Chrissy Teigen Posts Instagram Video Of John Legend “Playfully” Choking Her, But Takes It Down After Negative Response

December 27, 2013 ‐ By
Chrissy Teigen John Legend

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Someone pretending to get choked out by their husband is not necessarily the type of video most people would think to post for the world to see on Christmas, or find funny, but then again, most people aren’t Chrissy Teigen.

According to the Daily Mail, the model posted a short Instagram clip of herself saying Merry Christmas to her fans and followers, and seconds into the video, her husband, John Legend, can be seen grabbing her by the throat and pretending to choke her. In the “prank” video, Chrissy could then be seen squealing for help as the two pretend to fight before the the clip ends. Yes, it was all fun and games until her fans got worried and Teigen realized the video was a bit on the tacky side. She deleted the clip from her Instagram and offered no explanation for why she thought it was cute to put it up or why she decided to take it down. But it’s obvious that it clicked in her head that domestic abuse isn’t really a good idea to joke about. Ever.

Teigen, 28, has always been a controversial social media character compared to her 34-year-old soul-singing husband. Earlier this year she posted a video of herself on Instagram giving a “vag*na raspberry” (blowing a raspberry into someone else’s crotch) to fellow model and actress Brooklyn Decker. On top of that, she’s posted pictures of herself naked and topless on the site, and has always been very vocal, calling out Chris Brown, Amanda Bynes and Teen Mom reality star Farrah Abraham. While she’s managed to do all that, Legend has always been known for being pretty laid back and clean cut. The most drama he’s found himself in on social media has been when he went in on folks on Twitter who were talking about his hairline. Well, that is until now. Stick to music John, and leave the attention-seeking behavior to Chrissy.

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  • Candacey Doris

    No class at all.

  • cielodrive

    She is odd, annoying and has a weird face.

    • Guest

      She looks like a Neanderthal (spelling)…that brow bone…her teeth are all the same short length, like they were sawed down.

  • blogdiz

    In addition to her silly tweets , always note her chiming in on his interviews /red carpet even when she isn’t addressed and the question directly pertains to John and his music and I’m thinking your not the music superstar no one was asking you , she also speaks rudely to him in public ……..Well you know how BM always complaining that BW don’t know how to play their position ‘insert any Chris Rock joke here” I guess the standards are different as long as the woman isn’t black

  • Alexis Morris

    Im not saying this to be mean or funny, but is chrissy teigen mentally delayed? she never seems like she’s acting right to me.

  • KSS

    I see a divorce in his near future… John Legend has cultivated his creative, successful career and to allow a woman (wife or not) to destroy what he has built is blasphemy. JL its time to “Let Her GO”

  • Wow

    She seems so childish and in constant need of attention. Curious as to what kind of conversations take place in their house. John either really likes the totally opposite of himself or he’s faking it in public and is just as immature acting as she is.

  • HappilyMarriedSwirl

    She is so ghetto and ignorant!She a sloppy tacky drunk!

  • Tamira Bennett Volk

    Wow. Never heard of this woman. But I’m not going to judge John negatively .

  • brooklynarcher

    I dont care for her. Never have. She can have a seat right next to Rashida jones. They remind me of each other for some reason. I guess cause they always offering up controversy but can’t offer some quality and relevant talent lol

    • HappilyMarriedSwirl

      Lol aha now I see it!

    • anonymous

      Do you mean Lolo Jones?

    • Alexis Morris

      do you mean lolo? rashida has never been tied to any kind of controversy and she always strikes me as someone intellegent and thoughtful.

  • the_complexion

    …red flags everywhere

  • khepra Bey

    Closet homosexual

  • LC

    they are such an odd couple to me. some of the comments that she has made in interviews and things she has posted on social media has made me start to think differently about John Legend.. like this is the woman you chose to marry? this is your crown? this is a reflection of you?

    • I agree

      Right! Birds of a feather flock together. Your wife/husband represents you. His wife is outspoken, tacky and controversial. Kind of makes you wonder how he is.

    • Kelly

      Yeah. But she can get away with it because she isn’t black

    • kiki j

      So he should get a divorce because his fans don’t like his wife? I don’t know this chick but people get way too invested in celebrity life.

      • LC

        No one is saying he should divorce his wife. But you’re right in regards to the celebrity image vs. who they really are. I am basically saying that the way his wife acts reflects poorly on him & shows who he “really is” which is very different than his public image.

        • kiki j

          I can see that but playing devils advocate, she may not be in her personal life who she is in the media. People totally change who they are to be famous which to me is selling your soul.

      • Alexis Morris

        it’s not that he should leave her, to me it seems like they just dont match. He seems more intelligent and intuitive and she seems like she wants to play too much and embarrass him.

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