Flashback Friday: Beyonce Shades The Mess Out Of Kelly Rowland On Camera

January 3, 2014  |  

Remember back in the day when everybody thought Beyonce was a b-i-t-c-h because she just so happened to sing the lead vocals on every single Destiny’s Child song, was always front and center in their videos and photo shoots, and supposedly kicked LaTavia and Letoya out the group? Oh yeah, we see where that perception came from. Well now there just may be soft proof that Baddie Bey does have a little mean girl in her.

We’re sure you’ve at least seen the title for the Beyonce shade vine that’s been floating around your social media timelines in the last 24 hours, but if you haven’t watched it yet please do so. In the 15-second clip of pure comedy, Kelly Rowland introduces herself as the second lead vocalist in the group and then three things happen: Latavia, Beyonce and Letoya shoot her a look that says “bish please,” Bey gives one of the shadiest “chick you tried it” coughs ever heard to man (read: everyone knows there’s only one lead singer in this group and I am it), and then she gives one of those sinister head nods that says “Ima fix this ish.”

I assume somewhere along the lines, Daddy Knowles swooped in and told Kelly don’t you evah…evah, evah, evah, ehvah again call yourself one of the lead vocalists in DC in a public interview again, but since 15 seconds is all we got, we’re just sort of making up the aftermath. Dirty Laundry anyone?

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  • Guest

    Wow, I didn’t think so & I don’t even like that chick. But that facial expression at the end with the eyebrows raised spoke for itself. Queen fake

  • Jemaelaine

    IDK if I see this as Kelly being malicious. Yea, her statement was a pretty awkward thing to say, but then again, they were young and it seems like she just didnt know any better. Come on, there was an OBVIOUS destinys child “hierarchy.” She was just saying what everyone already knew lol. I just think the girls felt awkward and annoyed that she verbally introduced herself as the “2nd lead vocalist” when they probably didnt want to publicly acknowledge the favoritism going down behind the scenes.

  • Princess P.

    This was funny. Destiny’s Child were so young at the time and had not yet embraced the “media polish” needed to control their reactions. It was a natural reaction by teenage or young women who were trying to confirm their place in the group. Not a big deal. I am sure everyone wanted to shine in the group.

  • Caydence James

    Ok and how long ago was this?
    Brande, y’all need to stop being so thirsty and diggin’ through people’s garbage. Speaking of garbage….what’s in your garbage Ms. Victorian?

  • Melissa A-o

    Kelly is the Jan Brady in the group. lol

  • JRoc85

    Just leave this ISH in the past, please!!!! Kelly, Beyonce, LeToya, & “the other girl” have all moved on (I suggest y’all do the same)!!

  • m

    Naaaah, their faces are screaming: “Dafuq u jus said?? Daddy Knowles gone whoop yo behind!” Especially B at the very end LMAO!

  • Mallory

    I am by no means a Beyonce fan, and I didn’t particularly care for DC but people are reaching and INTENTIONALLY looking over Kelly. I don’t know if its mainly brown skin women secretly bias towards Kelly or what, who knows I didn’t follow Bey like that–maybe she really was a B**** back in the day, or maybe she just had the lucky privileged of having her father as her manager so of course naturally she’d be the lead–but whatever it is, some of you are blatantly ignoring the fact. Kelly was in the wrong! Kelly essentially discounted the other two and said “they don’t matter.” That’s dirty and wrong. Kelly already revealed herself to have a tendency to be jealous (understandably so) but if she can admit that character flaw of herself now, what makes you think she wasn’t being jealous, devious, and egotistical when she said that? I see a girl who wanted to be in the spotlight, and felt insecure that she had to play second fiddle to Bey, and to elevate her self-esteem she needed to make the other girls feel small, and that is just not right. Kelly is the b**** in this one.

    • Shawndrea Rachelle

      Everthing you said is spot on

    • NuI

      GIRL BYE

      • mallory

        It’s okay boo, you’re too ignorant to engage on the conversation. Dismiss yourself.

        • NuI

          Did you forget that kelly is also their adopted child? What’s wrong with her thinking she could be the second lead vocalist of the group. Was she reaching a little too far maybe, but was she wrong NO. No disrespect to Latoya and Latvia but they were the backup singers. Latoya didn’t prove herself until she went solo. And no one on here is as ignorant as you. You brought skin complexion into this conversation which makes you another poor minded black person. What idiot would think that brown skinned women are intentionally biased towards kelly because she looks like them? What stupid person would really over analyze the thought process of a 15 year old that she never met before?

          • NuI

            O wait that’s sounds like………

  • Mallory

    That’s EXACTLY how I read and saw it! & I’m not even a Beyonce fan, so this is no defense there but I really think the person who was acting like a b**** and a diva was Kelly here.

  • Mallory

    It’s weird everyone says that, because for all the praise Bey gets now, she’s still talks and sounds like a ghetto southern girl from the hood. So yeah, I still see that girl!

    • Beyonce is very southern, hood. She grew up in 3rd ward for real. No matter how big the house or nice it was she stayed in. If you are from Houston and been her former childhood area you will see why. Very hood & a step away from GHETTO but that’s how we roll in Texas. Have the nicest house but stay in the crappy neighborhood. We working on it though.

      • Guest

        Please, that bourgie b!tch. This the same broad that said moving into a smaller house when her dad quit his job to manage them full time was the hardest thing she ever been thru. Her a$$ wouldn’t last a minute in the hood. She fakes it. Fools buy it. Tragedy! Keep believing New New’s shenanigans

    • Anabelle Whitepaws

      I like that about her though… she still speaks with the HEAVY southern accent unlike others celebs who’ve come into money (e.g. Madonna and her newly acquired British accent). IMO… she doesn’t sound ghetto rather she sounds Southern. Trust me… I’m from the ‘hood (ghetto) and Bey’s phonetics are no comparison to how I would speak when hanging with friends from the old ‘hood (now when in the office… that’s a different story). Just SayN…

      • mallory

        I hope you’re referring to My don’t New York accent cuz she definitely wasn’t country. BUT girl you got to be speaking for yourself, she just sounds straight hood, & that’s nothing to be desired. Bey has tried real hard to clean up her image and appeal to white Hollywood, so I don’t think the accent staying with her was a conscious effort but just a lack of an effort to educate herself. Just like you said you clean up your diction in the office, that’s wise, Beyoncé on the other hand, it’s apparent she didn’t use any of that money to educate herself. I don’t like Wendy Williams, but I’d have to agree with her on Beyoncé sounding like she has a second grade education, perhaps that’s because I work in communications but for me one of my biggest drawbacks about Beyoncé is that she still sounds uneducated.

      • mallory


      • RisingSun

        I love seeing a southern girl dominate the industry. I am from the south and I must say that we breed some crazy talent. Think Britney Spears, Beyonce, Ciara, etc… I am proud of my southern talent but just like you I have to tone it down in professional settings or the office. When I am around family that’s another story lol

    • Shana July

      Just like Whitney Houston from Joisey…nobody understood why she wanted hood thug Bobby…uh duh…dress her up make her beautiful but the hood edge will forever be there UNLESS she (Beyonce) chooses to take diction lessons and she certainly has enough money to do that…

  • Alfreda Calbert

    I am sure she was joking. Stop trying to start controversy where there is none.

  • Yinzi

    It seems as if Beyonce coughed as if to say ok move on with the introductions, because after what Kelly said Latavia just got stuck looking at Kelly and nodding her head, that she forgot to introduce herself. The look she gave after the cough was as if to say thank you lets get this show on the road.

  • Lola Jones

    That’s when I actually liked Beyonce lol that look she gave her and Letoya was looking like I’m going to punch this bish in her jugular

  • CC

    This 2 sec 1955 arsk video, lol

  • Anesha Johnson

    It was was obvious she was wanting the lead spotlight back then. This video just further shows her arrogance and deviousness. Instead of just letting Kelly have her moment, Killer Bey has to “kill it”. There is nothing real about her, she was always fake and into herself from the start, courtesy of her parents. But I always believed Bey should’ve just been a solo act from the start. There was no need for her to be in a group, Virgos don’t do well in groups…..lol

    • Mallory

      It’s not about Bey having a moment (speaking from a non beyonce fan) it’s about calling out someone who just boldly disrespected the other two members. That was devious and disgusting on Kelly’s party to put herself above the other two singers. Say what you want about Beyonce, think what you want, but in this situation Kelly was in the wrong to elevate herself above her other band mates and to essentially state they were second rate. That’s disgusting. That’s the problem with music groups, everyone wants to be the star and it leaves the members comparing themselves to others–willing to break other’s spirit for their inflated ego. Kelly was jealous, envious, and greedy for the spotlight then, just like she admitted to now–hopefully she’s grown away from that.

      • NVAdamzz

        I agree but I think Kelly played herself. She spoke first and she set the tone for the other girls. She should’ve just said “I’m Kelly” and everyone would’ve followed suit. But when she says “I’m the second lead vocalist” it’s like “Whaaat?” Not only did she announce that she was second fiddle from jump, she put the other girls in a position to have to define their “roles” as well. It was just awkward all around.

      • Zia Paul

        lol. Bey threw some shade. You can defend others without doing what Beyonce did. It wasn’t disgusting on Kelly’s part, she probably thought she was SECOND lead for various reasons we may be unaware of. We don’t know what was going on behind the scenes. In a group, everyone is supposed to be stars and she didn’t say that they were second rate, that’s how people took it. Some people are fine being in the background in singing groups, others aren’t. Kelly is human and was young, just like people who defend Beyonce say. When she said in her song that she was jealous, that is understandable in natural. She was apart of the same group and had the same success, but who were people were infatuated with? Who did people give more airplay to? Seems like any assumptions has been made about her when she seems more real than Beyonce.

        • Mallory

          This discussion is irrelevant because you clearly have a biased view towards Kelly. People can be young but that does not excuse ugliness. Now perhaps, Kelly did not intentionally mean to throw the other girls under the bus for her personal gain, but that’s what happened. It is an assumption for you to say that they were okay with being backup vocalists–no one gets into a group, remember that’s how they were described as a GROUP–to just sing background. What’s a background singer? You might as well sing background in the studio because that’s not a group. However, regardless of how comfortable the girls were in their position, Kelly still placed herself above the other girls. For the same reasoning you and others have for not liking Beyonce during her DC days, is my same reasoning for not liking what Kelly did here.

          That’s the problem with some women, they can be so quick to defend someone even in all of their pettiness. This competitive spirit and nature is never okay, and it’s not right to try to elevate yourself at the hands of debasing someone else’s value. Maybe Kelly didn’t mean to do it, but she made a point in stepping out in front of the others for the shine. I’m not trying to be self righteous here because I know we all have our faults and make our mistakes, but if there is one thing I cannot stand, is when girls try to fight for dominance on the backs of others for their pride sake.

          • Zia Paul

            I think it is quite clear WHO is biased here. What personal gain did she get? It still didn’t change the amount of attention and singing opportunities she got, did it? And then the other girls got kicked out for other reasons. And do you read? I said that we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes–we don’t know the dynamics of the group and how it was set up. Some people join groups but have other responsibilities other than singing. So, it was not an assumption, but a hypothetical. And was Kelly being ugly here? So funny how you are talking about my supposed bias, but you use some interesting language regarding Kelly. An example of these would be Otis Williams from the Temptations. Rarely ever sang lead, but he managed the group and was considered one of the most important, if not, the most important group member.

            And who said those other women’s value was debased? My God, reading all the extraness into her comment and for what? You think Beyonce wasn’t competitive? If they all were equals, then why was she the only lead or considered the lead? Oh, and did you know that Tenitra–I mean, Michelle–was forced to change her name, so that there would be only one “unique” name in the group? The problem wasn’t that Kelly was trying to outshine others, it was that she was trying to be seen as an equal to Beyonce and not one of the girls in Beyonce’s group (you know there are jokes about that, right?).

            • Mallory

              Zia you are a damn fool and an ignorant belligerent one at that. When will you comprehend that I DO NOT CARE about the DC child drama of yesteryear?! I could TRULY careless about any of these women. I am not saying Beyonce is in fault or without fault, I am saying that I DID NOT CARE FOR WHAT KELLY DID. I hate the entire competitive culture and spirit within these musical groups and to see another woman directly push others to the side so that they can stand above and in the light is disgusting. You can say well Beyonce did that too, fine, right, whatever, but this isn’t about whatever Beyonce did or did not do, it’s about what KELLY DID RIGHT HERE.

              • Zia Paul

                Please stop incorrectly using words. It’s getting sad now. What I am saying is whether or not Kelly did wrong, it wasn’t that big of a deal. And being competitive isn’t always a bad thing either. Perhaps she hurt her group members, they are over it. Why are you mad about it over 15 years later? I bet none of them even remember that.

                • Mallory

                  Zia Paul I am using my words VERY wisely, it’s you that has a hard time comprehending. Your argument about competition is invalid because the context and connotation behind my usage of the word is much different than the one you bring to this discussion. Furthermore, the argument that I should not care because they don’t care is a poor one, considering that I’m not the one that dredged up this entire video or debate. I, just like you came to this article, reviewed the video, and formulated my OWN opinion on the matter and am therefore FREE to express my feelings and thoughts on the matter. Trust and believe me when I say no one’s mad, I simply think people are hopping on bandwagons and sides because of their own biased views. This entire conversation is Team Bey vs. Kelly and I was never a fan of either but can clearly see that Kelly was just as wrong in what she did. It’s not a big deal to you, yet you’ve taken the time to respond to EVERY post I wrote on the matter. Don’t agree with me, but don’t care, then move on…my opinion was not an invite for you to start an argument. It was and is still MY OPINION. So if it’s really no big deal to you, then move on.

      • tjmonroe

        No, Beyonce was def throwing shade. To me, it didn’t look like the other girls cared because she spoke the truth! Beyonce did the “I’m the star of this show, and don’t ever forget it…”

        • Mallory

          For me, that’s a large assumption. I don’t make my opinions formed off of things I don’t know and in this situation, all I saw was Kelly elevating herself while–whether intentionally or not–lowering others. If you think that’s what Beyonce did, fine, I don’t care. I’m not a big enough fan of her or DC to really get into all of that.

  • Genia Way

    Daddy Knowles created that so how was she suppose to act? He knew from the beginning he wanted Beyoncé to be the STAR! Today, what has happened? Kelly has no successful solo career nor does Michelle or any of the other original girls. Very slick of him but he quit a very successful job to get DC on the map. What parent does that unless they know success is coming?

    • Lola Jones

      Thats not true.Michelle is an gospel.artist and Kelly released that lil album not too long ago.They may not have the type of success that Beyonce has and they still have their own fans,so cut that out.Just because they aren’t on her level doesn’t mean they aren’t successful.They aren’t laying low somewhere working for Walmart so stop it

      • otieno

        i agree with you ,but to an extent ,bey’s father and maybe bey- did michelle kelly, letoya and latavia some dirt,they are not working in walmart but their music careers should be as succesful as bey’s,how comes bey has reached these levels and the rest don’t?i think they had to some extent unequal representation,colombia managed to extend bey’s contract and give her the support she needed to be queen while the rest fizzled out significantly ,if bey’s father wanted, all those girls would have been powerhouses but he didn’t,he wanted bey and bey alone
        something in the milk has never been clean,we may never know but i do think for some time the four girls may have not liked the knowles family very much during the DC era-them Knowles look and sound corrupt

  • Meg

    Kelly is way prettier than Beyonce anyway. Naturally. Better body too.

    • Anesha Johnson

      Kelly also has the better voice. I think that was the real reason for the shade, Bey doesn’t have a “singing voice”, never did.

    • Shawndrea Rachelle

      Everyone naturally roots for the underdog. You know damn well that’s a stretch

  • Leyla

    That video looks like three girl band members wondering what the hell just came out of the fourth band member’s mouth and Beyonce is STICKING UP for the others not shading anyone! Personally Kelly seems to me to be the one who is really hiding her true self and it seems as though she has some deep rooted issues. SECOND lead vocalist sounds like you just cancelled yourself out! Just like you can’t be a little bit pregnant you can be the lead vocalist but the second one!! They were young and things got real messy but they made it through.

    • Just saying!!

      That has to be the strangest logic…..lmao

    • Zia Paul

      No, she was shading Kelly. Beyonce did too much extra to be defending the others. Unlike pregnancy, there can be a hierarchy in lead or co-leading.

  • Nicole

    Lmbo!! Hilarious, Kelly was telling the truth technically she did wand of being the second lead vocalists after the group broke up. When Michelle enter she was neither first, second or third lead singer..lol MN you’re too funny with this. Good laugh. Lololol

  • cococrispe

    They were all very young and it’s funny. I’m sure they look at it and laugh too.

  • Chanda Graham

    They all gave her the side eye. Nothing to see here folks.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    This is sooooooooooooo funny!!!

  • Cleveland Cutie

    They all looked at her like “Broad since when? That’s news to us!” LOL

    • RisingSun

      There is no such thing as 2 lead vocalists. Either you are the lead or you do the background harmony lol

      • coolyfett

        New Edition had a few leads…but Ralph did most of it. Turns out all the other members had bigger careers though. Not the case with Destiny Child.

        • RisingSun

          I do understand that it also depends on the song. A member who usually does the background may do the lead cause there voice fits the song better than the other members. I also think of the Group B2K, Immature, and Nsync (Omarion, Marques Houston, and Justin Timberlake). In most cases the lead vocalist ends up having the stronger career as with Destiny’s Child.

          • zoe2133

            in Nysnc i always felt that JC was the lead and Justin was the second lead Justin was just more popular

            • RisingSun

              You are right. He also had a nice look and more “soul” than the rest. Not mention he is like a “white usher” which was extra cool points lol

  • ericamissamerica

    Teens. I am sure they all went through it and back like we have done with our friends. It is hard growing up in the spotlight. People think it is easy because you are living the “glamorous life” but no one sees the other side. Kudos to them all for growing up to become successful. The one I am most proud of, though is Kelly. I love her on X Factor and her heart seems to be the most pure….as you can tell on the footage. It was a naïve statement, yes, but she seems to really think that until…..lol

    • Mallory

      That was no pure, naive statement, that was arrogance at it’s finest. You remember the song Kelly sung about being jealous of all Beyonce’s success–yes, I appreciate the honesty–but Kelly was reaching, SHE WANTED to be known as top dog too and that was mad disrespectful and disgusting to the other two girls. What Kelly essentially said here is “I’m the second best and these other two girls don’t matter.”

      • Zia Paul

        Get a clue. If you think Dirty Laundry is about being jealous of Beyonce, then there is nothing to say to you. She didn’t say she was the better singer, but the second lead vocalist. The lead vocalist(s) aren’t always the best singers.

        • Mallory

          Zia, don’t try coming for me when you can’t even give me a logical defense. Where did a say anything about the lead vocalist being the best singer? If you comprehend what I’m saying then you’re not worthy of a conversation.

          • Zia Paul

            So explain to me how did you equate her saying that she was the second lead vocalist to being the second best singer? Where is the logic in that? Because the only thing she said was that she was second lead and you are saying that she said she was second best. And you have some nerve talking about who is worthy of a conversation. lol

            • Mallory

              Zia, get ya mind! The conversation is deeper than who’s the lead, and who isn’t. The point is that she elevated herself at the expense of someone else. For the SAME REASON you and other chicks say they don’t like Beyonce, is the same thing Kelly exemplified here. If you don’t get that, then there is something fundamentally wrong with your mindset.

              • Zia Paul

                You are the last one who should be talking about fundamentals and mindset. So, you are going to talk about Beyonce being elevated at the expense of her fellow group members because if Kelly felt the need to say SECOND lead vocalist, there was clearly a PRIMARY, which was Beyonce. Why is Kelly getting crap and not Beyonce as well?

                Did you really think that that group was equal. Beyonce sang most of the leads and she was concentrated on heavily in most of the videos, but this group was equal, right? No one was elevated? How dare Kelly assert herself to be something more than a shadow.

                Kelly overstepped her bounds, but you are reading more into her actions than necessary. Her intent wasn’t malicious and none of the girls was hurt by her actions because they had confidence in themselves.

  • Nestique

    Those reactions [especially Bey’s] r just hella funny. Thts such a natural Beyonce tho…no public image maintaining, perfect wife, perfect mother Queen B like we have now

  • Marie De Salle (IvyNoLeague)

    Lmao I’m sorry but that was hilarious the side eye and fake cough, man she was young at the time now she knows how to throw shade on the low.

  • At A Crossroads

    Y’all better stop MN before the beyhive drags you on twitter…lol.

  • Joia

    Everytime I watched those
    interviews back then, I always thought she was a spoiled and n@sty brat.
    And was raised to be to that way, by Tina.

    I remember several things about DC and Beyonce:they were all in the
    limousine and Farrah was sitting with her arms crossed, pissed and
    looking out of the window. The next day she was let go from the group!

    I remember the interview in Sister 2 Sister how shady the Knowles
    were, paying for Solange to dance out of her, Kelly and Michelle’s check
    and feeling uncomfortable wearing Latoya and Latavia’s old costumes.
    She said she had her own stylist and they wanted her to say it was Tina,
    but she wouldn’t. She said Beyonce would get an attitude if they
    questioned her father or wouldn’t acknowledge him.

  • J

    Ok guys, Beyonce was an immature teenager once too…why does MN stay trying to focus on the bad…geez…..let it go…how long ago was this? what is the purpose of making a whole article on this? slow news say? At the end of the day, now they love and support each other….damn….

    • BabyBlue

      I agree. Grow up MN. I didn’t think it was funny.

      • MNEditor2

        Of course.

    • Just saying!!

      I didn’t even read the article because I just wanted to see the video but I don’t think they were trying to trash her. People just feel its funny. Lighten up.

  • Name

    Latoya looking like she ready to whoop somebody’s butt!

    • mallory

      Okay did you see what I saw? Letoya wasn’t EVEN paying attention to Kelly, she looked mute, deaf, & dumb. Letoya didn’t even know what was looking out into thin air, you saw Letavia given the shade.

  • Just saying!!

    Lol there are a few more videos of Beyonce shading her group members in DC before she was trained on how to act and police herself lol. The girl used to be much less stoic than now. Yea she was a diva but that was my favorite time from them..I guess because she was so real lol

    • Paris

      I agree, seeing Beyonce do that made her seem human and not to contrived and robotic as she is now. All the girls threw shade at Kelly in that video LMBO. However at the same time MN is reaching for this one, trying to find something but I bet if the girls saw this now they would laugh at it. Mature women tend to do that….hopefully lol

      • Neco84

        Yes! It makes her seem human and relatable, even if it does mean shes a bish sometimes! Lol! Nobody’s perfect. Not even Queen Bey

        • Mallory

          Ya’ll are some petty girls if you feel that’s something to sit back and say “ah yes, Bey is so relatable,” no that’s just petty. But to be fair, Kelly deserved it, I don’t even think Beyonce was trying to throw shade but could see that Kelly was being very presumptuous and offensive to the other girls. Like Kelly? Really shut up?

          • Paris

            I understand what you are saying, but I’m coming from the stand point of her being a brand, that was always first for her. Within that branding her goal was to be perfect and she has even said this herself why she decided to let loose a little . So when I saw this I thought it was funny, and said it was not a big deal, why I stated that MN was reaching. That does not make me petty.

            • mallory

              Okay , gotcha!

          • Arthur D

            wait. is this topic about beyonce seemingly rolling her eyes at kelly? because i didn’t see that.