberalGilt

    First gay marriage….now this

    • Freecolors

      Insecure much ?

      • LiberalGilt

        I give up. Are you?

  • ericamissamerica

    I think a little bit of both. Who wouldn’t become accustomed to that lifestyle?.. and he seems to treat her with respect when they are together. I am not passing judgment and most women on here would do the same for a BROKE dude so they can miss me with all of that other talk. I wish them the best and I also hope she stays in school.

  • coolyfett

    Good for her, she knows what she wants and she goes for it. Do ya thing sweetie.

  • Nina Sims

    She’s dreaming, ain’t no black man marrying a black woman,even if she’s red bone(high yella)…Black men only marry white women these days…She better whiten up soon, cuz he ain’t walking down the aisle w/her. She’s a beautiful woman, she needs to call it quits & move on. I know it won’t be easy but she’ll be grateful in the long run.

    • Concerned Reader

      Your comment is one that makes people pity black people. I know you are insecure about your, um, you know what I mean, but that does not make any of your delusions correct. Try to go ONE day without mentioning ‘black’, especially in a negative, grossly inaccurate light. Go on some other sites, and notice that hardly any other race is as insecure and brainwashed as you represent. There might be hope for your atrophied brain yet.

      • Nina Sims

        Call me what you will… Ludacris doesn’t seem like the
        marrying type anyway, but if he ever slipped, fell, & bumps his head &
        gets married, u can trust & believe she won’t be black. I can bet money on
        that, lol… Ludacris He is just a product of the environment where black men
        sleep w/us black women & knock us up, but they ain’t marrying one of us. It
        just wouldn’t be good for business. He’d lose his white card & that card pays
        the bills, he ain’t stupid lol… NO insecurities here baby, just the truth.
        Truth is something most people simple just can’t handle now days, just make
        sure you’re not guilty of that. So called concerned reader won’t even show your

      • Nina Sims

        Call me what you will… Ludacris doesn’t seem like the
        marrying type anyway, but if he ever slipped, fell, & bumps his head &
        gets married, u can trust & believe she won’t be black. I can bet money on
        that, lol… Ludacris He is just a product of the environment where black men
        sleep w/us black women & knock us up, but they ain’t marrying one of us. It
        just wouldn’t be good for business. He’d lose his white card & that card pays
        the bills, he ain’t stupid lol… NO insecurities here baby, just the truth.
        Truth is something most people simple just can’t handle now days, just make
        sure you’re not guilty of that. So called concerned reader won’t even show your

        • Concerned Reader

          Eh hem… what about Jay Z, Michael Fassbender…..? Explain that. What you think is “truth” is an elaborate trick of your mind.

        • ericamissamerica

          1. Ludachris knocked up his black homie from school. 2. How would you know what kind he is? 3. Marry who you want no matter what color you are. As a black woman, I do not take offense when a black man chooses to marry outside of our race. It is not a personal attack against me, personally. It is his preference and it is a free country. Do some marry for insecurities and for a baby with pretty hair? Hang-ups with black women and self hatred? Yes! But that is not my issue…it is theirs to deal with and one I do not care about. Again, it is a free country. Let that go, Boo.

          • Nina Sims

            It isn’t much of a choice when you’ve been breed
            & raised to hate & demean your own people. It’s called colorism. It’s a
            cruel reality that consists of so many facets, shapes, & forms. Being blind
            to the obvious is one of the curses that follow the consequence of this
            problem. Open up your eyes to what before you, what’s before all of us. Ludacris
            is simply a product of his corrupt environment. Society says white & light
            is better & I’m not turning a blind eye to it. If that’s a crime, well I’m

            • ericamissamerica

              What does that have to do with the topic though, Nina? It seems as if you were looking for an excuse to discuss this when it was not even the topic. If two people are in love and they are of a different race….are you against it? If so, you are just as much a part of the problem as a Ku Klux Klansman. Maybe ya’ll need to sit down and politic and come up with your own backsliding solutions. I know colorism exists, but the only thing you can do about that is not fight against love, but for it. Instill in young black girls and boys to love themselves no matter what….self love. It starts there. And guess what Nina? They still might go and marry light skinned or out of their race. Good luck with that mission of yours. You are now being ignored as far as I am concerned. Chile bye.

  • Tae’lur Alexis

    If it’s true which it probably isnt, I’m surprised she doesnt wanna do anything more than get married. If you have the money (or your significant does), why not do something more like further your education or start a business. She needs to have something going for her because he obviously doesnt give 2 fawks about her.

  • jordonvuz355

    My Uncle William got a 6 month old Audi S3
    by working off of a home computer. pop over here B­i­g­2­9­.­ℂ­o­m

  • Cha Cha

    A box of condoms could’ve prevented all this…

  • BittyP

    She doesn’t want to let go of her dream. Bless her heart. Hopefully, she’ll realize not only her worth but what a LOOONNG life she is signing up for. It isn’t fun no matter how much money.

  • scandalous7

    of coarse you are staying. See ya on love and hip hop.

  • ch

    Fact is, many women take anything from a man- rich or poor- just to have a man. Men can stomp all over them and they will lick their boots.
    Too many women truly have no self-respect.

    • scandalous7

      It is like they cant be alone, even though in reality they really are alone .

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  • Courtney Banks

    Ok, raise your hand if you think Luda or even Dwayne would have stayed with their ladies if they got pregnant during the “break” ???………..Anyone?…………Anyone?

  • Truth

    She is the same as Emily B I believe that these women love these men but that lifestyle is also something they don’t want to lose. Because w/o them they probably couldn’t drive Bentleys, hop on private jets, hang wit celebrities.

  • FromUR2UB

    People always say, “You can do better” than a man who cheats, but with whom? Cheating is something that has nothing to do with a man’s education, social status or breeding. Probably most of them do it at some time or other. There are no guarantees of finding a man who does not cheat. If a woman leaves a man for cheating, she had better be ready to live life solitary because it’s not as though you can be sure of what you’re getting with the next guy.

    • CC

      Well in this case he not only cheated but created a child in the process. That’s a reminder of the act not to mention a lot of drama, trust issues and much more. Creating a child with someone is not something you take lightly not matter what the situation. I’m shocked that one would even think so but to each their own. When you allow someone to step outside the relationship (thus create an outside child) that’s telling them your union with them is less than sacred and some take it as an excuse to repeat the offense.

      • FromUR2UB

        Don’t be shocked. You should be shocked only by things that are rare in occurrence. Creating a child as the result of cheating is the height of sloppiness and disregard. But, most women go through a phase of cheating with a man, even with the men that most people would consider good. If you ask a woman who has been married for 20 or 30 years, she will tell you that her husband cheated at least once, if she’s honest. The difference is whether the man has enough respect for his woman to be completely discreet about his cheating, to ensure that his woman never gets it thrown in her face. At least, this allows her to deal with it privately, without the humiliation of everyone knowing she knows. If a woman feels compelled to leave, she should. I’m only saying that she shouldn’t leave with the expectation that another man won’t do the same. That’s fantasy. Most men will cheat if granted an opportunity to do so.

        • CC

          Interesting!!!! I don’t think anyone else thought of it that way but I will say you have a point.The only thing I don’t agree with is the fact that you assume that all women are aware of their husbands infidelities. I think the difference is, if their husband/lt boyfriend is undisciplined, selfish and disrespectful enough to let it be “thrown in his woman’s face”, that alone should be a reason to leave, not necessarily the fact that he cheated. I guess that’s how I was looking at it. There’s no guarantee that anybody will be faithful, including women (she may not even know she’s going to cheat) but if her man never finds out, then why would it even be a problem???

    • PiNk

      not every man cheats…and YES she could probably do much better….if she wanted to…and knew how to…

  • Child_Puhleez

    Well, duh. She’s not about that “getting-out-there-to-build-something-for-herself” life. smh

    Nothing more pathetic than a trifling individual who’d rather spend someone else’s dough. And you best believe Loser’s not done knocking h03s up. Not by a long-shot. How many Michael Kors bags, trips & clothes is that worth, Eudoxie? Silly h03. smh

  • Kelly

    What a lot of women don’t realize is that money will never buy these guys class. These guys are rich but low class i.e. rappers, athletes, etc.

  • disqus_j908GXGmVS

    She loves the lifestyle and has gotten used to it, she showed pics on Instagram of the way she used to live in Africa and it was not pretty. In the process of staying in hopes of marriage and him to change, her self-worth and self-esteem is suffering. I trust that she gets a life going for herself, build a brand, go to school and finish and do this on her OWN terms.

    • Bea Houseoffashion

      So you assume the pictures she posted were her home photos? hmmm lol.

      • Dee

        Why do you assume they were not? She has a lot of photos of herself and her family when she was notiably younger in Gabon.

  • Bea Houseoffashion

    Doxie from an African to another, you know how hard life is at home, you know how many struggle to come to America for a chance to get it together. Remember where you come from and let that be your motivation. Don’t let this man drag your name in the mud this way. you only get one chance to be great. Do the right thing for you and your legacy.

  • Machone

    This ninja ain’t never going to get marry until he’s on his deathbed……

  • Patricia

    Look, she and other women need to realize some men are not ready to get married. It does not take a man three-four or more years to decide if they want to get married. Luda is not ready to get married. She is going to be stupid enough to continue to wait and wait and wait and wait for years. This so sad. I think she wants to continue that lifestyle even though she is willing to put up with being disrespected. If she makes that decision to leave, she will get paid just like the other woman will get paid. This is so sad………………

  • cat

    She invested to much time to give it up . Work it out and move on. After being together with someone 2 or more years then you really have to think about your next step .

  • Kimmie

    She’s beautiful, but I believe she’s scared to “lose” the longer she waits the more likely she is to lose. The truth is if she took a real break and finished medical school, and went on with her life he’d be more likely to come at her like she’s a woman and ask her to get married. Her constant following him around, going on shopping sprees, and being on his arm 24/7 makes her no different from any other dispensable woman he’s dealt with. I think she can do a lot better, but she won’t since, she doesn’t know better.

  • Wanda Simpson

    You see that seat at the end of the row? go over there and sit down. Wishing that he will marry you girl bye.

    • Capri Richardson

      I agree…. If he wanted to marry her, he would have by now. All her friends got A Ring But Her

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  • hollyw

    Girl, be quiet. Ain’t nobody surprised.

  • Notrivia

    How can anyone actually answer that last question with any accuracy unless they know her personally? #meaninglessspeculation

  • Yoli

    The love of money is the root of all stupidity. LOL I know that’s not the real phrase but it seems to be the case as we move further and further into the 21st century and further away from real values and accountability.

  • Krystal

    I don’t know. Because I see both sides. She could partly be staying for the lifestyle. BUT I’ve seen, with my own eyes, men not being on breaks and cheating and having kids outside of their relationship (broke and/or non-celebrity men) and the women that love them still stay holding on for dear life. It seems like men get a way with a lot more scandalous stuff than they allow their women to get away with. But if that’s what she wants, go get it girl… :/

  • Zaza

    Of course she is going to stay with him. Luda = money = set for life, DUH!

  • GOLDIE_Tawn

    She’s been in medical school how long? She likes the lifestyle. She’s gorgeous she will find another man who will keep her…

    • Rebbekah

      Only after about 10 years of messing with luda

    • Bea Houseoffashion

      why does that bother you, though? are you paying for it?

    • blue

      She was never in medical school… she was in college doing pre med… she has not completed tthat. I know this for a fact.

  • Xing

    When does she attend her classes and what medical school does she go to? My friends who are mostly medical students have to schedule pee breaks, I’m trying to figure out why she doesn’t put more energy in becoming “purpose driven” instead of focusing on his BS….
    But then again maybe it is hopeless love and he is the man she feels God created for her.

    • Dr. Dubya

      I have never seen any proof she was a medical student at the University of Miami, just pre-med. No there is NO time to go on trips and tours in medical school.

      • Bea Houseoffashion

        wow…so you actually had the time to check out her med school portfolio? wow.

        • Dr. Dubya

          No, I was very interested at UM’s ability to allow students so much time to go on tour etc. Google took less than a min.

        • dame

          Shut up Eudoxie… and stop lying about medical school.

      • blue

        She never was in medical school .

      • Kenedy

        I’m not buying that she was ever in med school…..I’m in law school & I don’t have time to sneeze….meanwhile she has time to be a groupie

      • Gigi

        @Xing I wondered this myself. Most med school students have no time. My cousin is going to school to be a nurse prac. She is always busy. I don’t know why people care about this. I think they are too invested. If she wants to stay, let her stay. I just have to say Luda is very unattractive physically and apparently he has loose moral too…. @ Doc Dubya Are you really a doctor? If so, what type of medicine do you practice?

    • Bea Houseoffashion

      why are you so worried about her Med school? what are you doing with your life?

      • blue

        she is commenting just like you on a public thread… don’t be silly.

        • Shakira Jihann Harris

          I think it touched a nerve lol. She is taking it soooo personally!

          • jmjg

            Because it was all a lie. I’ve been a doctor for 20 years. There is very little free time as a medical student. There is very little free time now.

            • Shakira Jihann Harris

              Exactly. A few of my good friends are studying to be RNs and they have ZERO time. It’s all exams, homework, study study study. So there’s no way in hell that as an up and coming medical professional you have time to go on all these trips and such. She needs more people.



    • Tauna Johnson

      They just don’t know what it means to have P.H.D. after your name. No sleep monday in effect lol xp

  • Angie B

    She is staying because of the lifestyle. She is jet setting across the globe with Kevin Hart & just brought in the New Year in St. Maarten. A sad situation but I guess she is a “ride or die” chick.

    • Truth

      That’s what I said. just like Emily b if she was equal to fab she wouldn’t put up with the cheating. They don’t want to let go of the glamour of celebrity.

      • Suuzie

        I seriously doubt she cares that he got a baby on the side, nothing out of her pocket. She probably thinks after 4 years she would be walking away the loser. I am sure she plans on getting hers too, after investing so much time in him.

  • CC

    Is anybody really surprised?? I didn’t think so. I hope she realizes that if it’s “messy” now it’s not going to get any better later. Too many women think marrying a man will make him change or make other women go away. As a matter of fact, it’s the opposite. When you marry them you marry their bs and marriage rarely tames a cheater (yes, that goes for my ladies too, you don’t get a pass lol).

    • Arthur D

      She’s a dodo. Sounds just like Gabrielle Union who I used to favor. Just another bubblehead.

      • CC

        She just wants the ring, lifestyle and status. Some women don’t care if they’re being played as long as they get something superficial in return.

    • Seriously817

      Garbrielle Union and Luda’s girl are basically in the same boat. I don’t think they’re marrying these dudes to tame them. I think both Eudoxie and Gabrielle are pissed that they’ve invested so much of their time molding these dudes into their ideal guy that they will be damned if their going to let some jump off swoop in and take their men with a baby.

      • CC

        Quite a dangerous game to play. They have no control over their men……Gabrielle and Eudoxie are NOT in the same boat. Gabrielle has her own money and gained her status by her own hard work. I’m not saying they’re marrying them to tame them, I’m just saying that’s not going to guarantee it won’t happen again. I know how they feel after 4 years of investing in these men and they conceived children with some groupie with low standards. But is it really worth it?? These men were sloppy enough to create children on them after all of the “investing”, so their “ideal guy”, obviously isn’t ideally invested in the same loyalty………..IJS

      • CC

        That’s called playing with fire………

        • Seriously817

          I hear ya. But these chicks wouldn’t date these types of dudes if they didn’t like some drama.

          • CC

            I don’t think it’s necessarily the drama, I think it’s the money.

            • Seriously817

              More money more problems more drama. LOL!

      • alexia wynn ✌

        you are exactly right.

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