New Video Emerges Of Teleka Patrick Making Meal For A Love Interest And Investigators Want To Know Who It Is

December 30, 2013  |  


A few days ago, we told you about Dr. Teleka Patrick, 30, who went missing after receiving a suspicious phone call at work and how there was video footage of her from the night she disappeared. Well, even more footage has emerged of Dr. Patrick. According to Daily Mail, she can be seen updating her love interest about her day in various video clips. Family members of the missing woman say they’re not sure who this “love interest” could be. In one clip that was uploaded on November 10, Dr. Patrick shows off a meal she made for a special someone, speaking in the camera to that special someone. By the end of the clip, she is singing a Diana Ross song, “When You Tell Me That You Love Me.” She also notes in the video that she prepared their meal with orange juice and “flowers from last time.” Dr. Patrick, who received her Ph.D this past spring and moved to Michigan to begin her career went missing on December 6.

The day before she went missing, after work, she had her colleague drive her to the Radisson hotel in Kalamazoo. Surveillance footage showed her failing to secure a room, though she lived only five minutes away from the hotel. Dr. Patrick left her purse and cell phone at work and realized she did not have enough money to get a room since she only had a set amount of cash on her. After not receiving a hotel room, Dr. Patrick boarded the hotel shuttle back to the medical center where she worked. It was the last time anyone saw her. Her vehicle was found abandoned in a ditch on the westbound side of I-94 in Portage, Indiana, more than 100 miles away from where she lived. Her car keys were not found in her car, either. Prior to her disappearance Dr. Patrick bought plane tickets to Florida where her family lives. Her family members say that they do not believe she was in a romantic relationship. Reports say that before she went missing, Dr. Patrick was working long hours at her medical center and was not getting very much sleep, causing her a lot of stress. Could that have something to do with her trying to check into the hotel?

Do you think Dr. Patrick’s mystery love interest has something to do with her disappearance since they haven’t come forward to help with the investigation? Below are the video clips of the doctor sharing information about her day to her mystery partner. Let us know what you think.


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  • diag

    I meant she and showed

  • diag

    This is crazy and scary. Her co-worker said she changed after hanging up from a call. Can’t the police find out who she was talking to by tracking incoming and outgoing calls? Why would she leave purse and phone at work? he does sound like she had issues. Her videos always sowed her singing and talking to someone who wasn’t there. Was he her stalking victim Marvin Sapp?

  • KaMaria

    Man this case is getting crazier and crazier! Good grief!

  • Amarossa

    Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a married man somewhere in the picture ya’ll.

  • Alexis Morris

    she had all that food cooked up looked like a bunch of plates like she was maybe trying to show somebody what they were missing or something.

    • Guest!!

      I agree. She actually says “if you were here”. I don’t think there was someone there with her.

  • Renee86

    This is really creepy. It’s like something off of “Unsolved Mysteries” that you never think of actually happening in real life. I pray that she is safely returned to her family alive and well!

  • RRH

    What’s with that freakin 20 minute commercial before the video played? This site sucks.

  • DoinMe

    She seems to be mentally off in these videos. Many residents working long hours, not getting enough sleep or food, sometimes lose it and have a break from reality. My guess is that she got caught up with someone online and they took advantage of her mental state.

    • KaMaria

      Yeah, I’m thinking the same thing.

  • loki

    i hope she isnt running away from her residency; black doctors are rare

  • Ramonda Gilmore

    I’m sorry but She may have been infatuated with someone but never really talked to that person. Her messaging history would show if she actually sent those videos to anyone or not.

    • Renee86

      Yeah, it does seem that if she actually sent those vids to someone, the police would be able to easily find out who it was. Maybe they know but they haven’t released that info yet so the supspect won’t be spooked!

  • Kristen

    The more I read about this the more spooked I get. I really hope and pray she will be found safe.

  • Chey

    This whole situation is weird. I wonder if she met someone online…

  • Ajavee

    This story sounds scary…my goodness.