19 Things All Women Hide When Men Come Over

January 10, 2014 ‐ By Julia Austin
Things All Women Hide


They say you get to know a lot about a person by just looking at their room—remember the popular show “Room Raiders” on which dates were chosen based solely on the looks of their homes—but maybe, we don’t want guys to know that much just yet. Here are 19 things most women hide when a guy is coming over.

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  • Gary Quinn

    dirty underwear

  • guest

    I’m pretty sure men know that women use birth control, shave, have periods and poop. A guy who is grossed out because I keep birth control pills in the medicine cabinet and a shaver in my shower isn’t going to get far enough with me to need birth control.

    And throwing used sanitary products in the garbage without wrapping? Ew, no.

    The only thing I hide are documents with financial or other personal information.

  • LargoLagg

    You forgot “the underwear that last night’s date left behind”

  • boogers

    no mention of hidng the various sex toys?…..the dildos?…the vibrators?….the sybian?

  • Justanothermonkeyman

    Vibrator is not one of them? This list is nonsense.

  • Zöe C

    Wow, so the author of the article basically lies to whomever she’s seeing about the most mundane, and even perfectly natural aspects of who she is(re: bathroom habits). I think if you’re with a man who’s offended by the fact that a woman has bowel movements, eats what she wants from time to time and can get pregnant; then he’s not a real man but a silly, little boy. Besides, he shouldn’t be having sex if he doesn’t want to imagine pregnancy is indeed a real possibility! If he’s so worried about it, but still wants to have sex…then, the solution is simple: he should wrap it up! Ladies, never go out of yoir way like this idiotic, very immature author. My boyfriends have all picked up my BC, brought me laxetives and/ or diuretics if I ever needed them, and here’s a shocker for the author: been in my bed while I had a wicked case of the runs! I guess it’s because I don’t B.S about who I am and only date men…not boys. Also, I wonder if the author is aware of not only how disgusting leaving bloodied tampons out in the open, day after day is….but also, how incredibly unsanitary!

  • Nick70

    This is a pathetic list. So sad that American men and women have become so insecure. No wonder American relationships don’t last. Get over yourselves and just be yourselves.

  • lyla

    This is a ridiculous article. If you are having him spend the night, hopefully he knows you well enough that you can be yourself. If it’s just a fling, who cares if he sees your mess. As to the tampons–that is just gross. Nobody visiting wants to see that, I don’t want to see that in my own bathroom!

  • Leah Robinson

    Gross!!! I always wrap up my tampons no matter where I am!

  • Nyomi

    I hide important papers.

  • just me

    only 2 things on this list that i hide…feminine products, clothes if i havent folded them and put them away

  • Red Jessica

    he only thing I hide when my boyfriend comes over is my s*x toys, adult DVDs and important papers like check stubs from my job or my bank statement. I don’t want him to think I’m a freek in the bed yet (we haven’t had intercourse yet) and how much money I have and we’ve been dating for 8 months.

    • Red Jessica