Kenya Moore Explains Snapping On The RHOA Ladies For Being So Late To NeNe’s Savannah Trip

December 19, 2013  |  

If you watched Sunday’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, I’m sure you were just as annoyed by all the yelling Kenya Moore was doing as we were, but then again, she had reason to be a little peeved.

The women were supposed to meet up near NeNe’s place promptly at 11 a.m. so they could eat together, and then get on a bus to head to Savannah for their girls trip. While NeNe’s friend Mynique and Moore were on time, the rest of the ladies creeped to their destination, with the last woman, Phaedra, coming in at 2 p.m. That’s right, it wasn’t even the morning anymore.

NeNe was so upset by this that she had to separate herself from the situation for a little bit, and in that time, Moore decided to become the angry ringleader, and scolded the women for being late and having tired excuses for taking their sweet time to show up. Eventually, she would get so riled up (and start making some over-the-top demands) that she would end up in a screaming match with Kandi Burruss.

Well, Moore decided to explain her behavior, and her anger, and did so on her Bravo blog this week. She says she was directly impacted by the group’s tardiness and couldn’t hold back:

I’m a consummate professional and was always taught being on time is being early. I just moved into my new home and it’s at least 45 minutes away from NeNe. I had plenty to do to set up my new home, including unpacking. My closet is still a mess and there were tons of things I could do with 3 additional hours to spare if I had them.

When planning on being anyplace, naturally you plan ahead when there is traffic, babies to account for, stops to make, etc. I admit my pet peeve is waiting on someone. I pride myself on being on time. I realize you cannot always be prompt every single time, but with these particular “ladies” it is commonplace that they are always late. Being late while traveling takes it to another level of contempt, and being 2-3 hours late is beyond inconsiderate and down right disrespectful.

Although it wasn’t my trip, I was affected by the women’s bad manners. I agree with Kandi, my delivery was strong, but no one apologized nor had any valid reasons for being late so my tongue-lashing was unleashed.

What do you think? Does she make good points or was she still out of line for the way she talked to the ladies? Share your thoughts!

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  • Rasheedah Ali

    lets all tell the true nene had been late a few times too herself to events and no one said a thing.but kenya should have just shut up and said nothing. sometimes you make things worst. plus kenya was a lil late too.when you get alot people together sometimes its just don’y fly…

  • Self-Hating Negro Slayer

    Twerking on the Piano, Twerking on the Bus, Twerking on………

  • Bella

    Kenya was late too, so she needs to have a stadium full of several seats! I have to admit, when Kandi gave it to her good, I thought that was beautiful. Kenya always HAS to be checked with her crazy, creepy diaper-wearing behind.

  • Melissa lowe

    I think it wasn’t kenya place to say anything because she was also late so if anyone should have went of it should have been Nene…Kenya was really overstepping her boundaries even though she made some great points. If I was Nene I probably wold have cancelled after the 1st hour.

  • candy cane

    Kenya is always trying to co-sign on something. Nene planned the trip and should have been the one to voice her displeasure. As someone who often waits for other’s, I never take it upon myself to ‘read’ other people if I’m on time to someone’s event and other’s are late; that is rude, tacky and that’s what Kenya is to me; RUDE AND TACKY.

  • Dee

    I’m convinced that this was scripted. I can’t believe that someone would intentionally show up four hours late. Although they didn’t show it, did anyone think to call these “late arriving ladies” and ask why and when? Too staged…maybe Kenya wasn’t in on it and that’s why she arrived early…they wanted her to start the drama. Nene was just toooooo calm during all of this!

    • Dee

      that’s why she arrived “EARLIER”…*

    • bigdede

      I agree, I think it was staged also. This was a trip, not just a dinner date these women were going on. I do not believe these ladies would be 3 hours late for a trip. We have seen them go on trips together before and they were NOT this late

  • Pamdaram

    Kenya was late also!!

  • kashiskay

    But she was late too. She didn’t show up until 11:25am, 25 minutes after NeNe had asked them to arrive. So 25mins or 3 hours, she still was late.

    Sit down Kenya, I cannot stand you.
    I’m glad Kandi got with her. I don’t know who she thought she was to even say anything. And then to make them demands about room choices, lol – this old chick is a JOKE.

  • Lisa Tate

    Phaedra coming in there at 2p? That’s bull. I originally thought that it was no more than an hour but I was wrong. Honestly whomever wasn’t there by 11:45 would have been left. That was VERY inconsiderate of the women. I don’t agree with Kenya’s delivery but waiting that long for folks is unacceptable.

    • Self-Hating Negro Slayer

      True… but the trip would’ve been boring as h e l l without all the ladies.

  • Isi92

    She was late herself! By 36 minutes to be precise. She was speaking to them like they weren’t grown. Late or no late, she had no right to speak to them like that,

  • hollyw

    Um. Kenya. YO AZZ WAS LATE, TOO. I like how Andy Cohen would not let this go on Watch What Happens Live, either, he just kept saying, but you weren’t even on-time…no, no, you were late, too…lol. Kenya’s clearly just a woman who likes the dramatics and playing the victim card.

  • Kristen

    I think she means “being early is being on time.” Anyways, these women are notorious for being late. Kandi turned me off last season when she was still expecting a to-go plate when they all came late to Nene’s dinner. I think they were supposed to be there at 9pm but didn’t get there until close to midnight. I believe if you’re late to an event and someone is expecting you, you should at least give them a call notifying them so they aren’t sitting there waiting. These women are professional, they know better. They just didn’t care. And Kenya was late herself, by at least 30-45 minutes. I’ve definitely stopped hanging with people cause it was obvious they didn’t appreciate my time. No need to keep putting myself into the situation over and over.

    Kenya was out of line because it wasn’t her event/gathering, it was Nene’s. But on the other hand, if I were her I’d be mad as well because they didn’t try hard enough. I think Nene was exhausted and that’s why she let Kenya say her speech. They needed to be called out (and none of them apologized) regardless who did it, but it wasn’t Kenya’s place – it should have been Nene.

  • MyBiz

    Platinum blonde isn’t for everyone…Nene.

  • enlightenment

    Although I agree that it gets annoying when Black people always wanna operate on their own time (CP Time), i just felt like she wanted to yell just to yell -_-.

  • Soothsayer

    Kenya, herself was nearly an hour late. Also, the ladies didn’t owe her anything, just NeNe. And if I recall correctly, Kandi was attempting to apologize to NeNe when Keny took it upon herself to interject as if she was the coordinator of the trip. I personally think she was way out of line and should have just stayed home instead since she had so many more important things to be doing. I’m so very tired of her old behind. She is so petty and childish, yet she is the oldest one. Also, can we please stop with the twerking?!!!!!

    • Thisis me

      seems like she was trying to get NeNe’s approval or prove her friendship to NeNe. To me it didn’t come off as her actually being as mad as her voice was trying to sound.

      • Soothsayer

        I I agree. I was thinking the same thing. But at the same time NeNe was looking at her like “did I ask you to represent me?” She’s just too extra for me and trying too hard to stay in NeNe’s graces. And then she has the audacity to go in on NeNe after they finally fell out talking slick about how she is a nobody now.

      • bigdede

        I agree. I keep waiting for Kenya to write up a friendship contract for NeNe.

  • vintagebrat

    I agree with her explanation but her delivery was out of line.