Signs You’re The Other Woman

January 18, 2011  |  

The “side chick” is one of the most maligned people this side of “the dude who stole all the money from the collection plate on the Sunday we was collecting for the baby hospital.” However, folks don’t always acknowledge the fact that the other woman might have been led to believe that she was the only woman (or that she was dealing with someone who was free to date more that one person). Here are a few signs that you may be an unwitting participant in an affair:

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  • RCLady

    I let myself be blinded by wanting to fall in love and this player took full advantage of how emotionaly needy I was at the time.
    I deserve far better than being any man-whores sidechick.
    I considered him my favorite mistake and learned that drop dead gorgeous is not worth the drama.
    My new man may not be as loaded or as hot looking, but he is good to me and keeps it real.
    I do watch the news for house fires in that city yall know he is cheating on the woman he keeps with someone else who puts up with his smooth ways. Oh dude had three cell phones, and two laptop computers. So lookout if your dude has technology gadgets he’s hiding from you. One other thing NEVER hookup on a first date.
    I am sure someone will hate on me, whatever life will go on.
    I hope someone reads this and totaly avoids a cheater.
    Hey if your the chick who got my note please respond. I want to look you in the eye apologize and give you a chance to yell at me. You are in my prayers daily girl, my need to feel special hurt you the most and that is not alright. I am woman enough to know that even being spoon feed lies and half truthes does not make what I did with that fool okay.
    I am also woman enough to admit I was not ready to date and that dude saw my weakness ans used them against me. That will never happen again.

  • RCLady

    I agreed but four oddly timed dates after that I never saw a dime back.
    The last time I was in his house he ran to the market to make me lunch and I found high class makeup and perfume in the bathroom on what had been an empty shelf everyother time. I freaked out and left a note in the makeup bag. He cooked for me and I ate with him. For the next two weeks no calls or texts at all. Then he calls from a blocked number ‘from work’ looking for sympathy because his house burned down. I listened and guessed that his wifey or girlfriend found my note and burned the place down. I would too if I found a note like that from a sidechick in my make up bag.
    He wants to hookup again, has asked me to help him pickout a new house, has left his cell phone on planes (yeah right), and has never returned my cash or made his kid say sorry. I keep it strictly platonic now. I now know I was the other woman and the only thing this creeper gets now is me leading him on.
    My new goal is to tell the main chick so she can ditch him too.

  • RCLady

    After divorcing out of an abusive marriage taking three years to heal and risking getting my heart broken I set out to date again. My online profile was lavished with attention from all manor of men but he stood out. This guy seemed to have it all and wanted to date.
    I saw his house on the first date to meet his dog and cat. Then we looked at the tropical fish tank in his bedroom and ended up in his bed. Never gone all the way on a first date before in my life.
    After that it was a physical emtionial and logistical tornado, he told me where he worked and claimed that his 250K a year job demanded wild hours, that the senior sales manager had to keep tabs on everything and everyone and I needed to help him suceed so he could take good care of me.

    One weekend our trip to the Zoo was rained out again we went to his house and got down to getting busy. Then his 17 yearold son came home. He would not intoduce me. His kid stole money out of my purse. After I left because ‘work called baby’ I discovered the theft and left him voice mqils and texts about it.
    Two weeks later he calls and wants to return my hard earned cash.

  • nicole67

    Question… Is there a reason a guy will choose a girl as a sidechick..  What if it seems like its always happening to you?  What about a girl makes a guy want them as a sidechick how do you keep getting into those situations

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  • wowwie

    another big one..yall are on yall's' lil outing' and he sees one of his friends/co-workers and stops holding your hand. i got one like dat. and reading som of the signs,i was like ,"daamnn! thats crazy!" but he doin it da stupid way b/c i make him take me to expensive restaurants and pay for everything (besides the restaurants) when we go out. haahaa!i only slept w/him once but thats only b/c I wantd to, so as soon as he says,'hey can we go dutch?' im out!lol

  • WTF

    This is a dumb article. I hear paper rumbling.

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  • Lyndon

    Wow. So women actually know what's goin on?


    • ceecee

      Sad, pathetic, desperate, but yes.,

    • feenie

      LOL….. yes, we do… u sound so shock we know these things

  • Gisele

    If you are in his company and he gets a call and cannot speak freely!! but gives short straight to the point answers like yes, i don't know, maybe, and i will talk to you some other time, believe me he is definitely talking to the other woman in his life or possible one of the other women in his life…Ladies wise up we deserve more than these losers causing us to waste our time…

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  • Nice work

    @zellman757. Thanks for the insight and the confirmation. I say that because a little while ago I found out my husband cheated on me. And the woman he cheated with was very audacious. Most likely based on what my husband had told her, she felt as if I didn’t deserve him. She was terrible. Telling me that she was there before me and would be there after me. That I didn’t know anything about being a wife. She even had the nerve to get her husband involved. He called me telling me I didnt deserve him, it was a mess.

    • Lady Heroin

      @Nice work
      If a woman is messing around with a man whose attached to a (girlfriend,play play wifey or real "wifey")she must be desperate, has low self esteem or some other issues. To be a "call girl" is degrading and if she was a real woman she'd respect herself, love herself, know she deserves better. Come on now…do these women really think the man they creeping with "respect" them??? They just a shoulder for him to cry on, a bed to jump in, and some times a dumb A S S walking ATM!!!! 9/10 times he giving the money to his "main" woman, the same one he has respect for and REALLY CARES about…

  • zellman757

    Most women are pretty quick with wits. The issue is not that they don't "know" what the man is hiding. Men usually don't hide secrets well anyway. The issue is what they believe about them selves and what they believe about the other woman. More often than not, the side chick believes she's better than the wife. She thinks she is better looking, smarter, and that she has the man's heart. Now if you have grade "C" player skills, she will think of you as the victim. She will see your wife as undeserving of your good nature. A belief that you are breaking up or going through a divorce wrks well also. In my experience most women are ok with you having a wife or girl friend ONLY IF they believe 1) YOU DON'T LOVE HER 2) SHE IS MEETING A NEED YOUR WIFE CAN'T OR WON'T 3) YOUR WIFE IS CHEATING OR DOING YOU WRONG.


  • Lady Heroin

    Please don't believe the ones "u don't know his loved ones" cuz some of them so slick they will introduce u to a few of them…the ones who ain't gonna tell on he and "you can't visit during normal business hours" a lot of times that's when they doing most of the cheating "at work".I just had to clarify those cuz u got sum females out here so dumb, they'll see that a few of the signs don't apply to them and fool themselves into believing they "not" the side piece but main "woman",lol…silly H O'S

    • MissC

      LMAO sooo true tho!!!

  • Adorable

    You never go anywhere in public, especially to places where they are affraid someone might see them.

  • Miss tahbee

    @ jojo so true. And a surprise visit is off limits.

  • Jo-Jo

    This article is hilarious. I feel like guys do some of these things not only when they have a girl but also when they're "just not that into you." 🙁

  • kay

    When you do call they rush yu off the phone and say i'll call you back, and never call, days and hours later. They dont rtn texts, and thats such a quick thing to do; saves alot of time. The dont spend the night, or if they do they leave early, and wont spend the night the rest of the week, and u dont see them on the wknd. They never answer the phone, no matter what time it is, or they change up suddenly.

  • stacey

    dont call in a week
    dont come to see you

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