Have You Seen The Combs Family Christmas Card Yet? So Cute!

December 19, 2013  |  
Source: Twitter

I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to join the Combs family right now, if for no other reason than to be apart of this adorable Christmas Card. Daddy Diddy just posted this photo of the Combs family Christmas card on Twitter, writing:

Happy Holidays! Love, The Combs Family

Featured in the chic Christmas card are Diddy’s adorable 7-year-old daughters, twins D’Lila and Jessie, and Chance. As well as his sons, Quincy, Justin, and Christian, looking like full grown men. Well, two of them are…Heeeey! Just kidding.

Anywho, this is the fourth celebrity Christmas Card we’ve seen so far this year. The first was the Kardashian’s infamous man-free toast to the Holidays, then Vanessa and Kobe Bryant put out cute photos of their family photos, and then Naya Rivera and Big Sean debuted their super glam Hollywood Holiday style. We can’t wait to see who’s next!

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  • trina1307

    Who are we to judge???…long as the man is taking care of his children, then who are we to talk. Quincy the one who sitting on the steps isn’t even his son, that’s AL B.SURE son, but Diddy claims him as his too. DANG, people. It’s just damn Christmas card & we still find a way to start judging.

  • Mimsy

    All I see is man with children by multiple baby mamas and he’s not with any of them. If this was Sean from down the street or “Sean, you know Janice’s trifling @$$ son”, we wouldn’t be celebrating this!

    • a.mann

      Because he would be “down the street”

      So you address your own concern as to WHY we wouldn’t be “celebrating this!”

  • Aprilynn

    @guest @keekee who cares how many baby mommas he has…I’m sure the children’s mother were well aware of Diddy back ground. So instead of criticizing this picture pick out what’s right in this picture, which is he is in the picture and or in their life.

    • a.mann

      Lord knows what their opinion of African kings that had/have up 20 or more children by 11 or more wives……..

      Not that Diddy is any where close that prestige!

      But the just of the criticism and mockery IS the point Combs has multiple children by multiple women.

      NOT the overall well being of the children (socially and yes, financially)

      • guest

        Well, while we are talking about African kings – why not just revert back to a time when a man was allowed to have multiple wives and concubines! What did it matter that girls were married off as teenagers, couldn’t own property, couldn’t be educated, and were essentially viewed as the property of their husbands. Women were thought of as expendable then, and I would argue that Diddy sees women as expendable now.

  • a.mann

    and least some forget Bob Marley had 11 kids by 7 different women.

    • guest

      Again, your point?

      • a.mann

        Explain it to you like a 5th or 9th grader?

        • guest

          Whichever one is the highest level you’ve attained . . . go for it.

          • a.mann

            I’m not the one missing the point.

            Which is although Marley,like Combs have had multiple children by multiple women(married and unmarried) that does NOT negate their responsibility as men to provide for those children(socially and yes, financially).

            Where they PERFECT fathers? I nor you can honestly answer that.

            But to condemn, mainly because they had children by multiple woman is a supreme act of ignorance

  • a.mann

    I wonder do the UNMARRIED Lauryn Hill (who has children by married man) or Erykah Badu (3 different “baby daddies” ) received as much ridicule and scrutiny as Diddy is here????

    • guest

      No need to wonder. You’re on the internet — just go to the blogs about those two women and you’ll see the answer is Yes. What’s your point?

      • a.mann

        I’m on the internet. Very observant of you.

        You would also make note I am on a blog as well.

        Now address the question at hand……..

        • guest

          You clearly just want to argue. Maybe you’re having a bad day, or maybe you just need some attention. Whatever the case, when you actually have a point to make, please feel free. In the meantime, I’ll put you on ignore . . .

          • a.mann

            Place me on ignore?

            You can’t run from confrontation ALL your life.

            And you can not make bold baseless statements and expect NOT to have them contested

  • CharliRae

    Brande there is a difference between “a part” and “apart” if you want to be included, you should put “a part” if your want to be separate, you should put “apart.” This is a loving correction. I’ve seen it way too many times on this site to excuse it any longer.

    • Lexi Free

      And yet you go on to say, “…if YOUR want to be separate”. How about using the word “you” the next time. This is also a loving correction. ♡♥

  • Marina Calis

    Diddy sure get’s around! and i doubt any of these kids actually live with him…and everytime you see him he is out spending lavishly with a drink in his hand a new woman on his arm…Now that’s some father figure for his kids to look up too.I wonder just how his kids will feel about him when they’re adults…since he obviously was the problem he couldn’t stay with neither of the baby mama’s…Diddy needs to take a close look at himself.

  • cnj

    this is adorable but damn all dem babies.

  • Pink Princess Pastry

    Mr. Combs, in about 7 years you and your sons can load up those shot guns #prettygirls #handsomeboys

  • enlightenment

    Diddy makes some beautiful kids! Not one ugly duckling in the bunch.

  • unque43

    I don’t see the problem with the way he chose to do his family Christmas card picture. I dn’t see why it’s a problem how his children were brought into this world, or who their mothers are. They are his children and that what matters. The problem I see is all the judgement going on. I know you have your opinion and that’s a fact, but I often wonder how those who find a need to put others down on how they live or how in this case chose to take their holiday photo. How would you feel to have some putting down what you do. I think the kids if anything will not be offended by the picture because they are together and that’s what matters. I feel they will instead remember all the hurtful comments. Think about your kids how would they like reading comments as some are posting here about their father or mother So, I will end by saying, do unto others and you would have done unto yourself. God love be with you.

    • clwa0303

      Very well said, agree with every word

    • Alyse

      Thank you! Too many bitter spiteful comments about what he intended to be a nice family Christmas card. The kids seem to be raised right haven’t heard anything negative about any of his kids. Can’t say something nice then be quiet, just because it can be said doesn’t mean it should.

    • guest

      A. Should we judge each other? Ideally, no. But blogs and their comments sections invite people to give their opinions, and in most opinions, personal judgement usually factors in. Human nature.
      B. “I dn’t see why it’s a problem how his children were brought into this world…”
      And it’s that attitude right there that allows kids to think it’s just fine to have all the babies they want with no commitment to anybody and no sense of responsibility. Yes, Sean may be able to afford it, but most teenagers/young men can’t. Tell me, if this were your son, would you reeeeally be proud of the way he created his family? If we can condemn young women for being h0es and sl/ts, then we can call out the men, too.
      C. “How would you feel to have some putting down what you do.”
      Honestly, if I had six children with multiple men, I’d be ashamed to flaunt that fact. Secondly, by putting his business out there, he INVITES criticism. It goes with the territory.
      D. “I feel they will instead remember all the hurtful comments.”
      I would hope Sean at least has enough sense to keep his children off of blogs that are not meant for children. But even if he doesn’t, I offered my opinion and I’m entitled to do that, especially with people who live public lives.
      `Thank you for the well wishes. God’s love be with you as well.

      • Cinnamon71


      • clwa0303

        Now let’s make a list of just a couple of things people judge you about and invite in the comments and opinions. No? Public figure or not, nobody is perfect and i think that is her point. I don’t know you but i’m certain there are things people judge you harshly on (whether you know about it or not) because we all are. Again nobody is perfect, and everybody won’t agree with everything you do. It would be good for us to realize this about each other and build each other up and give the positives. No shade to you or your opinions just another perspective that’s all. Happy Friday and have a BLESSED HOLIDAY! !!!!!:)

        • guest

          Perfection???? Who’s asking for perfection?? How about a little responsibility (use of a condom), and a little decency ?? I understand we all have different ideas of what’s moral and not moral, but I have yet to run into ANYbody who would agree that six kids, three women, and not a single marriage is respectable.
          As for people judging me, I’m fine with it. Yes, I have strong opinions and hold myself to certain standards. Yes, people judge me for that. I’m not perfect. You’re not perfect. Sean’s not perfect. But one thing is for certain, if I chose to put my life in the public sphere, I would have no problem with people judging me. If Sean can’t take the judgement,, he ought to step away from the spotlight, and be more careful with his actions. He apparently doesn’t mind public opinions, and since this is a BLOG, I offered mine.
          *Sidenote: I wonder if all of you who are defending Sean would give Orlando Shaw, the guy who has 22 kids by 14 women, the same pass. Having money, as Sean does, does NOT automatically make you a good parent or excuse bad behavior, which seems to be the reason some of you are excusing Sean.

          • a.mann

            So if all his children were just by ONE woman (preferably his wife,I’ll wager) you would NOT be denouncing him?


            It’s as simple as that eh?

            • guest

              simple as that… Plenty of married couples with large families. My grandparents had nine. All raised in the same house with same parents & all thriving, productive members of society (& they had no where near Diddy’s net worth.)

              You can’t underestimate the impact on a child growing up in a household with both parents. It’s no coincidence that some of worst societal issues with Black people are dominated by single family homes. Does growing up with both parents guarantee that you won’t go to jail, do drugs, have a bunch of babies out of wedlock? No, but the chances are fewer if you come from a stable two-family home than if you come from a single household.

              Will this be a problem for Diddy? Probably not, because money does insulate you from a lot of this. But, we have too many men in the black community without Diddy’s wealth taking on Diddy’s mores and it’s hurting our community.

              • a.mann

                “Does growing up with both parents guarantee that you won’t go to jail, do drugs, have a bunch of babies out of wedlock? No”



                You said yourself.

                The problem here is you are taking you anger,frustration and resentment out on Diddy for the plight of the black community,

                Which isn’t fair,logical or reasonable.

                • guest

                  Please continue reading the rest of that sentence…

                  Moreover, I don’t agree with the “I got mine, to hell with y’all” type of mentality. I am happily married with 3 kids doing very well. That said, yes, I still care about what happens to children and families in the black community. I work with kids in this community, I live in this community, and I want the best for all of us. What’s wrong with that? I think that’s “fair, logical, AND reasonable.”

  • Oshun Afrique

    ALL I see are 4 different cars driven by the mother’s leaving the photoshoot and Cassie wishing she could have that :-/

  • Diva Hill

    Wow! Quincy looks JUST like his father (biological)

  • Happy

    I commend him for being a good father to his children.

  • surprise2012

    CUTE children.

  • Guesy

    Beautiful picture, God bless you and your children.

  • keke

    And PS: the girls should have had their legs crossed at the ankles instead of at the knee…makes them look like they’re trying to be grown….

    • Trisha_B

      I think stockings would have been very fitting for the girls. My mom kept me in some white or black stockings as a kid for every holiday haha

      • meka

        Same here…..lol. I had a free choice color….pink. lol

  • keke

    I thought I was gonna scroll down further and see Cassie in an evening gown sprawled out at the bottom of the stairs…..cute pic tho

    • BedStuyBklynChica

      Dammit Keke I almost fell out my chair laughing at the thought of Cassie spread out at the bottom of the stairs!!! LMBO!!!!

    • Oshun Afrique

      OMG that was beyond funny!

  • Zell DA Goddaddy Turner Jr.

    thats not true @guest. he was 3 kids with kim and two with miza and 1 aint his. so no all those babies are not with diff mommas

    • andyyyyyy

      2 mamas are still different mamas

    • surprise2012

      WRONG! He has 3 with Kim, 1 with Misa and one with Chase’s mom (I can’t think of her name though) Get the the facts dear before you comment.

      • Zell DA Goddaddy Turner Jr.

        why yall so mad about someone else life. get you some bizness an stop worrying about these men and womens lives. he aint bangin none of yall and has kids with none of yall. infact half of yall are probably to product of some 1 night stand. like come on seriously GET YOU SOME BIZNESS

        • surprise2012

          Who’s mad? You commented first about who his kids was by, did I offend you by correcting you boo? LOL- funny you keep correcting everybody else but you can’t put a capital letter where it needs to be, or punctuations where they need to go! By the way I’m definitely not a product of a one night stand dear. I think you need a hug along with a dictionary..WOW…..

    • disqus_nsbPx44004

      Actually, he does have 3 bms… Misa, Kim Porter and Sara Chapman. He cheated on Kim with Sara and had a baby 5 mths before Kim gave birth to those twins… He’s a D.O.G…..

      • Edna

        What is that to do eith the Christmas photo with HIS children ? At least he is supporting the, even if its 10 baby mamas! Geez get a life

        • staycafterdark

          I have a life. I was simply correcting her. Maybe you should find something more constructive to do with your time rather than come on social websites trying to be an Internet thug…

    • Tracy Smith Simon

      Not true! 3 different mothers! One with Misa (Justin), three with Kim Porter (twin girls, and Christian), Chance is from Sarah Chapman, and Quincy is Kim’s son.

  • guest

    Sorry, but this picture does not project a warm family vibe. When I look at Sean, I don’t see Father, I see Baby Daddy. I hate to think what he is teaching his kids about morality, responsibility, fatherhood, manhood. Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter what he says to them, because when they look at this picture, they’ll be getting all the wrong messages anyway.

    • Neicy G Johnson

      Just quit, atleast he wants to take a photo like this with his kids. Are you a bitter black woman? You sound like one relax and praise a successful black man doing his thing and taking care of his kids.

      • guest

        Quit what? Giving my opinion? I believe that’s what the COMMENT section is for. Am I bitter? No, hon. I’m not raising any of his kids so I’m doing just fine.

      • clwa0303

        Thank you, my goodness!!

      • Ughhhhh

        Why does EVERYONE that has an opinion that’s not yours have to be a hater or bitter these days!! MY GOODNESS! Is that the best you’ve got? smdh come harder

      • Courtney Banks

        “at least he wants to take a photo like this with his kids”…. LOL. The standards of black men continue to get lower and lower..

      • anonymouse

        why should anybody ‘praise’ someone who’s spreading his seed around the world?? oh yeah, he’s rich…that covers everything..
        guest is right, he’s just a baby daddy…….you can’t be a good father with all of those kids by multiple women and I don’t care how rich you are.

    • Mrroelee

      I bet you think that pervert Micheal Jackson kids are his biological kids… This is a nice photo and he take very good care of his children.

  • guest

    Well isn’t that just adorable – all those babies by different mommas. Well done, Diddy! Such a class act.

    • MsTwix

      You made me choke on my juice!! LMAO…

    • Child_Puhleez

      Thank you! I’m glad someone’s “saying it out loud.” smh

    • a.mann

      Yeah, I mean how would he EVER be able to take care of all those kids???

      Oh,that’s right!


      And THAT is usually the concern about having many children whether by different parents or even adoption

      CAN YOU FINANCIALLY provided them with a quality life.

      • guest

        “A QUARTER OF A BILLION DOLLARS!” — which is another way of saying he is a millionaire. Well, let’s look at the REAL billionaires. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Zuckerberg. Not one parading around a bunch of babies from different momas. As a matter of fact, all of these men are/have been MARRIED to the mother of their children (soon to be children).

        And quality of life is much more than how much money you can throw at your kids. It’s about grounding them with a sense of morality and stability. When daddy is moving through woman after woman dropping his seed, yes it will have a negative impact on the kids. I will be surprised if any of these kids will be able to maintain a stable relationship. They will repeat the cycle. Hopefully, Diddy has trust funds in place for them. Money alleviates just about any mess, right? Typical “a. (black) mann” thinking.

        • a.mann

          and pray tell how you are privy to the fact Diddy is NOT “grounding them with a sense of morality and stability”???

          Please share…….

          I’ll wait

          • guest

            So, you think that children witnessing their father have multiple babies by different women/ cheating on their mothers/ and parading other women in and out of their lives is somehow giving them a sense of morality and stability? Come now. You may want to defend him because you are a fan – whatever. But, you know darn well this is just messy.

            Furthermore, would you want this for your son or daughter – why not? Simply because they don’t have Diddy’s net worth? This is not just about “my own sense of morality.” This is about how a society chooses to govern itself. It is no coincidence that people all over the world adhere to certain religiouscivil laws. You don’t want people doing whatever the heck they want without regard to the impact it will have on others – especially children. Now, in the Black community, you point out the obvious and everybody’s a hater. Please! Wrong don’t change with time or income! Wrong is just plain wrong!

            • a.mann

              On the contrary
              I’m NOT a fan of Diddy.

              “I know,I know,I know
              But WHY…HOW can you “stand up” for him???”


              I’m not standing up for him, I’m standing up AGAINST you, and folks of like yourself who feel erroneously conclude that:
              “If only( A) would happen more we will have (B) in the community….”

              If only things were really so black & white

            • a.mann

              And lets be clear ain’t no damn law that says a man HAS to be married. (At least not in America)

              And this is coming from a HAPPILY married man.

              But what do I look like getting on some high hose preaching because I’m married with kids that’s how YOU should live YOUR life??? Like that sh^t solves all the problems plaguing the black community.

              And regardless of whether I personally agree with them or not
              my son or daughter can do whatever the hell THEY choose to do in THEIR life.

              So longs as they are safe, successful and happy, that’s all I can ask.

              • guest

                Come now – are we not to have any moral judgments on anything? That is how you gain civil societies. We judge people all the time for various modes of behavior. Why, because you just don’t want a dam free for all – anything goes community. You may not think Diddy’s behavior is reprehensible or even that he has caused harm. But, I’m sure the women in his life will say he’s caused plenty of harm even if he is financially supporting them and their children. And he sure has caused harm with a lot of that mess he spews from his music into our communities.

                You don’t think other communities police themselves? They do – you see any white male celebrities featured with a bunch of babies by different women anywhere? And why do you think there was such an outrage of Mylie Cyrus’ performance with Robin Thicke? They don’t want their children exposed to such crude behavior; yet we in the Black community have accepted this as the norm and anyone who speaks out is now a hater and judgmental.

                As far as what ails the black community, it’s notable that we didn’t have nearly as many problems as incarceration and drug addiction when we had the majority of our kids growing up with both parents in the household. Does this negate systemic racist structures? No – but it sure goes a long way in rebuffing the damage those structures bring.

                • a.mann

                  ” We judge people all the time for various modes of behavior.”


                  Please elaborate further exactly how this practice has been so beneficial too society……..

                  Is the world a better place?

                  • guest

                    You’re kidding, right? Let’s see here – we make moral judgments and at times curtail by law the following:

                    driving while drunk
                    teen pregnancy
                    perjury / obstructing justice (Detroit mayor serving 28 years for this one)

                    You better believe it’s more beneficial to society to have certain social standards in place. That’s why we have an enormous criminal and civil justice system – left unchecked, human beings can be down right vile!

      • arain

        Diddy’s actually worth $580 million…

        • a.mann


      • Brooklyn_Beauty_Danni

        I see what you’re saying but that’s still no excuse to be a man-wh0re.

    • Dee

      If he is taking WELL care of his children (both monetarily and as a father in general), why does it matter how many different mothers they have? obviously all the children consider one another family…. POC are always getting hooked up on the wrong things…

      • guest

        Well if that’s the case then why the uproar over Shawty Lo? From all accounts, he is taking good care of all his kids by 10 different baby momas. Yet, it was Black people that got his reality show shut down with a quickness. So, what’s the rule of thumb here? 3 baby momas – ok / 5 to 7 – bad? Just keep lowering that bar…

        • anonymouse

          oh yes.Black people shut that down with the quickness and yet wanna gush over Diddy and his gang of children by multiple women.