#Flawless: Celebrities Whose Youthful Moms Could Be Their Sisters

January 3, 2014 ‐ By

Some people really do age like a fine wine, and often, they’re not the ones in the spotlight. Just take a look at these moms of some major celebrities, who look like they could be their offspring’s sister instead of their parent. Whatever fountain of youth they’ve been drinking from, we’re trying to get some of that!

Trey Songz’s Mom, April Tucker

moms of celebrities who look young


I know you’ve seen Ms. April Tucker before and thought, is that Trey Songz’s girlfriend? Psych! She’s his mom, and she had the handsome singer when she was 17. He takes her to quite a few events with him, and clearly she’s his favorite girl.

MadameNoire Video

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  • Leuqar Brooks

    Trey Songz mother is beautiful. No wrinkles. Black is beautiful.

  • wth

    Right cause I’m sure black women Never get Botox . . . and of course they look younger next to they’re children they started having babies when the were barely teens . . .

  • E

    Sorry but Nick Cannon’s mom looks like his mom… -_-

  • hi-liter

    I bet Blac China momma used to strip too back in the day.

  • Devotee

    There is nothing cute or youthful about Rihanna and black chynas mothers…. They are very ugly

  • Tonyee

    Uh…Most of these women were TEENAGE MOTHERS!
    So, yea, obviously! What a misleading article title lol.

  • Sani215


  • lol

    Black dont crack.. simple as that… i know black women that where teen moms and some where not and they still look young,,, get over the jealousy! white folks!

  • lol

    Where the white women at? they are always in front on the beauty scene ..let white folks tell it,, those women age so quickly and are the first to get facelifts and botox,, so where is the beauty at? .those ageless black women are the beauties and always will be,, Trey Songz mom looks like a teenager , dont matter if they had them young…that would be more stressful but blk women handle it with like the grafeful beauties they are! Others dont have to put blk beauty up front ..we know our worth… THe mirror dont lie lke others do!

  • HonestA

    This should of been titled celebrity’s moms cause majority of them dont look young at all

  • honestA

    Ciara’s mom looks a hot mess not that y’all put up a filtered picture, I see she got them teeth together though.

  • whatelseisthere

    these are lovely moms, but most where teen moms, so they are not youthful looking, they are youthful, so it’s not that big of a deal.

  • hello

    true, a teen mom is GOING to look young next to their grown children. instead of praising the youthful looks of these women why not encourage marriage and good timing when starting a family?

    • SexyJ


    • Toni

      Exaaaaaactly. This crap is full of teenage mothers.

  • allie1234

    The reason these moms can passed for their sibling, because most of them are young enough to be their sibling.

  • Nyomi

    Wow ever since i seen that pic of Blac Chyna mom i always thought she looked so young. She is drop dead gorgeous! Women with darker skin do tend to look younger as they age. Yay for me!! Lol

  • MIMI

    Zoe is literally Lisa Bonet’s spitting image! They could pass for sisters most definitely.

  • Jonique Burke

    They all had them quite young. So there’s no surprise

    • MIMI

      So true most were teen moms

  • ObservintheATL

    This list is supposed to feature youthful moms who could be mistaken as their child’s sibling, right? While I’ll grant that all of the women are attractive, quite a few don’t pass the “Oh! I thought that was your sister.” test. Just being honest.

    • NachoAverage

      Really! Like Rihanna’s mother? Ummm, no! lol

  • Kryssy

    Selena Gomez mom!!! Wow

  • rainydaze80

    so Porsha’s mom didn’t teach her about the underground railroad, huh?

    • Self-Hating Negro Slayer

      …it never fails.

  • A$AP

    I love that Janelle Monae quote.