Kelly Rowland Says She Won’t Be Inviting Anyone To Her Wedding: “Everyone Is There Just To Be Nosy”

December 20, 2013  |  

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In a time where everything from celebrity Instagram photos to engagements seems like a publicity stunt, it’s nice to see one star who won’t sell her soul for the sake of a few new fans. Kelly Rowland, who we now all finally know for sure is engaged to her long-time manager Tim Witherspoon, recently talked to People magazine about plans for her upcoming nuptials and she’s going quite the anti-Hollywood route. Speaking of the guest list alone, the 32-year-old said:

“I think we just really want it to be us and our pastor. That’s it. I mean, we are the only two that’s going to be in the marriage.”

There’s another reason Kelly’s not interested in having a grand affair though — she’s cheap! Or perhaps I should say fiscally mindful. She went on to tell People:

“You have to pay for food for everyone and I’m not down with that. Everyone is there just to be nosy and see who I’m wearing, you know. I’m okay.”

Kelly better preach on that last part! In my own circle, I know friends who’ve RSVP’d for $5 weddings just to be nosy and see how everything looked and who showed up, I can only imagine how often that happens among celebs.

The one question Kelly didn’t answer in this latest interview is when this party of three wedding will actually happen, but I have a feeling it’ll go down much like her engagement and we won’t even know about it until it already happened.

What do you think about Kelly’s wedding plans?

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  • E!

    It’s your day you do you, but if you have friends and family that you can not have around you and enjoy your life and happiness then that’s sad. Not everybody has negativity, you know who to invite to family gatherings and special events. If you have no family and friends, then who else can you turn to in the need you need someone else besides your companion. In any event family is family good or bad. You know who to deal with and who not. Money is not the root of all evil, People are!

  • kiki j

    It’s amazing how everything Kelly says the bey stans make it about resentment for beyonce as if she has no life outside of Beyonce. I totally get what she is saying. Marriage for a Christian woman is about the ultimate commitment not the superficial stuff no one cares about. Too many women get married for diamonds and weddings and end up divorced. I would at least let mom dukes come lol maybe she’ll be the witness. Or maybe her family doesn’t support their wedding which is why many people elope. I don’t know why people are making a big deal out of it. Celebrities do it all the time! I didn’t have a wedding for that same reason. I wanted to put the wedding fund into a killer honeymoon. (I do regret not having wedding pictures of me in a wedding dress but I got plenty of me and the hubby swimming with dolphins to make me forget lol)

  • Bernice

    Dang…Kelly! Not even yo mama can come??

  • coolyfett

    Finally a Wedding about the Marriage and not about the Wedding performance. Go Kelly Go. I think if more women thought like this, more guys would want to get married. Keep it private and between the two getting married.

    • chanela

      that’s exactly how i feel! people want to make weddings about the damn dress and how much money was spent. i want it to be just about MARRIAGE. i’m tired of chicks going on and on about the other crap.especially when they whine about their wedding ring not having a huge diamond. BE GRATEFUL THAT SOMEONE WANTS TO MARRY YOUR SUPERFICIAL AZZ! lol

  • bloop

    i seriously dont get what kells is talking about. I go to weddings and enjoy them to see the person you love, stepping into the next part of their life. Be nosey? how can someone be nosey if you’re the one that invited them? Kelly’s networth is more than 1,000,000 usd so you dont want to pay for food? First proposal over skype and no wedding. I find it a little disrespectful to leave out the ones that have been there when you can afford it

    • Jan

      its her moneyt so she can do what she wants

      • coolyfett

        In this case…saving it. Smart move.

    • JMO

      Her comment is a tad weird. As in it seems to stem from something. BUT an invite to her wedding is owed to no one. Not even her mother. If she wants a private ceremony more power to her! I had something super small & simple and I don’t regret not spending $$$ on the wedding.

  • Marina Calis

    It’s ok to be private and elope especially if you know people are going to be negative.It’s not about the wedding but making the marriage that matter’s.

  • MyBiz

    Kelly has always been private, why are people shocked?

    • kiki j

      Exactly which is smart.

  • M.L.

    She sounds defensive.

  • mikki21

    This comment seems a little too much for me. People are not there just to be nosey, first off how did they get there?? You invited them. To say every person who comes to your wedding is “nosey”… So your mama is nosey, your granny is nosey, cousins, aunts and uncles? I personally only go to weddings of people that I really truelly love and care about and to show my respect towards a big moment in their life. Not to see what they spent their money on. Get over yourself boo.

  • Jayjay

    Not sure about Kelly lately. I mean how many weddings has she been to where she was wined and dined by the bride, groom and their families? I mean is she saying that SHE was only there to eat the food and be nosy? That’s not cool.
    She always seems to be holding back on some real deep resentment.

    • chanela

      LOL DAMN! i didn’t think of it that way! ahaha

  • Mimsy

    Kelly, have several unsold out concert seats!! In other words, what she’s saying is:

    “If I invite Beyonce, Jay and Blue..everyone will be there to see them and not the me.”

    People will care more about Blue’s dress and hair , than Kelly’s!!!

    • Boogie

      “have several unsold out concert seats” HILARIOUS…. I believe this is the funniest thing I’ve seen today… Thanks!

    • Guest

      oh, shut up

  • Trisha_B

    Something seems odd…

    • MiaSara

      Ikr? I’m shocked Bey let Kelly lighten her hair…

  • MarriedMomOf2

    My husband and I eloped when I was 18 and he was 21 and none of our family and friends was there. He asked me to marry him while I was a junior in high school and I said yes. We’re still going strong 13 years of marriage (together for 15 years) and 2 kids later.

    • FeelsGood

      This comment made me smile. I love to hear about strong black marriages!!

      • MarriedMomOf2

        Thank you, it only takes 2 people to make the marriage work, no we don’t have the prefect marriage, because it’s no such thing, but we make it work.

    • monitorette


      • MarriedMomOf2

        I know right. Goes to show I don’t need a big expensive wedding to have a successful marriage.

  • Kash511

    Exactly what I said and did.

    • Ha!

      Me too!

      • Kash511

        *high five* I’m not paying a dime out of my pocket for people to talk mess!

        • am

          why would you invite someone to you’re wedding if they are there to talk mess. I dont think weddins have to be big, but best beleive my sister father mather or brother arent there to be malicious

          • Trisha_B

            Why are those people in your life anyway? If they are going to talk mess at your wedding, they will talk mess at your birthday, baby shower, 4th of july cookout lol. People gonna talk mess regardless, so just eliminate them for your life. That shouldn’t be the reason to not have the wedding you want. Invite the real people. If you want small private wedding, then say that. I agree w/ you @am