Chicago Rapper Who Hired Friends To Kill His Mother Faked Sadness When Speaking To Media, Became Gun Violence Activist

December 30, 2013  |  

This guy is truly the scum of the earth.

We told you last week about 24-year-old Chicago man Qawmane Wilson, also known by his rap name, Young QC. The young man enlisted the help of his friends in order to murder his mother, Yolanda Holmes, in an attempt to get his hands on her two life insurance policies and her bank accounts. Holmes was the owner of the salon, Nappy Headz, in Chicago. While Wilson walked away with more than $90,000 soon after her death (that was just from her bank accounts), he inevitably was caught by police and was charged this month with murder and home invasion. His friends, Loriana Johnson and Eugene Spencer, the driver and the hit man who actually went into the home of Yolanda Holmes to shoot and stab her dead in September 2012, were charged with everything from first degree murder, to home invasion, as well as  aggravated discharge of a firearm.

The story was bad enough, but it seems that after Holmes’ death, Qawmane became something of a faux outspoken activist against gun violence. According to the site KollegeKidd, he not only attended “Stop The Violence” rallies, but he even showed up at the funeral for Hadiya Pendleton, the slain 15-year-old who who was shot and killed a week after performing at President Obama’s inauguration ceremonies early this year. While there, Wilson spoke to media about the need for gun violence to cease, sharing the story of his mother’s murder:

Quawmane Wilson lost his mother to gun violence on November 14.

“My mother, she was a neighborhood woman. A guy [went] into the home, you know, and murdered her, just to steal.”

Wilson even posted about his interview on Twitter looking for a pat on the back: AT 15 YEAR OLD HADIYA’S FUNERAL R.i.P I’VE LOST FAMILY TO GUN VIOLENCE SO I HAD TO SUPPORT

And he somehow managed to keep a straight face during this interview. But then again, when you’re a sociopath, you can do things like this; on top of using the money from the mother you had killed to buy luxury vehicles, designer clothing, shoes, get weekly massages, and throw hundred dollar bills into the air for your “fans” to catch–just to put it all on Instagram.

Check out his interview with WGN-TV in Chicago at Pendleton’s funeral, as well as another clip of him taking $20,000 out of the bank, blood money that belonged to his mother.



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  • Jaz

    Have yet to see any facts or evidence the police have on this case.

  • JanuaryShytown

    Maybe I’m wrong, but some of us also googled and no where is there a full statement of young Qc admitting that he killed his mother. Nothing about this story makes sense. The guy says in one video, that God is good. He says in another video that he stands up against violence, he wears a tattoo of his mother which is usually seen as a badge of honor and respect and/or love for the person’s name you have tattooed on you. He’s small, not bad looking, no history of mental or abuse problems. Didn’t grow up in the street, has several pics of him posing with his mother. Something just doesn’t seem right about this picture. I hope for your sakes that you guys are right as most of us know by now that Police lie out of their azz and they’re known to coerce and all other things. There have been many cases where people after spending almost a lifetime in prison have been released though initially admitting to a crime they did not commit because of police beating the sh”t out of them to confess. This little dude wouldn’t have a chance in hell if something like that happened. I pray that this Qawmane Wilson did not have his mother murdered. He doesn’t seem fit the profile of classic thug murderer. Something doesn’t seem right with this story. Every last one of you people on here are either right in your condemnation or may God have mercy on your souls for judging without the facts if it turns out that you are wrong. Will continue to google to see if there is any truth to what some of you claim that young QC outright stated that he had his mom murdered.

  • beezy

    What is the evidence against him?

    • MIA XX

      Maybe you didn’t read that he gave a full statement. He implicated the murderer, then the murderer implicated his ride.

      • beezy

        Thanks. No, I did not read that he gave a full statement and I have not read the statement. Can you show me to his statement or tell what he said?

        • MIA XX

          You can google the original story like I have been doing since Yolanda was killed.

          • Theodora

            Never heard of him, I prefer that my righteous anger be led by the evidence not supposition, where is the proof, the evidence?

          • beezy

            I looked and can’t find anything that says he made a statement and I can’t find any statement. What site/blog etc. did you read it from?

  • Theodora

    You do know what the police are saying is supposition. Why don’t you wait for the evidence to come out, this is a typical rouse of the police, to act first then try and prove it later.
    He has been tried in the public eye without any proof be given, this happens a lot to black people. Wait for the evidence.

    • MIA XX

      The evidence is his own statement and his own actions at least 2 weeks after her murder. He implicated himself and his friend.

      • Theodora

        That is supposition, not hard facts (evidence),

        • MIA XX

          You must of been one of his “fans” hollering and picking up his mother’s money off the ground, I suppose. smh

          • beezy

            @Mia XX-No, I take Theodora to be someone asking a very basic question as part of a “conversation” and not expressing any support for “QC.” Quite simply, you should be able to support the statements you make. And, I don’t see the need for personal attacks. It does not further your point/statement.

            • MIA XX

              No, no attacks…? You have your opinion and so do I.

  • ratatooi

    Gay Z, Biggie and all your other rap idols have been shoving this crap down our throats for years. And Gay Z is still at it. I bet he won’t sat a word about the murder

  • Topazhoney

    SMH with disgust! Although I didn’t know this woman, I know she didn’t deserve to be betrayed and murdered just so her baby boy could go out there and stunt! God will handle the wicked.

  • bberry

    hope it was worth it because you will be someones pretty girlfriend is prison!!!#loosebooty

  • Are you Serious

    … I am in tears and just sat frozen for a few mins ….. the levels people will sink to for money. ……I was near tears when he started to throw money at a crowd of people. You killed your mom to look like you about a certain life?!…..Evil is real

    • GiaA

      Ikr! When I watched that clip, it was like he was saying a big “F U” to his mom’s hard work and dedication to save up that money and he was throwing it up in the air like it wasn’t nothing. So sad…I pray she is at peace with what happened to her and enjoying eternity with the lord..

  • ShaTarra Triixy Ainsworth

    He totally & utterly disgusts me! This story breaks my heart!!!! Like how could someone do something like this to the person that gave them life for nothing more than money to throw at so called fans & stunt around the town w/ money & nice cars! SMH!

  • TippyBeeMe

    Here I am still distraught after losing my Mom almost 4 years ago to natural causes & this azz-hat has his mother killed for money? Baby boy, hell is too good for your soul.

  • nesse


  • Tonyoardee

    Ohh those lifers gonna have some fun with his booty hole in federal

  • LeFuck

    I clicked on the kollegekidd link. He obviously has some serious mental/self-esteem issues and distorted beliefs about what’s important in life. I honestly think this in part due to pop/hip-hop culture. They shove the rich and famous down our throats with reality shows and music that we buy just to hear people tell us how we ain’t ish without this or that expensive thing. Then, they need to validate themselves with social media. So many people are OBSSESSED with money, likes, and material things it’s insane. This was obviously an extreme consequence of this but still people need not allow themselves to become brainwashed.

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  • coolyfett

    Money, Hoes, Cars & Clothes…..this guy man…

  • nosrednakal


  • Ronisha Burnett

    It is important to discuss these types of events. If you look on instagram and fb half of his followers were btwn the ages of 17-22. I consider that the youth. They were saying things like, “We love you QC”, “I can’t wait till I’m on”…People actually looked up to him and idolized his lifestyle. Parents/Friends/Neighbors have got to do a better job at preparing their children for the real world. This flexin/stripper lifestyle is not FOR REAL. Everything is focused on attention, and today’s youth/young adults will do ANYTHING to obtain it. He is not the only person on instagram who have committed heinous crimes to obtain the admiration of the masses. We as a people need to do MORE!

    • Lyndia

      What in the world are you talokig about? This man killed his mama, his MAMA. This is not the

  • Neco84

    Its so CRAZY cuz im here in Chicago and know the shop his mother owned. Never been in but knew where it was… Folks arent happy over this way :,-(
    The saddest part of it all is that shes that mom that dropped anything and everything for her son. Including money, so why do this?? Heartbreaking.

    • idgafaboutyouropinion

      this comment made me know how real this is. wow that’s so crazy. 🙁 how can any human being be so ruthless and take their own mothers life?

    • Mob Heata

      Sounds something like the Menendez story, spoiled rich kids who had everything but couldn’t wait for the inheritance.

    • MIA XX

      I used to go there to get my hair styled by one of her stylists until she got killed, I never went back. The last time I was there was the week before she died because I knew someone around there had something to do with what happened to her. She really did spoil this scumbag. He has a really low self esteem. He has always been riddled with acne, coupled with a father that is doing life in prison, she over compensated with the gift giving to this greedy fvcker. Cars, clothes, etc.. When kids grow up getting material stuff handed to them, this is how they live their life into adulthood, entitlement at its best.
      If he had to work and earn these things, maybe things wouldn’t have turned out this way. This entitlement mentality is they want it now, by any means necessary.

      • O.O

        What else do you know about him?was he a troubled child ?

        • MIA XX

          No, not at all. I’m just an observant person. I may have seen him about 10 times in his life, never spoke with him, so I cannot say if he’s troubled.

          • O.O

            Thanks for answering . I guess trying to make sense out of this is pointless . Everything I’ve read says he wasn’t abused and that his mom pampered him . What a sad story .

            • Lyndia

              I have been knowing the family for close to 60 years. His grandmother and I were friends and he was not a troubled child. Stop trying to make excuses for him. His father is in jail FOR LIFE for murder and he was just like him that is why he found it easy to kill his mother with no remorse. His father killed and destroyed with no remorse.

              • O.O

                I’m so sorry . I was in no way trying to make an excuse for this horrific act. It’s so mind blowing and evil that I was wondering if he was always an evil monster .


    just disgusting! fuck!ng monster!

  • Nikki

    Speechless 🙁

  • guest8

    Inmates are going to have fun with this fool in prison!

  • lockstress

    Why are we still talking about this PIECE OF SHYT? He’s getting too much attention. Let Bubba, Pookie and Reco a in cell block 5 serve justice on a platter of beatdown and boodysnatch…cuz I’m done with this sick clown.
    May his mother rest in the Lord’s favor cuz this piece of human waste needs to go.

  • Bettye Neely

    what a fool. If the equipped officers had interveiwed this fool and really listened not hearing what he was saying, but listening to his body language, they would have arrested him immediately. All indications reflex something shady.

  • SNLHumes

    He’s DISGUSTING!! smh

    • Christophe Tam

      Agreed! Reminds me of the movie “Juice” with 2Pac and Omar Epps

    • Lexi2Sassy

      He really is!! I’m still shocked that he would take the life of the person that gave you life and loved and took care of you!!